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  1. Make sure that if you only talk about feelings with someone, it does not go into overthinking territory, crossing boundaries or like too overwhelming to the point it has no outcomes. That can happen if one does not discuss anything else. I personally have more porous boundaries than most people and I might sometimes project it on others, which may not always be a good thing. However, being open oneself can encourage others to be open, it just should not be forced. Hiring a therapist can be a nice thing, there is a lot of stigma about getting professional help. Therapy can even be good for minor stuff, not just emergency cases when you are breaking down. The therapist can be a person who helps you understand yourself. I think art is also a good thing for expressing emotions, plus creativity can be enhanced by emotions a lot. Anything from music, theater, drawing can help. I also find climbing trees to be helpful.
  2. Why would you demonize him? Because people at this time idealize these sorts of people too much. Some even look up to them. History is taught in a biased way. Meanwhile, slavery, colonialism, child labor, sex slavery and all these things connected to men like Columbus etc. still exist and more people are affected by them than ever before, even though the percentage is less. And ignorant people who "don't demonize" say "People in this era would never do that kind of horrible thing" while they unconsciously benefit from it every day. That's the sneakiness of survival.
  3. @Vrubel How would you feel if I slit your throat in your sleep and took out your organs in order to transplant them to my family member who is suffering from some disease and their life is "absolute misery and struggle for survival" as you described it? I would then call you a hero and name a knife I use to cut veggies after you, because you were a strong person or something. You would have also realized that I chose to use your body to save my family member because of your specific race.
  4. I think celebrating Columbus even as a symbol is a sign of ignorance of what he did and what kind of person he was. Hitler also built a lot of nice roads and railways in the Czech Republic, but Czechs do not celebrate Hitler as a symbol of progress. That would be very odd and it would be very insensitive to the families of the victims and the survivors of the systemic killings. He connected two worlds in the sense that he killed people and enslaved them. Connecting to me sounds more like learning from each other, engaging in fair trade etc. That is not what happened. If you read Columbus' diary, you would see his thoughts on the native people when he arrived, the intention was clearly to enslave them. "Weapons they have none, nor are acquainted with them, for I showed them swords which they grasped by the blades, and cut themselves through ignorance. They have no iron, their javelins being without it, and nothing more than sticks, though some have fish-bones or other things at the ends. They are all of a good size and stature, and handsomely formed. I saw some with scars of wounds upon their bodies, and demanded by signs the of them; they answered me in the same way, that there came people from the other islands in the neighborhood who endeavored to make prisoners of them, and they defended themselves. I thought then, and still believe, that these were from the continent. It appears to me, that the people are ingenious, and would be good servants and I am of opinion that they would very readily become Christians, as they appear to have no religion. They very quickly learn such words as are spoken to them. If it please our Lord, I intend at my return to carry home six of them to your Highnesses, that they may learn our language. I saw no beasts in the island, nor any sort of animals except parrots." These are the words of the Admiral." The disease was intentionally spread at least in some cases by the colonizers by the way. Perhaps if the colonizers did not try to use them for their selfish motives but rather learnt about their spirituality, agriculture etc. which was super developed, it would have lead to more progress? What do you mean by this?
  5. @Insightful27 I understand what you are saying my friend, but you are biased. I made a similar mistakes, I was preaching about these things I heard about from others without ever trying them, talking about brain plasticity and all that. Brain plasticity is not what you experience, it is like a very abstract thing you might not be able to imagine. And if your brain is already very malleable, which it is at your age, psychs might make it too malleable you know, possibly unable to focus or even psychotic. (imagine extreme sexual OCD, questioning everything, being unable to execute on goals, schizophrenia etc.) You might experience really cool stuff, but it is wiser to wait a bit. I understand you will not wait 5 year but wait at least like 2 or 3, is that possible sir? Your body and mind are already perfect, you do not need substances to enhance your human capabilities. They are already so amazing. I have personally had higher states of consciousness sober than on psychedelics, some people are like that too.
  6. Seeing Like a Feminist by Nivedita Menon, it looks at all the different types of feminism and points out the corrupt ones and the more conscious ones, it also talks about intersectionality and different forms of privilege.
  7. That's how relationship conflicts are solved, changing the belief that you are mad at the other person through orgasming
  8. @Hello world That does not sound like nothing at all
  9. One thing to add to my post, consent is also very important for guys and whatever other genders, if you as a guy feel uncomfortable with something, but you beat yourself up bcz the Incels told you that a "guy would enjoy any girl", that's you being right and them being wrong. This can cause all sorts of performance anxieties, body shame etc. Please don't subscribe to it, it is your body, whoever you are.
  10. @Javfly33 It is really sad, but like it does not have to trigger you. Just be aware of it, communicate very directly with whoever you do physical stuff with. Some people can be really easily triggered, just be patient, it is not easy. By the way I asked many girls about this, asking for consent is very very hot, as it creates comfort, which is a necessary component for other things x) This idea that you should initiate without speaking and all that is fantasy, ofc you can do it if you know somebody very well, like a long term girlfriend, but even then you might need to be careful with certain things. Every person is different.
  11. @Marcel I am so happy my post was useful for you. It can be terrifying to pursue the truth about yourself because of all sorts of factors, but also kinda freeing. Sometimes labels can help, but they can also be confusing, especially when they get mixed up with intrusive thoughts. They can help you kinda see or admit that you have something, for example I did not know the concept of sensual attraction before my friend introduced it to me. I was confused because I liked cuddling with guys and I am very bromantic, but I do not identify as attracted to men. (whatever that means) I am glad your girlfriend is supportive of you I second the Teal Swan videos suggestion, some of her content really helped me.
  12. @Hello world What seems possible? What's the closest perceivable goal?
  13. More than every second woman have been sexually assaulted, some sources claim it is in the 90+ percentages, although this is not easy to track because of the stigma associated with being a victim and the death threats victims get etc. Trauma is serious and fear also, it is very hard not to generalize it.
  14. @Leilani I am sorry you seemed to have experienced some bad trips and post-mystical experiences. If you wanna talk, I am here. Just stay committed to whatever you are seeking and take time to focus on yourself.
  15. @itachi uchiha Humans are highly irrational, emotional, unpredictable... They are also the opposite of that, but they cannot be easily captured by systems. Different things apply to different people.