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  1. but WHY would that happen? That sounds terrifying to me lol... like the higher stages just makes everyone in society mentally insane or something, because surely moving up the spiral would allow us to save the planet and society etc? like is Leo just crazy? idk? is it actually the truth? I'm a bit ignorant perhaps with spiritually cos I do have some fear but off topic Interesting though...
  2. Exactly. The same way stage blue Muslims aren't green for not wanting Islamophobia. @IJB063 I suggest watching this video that was recently posted on the stage yellow spiral dynamics thread, although I still saw the riots as somewhat "understandable", the video gave a better perspective of why it's happening (Also just an assumption- I'm seeing you as a "logical" guy @IJB063 so I can see why you're resisting stage can go through stage green without being an overly angry SJW though- empathy is what you're lacking- meditation grew mine more but psychs are probs a better way)
  3. Edit: you said 5 skills: -a good studying habit and studying skills (non formal learning- for reading books or working on a project like coding) -social/interpersonal skills -visualization and strategic thinking -emotional "mastery" and understanding your psychology -financial literacy (will give you the freedom to live by those values) and to aid you with such things and more, looking after your health (good sleep, diet, meditation, exercise etc) I have a lot of work to do though haha
  4. Amazing. Empathy without being overly emotional or "triggered", interesting
  5. Yes of course but baby steps... As you say it's complex so how are these rioters supposed to turn from this violence to the grand "solution" At least this alternative is a better trajectory imo and gives these people a "voice" instead of burning down businesses of their own people. If "green" + politicians gain more power, this is closer to the reformation of the US police and prison systems becoming a priority rather than more of the "When the looting starts, the shooting starts" mentality. They should be punished with psychedelics
  6. Well the protests for it have definitely started in the UK lol, doubt it would go "global" as a lot of countries have worse things to worry about. Honestly true but their own people would hardly care in some places. The US is glamorized by many from these type of countries and seen as the place of freedom and whatnot, and is supposedly "developed" that's why it's a bigger issue. If the US can't get it right then what hope do these less developed countries have. (Ofc we know there's more consciously developed places than the US but big power = best place to live for some people).
  7. (have a look at the video) For less privileged folk (due to race or class etc), even if stage blue are more likely to vote more "consciously" (even if for "selfish" reasons) but often don't because of lack of education or interest in politics. Love this response to counteract the impulsive but understandable rioting! Edit: an underprivileged person in today's society in the US is likely to still have access to the internet- a stark advantage to the rioters from the previous century,a movement spreading the notion of education over violence would be truly impactful (e.g. how Cardi B's collab with Bernie Sanders introduced politics to a whole new crowd)
  8. Nice! I like the explanation
  9. You could be bi-curious...regardless it doesn't have to have a negative connotation just accept it as reality and stop repressing it if you have been. The more you fight and resist against such thoughts and feelings, the more the stuff will resurface.
  10. lmaoooo Yeah but the article is targeting another group that exploit through orange toxicity
  11. Thank you!! Well said It's fkin barbaric #BLM They accept the racism since its in their ideology Hopefully this is a true turning point then
  12. Damn. Was it just alcohol? I've had times when I've been drunk but also kept my "awareness" up- like tried to be in control of the situation and not let myself get too carried away (always making sure I'm drinking water to prevent hangovers and not drinking too much alcohol etc). @DragosI don't believe there's anything wrong with occasional drinking, which for me is a few times a year now at most. Also, the most important thing is only drinking if you're in a stable place mentally and not to use it as a crutch to escape any severe problems in life- seems like so many people my age do this especially. This is particularly when it can turn into an addiction. For me, I've had one experience where I drank one night whilst having unresolved issues from the day, causing me to drink excessively to where I couldn't be mindful of what was happening anymore and things seemed "like a dream". So secondly, drink responsible amounts where you are still somewhat "conscious" of what is happening if you did decide to ever drink.
  13. Yes! confidence, humour, charisma and alladat I know a Sikh turbaned guy who did this all the time (got white and other girls)
  14. Wtf lol (random but: white people often smell like cheese to foreign Asians, probably the relatively dairy-rich diet. Ofc curry is smellier AND tastier though) If you go in the club smelling bad regardless, good luck.