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  1. I don't trust the animal communicator from this particular video because she only seems to be telling the owner what she wants to hear, and just typical general dog things. I think she's cold-reading the owner more than communicating with the dog. I don't know though! However, I am a believer. This documentary is what convinced me. What a great lady.
  2. Having a back-up plan is a good way to undermine your resolve. When things get hard, on track for your life purpose, and the next step seems impossible to figure out, the person with the back up plan will choose the back-up plan and choose to fail. The person without the back-up plan will figure it out somehow and succeed. Screw back-up plans. Really. It's self-sabotage. Unless you're starving in a third-world country.
  3. I too have many different dreams within my vision: travelling here to live like this, living there and do that, create this kind of business, and this, and then this... It's not a problem. But those are just a bunch of ideas that I really would like to realise at some point. And maybe they will change over the years and that's okay. I had to pick one thing to start with, and I did. Shamanic breathing (leo has a video on it) is great to get in touch with your intuition. Have you tried it? The way I did it was pick the wrong thing first, work hard on it for a few months, and feel burnt out, then smoke some weed and realise what I want to do instead. So picking the wrong thing will still lead you to picking the right thing, faster than the person who doesn't pick at all.
  4. FML

    The level of maturity and self-awareness that radiate from your post make me think you are doing a lot better growth-wise than you maybe think you are. You'll definitely get there. Wherever "there" is for you.
  5. If dating were food, this is the most nutricious, complete, filling and delicious meal that I could ask for. And I'm not gonna spoil my appetite.
  6. Look at that perfect looking breakfast. I didn't even plan for it to be a triangle 😅
  7. Still felt extremely groggy and unmotivated upon waking, but it's nothing some Wim Hof Breathing, a freezing cold shower and a tiny bit of 1P-LSD won't fix And before I knew it, my bed was freshly made and my floor was vacuumed and mopped Interesting how I attached I was to the frustration that usually came with household tasks. This time it was just enjoyable. None of the usual stress at all. Is it possible that these judgments, complaints, criticisms, resentments are meaningless mechanisms whose sole purpose is to help me avoid feeling tremendously good, loved, valued, inspired? - Carolyn Elliott Getting a sense for the depth of that question. I walk to the store with some happy, peaceful tunes in my ears. I get a bit of an intuition for the vastness and expansive joy that would be, if I allowed myself to enjoy every particular experience. Even the ones that conventionally are regarded as uncomfortable. I love to look at all the different people. I contemplate how everything is perfect the way it is.
  8. Caffeine Withdrawals Roughest caffeine withdrawals since I last quit. When I quit everything but dark chocolate (not realising how much that still contributed), I was already getting tired and headaches. Now that I eat very little chocolate too, it's just rough. Nothing feels fun. Everything is bleh. Admittedly, not going cold turkey (using dark chocolate) makes it more bearable🐻. But it also draws out the bleh time. My attention doesn't get absorbed into tasks like it normally does. So today I struggled with some hard programming problems that I barely understood, but I got past them. Normally I would have enjoyed that. Now, it's like whatever, let's go for another walk. I have SERIOUS trouble understanding graphs, hierarchies, schemas, and visual explanations. They just go over my head. It's a problem. I thought I could have coffee once a week, so I went ahead and bought some. Today I changed my mind. It's just a clever way of the addiction to work itself back in. Just going to power through. In 2 weeks, I'll feel better every hour of the waking day, than on the peak of a caffeine high.
  9. Posting on social media actually works! Someone just contacted me and asked to pour her heart out to me, because what I had written sounded so familiar. She's going to try out the tip from my video, and wants more. We set up a video call date. She could become my client, even! I'd feel weird asking for that much money with a friend-of-friend, maybe. But in any case, this is a great opportunity to get to know my market better Already got two chats set up. Haven't even finished the website yet. Can hardly believe my luck.
  10. I can tell that working on my business 5-6 days a week, even if it's only for an hour, is much better for me than forcing 2-3 fulltime days. The context sticks better. Because I'm immersed for some time every day, I know all the next things that need to happen. Additionally, sitting down to work after work is still a bit of a drain on my willpower. Not much, but I tend to be tired after a day of programming and would rather chill. I'm intelligently expanding my comfort zone. I get a feel for what I could easily do, what would be stretching it, and what I could do but then as a result would feel entitled to all sorts of destabilizing rewards, and will probably also take a multi day break and have trouble getting back in. So I find the sweet spot. I stop when I feel like I could still do some more. That way, I also have some willpower left to reward myself in a healthy way. Maybe today I only do 1.5 hours of working on the website / social media profile. So much to do, but I have to take into account how much I don't like it and still have to get used to it. So 1.5 hours is fine. Perhaps tomorrow a bit more. Perhaps not. Consistency is much more important. My new schedule is awesome. I suddenly have a built-in daily time to focus on what I'm trying to accomplish. I can now see how important that is. So funny, when I researched how people managed to start businesses while working a job, I found that most of them spend about 2-4 hours a day. And my perfectionistic brain thought: "That can't be enough for ME", and invented a different, more complicated scheme. Turns out the more complicated scheme isn't usually the best one, especially when it doesn't come from experience.
  11. Reactions To Video Your method works super well by the way 🙀 (with picture) - Friend D. I really like this way of working. - Friend J. the psychologist I advised your method today to a patient with ADHD - J. the psychologist
  12. Fasting until 14:30 today. I really like being fasted. It makes me sharp, energetic, and aggressive. Especially the surge of energy is what I appreciate. I usually get hunger pangs a couple times before ketosis kicks in. Then I feel great. Very alert, clear and intense. I find that ginger tea with a little magnesium and curcumin helps. My hands and whole body are tingling and buzzing with energy. Feeling a bit similar to after I do Wim Hof breathing. Which I still do every morning. Will post habit tracker progress soon. Honestly, for work I'm going to have to tone it down a little. ("It's nonsense. This solution is just wrong. It's BULLSHIT!") Extremely disagreeable. But it's a trait I value anyways. It's not the same as being in a bad mood because I'm hungry. I feel great. The bad mood thing is for sugar addicts. The only catch is that there's a lot of physical energy as well. A small workout helps. Did a tabata of sit-ups.
  13. 1 "tablespoon" (retarded metric, supposedly 5 grams) of cocoa powder contains 11 - 20 mg of caffeine. Let's go with the worst case. A 100 gram chocolate bar of 85% purity then has 85 grams of cocoa. Which then has 85 / 5 * 20 = 340 mg of caffeine. Which is like 3 cups of coffee Yeah, no surprise they don't advertise that I've been eating half of these daily, sometimes even most of it. Guess I wasn't fully caffeine free yet, even though I wasn't having any coffee or tea. I'll keep it to one tiny square a day then 😥 Like some kind of civilised person
  14. You're not in love, or you wouldn't have posted this question like this. There's better matches out there for both of you. Don't let them wait! Move on