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  1. Anxious about teachings of MGTOW...
    Anxious about teachings of MGTOW...
    @santerton For fucks sake, STOP WATCHING MGTOW. Period.
    And never visit 4chan ever again in your life.
    It's all toxic, dogmatic, egotistical, unconscious, devilsh garbage.
    It is not even worth debunking or arguing against. It's so false and wrong it's hopeless.
    MGTOW, RedPill, and Incels are the American equivalent of Al Qaeda Islamist radicalism. By ingesting their videos and discussions your mind is getting programmed with that mind-virus. That happens because as you watch and listen, it appeals to your desperate needy ego. Triggering all of your worst fears, hates, insecurities, and victim mentality.
    If you want to get better with women, you can do so and have amazing loving sexy relationships. But it will take self-improvement and spiritual work.
    Dating coaches are not liars. Dating coaches can teach you how to get really good with attracting women. I have interacted with dozens of dating coaches and their advice is top-notch for attraction. Not so good for relationships. For solid relationships you will need a more spiritual approach which you can layer on top of the attraction advice.
    Once you become spiritual and consciousness enough, sex will not even be important to you any more. You will be so deeply happy without sex that chasing women will be a joke.
    Awakening is 1000x more enjoyable than any sex you will ever have. With that said, you can do both.
    Here's the practical solution for you: Stop sitting in your Mom's basement browsing toxic forums, and GO OUT and talk to real females. You will never get laid by sitting at home. It is not physically possible.
    See how simple the solution is? Yet you refuse to do it. Because it takes emotional labor to face your fears and grow yourself. You much prefer to sit at home and rant against how bad women are and how nothing can change.
    Rule #1 of all personal development: You must take 100% responsibility for your life, your beliefs, your feelings, your situation. No one is to blame.
    MGTOW is not a teaching. It's egotical, reactionary rantings driven by fear, hate, insecurity, selfishness, woundedness, and neediness. It's very similar to Hitler's rants against the Jews and communists.

  2. About debate
    Eager to evolve - Getting my shit handled journal
    In my experience, it's even more ominous.
    Deep down we all know that our thoughts/beliefs are grounded in blindness.
    The need to debate is how we divert our attention so that we don't have to face it.
    If we feel emotions in themselves, without the narrative of the mind, anger and fear feel energizing to the body.
    This energy is hijacked to justify the mind's subversive attitude and dissipated in bickering.
    The mind justifies bickering as introducing necessary change in others that are mistaken, but it is a deception.
    The effect is that belief structures of both parties are reinforced and polarized through repetition and imagination.
    It's not opposition, but co-dependence.