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  1. This thing has slipped through my thingers, thanks buddy! Yeh this is tricky
  2. @Serotoninluv Are you trying to say that the question of physical vs nonphysical is not answered by the everything is Consciousness realization? @TrynaBeTurquoise @Serotoninluv What if I've never done a mushroom trip and I don't know how it feels, would I still start tripping even in a dream?
  3. How do the yogis in the Himalayas care for their teeth?
  4. I have to be focused, optimistic and remind myself that Truth is all there is, that makes me happy
  5. @Ampresus Meditate everyday. And also maybe ask astronauts if you meet some
  6. @Mikael89 You cannot reject the Truth, you cannot run away, it's everywhere. Just look around, the Consciousness around is the Truth.
  7. @Ampresus Could you tell us why you are asking, like the situation that happened to you? I think that would help
  8. A dentist from my family brushes his teeth only once a day for 20 minutes and he doesn't use any toothpaste, he says it's only placebo for feeling like you've brushed your teeth.
  9. @Annonymous Dude messing with your hormones is no joke. Have you listened to all of these talks from trans-gender people? Have you ever talked to a girl deeply about what it means to be a girl, how difficult it is? I mean, if you think it's only about anal sex... First try some no-fap and gym to fix your testosterone and try to at least imagine what it means to be a woman (spending hours in the bathroom, menstruation, discrimination etc...) and then see what you think after that. Making a decision like this is no joke.
  10. @pluto @Nahm Thank you so much ❤
  11. @StephenK It is definitely healthy to have this dynamic in our society, just don't be attached to physical things and don't try to own another person.
  12. @StephenK It's all basically mental construct. You could say it is given by law, but you need to have a non-corrupt army and police to have a well functioning state, where the law actually matters (not the case in many countries in Africa for example), but even these people who have „the power“ still need to maintain their mental construct in order to keep doing their work... That doesn't mean it's bad, it makes our lives easier, but it is not an absolute, all material things are limited, finite and temporary.
  13. @Nahm @pluto Have you guys ever tried reprogramming your mind by listening to audio while sleeping? What do you think about it?
  14. Interesting things going on here... I can connect with a girl very quickly, but then with time it kind of fades away, because I start to convince myself, that she is not right for me. What do you think, is this healthy? Do you think it is caused by high expectations?
  15. Guys, don't be affraid of your feminine side, feel your emotions, hug trees, do yoga in the park, all of that is beautiful and nice, but also don't forget that you need to be decisive, able to face difficulties, don't pretend that you are just girlish... It's nice to live through that when you are hyper-masculine, but it's the balance that really makes it the best. I think you can have both aspects of you healthily developed at the same time, one can be more dominant, but just don't overlook the other.