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  1. Thanks! I'll check it out, love the animation
  2. I like this This is key And stress, traumatic experiences like death / separation from parents in early in childhood Because nobody has reached it yet ;-)
  3. Thanks! That helped me a lot
  4. Well let's just that, I guess....
  5. Has anyone played around with local LLM models? I need a local model for use in medical products. I have played around with some 7B models and have had some good results, but my hardware is not strong enough to run 70B models which I would really like to do. Models from America are not trustworthy as they can disable access at any time.
  6. Thanks I like this answer a lot.
  7. How can I self-assess my current level of spiral dynamics? Are there official tests? Most tests only give me SD-YELLOW as a result, it seems like the tests don't support higher levels or I am just answering the questions using pure YELLOW.
  8. Hey is it possible to use Claude-3 OPUS in Germany? It seems like its blocked for some reason.
  9. I don't have a problem living in a psych ward.
  10. What are the consequences of skipping levels in the context of spiral dynamics? I feel like a lot of suffering occurs in people because they skipped one level and got "catapulted" to a higher level that they can't handle yet. For example SD-BLUE =Drugs=> SD-GREEN SD-ORANGE =Even more drugs=> SD-YELLOW SD-YELLOW ==> SD-CORAL is that possible?
  11. I find that the clash between SD-BLUE and SD-YELLOW can lead to major misunderstandings and from my unqualified understanding that was the main reason why I landed in the psychiatric ward: You can't talk to SD-BLUE when you are in pure SD-YELLOW. It feels like you are talking to a computer program. You can't tell the program that it is a program, because then it is "insulted", because the program is not a program, but it is attached to a human being, that believes its programming has value. From pure yellow the programs that the blue person is running are worthless. I am having big trouble communicating with people when I am in pure SD-YELLOW. Not sure if anyone else is experiencing this?
  12. Is it possible to fix a blue system? I feel like blue is trapped in such a crazy movie that its almost impossible to reach the people. The language has to be coded and everything needs to be **proven**, **certified** and **whatever**. I find it really frustrating to work with systems that are too blue.
  13. How would you classify South Africa both in terms of SD levels and 1st/2nd/3rd world countries?
  14. Hello, This is a continuation of I have continued analyzing the incident and came to the conclusion that they used psychological warfare to break my will. Meaning that they used external stress to break my will. That didn't work and I used psychological force in retaliation as self defense. I have also started analyzing their classification and come to the conclusion that they misclassified me twice. According to ICD-10 I should have been classified as F69 or F99. Unfortunately they first classified me as F25, then F30.2 which are both incorrect. I would accept F30.1 but my actual classification is F69. That is a problem for them because they used force when they were legally not allowed to. Article 1 of the german law states GG = Grundgesetz says "Die Würde des Menschen ist unantastbar" =ChatGPT tranlation=> "Human dignity shall be inviolable. To respect and protect it shall be the duty of all state authority." § 278 Ausstellen unrichtiger Gesundheitszeugnisse. (1) Wer zur Täuschung im Rechtsverkehr als Arzt oder andere approbierte Medizinalperson ein unrichtiges Zeugnis über den Gesundheitszustand eines Menschen ausstellt, wird mit Freiheitsstrafe bis zu zwei Jahren oder mit Geldstrafe bestraft." =ChatGPT translation=> ""§ 278 Issuing False Health Certificates. (1) Whoever, to deceive in legal transactions, as a physician or other licensed medical professional, issues a false certificate regarding the health status of an individual shall be punished with imprisonment for up to two years or with a fine." Now I am not sure what to do tbh. I know that I am in the right, because I used the *tool* "Bottom up analysis" together with the *tool* "Finite State Machine" to fight back. I prevented them from entering my safe space, by making them believe that I would hurt them. I was just protecting them from me, because I am a strong male, with a background in Muay Thai and the ability to use my environment to my advantage. I used the features of the room as a weapon against them. There are undocumented features in the room, that are safety features for SD-YELLOW people so that they can break out of the room, even if the SD-BLUE system has become completely SICK. I consciously used these features against them. I am really stunned at the power of the Spiral Dynamics System. SD-BEIGE is extremely dangerous and usually either leads to suicide or mass murder. I prevented harm to myself and others by using logic in its purest form. I am really scared of becoming a killing machine. I want to get back into Muay Thai, but that knowledge can be used to incapacitate a human being within 1-5 seconds. That would allow me to run away. I know that I cannot have knives on me in SD-BEIGE. I need to prevent SD-BEIGE at all costs. I am thinking of using an Apple Watch Ultra as a safety measure, so I atleast can make an emergency call to the police via the watch.