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  1. 😂😂 Hey! We said no dick pics This kinda makes sense... my friend matched with this v attractive guy the other day and said he was "too good looking" so wouldn't message him unless he messaged first. I guess a lot of girls know guys swipe right for everyone, so don't want to get "rejected"? But then again, if a girl just wants sex, she'd probably message if you're attractive enough. Dunno, haven't really used these apps.
  2. I think it was a thing on a small portion of the internet, I've seen it a lot on twitter with their print visible in the joggers LOL It became a bit of a joke that it's the equivalent of receiving a woman's nudes, and "don't let your man leave the house wearing grey joggers" etc hahaha
  3. This. Instead of sending dick pics, post a grey joggers pic maybe... (if you're attractive ) (random search result)
  4. Yeah I really agree with this. Sexual confidence is so important for women (I've noticed this in myself) and other women, and how much a difference it makes with and without it. There are some super gorgeous looking women who lack sex appeal. Whilst there are some ok looking women who are super attractive because of their sex appeal. This doesn't necessarily mean showing skin, one can be covered and have ooze sex appeal by body language. Dancing in a club is where you can really see this play out too, if you observe it haha. But then again, I get why being confident in this way can be uncomfortable for women (including myself) at times and sexualizing yourself in this society is off-putting. Marilyn Monroe said she could turn from an unnoticable woman to a model with cameras chasing her without changing her looks but simply by altering her body language and walk. I also feel this similar shift when I'm drunk as I become more comfortable with expressing my sexuality and become my hotter alter-ego
  5. @Elevated Interesting perspective and insightful, thanks! Each stage is so broad that the (well-intended) judgment often accompanying labelling using SD stages can be limiting. May have a look at the books you recommended above
  6. Whilst recently the Dalai Lama said he would wish his successor to be attractive if she was a woman 😂🤦🏽‍♀️ Make up your minds lads. The wisest men for millenia were blue, including those enlightened. Perhaps many of their ideas are turquoise but still have attachments to blue ideology. (In regards to some teachers today too, not fully sure).
  7. You can still care about someone whilst simultaneously breaking up with them. Say for example, your sexual needs weren't being met in a relationship even after putting in the effort to sort it out - e.g. they just didn't want to have sex anymore but you did. You can still care about someone's wellbeing and life whilst no longer being satisfied in a relationship with them (as you also care about your own rship desires being met). I think if you're in love with someone, it's not a question of variation 1 or variation 2- because they are both involved. This is because romantic love isn't romantic unconditional love. Or else people would stay in a relationship regardless of how many times a person cheats or does other questionable things. The popular notion of the love languages (including quality time, acts of service etc ) themselves involve caring about what the other person has to offer, since they are an act of love and about fulfilling your individual desires in a relationship.
  8. Beautiful! I like the dice idea. I'd love to do my first retreat this year! Hopefully lockdown ends here by summer so I can book a place to stay. 😅
  9. Personally, my self 😂 Haha tbf I have often finished without any thoughts arousing me or during it etc (not from meditation though)
  10. If you're giving someone happiness, it's temporary happiness because it doesn't last after you're not with the person, and needs to keep being refilled. This is why it should ideally be created internally for everyone, but there's nothing wrong with supporting someone to turn internally (it's up to them to take it on board though). Ultimately whether it be relationships, money, success or whatever you desire, the supposed happiness/positive feeling of having the external things is being chased. This feeling can be created internally without any of those external things anyway! (E.g simply visualizing any of your desires can give you the feeling of having it- when you work on maintaining such a feeling, you realize you don't NEED the external thing anyway!) But ofc you can still want things without having a need for them. So you can still want a relationship, knowing that it's simply the icing on top of the (already delicious) cake. So you can still be a decent partner (arguably a better partner) when the neediness is gone. Yeah in many cases talking to a high quality person can be the stepping stones in the right direction to also come up with solutions for how they can help themselves on their own too. As bottling emotions from others isn't so much the issue, it's bottling them from yourself - releasing and facing your problems- whether that be in the form of a journal, self talk or talking/therapy with other people is the medium. Bottling emotions from others becomes a big issue when a person is repressing the issue from themselves whilst thinking it's being solved (e.g. keeping busy instead of facing the problems).
  11. Repressing the feeling of boredom = often fulfilling unconscious unauthentic desires, leading to bad habits and addictions etc Allowing yourself to experience the feeling of boredom = discomfort and sometimes painful, but can lead to a more conscious way of living
  12. Energy for 2021: 🤪
  13. Rooting for you guys I rate some of Roy's quality posts on here.
  14. Well good thing you're a stunning (& wise) girl now Fair enough and good for you! You're super young and it's something you could put more effort into the future if you wanted to anyway.