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  1. All thinking is just relative imagination, if you stop thinking (questioning is also thinking), silence appears. You cannot go anywhere inside silence you see
  2. @traveler Dude this happens to me too everytime I go to the orthodontics/dentist Dentists shouldn't be so thicc
  3. @Shadowraix Lol I realized after about a year that my stage yellow friend is leading me where he wants me to be without showing it It felt very weird.
  4. Check out this guy's channel and read the titles of the videos. He is living in an illusion of being a winner, a successful person, a happy person, while he is actually incomplete inside. Lesson of stage green being learnt on camera.
  5. @Leo Gura I saw the map of corruption/unconsciousness you posted on your blog a while ago. I looked at Japan and I was kind of surprised. It's not like I think, that Japan is an undeveloped country, but it is indeed a very tricky one. I've spoken to many Japanese people and I have the feeling that they are trying to make everything look perfect, but their picture of perfection is very blue/orange. I think that their collective ego is much stronger than in other countries, they are hiding so many things, they have issues with thinking independently. You can see how this causes them to have one of the highest suicide rates in the world. What do you think about this?
  6. Also what you call a logical answer or logic might change a lot. Try contemplating what logic is.
  7. @LoveandPurpose Attachment creates dependance, addiction, suffering. It is just one big web of lies. It is centered around your self. Love is oriented towards the other person, wanting the best for them.
  8. @JustThinkingAloud In my experience, masturbation makes me less satisfied actually...
  9. I liked the movie About Time, because it triggered all kinds of different emotions in me and it also had a serious spiritual depth.
  10. I don't think you love something because it is perfect, but rather it is perfect, because you love it. I am talking about love here, not attachment, these are very different things.
  11. That was on point
  12. @zeroISinfinity Oh yeh I sometimes feel super insane We should share some stories about insanity here
  13. @Marinus I feel you, a good exercise is to realize the difference between attachment (probably the case with your ex) and love. If you truly love someone, you know it, it's like totally different. It's pretty much the same as selflessness combined with understanding and compassion, you treat the person with care and you want the best for them.