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  1. I was listening to this Last night I was 30 minutes into this meditation and my mom came in my room and interrupted me trying to turn on the heater. I tilted my head up slightly and tensed up. I said I don’t want any heat right now, please leave me alone. While I was speaking I felt a part of my head strain itself. I drew a circle exactly which part of the head below. I know this meditation has intense sounds in it, so maybe something got triggered. I was slightly dehydrated, and I also tensed up so that played a part too. The part of my head with the circle feels very tender, but mostly surface level. It’s like having a headache, I feel some pressure. I woke up this morning feeling slightly better, it’s not as intense but it’s still there. What can I do to heal this strain? What happened to my head?
  2. My ex and I have been separated for a year. We’ve been in no contact. It’s a twin flame relationship. I’m a codependent with an anxious attachment style and they are a covert narcissist with an anxious avoidant style. We’ve been obsessing over each other to this day, looking at each other’s instagram profile. I’m able to use insights and see how often she looks at my profile and it’s everyday. She also try’s to call and text me with fake accounts. On valentines day she posted a picture on her story with her new supply she recently started talking to, and made it all official. When we hung out she took pictures of us but didn’t post it like she did here. We had a deeper relationship and talked for months but she had no problem posting with this new person. That hurt. He had her arms around her and she posted it for everyone to see, drawing a heart on the photo. She knows I’m able to see these photos. She wouldn’t do it with me for some reason. We’ve talked for 4 months over texts social media and FaceTime but only hung out once. I’m shaking and cannot relax. This is the lowest I’ve felt. I’m shaking specifically between my root and sacral chakra. It’s a uncontrollable feeling and it’s consistent. I’m struggling to eat, I am feeling very triggered over this. I can’t sleep. I have feelings like I missed out, I never got to really be physical with her. She always acts happy on social media. I never thought this would happen since she’s pretty shy. I kept telling myself I can’t believe she did something like this. She knows that I also look at her social media too. Also this whole time we’ve not talked she posts way more selfies than she did before and has followed over 1000 other people from other schools she doesn’t even know. All these people can then have access to her pictures and hit her up. I feel jealous, betrayed, shocked, anxious jealous, sad and angry. This whole time I thought we were nearing to be back together in union again since we miss each other. Suddenly she’s putting out these pictures with the karmic partner. I don’t know what to do. I kind of feel like this was to make me feel jealous but I know there are other reasons too. What healing technique should I do? I am consistently shaking and it won’t stop. Is there a recommended solfeggio frequency you have? I am very jealous over this whole situation and I feel like like she values them more than me even though we had that soul connection. What wound am I triggering from childhood that’s causing this shaking? Did I reopen something? I feel obsessively attached. I also feel too tightly in control. I want to do a meditation for this, something to put me at ease. I’m shaking as I’m typing as this has really triggered me
  3. What is the best way to heal attachment from previous relationships? I’m shaking and can’t control myself.