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  1. I want to be financially independent. Looking for advice on what I should do with it. Here's my situation: Currently 21 years old. Living at home with my brothers (I work with them with wholesaling real estate, and they take care of all the bills) I want to be an online coach for personal development but don't know where to start. Mostly selling video courses. Feel like I need more experience in life myself to help others though. At some point I do want to completely rely on myself financially instead of relying on my brothers. No debt of any kind, other than a few court tickets. Living expenses aren't a problem at the moment. It's mostly just saved money. I'm not investing in any stocks. Open to all suggestions. P.S. I've always had an interest in selling things.
  2. @Leo Gura Basically my question above is that, is that self deception? Am I just limiting myself? Can't tell if its real or fatasy
  3. @Leo Gura I understand when you say don’t act on your thoughts. But for one of my thoughts, I can’t tell if it’s real or imagined. Particularly I had a dream where I had a bad trip of smoking DMT in the parking lot of Walmart while someone was driving. Thinking about it or visualizing what had happened now, putting myself through the motions, bringing up the exact sensations I felt... I feel like I’m reactivating the trip and the chemical in my brain. I feel like I can’t move. Feel like I have to stop my whole day and wait for tomorrow to be functioning again and have it out of my system. I can’t tell if this is real or imagined. So you say just don’t act on it, but I’m afraid to even let my mind play out what happened.
  4. Y'all are a bunch of babies. I've seen harsher teachings. Have you ever been yelled at by a drill sergeant? I haven't, but it seems like a good example in this case
  5. What you imagine hard enough will be true for you. There's a difference between imagined, made up fears like the fear of activating DMT in your brain accidentally by looking at a visualization, vs actual fears like being chased by a pack of wolves.
  6. Can you explain what type of OCD you have? What's your biggest fears?
  7. @Leo Gura How do you purify your mind? I keep imagining worrisome scenarios and it seems to come to life.
  8. Was wondering if any of you business savvy people can give me recommendations for some really good people who teach acquisition/sales on YouTube or somewhere else on the internet. I want to increase the skill. Or a course would be good too. I work for a wholesaling company for getting houses under contract over the phone. You have to talk them down 70 cents on the dollar of the value in order for it to be a good deal. Give me some recommendations of good business people who have great experience
  9. @ShardMare Be okay with feeling the feeling forever and it will naturally dissipate. It may take weeks or months of acceptance of which seems like no progress will occur. You must be okay with that. Keep feeling. You're never going to completely "heal" it. One way or another in life you'll be depressed again. Use this as your advantage and change your relationship with it. Love it and your reactions to it. You have to be in the state of mind where you want more of it. You'll be feeling much better.
  10. Emotional Intelligence
  11. Try to enjoy and appreciate your depression. Nobody will tell you this. Depression is just a human condition. Make time to enjoy it and allow it for a solid hour per day with no judements, then go about your regular business. Your problem may lie in wanting to not be depressed and wanting things to be different. No matter your mood you should treat it with love.
  12. What’s the best fluoride free toothpaste brand that gives no teeth problems? Totally protects from cavities?
  13. @Consept Yes, my brothers. I sometimes feel like I have no say, can’t make my own decisions. It’s whatever they say goes, since they make the money. There’s no boundaries whatsoever
  14. I want to know how you guys think a solid stage orange foundation is made. What do you do everyday? Schedule, diet, work, fitness, social life. I’m kinda in a limbo where I jumped the shark to more stage green ideas without building a solid foundation at red and orange. I don’t know how to SURVIVE. Obviously I do but you know what I mean. I feel stuck like I need a little bit more. I’m not your hustler, I’m more of a creative person. Give me your best ideas stage orange people.
  15. @JuliusCaesar I woke up completely sober, but a little shaken from fear. I think I smoked DMT in the dream, and a couple minutes after I woke up and it was morning. I'm just wondering if its safe to travel in a car for an hour, or just wait until tomorrow. Something tells me its fear but it's hard to tell