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  1. Cool beans! Love you too. How would you feel about picking up girls in this state?
  2. I LOVED this video. On the one hand there is the mainstream perspective of "you went crazy", which is understandable. On the other hand, there are some very helpful insights there, and it is kind of painful how our culture pushes him to disregard them. Also the entities he meets, like shadow people, are not random creations of the brain, many people actually see these and communicate with them. Very uncomfortable but fascinating. What do we think about this? I also get periods in my life where a lot of synchronicities happen. It doesn't feel dangerous to me, I value them. Also feels like I could let go and believe in them even more, and that would lead to more insight, but also deeper waters that I am not ready to get into yet.
  3. Dear Lover is good, I hear: https://www.amazon.com/Dear-Lover-Womans-Guide-Deepest/dp/1591792606 Heard good things about that book. He writes books for women, men, and couples Personally I've read The way of the superior man many times over, and The enlightened sex manual I'm reading with my partner currently.
  4. Read it! There's many facets to it, but for you it would be a man who can hold space for your emotions and be your rock, enjoying and valuing the unpredictability without getting caught up in it, so that he can be there to ground you.
  5. If you've got it all so figured out, sir, and you are writing this from your hammock under a palm tree, then surely you wouldn't mind elaborating? Since this is what OP asked for, and your arrogance has piqued my curiosity, why don't you explain your current situation with those companies, and how you got there? Did you start these yourself and then make yourself obsolete Tim Ferriss style? Are you a VC? Do you own a minority share or majority? What steps can OP take to be able to put up their hammock next to yours and live the laptop lifestyle?
  6. What sorts of companies are they? How come you don't have to put in any work? I still think you'd be better off with 1. Can't get laid off from a company that you control. Thousands of customers would have to fire you at once.
  7. Why the hell would you want multiple streams of income. Sounds like a nightmare. Much better to have one big stream of income. More than enough headache from that.
  8. I would say don't do things that you wouldn't like to have done to you, because it does come back around.
  9. There is no next. This is it. This is all you're going to get. Some people would say: screw this, I'd rather find someone to love who will actually be with me. But you are actually quite fine with this. And that's alright. Enjoy it as long as it's enjoyable. Say goodbye when it doesn't serve you anymore.
  10. Do you read David Deida? You just need to find yourself a good Third Stage man, and you're golden
  11. Sounds like you are happy with this situation. What do you need advice for? Just enjoy it
  12. That's too bad, because I really think that going on some sort of therapy retreat could do a lot. I've had good success with primal therapy, which was only 7 days of intense work after which I just felt permanently better. But there's other retreats you could take, some specific for men, others mixed. Family constellation retreats exist, I hear good things about that. Healing is best done in groups, I really believe that. Meditation is good, but you need something stronger, it seems. Have you tried breathwork? Leo has a video on "shamanic breathing", I recommend to do that, but a bit slower than in his example, and breathing through the nose, and put on the right music. 30 minutes should be enough. Also, his trauma release exercise might work for you. Give it an hour and report back what happens for you.
  13. That's some tough stuff. Good thing that you're insightful about it. This is in my opinion not trauma that you can just move on from. Letting the past be the past, is not the right approach, because the past is controlling your present and your future. It needs to be revisited and reprocessed. Preferably with professional help. Once you lift some of that baggage, finding and feeling deserving of a healthy relationship will be a lot easier. What kind of therapies are you looking into?
  14. Niceness and attractiveness have an overlap: authenticity. The part of niceness that doesn't overlap with authenticity, should be discarded.
  15. I read all kinds of books, from cringy pickup stuff to good reads like David Deida, and it all helped a little... But eventually, after going through different therapies, workshops, coachings, psychedelic trips and adventures and just a lot of trial and error, I realised that being attractive is not about adding anything, but about removing. Removing layers of conditioning, removing filters, removing inhibitions, removing unhelpful beliefs, removing manipulations, removing protection mechanisms, removing self-judgment, removing other-judgment, removing lies you tell yourself and others. If women are not naturally coming to you while all you do is just be yourself, then you've got more stuff to remove. That's not to say that that is easily done, or that it won't take years, or that you won't need help. It just is what it is. Simple, but simple doesn't mean easy.