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  1. People don't care what your name is (until you find connection together, which has little to do with names / talking about yourself most of the time) but they like if you remember their name (don't overuse it though)
  2. Isolation isn't really isolation from other people, but isolation from your True Self. You might be looking for this perfect partner who will always accept, love and understand you and will never leave, but notice that Being You is exactly that. It has always been there with you, always let you experience the things you were supposed to experience, it has never judged, limited or manipulated you. Build an intimate relationship with this Being, it really is worth it.
  3. @korbes I guess it is impossible not to be yourself, you dont need books to feel that. You can be dishonest to yourself / about yourself, thats a thing. But maybe just stop wanting to be authentic in the future?
  4. If you try to be authentic, you stop being authentic, hope this helps
  5. The way your chair you're sitting on right now is embracing you, exactly as you are, you can't even notice it, but the chair you're sitting on is embracing you, exactly as you are. The chair doesn't wait. The chair is not waiting for you to deserve the embrace. The chair is the greatest, I learned everything I know from chairs, really. I'm actually serious about that.
  6. @lostmedstudent Hello there Long time no see I actually talked to a friend of mine and she is currently studying at Minerva and seems to be enjoying it. I think that Minerva and UWC are somehow interconnected and they have a lot of mutual student base. I might try it out as well, thank you Take care <3
  7. @electroBeam Name one thing that you are not
  8. @deso You for sure are in a place of no return, but isn't it thrilling, like in a good way kinda? You can deeply sense that this is not all that there is to life, it would be too boring to be true. You will become a completely different person, you will certainly loose interest in many things, sometimes you might feel very lonely, crazy, or even mentally ill, all of that is most likely gonna happen to you on the path. But don't worry, you are still a perfect, beautiful and lovable I don't know how old you are, but ego games will come your way, have no doubts about that, I know you You are able to do whatever you want, experience life as it unfolds. Whatever happens, accept it, You Are Good. <3
  9. Hello! I'd just like to tell you that I love you whoever you are, wherever you are. I hope that you can at least see the possibility of accepting what you are going through, you are not alone in this. <3 What does 'Enlightenment' mean for you? You say that by thinking, you cannot find any sense. Your mind can't help but to think about concepts and project thoughts, that don't have any meaning, onto things. Enlightenment for the mind is just a concept, nothing more. It's good that you are honest about not wanting this, as now you can really move forward to whatever it is you really want. You feel it deep inside your bones. What is it that comes up when you think of the word, Enlightenment?
  10. Going to high consciousness events is a good idea, sometimes girls get interested in you just because of you being there, I know of multiple cases of this happening. What do you enjoy to do? What would you like your partner to do with you?
  11. That's such a mndfuck question to ask someone
  12. Man, this really hit me. It kind of ignited a desire in me to live a boundless life and it opened my eyes to the reality where I am blindly following others' decisions, which I am doing only a little, but still to quite a big extent feeling wise.