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  1. @Hank Galaxy Brain Yes, I see what you mean. But also the money from your taxes contributes corruption in many countries.
  2. @Hank Galaxy Brain He has nice writing skills and his words seem reasonable, I am sure he is not perfect, idk about that thing with the money, haven't looked into it that much. Would you want to give the money of your business away through taxes? What is your experience with those people who help you do that?
  3. Spend some time studying the culture of the Middle East and India to see why, the things flowboy said are good shit too.
  4. Maybe it comes with fear of wetting your pants I dont know, makes sense tho
  5. @AlwaysBeNice I had an orgasm in a dream unintentionally without wetting my pants, but I recommended it to a friend and he did wet his pants so maybe be careful with this, idk what is causing this mess xDD
  6. If you think computer science classes are not meaningful to you, perhaps psychology would be even worse. Here is why I think that: I sat the AP psychology exam this year which is similar to the things you study in your 1st year of uni when you take psychology as one of your subjects. I took psych, because I didn't want to take a natural science by any means, probably because I like the social sciences teacher at my school a lot. However, the module I enjoyed the most was in fact the one about neuroscience. This might be for several reasons, but several of my classmates from the AP psych course reported the same thing. For me, it was because I only like certain parts of the other modules, like developmental psych and positive/humanistic psych, but the majority of the course was focused on things like sleep, measuring intelligence, perception, senses, history of psychology, which you will not use as a therapist mostly. You might say that being able to recommend a good sleep schedule to a client is necessary, but you can study that on your own without getting a degree in psychology, that would just be a waste of time. Perhaps a better investment of time would be in med school, so that you can become a psychiatrist afterwards, be more flexible and earn more money, a psychiatrist who has studied at med school doesn't need a psychology degree, at least not in my country. Perhaps in a couple of years, psychiatrist will be able to work with psychedelics too, so if that's something you resonate with, you might go for that. There are some ways to get into med school in a non-traditional way without taking bio chem at high school. But if that's not what you want to do, I recommend you develop the skill of being present with a person and listening focusingly without judging and thinking about your perspective or ideas. That would immediately make you more capable of helping than 99 % of people. You will need to get some experience to become good at this, but it won't take like a stupid amount of time like a university degree, plus it's enjoyable and more meaningful. This forum is a good way to start developing your skills of being able to provide good quality help, watch how others react to your advice, perhaps it sucks dick. Also what you can do is to take a course in psychotherapy, hypnosis, humanistic therapy, gestalt therapy or whatever you want to do. Keep practicing meditation/yoga/pranayamas to make sure you stay conscious and happy. Don't try to fix others' lives without fixing your own, just don't do that. You might easily mess up somebody's life. These courses will make you qualified to become a therapist. They cost money but I guess university cost money too in many places and probably more than a course. You could also do like med school + psychotherapy courses. My friend who is a therapist told me, that his psychology degree is basically useless, but the psychotherapy course provided a lot more value to him. Don't lose your sensitivity and high moral principles, there are people out there who really need help, you will need to really give up yourself to be good at this.
  7. Gotta earn 23k more subscribers to reach 1 million asap mode activated xDDD
  8. Here is a podcast with a guy who became a cult leader at age 29, then realized his own bullshit after 9 years and quit.
  9. Guys check out his website and youtube channel, there is more gold there.
  10. Yes exactly. You believe what someone else says. You believe concepts and labels about reality, it doesn't matter if they come out of Leo's mouth. Even if you use psychedelics to get more direct experience and then you start thinking about direct experience and calling it names, it is no use. Even if somebody could think of a „true“ thought or „correct thought“ or „absolutely moral“ thought, it wouldn't do anything for you, you could explore ideas like that, imaginations like that and get nowhere even after many years. Do you think you should know something in this moment? Maybe you actually should not realize „things“ now, because you aren't realizing any. Maybe there are no things to realize if you don't think that they are there. I don't know, try it for yourself, but don't trust language games.
  11. I wonder how many radical islamists you would be able to find if you actually tried to find one, spoke to the people, rather than just hate on them. There are some very conscious muslims out there.
  12. Many people develop a spiritual pride after gaining some insights. They start thinking that they know or that they can grasp something. Beginner's mind in everything, humble down, then you can observe the world with curiosity.