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  1. 0 tolerance. I smoke like 1 time per 1 or 2 months
  2. Definitely not safe for your sense of self But it's physically safe. In my experience, mixing substances increases the chance of bad trips though. If you're going to do it be careful.
  3. So I noticed everytime I smoke DMT I black out if I go too high on the dosage. I have around 10 trips and this happens everytime. To put in other words I can't remember exactly what happened. But yesterday I went and smoked weed before the trip and I could actually remember what happened and to be honest that was frightening for my egoic ass. I surrendered through the whole thing like a boss though Anyone that has used this combination for a greater length of time for consciousness could comment here? I also appreciate any other related comment.
  4. Eat it Use weed if you really want to get mindfucked
  5. It's a nice height to have in almost any place in the world. Don't worry you won't grow anymore probably. If you do you can also become a bodybuilder or an actor and it will be cool as fuck
  6. Nothing I suppose. If you want you can create a purpose for your life and set some goals and such. If not that's fine too.
  7. Yes, do it. I don't know how much you have researched but there are a lot of schedules you could try. That's a good one. 5/2, 1/2, everyday... just find what's better. I'd also recommend you research about the heart valves implication of microdosing mushrooms. I can't give you any data because I only microdosed LSD.
  8. I don't see it as dark man. For me it's all beautiful. Maybe if I'm feeling threatened I'll see shit as dark but when I'm feeling better it's all love. Trying to integrate that shit currently. It's hard work. Dying seems to be the best thing that psychedelics showed me so I'm happy if that's the case. When alive I live, when dead I die. No problem in both.
  9. That's an awesome list to contemplate, even if one is not trying to integrate stage Red. It'll certainly raise awareness to ego bullshitting.
  10. You seem to be worried. If that's a rare occurence, no need to worry about. Just sleep when you can for as long as you are able to when you get sleepy. Sleep deprivation causes weird psychological symptoms that can distort your view of reality so chill as much as you can.
  11. I can't say they exist or not. I haven't seen anything though.
  12. I smoked DMT with two people already. Only one reported seeing all the cliché aliens and morphing and colors and the rest of us didn't. I see some morphing of auditory and visual stimuli depending on the dosage but if I smoke more I'd just pass out.
  13. IDK how Leo makes a living then???
  14. Go for it if that's what you think will have the best outcome for you. I would just be aware if that's not a excuse to not do the work of going out and such. No real problem in not having sex, relationships or dating if you don't want to.