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  1. Suffering is a good teacher. I used to think similarly to you, untill consciousness woke up to itself. It's not necessarily the situation that is bad, it's more so how the thoughts and or interprations of the situation feel. You already are the case which is truth/love/unconditioned self. Maybe try and go inwards into noticing the more recurring thoughts that appear and just let me flow without any attachment or judgement. Thoughts are thoughts. 'One of my biggest problems is these types of looping thoughts', that's another thought which feels off most likely. Wish you all the best! I found journaling, meditation, self-expression really helped me. Notice there is quite literally nothing to do at all. You don't have to do or become anything as you already the case. Consciousness which is already unconditional.
  2. Fear happens out of ignorance by believing one is separate.
  3. Enlightenment simply means seeing things as they are so to speak. Noticing that there are thoughts about being awake or having awakenings or about everything/anything. But they are just thoughts, they can be identified with or let go of.. No one actually wakes up, it's more just seeing the illusory sense of self for what it is. Never having really existed but seemed to believe that it did. Everything is already happening perfectly as it has. Reality is pure unconditional beingness. It's really up to the person whether they choose to inspect beliefs or live in illusuion believing that it is who they are. Enlightenment in it's truest sense does not do anything for the ego, it's just knowing deep down that 'the voice in the head', 'seperate self' 'ego' etc.. is not who you really are. Who you really are is awareness. Always here. Thoughts come and go but awareness is always here and is always the case. Aware of every single thing that is happening. For a long time, I seemed to have a spiritual ego or sense of self. Needing to get to the next highest state or having so many awakenings, etc etc.. feeling the need of 'doing' all the time. Suffering happens purely innocently out of ignorance and having a mistaken identity or believing the thoughts. The mind is the only thing that exists. The dreamers mind is all there is to reality but it innocently believes that there is an 'outside world' which creates suffering. Such as there are 'others' but they are thoughts appearing within the unlimited/infinite mind of god's creation. There is literally never a single thing that is being done or has to be done only appearing so from not questioning the very nature of the illusory sense of self. Everyones creating there own reality every moment whether they realize it or not. For a long time I thought enlightement or awakening was this huge thing and some achievment but it's so ordinary. Like this is actually home all along. I literally cannot get any closer to myself than I already am. I can get further away from myself by believing in thoughts of the illusory self.. Go within and you'll find exactly the same thing, I refused to truely go within for a very long time... averting from one experience, craving the next, living in permenant disastisfaction... It really is all unfolding seamlessly
  4. That's a judgement. The only one who is thinking those thoughts is you, why do feel like you need to be perfect? I was the same, really bad social anxiety, conversation skills etc.. I had to remove the judgements that I had about myself of not been good enough in social situations to actually be good where everything flows freely. So imo, worth looking into why you get thoughts that you think you are socially awkward and need to improve in the first place. It's actually a great time when one feels like that, it's a trigger to do deep inner healing work. Look at it as a positive
  5. Yes, my friend it is the most intimate thing. It just gets overlooked by the fascination with objective experience. Awareness has no objective qualities but is always aware of everything that is going on. The truth is always every present but experience seems so real, it only clouds the truth that is in the background. Imo Nahm has some flaws but each spiritual teacher has their own unique spiritual tone, so it's more important to listen to your heart and what that is saying. Lot's of non-dual teachers have different ways of communicating the uncommunicatible as it transcends all language. But psychedelics can give you glimpses into your true nature but when you get out of them, you are back into egoic consciousness and it is simply a past experience.
  6. @billiesimon @Breakingthewall I agree! maybe it's more important to explain the concept of enliightenment to people as not many people know what enlightenment even is
  7. @Leo Gura I am asking what are the best ways to get people to the non-dual state of awareness though. Non-duality surely is better than ego identified. Do you think they are doing a good job when it comes to non-dual teachings? What are the best ways, in your opinion? Imo it's more important on thinking how to elevate the consciousness of the masses.
  8. I want to know what everyones thoughts are on the direct path non-dual teachers such as Mooji, Rupert Spira, Eckhart Tolle etc... and all the other teachers who focus on self-inquiry is that the most effective way to get people to non-dual states of being by just saying focus on the present moment, we all share our own being. Do you think the audience really understands what they are communicating and is it effective or could a better approach be put in place? I find Eckhart Tolle, Rupert Spira extremely simplifying such profound states of awareness and I am not sure if that is the most effective way of helping others reach that place. They bring up to not search for enlightenment, there is no I, there is no seeker etc.. or well Rupert does anyway. Don't get me wrong, they explain it well, really well. But make it sound so extremely simple & I am fairly certain it just goes in one ear and out the other for most people. What are peoples opinions on the most effective way to teach non-duality? I am pretty sure after an Eckhart Tolle seminar, everyone will just go back to living their ordinary egoic lives.
  9. I think it is due to gaming most of my life but whenever I place my fingers on the floor to do pushups, yoga etc... they typically bend (from the pip joint). How do I go about fixing this issue?
  10. @Moksha Yes I relate to you, I spent most of my life in deep mental suffering but it gave me what I needed to not suffer anymore. To accept everything, just how it is. Suffering is simply a disastisfaction with what is right here and now.
  11. Many people claim to be 'awake' or know everything about spirituality but the real question is do you still suffer and if so why? Do you want to get to that next awakening because of not being awake enough currently, if so why? Imo, a way of look at if someone is so called 'enlightened' or 'awake' or not is simply, does that person still suffer or not? If there is no more suffering, then great but what causes a lot of suffering imo especially in spirituality is the need to be more awake and 'higher conscious' etc.. That inevtibly causes suffering is there is a disastisfaction what what is currently present. A spiritual ego so to speak, claiming awakening but it is just uninspected thought narratives. You can make thought stories about conceptually understanding spirituality but it's actually the removal of those stories. It's easy to say, this is a dream etc... whilst it still remains yet another story that the sense of self builds. It's all to easy for the ego to claim 'that I am awake' but that is not the case. It's using awakening as a way of enhancing the seperate self in order to be more spiritually superior than others. A spiritual delusion so to speak, and it cannot be seen clearly unless one is really honest with themselves. The ego wants to identify with anything but it actually never existed in the first place. It's just thoughts, beliefs, narratives etc.. So my question to you is, do you suffer or not? and if so, why?
  12. You are love. That is essentially who you are, just overlooked by the believing of thoughts.
  13. You already are as you are. There isn't even an ego, it's just thoughts, one after the other. 'I was so conscious' - no one gets conscious. It's all thoughts about becoming awake and conscious. You already are perfect the way you are. Just be careful of the spiritual ego just from experience. It can really co-opt awakening into making something that it is not. Are you awake now or simply referring back to the past which does not exist?
  14. Just focus more on what is wanted and discard what is not wanted. You are then attracting.