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  1. This is probably what describes the feeling the best. A sharp pain, as if a thorn is being pulled out. Thanks for this, I have noticed that the feeling only arises when I feel as if something is missing. I wonder if I need to read anything or just continue sitting with it. Leo's video was helpful too.
  2. @Hellspeed If I just relax the muscles I think I would just ejaculate. Is there a benefit of injaculating over just regular orgasm without ejaculation? I have been experimenting with pulling my pelvic floor up while masturbating. When I orgasmed it lasted several minutes and it still continued to feel like a pulsating ball of energy that was washing over me like waves. The effect was very noticable for over a hour. No energy drain like regular masturbation, quite the opposite. But maybe its also just the high of realising that I can control the ejaculation... I'm intrigued by injaculating though. Is any of this true? || V
  3. Germany, Heidelberg Any fellow Heidelberg 'ers here?
  4. I cannot understand the negative reaction towards pickup. I have not practiced it, but I have watched a few videos. I think it can be beneficial to know how to generate sexual tension. Also for long term relationships. It takes some balls to say certain dirtier things, even to a girl you know.
  5. I have read this term injack multiple times on the forum. What does it mean and where does it come from? Is is orgasm without ejaculation, by pulling the pelvic floor up?
  6. For the past months I have been hunted by this feeling. It comes back over and over. I would describe it as an existential despair/pain. It feels like I am in a free fall down a deep ravine. I know the ravine leads nowhere. When I hit the bottom my flame will be blown out. I try to grasp at the wall, try to slow down my fall by holding onto anything including people. Anything I hold onto eventually falls away. There is no way out, there is no special person, no event, there is nothing that will make it go away. Even if there was anything/anyone as soon as that one/thing is less available or closes down the pain is back, instantly. However the emptiness doesn't always feel empty. Sometimes it is very full, calming, soothing and just there. In a way it is pure consciousness. It is just there. Present, observing and in fact impersonal. It can feel like I am dead though. I usually don't fight the feeling, I just sit it out and eventually I forget about it. Though I was wondering if there are any techniques to breathe more life into me when I feel empty. I have found that breathing energy down the front while inhaling helps a little.
  7. Could be interesting to have threads for certain regions. I'm currently in Heidelberg, Germany.
  8. #classic
  9. @Hello from Russia Thank you for your recommendations. So far I have listened to "Enlightened Sex" by David Deida. I'm not sure it I didn't get the full message but what I took away from it are the breathing exercises and some small insights. That the feminine desires the masculine consciousness. The masculine is the boat and the feminine is the sea. That is about it. I'll read/listen to the other two books and maybe the complete recordings. I also have subsequently read "the rational male" by Rollo Tomassi and am busy on Cupid's Poisoned arrow and Robert Greene's "Art of seduction".
  10. @Ampresus I can tell you I was porn addicted. Not being able to withstand masturbating is not porn addiction. Not even close. The book "your brain on porn" also describes what porn addiction is, with many reports from people that quit. If you are afraid of having your parents find the book there is also a website with some information on the effects of porn So, porn addiction is a very different beast to actual porn consumption. In porn addiction you masturbate much more frequently, up to several times a day. You begin to watch porn with actions that wouldn't turn you on in real life or you might find disgusting or off putting. The body types and even the sexual orientation of the porn might be opposite of what your actual orientation is. This puts a high psychological stress on you as you begin to question your own sexual orientation. I have seen stuff that I cannot even imagine watching now. Some of it might make me cry or vomit. To avoid spiraling down like me and many others, set boundaries and don't step over them. Most people that are into NoFap have gone down the rabbit hole and are much older than you. It takes a very long time to realize, admit it and eventually let it get to a point were it has to be quit. If you were my age I would just recommend you to have sex. This is what actually made me loose interest in porn completely. As you have said suppression of sexual desires is not a good idea. This and a bad attitude towards sex is what leads to abusive actions like rape etc. It all comes out at some point and usually it is so strong then that it cannot be really controlled. Watching porn can also be seen as a form of suppression of your actual sexual desires. You are covering up what you actually want with a lousy substitute. Sexual frustration then leads to exploration of different genres, because they are just a click away and then boom, they got you. I have gotten to a point now, were I masturbate only about once a week, generally without porn. For me that is a good frequency, because then I am really horny. If I don't watch porn and only imagine having sex with my girl it is really nice too. For you as someone that is starting out, I would recommend sticking to the minimum that gets you aroused and then using imagination. Having a low masturbation frequency and doing it when you are really really horny makes the experience much better.
  11. Every experience, including psychedelic experiences will change you even if you are not aware of the change.
  12. Not watching porn greatly reduced the frequency for me. It's easy to masturbate several times in succession when watching porn. That drained me a lot. I like to masturbate about once every week or so. Sex also only about once a week, I don't enjoy it when I'm not really really horny.
  13. Focus on one thing. If you fail you have failed 100%. Do many things at once. You won't fail everything but nothing will be 100%. Pick your poison. I prefer few things properly done.