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  1. Hey buddy! I hope you're having a nice day @Thewritersunion Do you mean it would be good to not get fixated on the models? To think whatever I want to, regardless of what tier it belongs in theory?
  2. I talk with lots of people of different backgrounds at university, being an extrovert myself. I'm noticing the patterns. It's pretty obvious that some courses (humanities) skew green and constantly criticize the STEM part of the university. And vice versa. It's like an ideological war and I watch the conflicting values, understanding that they don't understand each other and are trying to impose their own values on other people. The humanities part criticize the STEM for pursuing money, success and ignoring politics too much, and the STEM part criticizes the other side because they are kinda inefficient, due to discussing too much and going tangencially, discussing feelings and placing too much emphasis on consensus even if that's not the best course of action to achieve a goal. I can see the partiality in both perspectives but I had some backlash when trying to point it out. I'm misunderstood by both types. As a tangent, Blue isn't very present in university but it helped with my family relations, as now I can get along with my family and older blue people really easy now that I know they couldn't be any other way due to their upbringing and etc. Right now I don't know how to deliver what I can see but I hope I will learn how to do it. Or not, really. Maybe I shouldn't do anything and just focus on my vision. I'm just showing my appreciation for this model. I've been studying it for years alongside with other models. It's awesome to be able to understand everyone's values and be non-judgmental(for the most part) even if i don't agree with them. Awesome 👍😎
  3. Lots of XXXP and one EXXJ Probably won't be successful but it will be fun
  4. Better to do it sober... But hey, if you really want to do it, a LSD microdose from 5ug to 15ug works If you feel rumination is what is preventing you from acting social, N-acetylcysteine could help you too. And it's not a drug.
  5. Very rarely. Only if I consume drugs that alter my state of consciousness significantly (outside of psychedelics). There's a level you can reach in spirituality where you see that you can't really die because you're not the body. That being said, I don't see what's the point of doing it. But I do have empathy and I can see that if I was suffering enough that would be an appealing idea.
  6. I bought a 25 tabs batch of what I believed was 250ug each. It had lots of good reviews. I almost always took half a tab and it gave me the normal LSD experience. The day I took the whole tab I didn't even want to touch psychedelics anymore for years (already got over this lol). It took me several weeks/months to understand everything that happened during that trip. Better be safe than sorry and traumatize yourself; take half or 1/4.
  7. If you think there is, there is. If you think you'll deal with low consciousness jerks who will try to fight you then it could be useful. For me personally it's useless really. I can't deny it is cool to watch though. If someone wanted to kill me they could do it ? . Only a bullet would be needed
  8. No. This. Maybe do it on a microdose. Watch the 30 facets of awakening video.
  9. ENTJ-A nice wannabe cult leader but lacking charisma(yes I'm looking at you ENFJs), life of the party if there's no ESXP around, built-in discipline, organizational and planning skills
  10. Many e-books have built-in shortcuts to chapters - I have a 7 year old Kindle I still use to this day. I prefer to use e-books because: I can read any book I want, anywhere, without carrying like 1kg worth of books. It's possible to adjust the size/type of the font. On the other hand: it's very annoying to write notes. If I want to write down notes about a book, I'll need to actually have a paper by my side. Regarding using a tablet: e-ink readers don't put so much strain on my eyes as tablet/smartphones screens do. TBH it's just like a normal book.
  11. What was happening before you were born?