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  1. @Yog Thank you for this information! Makes things a lot clearer for me
  2. Imagine friends that are on the same path with you, how that feels like? I spent long time trying to lift off my friends, even thought they are jealous, but the light is just to painful for them. When they are ready, they will call you on their own. You don't want to spend time with people where you worry what you should say, only to avoid conflict. (you are not loving yourself, you are suppressing) Ask yourself this questions: What is ideal "friend" for me and how is this belief is limiting me? How would I feel like if I said fuck you boys, I just gotta fly! Will I be scared meeting new friends? Will my old friends think that I em a traitor? Note: All the friends you see is your projection. They are not the problem, your thinking is the problem hehe My role of "self-actualisation guy" created an idea that I needed to be good with evrybody, to understand them(which is nice), but It made me suppress my bad side(which is not good). Raise your standard my friend! Raise you vision, and the problems seize to exist! Self-actualization felt really lonely for me when I started, but it is fucking worth it!
  3. @Daniel EspositoThis is great Daniel! How did you felt when people laugh at you ? How did you maintain confidence in what you believed when everyone around you couldn't understand you? Did this wisdom/gift came with a lot of suffering? This notion that we are projecting and creating reality is so freeing and heavy at the same time! How do you feel about it? Cheers friend !
  4. One year of meditation, introspection , shadow work and healthy diet did it for me hehe
  5. @humanProcessThanks for the video it is really interesting ! Idk how my story fits here, but what this guy is saying resonates with me (Also, I have been trying to ejaculate up my spine for few mouths, and I think this practice will help . It is what happens when my kundalini activates. Big pressure in my head activates the energy, it goes down my balls, all the way to my legs. It lasted for 2-3 hours. It was crazy. It felt like Im burning from inside(it wasent painful ofc), but In the same time I was the energy, and there was no one burning. I have no idea of explaining that ! @DefinitelyNotARobot This shit is real my friend
  6. @Waves Amin brother
  7. Im 25, and I relapse once a week, If I do it more then once I feel my energy go down Try it !
  8. What do you guys think of Anthony? Is he INFJ? I saw on yt that in The Silence of the lamb's Hannibal and the Detectiv are INFJ so i guess Im watching the movie again huehue Is this Self- Actualised Hopkins? Atleast the video is!
  9. Keep the conversation going
  10. Aleksandar Vucic (president of Sebia) has just won the elections again(obviously) for the basic reasons: easy media manipulation, he targeted older folks , the young didn't vote, and the rest had to vote for him because they have no idea of politics and their survival depends on it . Before the elections he gave us help of 100 euro(haha) , and stopped the Corona lock down where we had to be 3-4 days inside every week etc . And now after he won the elections he wants to lock down the borders again, and put us in lock down . Now I can't say if the situation is actually getting worse with the Virus, but I can say that after bullshiting people on televison every day after the Corona outbreak , people are sick of it, and that was only a trigger from what is to come . Low on maslow hirarchy, no jobs and no money , sick of being manipulated they are rising against it . Because of Social Media now, they can't cover up the lies anymore, and because people are biased will cherry pick every move Vucic makes and blame him for it . This protest is inevitable, but I think is going to get more bad then good . People are projecting their hurt, stage red folks are breaking things, group mentality is reinforcing more stupid things, and we will see what happens next . Here are few videos of what is going on now : This went live Whooops ! People are throwing rocks and stuff on the police . I feel bad for both of them... But I guess this needs to happen in order for us to move forward...
  11. No, In my astral projections or what ever I tend to wake up, in my bed, but I don't actually wake up,im dreaming that i wake up. And when I awoke(im aware of my ego,im not the ego)few times in a dream, my ego gets scared, and I wake up(still within a dream), im in my bed telling my gf what happend,but im dreaming that Its weird. Now I can say that im not dreaming. But in a way I em,but I em not conscious of it now. I em thinking of you, im thinking of replying to you,so I em creating you, so I can say im imagining you. But I feel it goes deeper... I hope this makes sense to you
  12. I did that also. I woke up few times within the dream telling my girlfriend next to me what happend. She was saying, when you fall asleep you start mumbling scared, don't do it anymore, it's hard on you ego. And I say im fine, i will be right back... and zzzzzzzzzz (the pressure in my head ) booom I awake in the dream, then my ego gets scared, then I wake up within a dream again... It was so freaky and amazing!
  13. I know what it Is! It doesn't change anything! You are just aware of it!
  14. Omg! Last noght I had awakened in my dream! It was Astral Projection! Hahahahahaha! My hair is up! I will write what happened when I have the time! -My Ego was really afraid, as I (awareness) was obsserving Eddie! - My Ego started yelling in unknown lenguage fluently(it seemedto me that it was my past lenguage). It was scared,it was yelling in rage, because it wanted to prove that it is not an idea, a thought. "Nooooo, cant you seee??? Im hereee" "Noooooo" - This is just a glimpse of how my ego will fight to survive -It was so clear to me what awakening is, and how I can observe my Ego! - My khudalini or third eye was activated 3-4 times -When I woke up from the dream or astral projection I was so aware, I dod't think of the "dream" , I was in the moment... and it went away - It was mind blowing experience! I can't believe what is happening to me...