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  1. Tsh/thyroid, vitamin d, maybe a b12 level. Also CBC to check for low red blood cell counts (red blood cells are needed to transport oxygen to your body organs).
  2. That happens to me sometimes too. Is your room cold enough? Are you eating or drinking too close to when you lay down to sleep? For me I find that if I have my room cooler, I am less likely to wake up. My guess is you probably need more than 4 hours of sleep. It sounds like it could be sleep disturbances.
  3. @outlandish @flowboy thank you for your advice. I definitely need to find some fitness and running friends. Also- thank you so much for that YouTube video! That woman is so amazing. Such an inspiration...
  4. @TrynaBeTurquoise @DrewNows Thank you for your advice! Especially about embracing it and nutrition.
  5. @Proactive yeah I see your point! Lol. Some people in my family tell me I will ruin my legs, knees, and feet. Running is a huge part of who I am. I know I shouldn’t get attached to labels. I know we are not are hobbies and we should not get too attached to our current state of our bodies. It’s just hard because I feel true to myself on a good run.
  6. I have been a runner for a dozen years. I wouldn’t consider myself a long distance runner, but I have completed 4 half marathons, a full marathon, and many 5ks some of which I came in second or third place in my age category. My happy place is probably 5 miles/8 k. I stopped running recently when I had my baby. I restarted this summer and have been doing well. It was suggested to me to go for another half marathon. I have been training my ass off for it knowing that I won’t do as well as I did years ago. However I do enjoy it and it helps keep me fit. If I do a shorter run the baby comes with me in a jogging stroller. My point is the people that I associate with that are non-runners probably think i am crazy. I am close to 40 years old, but I don’t feel it. I don’t know many people my age that run 20 plus miles a week. I know I shouldn’t care what people think of me, but I do. Am I getting too old for this?
  7. @Vaishnavi thank you for responding. I did purchase the course. I am at the part of doing the exercises. It is definitely a lot of work. I guess I am looking for affirmation that it works for people. I will go through with it and I hope I get answers as well as a deeper understanding of myself. Thank you again!
  8. Can someone that has completed the life purpose course explain how it has helped him or her?
  9. I think it is possible that it was a lucid dream. I have not experienced a lucid dream, so I can't tell you from first hand experience. I know that there are YouTube videos dedicated in guiding lucid dreaming.
  10. Eggs do contain about 55 percent of your cholesterol intake in a day, however studies suggest that a person's cholesterol level is affected by heredity. Exercise and whole grain oats can help lower ldl levels and increase hdl levels.
  11. I think meditation will help make peace with yourself... I do think that when we replay a bad experience, it is our mind teaching us to learn from the experience. Our mind is trying to find what went wrong, etc. We can't change the past, but we can learn what not to do in the present/future.
  12. The philosophy of the path of least resistance or law of least effort. This means the less you do the more you accomplish. In other words not to try to hard. "Do less and accomplish more."Deepak Chopra goes into this in detail in his book 'The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success'. I personally found this philosophical theory to work for me, but would love to learn more about it. I hope Leo does a video on this topic.