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  1. @28 cm unbuffed I’m just so curious what this community has to say because clinical psychologists say they do not care about others and very few can have enough introspection to change at all. But from an ego standpoint, I thought we could all change etc. (?)
  2. What are your thoughts on narcissistic people? Is it true they truly don’t care about others or have empathy? Would a narcissist ever be able to recognize they need to work on themselves and begin? I’ve been doing a lot of research and watching Dr Ramani videos to better understand them for reference.
  3. @Javfly33 @Leilani "Your own body is a manifestation of god." - idk where I got this its just something I remembered reading in one of the enlightenment books. Also, in my own experience, we are all gods. But we can't see it. There is a veil over your eyes. Enlightenment is lifting the veil. (I think but my thoughts are ever-changing) Gods are beautiful though. Without flaws. You are that, I am that but we don't see it.
  4. @seriousman24 No. 5-meo will take you outside of yourself. To enhance video game performance, get Adderall. Major gamers take it when competing. It's like putting your focus on steroids.
  5. @Arcangelo When's the new journal entry coming out? lol
  6. @Aratrok It's definitely triggering for people. I'd say the most triggering topic there is. Look at how it dismantles the inner work community. I see your original intent. I hear you. Wish you well, brother.
  7. @Aratrok You know better than to go back and forth with carnists on an online forum. That is deep, deep conditioning and lack of health education you're up against. We know that every human being, being one of the three grate apes can survive on a vegan diet, but even doctors preach against this. So people with health problems have gotten validation from their physicians that they need animal proteins or some random nutrient. (lol) To break down conditioning you need to have footage of slaughter, physical touch, and compassion. They need to feel safe and reassured because their reality will be changing. I understand they're here so they must be somewhat open minded. But you have to take what people say with a grain of salt. Always. They're not as open minded as they think. I've had to see pigs put into a gas chamber and become an activist to fully grasp what I was contributing to. The same way we have to do tons of meditation or psychedelics to see what's on the other side, they will need to see animals skinned, boiled and and chopped up while alive to fully grasp what's on the other side. I always encourage other vegans to get active. Do educational activism where people are viewing this while you have a calm conversation with them. You see reality hit them and then you see the change in their eyes and it's beautiful. (Also a way to pick up vegan women.) @Display_Name I have some ptsd and misanthropy from this that I'm actively working on changing. I use to get into online debates and felt so much hate towards humans who I thought were a plague on the earth. I was ignorant and felt helpless. Which is how most vegans feel after seeing truth. So any temperament you see, anger, aggression, etc is from them seeing reality and feeling helpless to do anything about it. If you really believe that everyone is you. (And yes, animals are someone) Then you will resonate with the vegan message. Truth/Reality: Don't allow your conditioning to protect you from their suffering Philosophy: I won't argue with you either. You are either ready to accept truth or not.
  8. @Galyna Thank you for your recommendations, Galyna. I will check them out.
  9. @Himanshu Thank you for your response. I will check these things out ?
  10. @BornToBoil It sounds like you're co-dependent. You're worrying about another person so much, that you are putting aside your own feelings. Be grateful she was honest about not wanting to be with you and politely allow her to move on. Delete your communication and don't message her again. I'm sure you're a great person and you deserve self-love.
  11. @Member We'll see. I've only masturbated once this week and before that nothing for almost two weeks. My sexual frustration I think got really bad because my sex life with my ex was very infrequent and he turned me down often. We'd have sex once or twice a month. (He had ED, wasn't his fault) So, I think that's where the bad energy was coming from. It's sorted.
  12. @Chris365 Chris, I noticed the other thread you posted about her not wanting to orgasm. I think it's good you guys are ending things. There's a lot of red flags here. Her not wanting to cum. Her spending her time with another potential guy to fuck when that wasnt what you two agreed upon in the relationship, etc. I wouldnt go as far to say she's unstable. For some reason she isn't being honest and vulnerable with you. But I dont agree with you asking her to "fake it." That hurts my soul. Wish you healing ?
  13. @Leo Gura I'm just joking with you about suppressing. My LP is on hold till rona ends. But studying this has taken up some free time for sure!
  14. @Leo Gura Let's suppress it! It can't control us like this. Figure it out. I'll semi-patiently wait for your synopsis.
  15. @Leo Gura How awful...