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  1. @Serotoninluv That sounds powerful...
  2. @Serotoninluv What if you want to share love with someone, who doesn't want to share it with you? What is a healthy, authentic motivation for a relationship in your opinion?
  3. @pluto Do you mean that a balanced person is in the middle or can it be something like hyper-masculine, super-straight, hopelessly romantic hypersexual monogamous vanilla type of person?
  4. @Consept Yeh definitely understanding is great! I just never thought that people feel relief when they first start finding out new things about their sexuality, I thought it is mostly shocking or at least like a weird territory kinda feeling. It seemed kinda natural and true to think this, because these kinds of people have much higher suicide rates than heterosexuals, in which I cannot find a relationship with relief, but it might be more complex than that. I might ask more people about this...
  5. @Consept I actually think it can be a very sudden change, without ever being interested in it. that's just my experience though. Also the oreintation can change throughout your life, even multiple times... I just think the categories are very fluid and not so strictly given... Also I don't think it's easy to accept that you're gay, come on, if you started having these thoughts, it would at least be weird as hell.
  6. @Consept Wow, ok, so where do you think is the boundary between straight x hocd x gayness, is there a set boundary, or like a useful one that you could use for this? @Buba Are you still attracted to girls or did that fade away? I am not sure from what you're saying...
  7. @Consept What made you think that? I am just curious.
  8. @Consept Have you even gone through this yourself?
  9. @Leo Gura @Hansu My wording was pretty bad, sorry for that. In my experience, people, who aren't the usual heterosexual, aren't comfortable (don't feel like) talking about their fantasies with people who are clearly not accepting them. But it didn't come to my mind that there might be people who seem nice on the surface but will demonize you after you tell them... @Buba Do you have any friends who have similar urges or are open to you about their accepting?
  10. If your bros are really your bros, they wont leave you because of this, you can talk about it with them if you feel like it in my opinion
  11. @Scholar amazing
  12. @d0ornokey Oh yeah I dont know how that works, he is still pretty funny, he has a cool Indian accent, who wouldnt resonate with that kind of guy
  13. @moon777light Oh yeah hahahahaahaha I actually also had to rediscover him.
  14. @d0ornokey I don't know about how mature he really is, but he is talking about legit techniques and he's had many mystical states himself.
  15. It is a tricky thing, you weren't born, so you cannot even give birth to others. I wonder how you define „do better than“... But I guess I know what you mean. I know many people from dysfunctional families. They usually suffer a shit ton in their childhood, teenage years and even further down their lives, but for some people, this can be the deciding factor as for whether they start pursuing the Truth or not. But I wouldn't suggest to anyone to be a bad parent on purpose just because of this possible coincidence. Good quality parenting can also go a long way. I mean, Love is everywhere, including kids, parents and other relatives. If you seriously care about Love, you care about family as well.