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  1. Yeah, I have basically messed up every online date with attractive women. I found online dating hurt my sense of self worth a lot so feels risky going back on it. I can easily get dates with hotties, once the date comes I always end up screwing it up. Every single time... I know I just have to go on more dates and get experience. Maybe I will go back on though, I just found I was getting incredibly addicted to online dating in an unhealthy way (being on my phone all day) at the expense of everything else. Maybe I should do it in a more healthy manner. the real question is do a seed out girls who are not into consciousness work by having a very consciousness/spirituality bio and build meaningful relationships or just have a very superficial bio to maximise your chances of getting laid? The sex will be very shallow and superficial though because you will be on 2 different levels. I think filtering out girls who are into consciousness work would be possible right? I wonder if they go on online dating sites though, I think I’m getting to the point where I’d rather build meaningful relationships instead of having meaningless sex.
  2. Resonates with me
  3. Do some people do channels of just youtube shorts?
  4. That does put things into perspective. I'm there having low self esteem issues because of these so called rejections I experience but i'm lucky because I have been dealt a good hand. I feel that has in a sense increased my self esteem. That must be horrible for someone who gets rejections and is not good looking. Like fuelling there sense of not being attractive enough. The upside of not being good looking is that you must seriously work on your seduction skills. How do you recommend I go about doing it? I have always been the type to over theorize everything & never take any action. I might start going out soon at night & approach, just keeping it simple. What did you find out that helped you out the most? What would you do if you were good looking but very bad with seduction & women?
  5. Just ordered, thanks
  6. When you say you are God to someone and have even had direct experience of such a thing, why is it that they reject it and say you are a part of God? Is it just because the word God has gotten very twisted definitions over the years? People are much more accepting to the fact that you are Love. You are the Universe. When it comes to you are God, it seems to be that they can only see themselves as being a part of God. I genuinely do not understand this. What is it about the word God that people cannot see themselves being?
  7. I guess my problem comes from a complete lack of social skills with women & these dating "gurus" trying to overwhelm you with to much information. The best way is to just approach right? I hope my social skills will just improve with approaching more. It sucks being starved from sex, Especially when you are good looking. I'm only 25 so I have time.
  8. Thanks, I am going to look into doing this.
  9. Thank you so much for that, I know this will take time since I often makes passive aggressive comments like you said. I am going to try my hardest to think of different options & possibly use the ones you suggested. I called him the other day he said "you been ignoring me" after a lot of text messages & I was like I have just been busy. He often seems to treat me like a child unfortunately. Tricky situation for sure & will probably take many years like you said. He tends to want to talk once a day which I personally find it to much. Perhaps 3x a week would be ideal & just communicate on email to do with business work. Just need to figure out a way to get there. Unfortunately when we talk, it is just talking about nothing. Talking for the sake of talking. It is so boring.
  10. I just had somewhat of an epiphany when I was at the gym. I consider myself to be an actualizer & very much into spirituality.. Right now I am not really on track with my life's work at all. I do meditation, interested in consciousness & would like to get the highest states possible, eventually. I realized I really enjoy going to the gym & building muscle. I am 6'6 & have good bone structure. Would this be considered to be low consciousness to help guys build muscle? Is it just fuelling there fake sense of self? I could imagine I would get a lot of internal satisfaction helping guys do that, motivating them to build muscle & attract women. I am just debating wether it is low consciousness or not. Should I worry about that? A majority are not ready for these kinds of teachings right? I just need to get on track with my life purpose right now, before anything. Maybe I can keep this stuff to the side while I help guys & motivate them to live the life they desire. I fall into the trap right now of needing to talk to everyone about these kind of "deep" teachings. Maybe I need to drop that to the side and just focus on that personally without trying to talk to everyone about these "deep" topics. Maybe I should just follow what my heart is telling me to do, right? Without worrying if this is "high" or "low" consciousness. If I could motivate guys to go to the gym & build muscle - I think that would genuinely make me feel so happy knowing that I changed guys lives & motivated them to go to the gym.
  11. Mark Manson speaks about it in his book Models, if you say "you look cute" or anything along those terms she will think that you must go up to every girl and say that. It is a very polarizing way of opening a girl, you are going to get a lot more rejections but the girls that do not reject you are going to love you for saying that.
  12. What I am doing right now is opening, then vibing for a bit, then go for the close (drinks or something at another date). How should I go about the interaction? I am honestly very bad with women.
  13. I will try and test this tomorrow
  14. I used the line "I don't usually do this but I thought you looked cute and wanted to say hi" You will get a lot more rejections but you will polarize some woman, it gets you used to the feeling of rejection. I approached 10 today, used that line and 9 rejected me. I used the line "Hey, can I meet you real quick" and got a phone number from the one. Going to try & make it a habit to approach 10 a day in the day time.
  15. My Dad constantly messages me on whatsapp every day. He calls me everyday. He feels that it is something he needs to do in order to get some sense of satisfaction. I am going to be working for him on his business soon & planning on leaving my minimum wage job hopefully. I am just trying to figure out how to say to him that I find it his actions to overwhelming so he contacts me less frequently without upsetting him. He has been doing this for a while & I find it to much. I don't like him always messaging me as it affects my sense of self worth & esteem since I feel like I am not putting proper boundaries in place. He lives in a different country and wants a phone relationship with me. How do I go about pursuing business work with him while at the same time asking him to respect my personal boundaries without upsetting him? Sometimes I feel like I would rather work a minimum wage job and not have him invade my personal space. I do try and be loving towards him, but when I get that phone call - I resent it. Like "oh no not another conversation with my Dad again". It is everyday & can get to be overwhelming. He also sends multiple texts a day, like he has nothing better to do. Unfortunately he is in complete ignorance of his actions. I don't want to upset him because I love him and I know he loves me. Just trying to think of a healthy way of putting boundaries in place. Especially since I am hoping to work for him on his business he has.