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  1. I have noticed that music is ever present for me. Especially in hard times, when I am very happy or very sad, when I am tripping and when I am sharing a moment in time with friends. It might sound cringe, but to me music is a universal language, that can evoke emotions in humans, no matter the culture, language, gender or other factor that can be used to divide up humans. The place that a certain type of music takes me to is similar for me and I believe it takes others in the same direction. The hard part is letting go and letting the music do its thing. Music is one of the few things that I can fully let myself go in and blank out everyone around me. When I let go, my body dances and I let it do its thing and don't care about anyone judging me. It is truly beautiful. I am getting a bit concerned to how dependent I am on music for emotional stability and I feel like I am having trouble letting go of it.
  2. It is interesting how everyone reacts so differently to psychedelics. I personally never felt the urge to masturbate on molly or have sex. I just felt an overwhelming love for myself and didn't need any additional loving. Weed on the other hand can make me horny AF. Acid is nice too.
  3. I have jerked off on 5-MeO-DMT many times. I enjoyed it a lot, but its hard to come and my heart rate got critically high when I did. Maybe it just felt really intense and I just imagined that my heart was about to explode out of my chest.... Sex I think would be too "complicated" and risky. It could go very badly if your partner does something you don't like or is not compliant.
  4. We have a family friend in South Africa who has a 7 year old autistic child called Tristan. If you know anything about South Africa or Africa in general, you will know that these countries are pure survival of the fittest and the weak have no chance. The weak get robbed or killed with no regard for their life and their weakness gets taken advantage of. Being able to not rob a weak person is a luxury that hungry and desperate people living in pure survival mode do not have. I don't want to trash South Africa too much - I love the country - but I am trying to paint a picture for the people that have no idea what living in Africa feels like. It is harsh and I am thankful every day that I was born in Germany. Tristan has caretakers that take care of him at my friends house and he doesn't leave it very often or at all. He is non-verbal, wears diapers, the doctors have given up on behavioral therapy, music therapy and all the therapies that are usually done are not available. A proper multi-modal therapy like in the west is not possible, drugs are given, but effects cannot be monitored by EEG. It takes months to "evaluate" if the drug helped or not - as the doctors are just "randomly" trying stuff. This is a country if you are sick you are dead and I have had two family members that died 10-20 years earlier just because they lived in SA. I don't want another case. I have been raking my brain trying to think of ways to help Tristan get out of this situation and get him the care he requires. So far I have read half of the "A Symphony in the brain" book that is on Leo's booklist and my friend has actually reached out to a Neurofeedback practitioner nearby. The more I think about it, the more I feel like Tristan needs to get out of the country and into a country in Europe. But my friend doesn't have enough money and the currency is so weak that only very rich people can emigrate. The rest is stuck there for their entire life with no hope of anything getting any better.
  5. Never forget the good old days of GPT4 with web access. It was glorious but so short lived.
  6. Probably. I prefer masturbating to porn over having sex with my girlfriend.
  7. @digitalkaine Good stuff! Keep soldiering on :-)
  8. I am sorry if I was not clear. What I meant was the difference between the level of consciousness of an animal and the level of consciousness that a human can reach. That will most likely be the minimum difference between us as humans and aliens. There might as well be thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions of years of difference in consciousness. I don't even know how much humans can be "upgraded". Some systems can't be upgraded, but need to be built new from scratch.
  9. I feel like aliens would see our level of consciousness like we see the consciousness of animals and be as worried that we will be able to understand their technology as we are about a lion learning to use an AK47. Maybe we can learn something, but imo it would be best to go die and hope to be reborn as an alien, lol.
  10. This is a very interesting video to watch.
  11. I scrolled through the book a bit and it seems like Kriya Yoga gets really complicated after some time. Seems like a classic case of heavy over-engineering that it would require a big time and energy investment. Not sure if maybe something simpler might get the majority of the results or just psychedelics.
  12. I pretty much only enjoy high quality stuff with a really nice setting, beautiful people and an artsy overall feel. Sex and masturbation is like fireworks in the brain. I have found that I can use masturbation / sex as a very powerful motivator. So after a good day of work it can be a very strong reward and empowering. And if I am not done yet, then I have to just continue working hehe. When I feel like I have deserved it, it feels really good. It goes the other way for me too, so when I am depressed I use it as a way to make me feel better and it pulls me down further and further. It feels a little bit like playing with fire.
  13. I was into Kriya Yoga a few years ago and completely forget about it.... So just get "Kriya Secrets Revealed" and start fresh?
  14. One of my biggest fears is that I will embark on an act so deeply regrettable that it results in my complete alienation and exclusion from those I once held dear.