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  1. I scroll mindlessly when bored 🥱
  2. I recommend you read the book "Caffeine Blues"
  3. ok no cigarretes I've never smoked so I thought it would be cool
  4. MDMA binge Or heroin binge, maybe cocaine? Also smoke as much cigarettes I can
  5. 10 lol I have questioned so many things and I haven't even scratched the first layer of bullshit. For every bullshit I free my mind of there's like 5 others that I haven't noticed Just from the top of my head; topics that are full of bullshit in the mainstream that I have deconstructed in myself to some degree (I don't mean those are bullshit, I mean there's bullshit around the topic) : emotions, manliness, femininity, ego, sexuality, marriage, coffee, college, work, Christianity, religion, drugs, medications, meat, diet, logic, materialism, willpower, free will, humans as a superior species, exercise, depression, socialization, tv, news, politics, language, death, spirituality, meditation...
  6. I don't have any book recommendation but... I used to be addicted to video games but not on that level. I would play as much as I could though. Some day I decided to do a 90 days no videogames challenge and from then on I never got addicted again. I can play with moderation very easily. TBH games got a little bit boring after I saw them in a new light after 3 months. It may work for you, it may not. It could be a good start I think
  7. Lots of golden nuggets here
  8. Maybe his modafinil shipment is late
  9. Transition from orange-green: What happened over the years is that I have put less emphasis on becoming a super efficient human robot and being rich billionaire materialist badass to working on a purposeful goal. I mean, purposeful life? I then realigned my goals to reflect my values and likes and I am working on it. The difference is that I will work towards not being a faceless cog in the machine of capitalism and focusing my work on raising overall consciousness. If I need to earn money to achieve my goals, and I'll need to of course, I'll try do it in the most conscious way I am able to. I have developed discipline and work ethic during the years, lost it due to some depressive spells and I'm rebuilding it. That said, I'm still young and I don't have any material success that I can show off. Does this mean I don't have the capacity to do it? Hell no! I do have the achiever mentality developed. The mindset is the thing that matters the most. If your house is on fire and someone stoles all your money and possessions, do you go back to stage blue? The idea that money isn't needed is naive. Until we become a socialist world, it'll be needed. How do you plan to help people? Or how do you plan to go to that meditation retreat in tibet? Also, achieving, discipline and goals also exist in spirituality, it's just not as obvious. If you don't develop those you will be hard-pressed to succeed in anything, even in spirituality.
  10. Content quality His content is so much better than everything I've found I have little counter answers to what he says
  11. You undecided folks would benefit from learning about different types of attraction. Romantic, sexual, aesthetic... And maybe uncommon sexualities.If you have the need to fit yourself into a label then at least learn about all the ones that exist: pansexuality, bisexuality, asexuality (aego)... No need to fit into the mainstream hetero/gay paradigm There's also Sex-favorableness and sex positivity but i don't know much about it
  12. @Scholar I read through your comment and it was worth it. Reconsidering my eating habits again...
  13. Religion of tomorrow for self-development Book of not knowing for spirituality I haven't read many books though