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  1. I’ve only been on a DMT trip in my sleep. I was sitting on the couch in the living room and thought about it, and put myself through the feeling of going through it again, the beating and being launched. Then I brought myself back to reality. I wasn’t on it, just thinking about it. About 10 seconds later, still kinda feeling it, the microwave turns on in the other room. Can a microwave influence my frequencies while putting myself through the motions of the trip? (Not actually being on DMT, just thinking about it and feeling it) Can a microwave affect your energy at all?
  2. I always have to follow and message new girls on instagram. If I don’t and I’m not in contact with one, if I just stay on the low, I feel like shit for the day, and hopeless. Not feeling complete inside. I feel like a sobered up drunk, just wanting some booze. I don’t even talk to girls in real life anymore. It’s always online now. And the thought of even FaceTiming these same girls I text scares me. It’s always the high of texting back and forth then sabotaging it all in the end where she leaves me on read. It’s all a cycle. What do I have to heal? I know I also have low self esteem and confidence
  3. And I’ll comment what I’d like to say
  4. I was sitting, deep in meditation, focusing on my third eye. I was staring off into the distance, so much so I felt lightheaded. While I was in this state my mom told me to get out of the chair. Without giving myself time to come back she pulled me up. When this happens and you feel an energetic tug on your chakra, is it possible to strain yourself? Was any damage done? I feel alright now but my mind is going crazy on if something happened.
  5. @Leo Gura Weed is all worth it in the end, because of the memories had
  6. @Leo GuraBut Leo, how would I do that when I don’t even know where to start? How can I be more authentic if I don’t know how to?
  7. What is the main subject called that Julien is bringing out with these guys? He’s breaking their fronts they put up in society, but what inner work can I do to exercise this and recognize my own front I put up? What facet of awakening is this called? I want to be just as strong as Julien, being able to trigger and bring awareness to any front dealing with other people the way he is doing it here. I want to be the master in public.... recognizing all the fronts and being able to be as solid as Julien. Where can I do more research for this?
  8. What could be a good answer to say? I know she’s trying to get validation from me.
  9. I need a spiritual therapist that knows about chakras. I have extreme OCD that I’m always going to hurt myself, specifically my chakras and testicles. Does anyone know any online spiritual therapists or psychiatrists that can help me?
  10. @Tim R Thank god, my OCD was getting the best of me. Should I take it easy and rest my head today anyway, or not worry about it?
  11. I was slightly focusing on my third eye for a few seconds and my brother came up to me and yelled in my ear messing around. I don’t feel hurt but I’m worrying a lot. Did I do any damage to it?
  12. My sacral chakra was active, twitching and beating. While this happened I started walking and felt a pull - like a muscle - now have a weird feeling in that area. It feels better now but now it got me thinking, is it possible to pull/strain your chakras like pulling a muscle? Is it all just metaphysical?
  13. @Leo Gura Okay.... now say I wasn’t tripping. How did you put those knots, butterflies, and intense sensations in your body at ease? Trust yourself and increase self belief? In your videos you’ve changed. There’s more of a comfort in yourself, more trust. You stand you’re ground and you can be totally serious about something. It doesn’t look like your suffering from energy overload. You’re more comfortable in your own skin. You aren’t worried about who says what and a nasty comment doesn’t shake you to your core. Do you get butterflies in your stomach? How did you do it? What experience did you have that made you more authentic?