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  1. @AArbenz cooll!! I never do art like this but saw a beautiful sunset yesterday and had an intuitive nudge to do this
  2. Love this! Of course there are boundaries, but if she's not doing anything considered cheating (by your relationship terms), being negative and insecure is causing YOU the most harm Focus on gratitude and the good in such situations, such as the blessing she is to your life rather than making yourself feeling shit, you deserve happiness
  3. Neediness for what...Sex? A relationship? Friendships?
  4. "What you resist persists" Suppressing/resisting "shame" is actually feeding a lot of energy into it, whereas being at peace and letting it happen without resistance is feeding less energy into it. The more energy you feed into something, the more it will be part of your reality! Shame isn't a part of you, it's a separate thing that you can observe and detach yourself from (like detaching yourself from thoughts during meditation for example) If you observe it as something separate that you allow to run its course, eventually it will dissipate When you do the shame/fear visualizations, are you feeling the shame and then does it lead to more shame and a negative spiral? Or are you resisting the feelings? Or are you letting the feelings free?
  5. lol disgusting this forum could do with more women game
  6. @kireet practices that utilize it include visualizations, affirmations, dream/vision boards, subliminals and more Watch the secret on Netflix (take everything said with a grain of salt ofc) and/or read the book for it, there's a subreddit on LOA which may also be helpful to you Also, I've been following this girl on YouTube for a while and only yesterday learnt she has utilized LOA after watching these vids, she has hints of stage orange (scientific/rational) but still believes in the LOA in a more than rational way because of some synchronicities she experienced (mostly related to her YT success)
  7. Wow looool Honestly, same! I see it as an attraction thing, the more masculine guys seem to be those who will argue with you for wanting to split the date I know this is a hint of stage blue customs and the hospitality that comes with it, like this video below (I quite like it though) I would prefer if the guy paid for the first date...but if he didn't I'd be fine with splitting, NOT paying for him on the first date though! On the next dates or in a relationship I would be much more willing to pay for such things though @Monkey_in_suit Yeah defo speak up about your concerns, better late than never! Also be honest about why you felt you needed to pay all the time (to do with your dad etc), and hopefully she's open to compromise
  8. I agree, so so important!! The type of relationship I would want and I think work best are, the ones where basic necessities such as rent and food and essential costs are split. Any luxuries on top of that (eating out/activities/holidays), can be paid by either partner and it's cute to have alternating people pay for these, but they're not essential needs and there shouldn't be an expectation for only one of the partners to pay for this! If a guy wanted to pay for most of these extra (non-essential) things out of choice, I'd be fine with it as I'd be content knowing I'm paying for the basics and I'm not reliant on the guy for survival I think it's only fair for the guy to solely pay for essential things in the scenario mentioned below, even if the woman has a lot of money saved up. Being a mother of young kids is a big role in itself that the man should provide for (until all the kids have started school IMO) I think this is one of many scenarios of the traditional roles though, another could be the mum forms a close bond with the children through the time she gives them but the dad ends up feeling shitty from a lack of bond with his kids/wife and being overworked. There are other variations of this that would make healthy and happy marriages too for sure, between a hypermasculine and hyperfeminine women minus the toxic feminine/masculine traits perhaps.
  9. I wasn't ever actively into spirituality or on the path towards enlightenment as it was something I wanted to pursue in the future and I was more focused on gaining financial independence and other things but I was guided towards understanding the law of attraction spiritually by the universe (lol) and I'm already seeing amazing results from it! I had previously used LOA in its stage orange form but understanding it beyond is even more useful For me personally atm, letting my spirit/energy guide me is giving me far bigger results than letting my ego solely guide me (It doesn't mean sitting there and being lazy either dw ) Ofc as others have said focusing on basic self-help and life purpose should be your priority but see what works for you in achieving that!
  10. Using OneNote like shown in this video which I edit on my laptop and phone, as well as using physical sticky notes for daily priorities and the dream board idea recommended by Nahm which I use a big whiteboard for I write down a lot of stuff, sometimes quite unnecessary so I'm trying to cut down on that... and clearing up and organizing my commonplace book once a week also helps
  11. Not specifically but it can be linked Nice one!! Amazing! I've started using the dream board idea you've recommended I don't understand what you mean exactly but I'm not interested in this stuff as a belief system for myself anyway, was just curious Hmmm interesting I think I understand and have used the psychological theories it can work in but never thought about the LOA in a deeper sense
  12. Fair enough, but you need to be honest to him about the coworker if anything has happened, would you want him to hide such a thing from you? Of course! It can aid your growth too but honesty and good communication are foundational for a good relationship You can spend extra alone time on yourself but also when you guys are together make the extra effort to communicate and resolve issues well etc
  13. LOL I-... pick her up with "you're 1 in 100 000" LOOOOL, keep this energy and you'll get girls