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  1. I had a traumatic experience with DMT. I took too big of a hit, and got traumatized by it. Now I’m scared to do any feeling or trauma work, out of fear I will reactivate the trip again. I feel like I can’t work on my root chakra since that was the main thing active during the trip. I was shot through a red tunnel and it freaked me out. Is there any good tips to help me get out of this rut? I feel stuck. And feel like I’m running into a wall. I can’t even do a minute of meditation out of fear of same feelings resurfacing. Any recommended guided meditations, tips, methods, to heal myself from this? ****Note, this happened 2 years ago and I have shyed away from any spiritual work the past 2 years. Also, this trip was actually in a dream I had, not real life. But it felt very REAL, like real life. I’ve never done DMT in waking life. I appreciate any help with this. I don’t know what to do at this point so I’ve decided to post what happened here to see if anyone has advice
  2. Go out and talk to women. I think your view will change. You're looking at the online fronts, where everyone pretends, including men
  3. Great job taking the initiative. Baby steps every day. You've got this
  4. What are you skilled at? What's something you enjoy doing? (Doesn't have to be work)
  5. @Michael569 @undeather Yep that's me. Funny how you found it that quick, I'm feeling exposed Thank you for the feedback. I recorded it with my iphone. I also find it really hard to remember what to say in the middle of recording and find myself freezing. Also a lot of ums and uhs and shifting back and forth. Those are my main bugaboos. Before I record I'm also extremely anxious viewing it as a big deal. @Michael569 Your channel is great. What editing service do you use?
  6. @Leo Gura Yeah, everyone and their grandmother wants to be a youtuber. It's like trying to become a rapper. It seems like you instantly got an audience like from straight out of a movie
  7. Started my channel a year ago, getting back into it. I have 12 videos. It's got like 20 views per video which were all by me. I'm looking to grow a bit but I'm new to the game. How do these people organically get an audience? I'm looking for self help minded people. My videos are pretty captivating too but no one watches.
  8. Holy shit. HOLY SHIT! That's it, that's the one! @Leo Gura @Yimpa Skip to 1:30 I'M FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. @Leo Gura When you give meaning to things and create things with your mind, What's this topic called? I sometimes believe things will cause me harm, and give meaning to my constructions so much so it begins to be my reality. It feels so real to. It's like it snowballed into something REAL and actually created. I'm tired of it. What's this topic called and where can I learn more I've never seen such a good explanation. Not even trying to kiss your ass. The people I've seen on youtube no joke have no idea what they're talking about. I want to have that experience of realizing how "it's all in the mind" What is this topic called?
  10. That's some good advice. What teachers do you follow?