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  1. Wow! Very interesting! 😁
  2. @Peter Miklis You can find healthy farmed fish also But yeah... I watched that one also... its crazy!
  3. @VeganAwake "Evrything is honoured, but nothing metters"
  4. Yin Yang and the infinite layers of it God bless!
  5. By the sound of he's voice I say yellow/turquoise But how can we know anyways? We can deconstruct he's episodes is one way to do it Why do I think ,in this video, he is yellow? Is the idea he's sharing yellow or the way he is holding the conversation? or whatever. Where is he dogmatic t1 and why? Where is he t2 and why? How about 9 stages of development? Why would I assume that this guy has no spiritual development, skipped green or whatever...? What are the proofs? How can I know that the proofs are valid? Who is the one getting the proofs? . . . . . Shut the fuck up Eddie!
  6. @Leo Gura My father would never ever get into spirituality (he labled himself a materialist) if there wasn't Sadgurus simplistic system of spirituality. Simplicity/Ignorance is the first step. The next step is Actualized.org (complexity-integrity). If I plan to go mainstream with spirituality I will talk the way Sadguri talks(I live in blue country). And then I will attract another group of serious spiritual seekers and teach the way you teach. ? There are consciouss sheeps and unconscious sheeps (holons) ? @Scholar Thanks for the ideas of fear! I have definitely fallen in those traps. I have very sneaky narcissistic tendencies. It is quite AMAZING!
  7. @Galyna Spooky video!
  8. I would put this at turquoise It is in yellow becouse of the communication between this two geniuses! It is a perfect system! I learned non duality in 1h.
  9. Thank you! I have two cats! Nissa and Tobby ? You can see then on this Instagram account . I named it "Narcissistic Cat Sniffers" hehehe https://www.instagram.com/reel/CNiqXphFR0f/?igshid=1fri0q3jnq9wb
  10. Nope. Very vivid dreams! You can train yourself to remeber. Right after you wake up take a pen and write down evrything you remeber. Don't go to the toilet even. After some time doing that you will be able to remeber alsmost evry dream and in detail. If you want to remeber them ofcourse ? You can do it! You are not thinking your way out of fear. Sooner or later you gotta face it. ?
  11. Im glad ? Hell yeah! This is what Im talking about! Not only girls, but evrything! You can get Enlightened in a lucid dream! I assume that becouse of the fear you will project/imagine the rejection and it will happen (you can close your eyes and do that, no lucid dream necessary). Notice how you feel and think about it and try to understand why. In the end, you cannot think your way out of fear. You gotta go through it... After 10-15-100 approaches the fear will go away. Waking life tip hehe Put yourself into a "role". Dress like a nird, supermen or whatever you are comfortable with and approach girls with already prepared questions. If you mess it up, say you gotta go save the world and run hahahahah Definitely! No doubt! Lucid dreaming can transform your life! Huperzine A is a good nootropic for it, if you haven't heard of it There you go! No difference at all! It is just you creating separation between big mind and small mind. Or shall I say the big mind is ticking it self that it is small. Thank you! ?
  12. Thank you kind sir ?? When you lit that kindle, you can't help but giggles ehhehe ?
  13. Eddie is Stage Orange Guru! You guys will see this bad muther fucker on ArtOnSpiral!
  14. Wow! I bet that was awesome! Did you watch some star trek before that? hehehe I feel you! Some weard ass dreams can terrify you! Usually my girlfriend wakes me up becouse I scream like a little pussy hahaha