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  1. It varies between 2 and 5. If i drink too much caffeine it goes to 6
  2. You're a good candidate to try 5g then. Make sure to put the mushrooms on lemon juice. Not that I'm saying you should do it but... if you don't care about trauma? heh
  3. Bruh I'm 21 and I'm starting too. How many years do you plan to live? 22? You're thinking too small, sorry. In 20 years you can become a millionaire, enlightened, transcendental transhuman idk. But it's gonna take lots of work. Better start now. You won't know if you can be successful if you don't try. If it doesn't work, you'll at least be in a better position than you are now. With more wisdom and experience.
  4. Purpose and direction are not necessary for living. I agree with the other posters here. Just listen and let people be. They think differently and live differently. And yes you're right, don't shove philosophies down people's throats cause that won't amount to anything. They won't understand. See how you don't understand them? How can they understand you?
  5. Aim at where Green is at. You may find some yellow ones. There aren't many, and probably they aren't easily available as a group.
  6. Non-addictive? Kava-kava Addictive but better than alcohol? Phenibut
  7. Test it. I went 10 months without a drop just to see if it had negative effects and chose to stay on it. If I ever have too many consecutive days of bad sleep I'll have one or two days without it to catch up.
  8. Caffeine does that to some people. May I ask about your consumption?
  9. Seems like a coping mechanism for me, not gonna lie. People are different, aren't they? 🤷🏻‍♂️ You don't have to do traditional socializing rituals but I'd recommend you don't close yourself to alternative types of events and places as psychedelic music festivals, museums, yoga sessions, meditation retreats, etc. Just look on the right places and you may find the right people. Or not. At least try. Or not...
  10. Get better friends. The only thing I benefited from friendships like that is to avoid being friends with people like that, always.
  11. It can mean something or mean nothing. People have wacky dreams about lots of shit. Haven't you ever entered a school and shot everyone in your dreams? You're missing so much. Now being serious, if you think you are developing attraction to men: it happens. That may be confusion too. For me, what happens is that the overwhelming amount of sexual and intimate attraction i feel is geared towards women or feminine creatures, idk ? I need to admit maybe I've been romantically and sexually attracted to men before but looking back, it was of such low intensity and a fleeting experience. I could even have confused it for anxiety ABOUT being attracted to them(search about Homosexual-OCD). I don't remember enough to have a final word. When I feel attraction to women it's just undeniable. It's polar, magnetic and I just can't lie about it. It's different shit man.
  12. Increased identification= less consciousness Decreased identification = more consciousness As in how Leo defines consciousness. I've been curious about this and I want to know what y'all think.
  13. I wish I had discovered it earlier. This knowledge freed me of lots of normies bullshiting. Actually, I still do their bullshiting but I can excel on it as I don't have the limiting and shitty beliefs they have. When I didn't know i thought the best thing that could happen was total anarcho-capitalism... And before that I thought all people should become christian and all of our problems would be solved. And if you do it right you won't be worried about it all the time.