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  1. My Near Death Experience
    My Near Death Experience
    My near death experience.
    I rarely speak of it and when I have shared it, friends/family didn't want to believe it. I share here because Leo's words resonate with that experience. About ten years ago on a Sunday afternoon, I was a few short breaths from being pronounced dead.
    My heart was failing, my blood pressure was dropping. My wife was with me, holding my hand as I slipped away. As the moments unfolded... she asked how I was, I told her I felt like I was dying. I asked her to help me move to a window so I could look at the trees in the woods beyond where I lay. She helped me and I lay gazing out as I began to slip away.
    She continued to hold my hand... maybe talk to me... I don’t know, I was absorbed in what I was feeling.
    And I began to settle in, to recognize and accept what was happening. I did not fight death, I just let the energies flow.
    I remember thinking it was strange because there was no fear, there was instead wonder at what was unfolding. This world and the memories and attachments/chains that held me, fell away. I wanted to go deeper, felt drawn to whatever lay ahead.
    As I write this, a word comes... comfort. I remember how comfortable it felt to be dying. It felt familiar. It felt a bit like coming home after a long, hard journey, walking in your front door and finally being able to lie down in your warm, cozy bed to rest.
    I also began to notice, the further in I went, the less of me there seemed to be. "I", or what I thought of as "me", began to fall away. This was replaced by an awareness... a recognition. I began to feel the trees outside that window... I felt the earth that nourished them... I felt the birds flying overhead... I felt the clouds rushing past. I began to feel more and more of such things. There was a rush... no a flood of awareness of "life" outside my body. I was feeling connected to more and more... and more.
    As I think of it now, it was a gentle rush, with no sense of being overwhelmed. It felt more like something I had simply forgotten and the memories were just now returning. As I continued to settle in, I was floating in awareness of everything. I began to feel connected to every single entity in the universe... every animate and inanimate aspect.
    And connection is far too weak a word to describe the experience. I did not feel connected to everything...
    And the further I settled in... the less of me there was to be concerned with. I found myself in the place where I had one foot in this world and the other foot in what comes next.
    I became aware I had a choice to make. From my perspective, not all people get to choose. Sometimes the decision is made by someone or something else... like a car accident... or a gunshot... or a disease... you get the idea). That day, I was able make a choice. I could return to the world as I had known it or I could go on to what comes next.
    I began to think... I tried to think of what I knew so far of the new... to me... place and I tried to think of everything I was leaving behind. Time meant nothing where I found myself, so I was able to think of many things. I thought of everything I'd done in life, thought of everything I'd left undone. Thought of things done right... and things done wrong. Dreams, hopes, pleasures, desires... I scraped up every reason I could imagine.
    And I began to realize I couldn’t think of anything back in the old world better than what I was feeling... nothing... And I thought hard.
    That is to say... nothing came to mind until I heard the voice of the person holding my hand and calling my name. And I thought of the girl who took my hand in marriage. The girl who was still holding my hand 34 years later. And I thought of the daughter I loved. That I had not been able to say goodbye to. And I thought... what is left to do relative to them.
    And if this thought had not come to me; I would have let go.
    As I lay there, I realized I had not done enough for either of those sweet ladies to try and show them how much I loved them. So I decided to come back... And I felt a touch in my hand and a sweet voice in my ear calling my name. And I began to drift away... from the new place. I felt myself losing that and coming back here.
    Funny thing... leaving that new place hurt. It felt like I had been searching forever and had finally found my way back home. And I had to leave it. I was in shock for a while... still working in management... still seeing the same people... friends and family etc. But I wasn’t happy. I mean I was happy sometimes like when I cooked a meal for my girls and they loved it... or when I walked into deep woods with my dog Gypsy, stuff like that made me happy but not much else
    See in that place where I was... all of this world was stripped bare. I saw life here as I never had before. I saw lies here I’d heard all my life and accepted as truth... were lies. I returned with a much more profound understanding what was real and what was false.
    The madness of the world in 2021, especially here in the US where I live... well the mind of mankind as I see expressed on TV... is offensive to my sensibilities. I do not like the state of things. There is very little I can do to change any part of it. I am ready to leave it behind.
    But... I still have hands to hold, loved ones to hug, dogs to walk and guitars to play...so I’m not ready to leave just yet... maybe soon though... I am sorta feeling that. 
    To sum it up here are three important lessons I learned.
    When you die.
    1) Ego... You do not carry forward what the energy of your mind created to explain/comprehend your perspective/awareness of life. Ego is a dream. You cast off your dream of this world... your life... your memories...when you die. The last thing you lose before you "see the face of God" is your ego. (God has no ego either.)
    2) Yes, Leo is right. You are God. Everything is God. Death to life here, at least in the beginning of it... brought acute awareness of that fact. And it is beyond my comprehension at this point. I just know it was/is real.
    3) Love... the most powerful force in existence. It is what brought me back from the brink of death. Leo is also right about God being Love.
    Peace and Love... and Truth to you.

  2. My First Experience of DMT. January 12th 2021.
    My First Experience of DMT. January 12th 2021.
    In order for me to recount this experience accurately I must first give some necessary context. Roughly three weeks prior to this trip I began to notice a subtle yet extremely profound shift in my perception of life and reality. I cannot exactly pinpoint when or how this shift occurred but all I can say is that since about mid to late December I have not perceived life through the bounds of an ego structure. Instead I have been perceiving and operating from a place of fundamental permanent unmoving beingness.  Every aspect and event that this body mind experiences I have perceived as a reflection of who and what I am fundamentally and existentially. For the past few weeks literally everything I do, including just existing feels simultaneously like the most profound thing in all of existence as well as simply a normal mundane happening. The person known as T.R. just feels like a character that I am contently playing as in this experience of life. Occasionally at times when I have deeply felt into this permanent fundamental beingness it has resulted in tears and I have found myself spontaneously saying, “It was in my face the whole time”. “The most obvious thing (non-thing) in all of existence and the most profound thing (non- thing) in all of existence is right here and has always been right here”. This fundamental unmoving beingness feels like the “basal substance” (again it’s not a thing) from which all forms of existence arise and form from and fall and dissolve back into. My favorite philosopher and spiritual teacher Ken Wilber has referred to this as the “Ground of all Being” or the “Simple Feeling of Being”. It feels surreal and almost dreamlike but very grounded and mundane. I feel much lighter and more free, nothing matters but everything is sacred. I am almost reluctant to share, as I do not want to fool and or delude myself in thinking that full liberation is now my perception in life but I feel that my experience may benefit other people in their journeys and thus I am sharing this. Now with that context being provided I will get to describing the events of my DMT trip experience.
    During the week leading up to this experience I prepared for it in the following ways. I took my existing meditation, mindfulness and shadow work practices and ramped them up three fold. I did my best to stay in mindfulness for as many hours as I possibly could each day, as well as meditating about two hours each day. Additionally I kept a vigilant watch of my internal landscape and every day I wrote at length on any and all aspects of myself that were out of alignment with my True Natural Self and the ebb and flow of the Totality of Existence. Additionally I observed the excitement within the ego structure in the days leading up to this experience.
     On the day of the trip I began final preparations about an hour before. I meditated and listened to Gregorian chants as I normally do before entheogenic experiences. At around 2 in the afternoon I weighed out approximately 50mg of N,N-Dimethyltryptamine and placed it into the vaping bottle which I would use to inhale the substance from. As I placed the DMT into the vaping bottle it was as if my whole body was aware of the profundity that was about to occur. I sat down at the edge of my bed, sparked my lighter and began to vaporize the DMT. A thick white vapor filled the container and my body and mind were simultaneously filled with reverence, anxiety and awe. I thanked every being both physical and non-physical who has helped me in this life in allowing me to cultivate this experience. I then exhaled my lungs as completely as I could, unfastened the bottle cap and took in the largest inhale of my life. In a matter of 3 seconds or so I inhaled all 50 milligrams of the DMT vapor in a single hit. I held it in my lungs for around 5 seconds or so before slowly exhaling it.                                                        
    The first thought I had was, “I wonder how long it will take for this to come on.”  Before the thought could even finish within 3 or 4 seconds my vision extremely quickly exploded into a mandala of infinitely beautiful fractals of first hundreds and then thousands of colors. Simultaneously I heard the iconic intensely loud humming ringing in my ears. Additionally I began to feel what I can only describe as the feeling of my whole body dissolving, becoming less and less and less relevant to my experience of existing. In the few seconds left that I had any awareness of a physical world I quickly put down the bottle and laid down in my bed. By now, perhaps 10 or 15 seconds into the trip I was essentially blinded by billions of infinitely beautiful mandala fractals and deafened by the intense humming that had now taken on a very technological almost synthesized sound as well. As any and all awareness of having a physical body or being in a physical world continued to dissolve I felt the most nauseous I have ever felt in my entire life and felt a tremendous urge to vomit even though I had not eaten in almost 24 hours. At the same time the concept of having a life and of ever being born was quickly fading away into the sea of infinity. The body high became so intense that it felt like I was quickly melting, as if my body was being deconstructed and broken down at a cellular level. With what little bodily awareness I had left I reached for my vomit bucket and pulled it closer. However by the time my arm pulled the bucket closer to me all notion of existing in a physical world was gone. The now infinite sea of mandala fractals as well as the intense synth like humming ringing had entirely engulfed my entire sensory perception of reality. All memory of my personal life, who I was, Earth and the experience of life was now gone and the only existence I knew was the infinite realm of the infinite menagerie of forms that comprise the totality of phenomenological existence. The last thing I felt as my familiar individuated consciousness before blasting off was complete relaxation, warmth and Love completely wash over my entire being on a sub atomic level.
    In the few seconds that it took for all of this to happen my consciousness was blasted out of the body mind structure at a speed and intensity several orders of magnitude beyond the speed of light to a place beyond the totality of physical existence, beyond all universes, multiverses and all realms of existence. As my consciousness was being transported at this unimaginable speed I perceived all of the realms of existence that I encountered. I saw every alien species in all of existence, every form of technology, the history of every civilization in all of existence, every form of information relay, all of the deepest darkest most horrible and hellish realms of existence and the horrid entities that resided there and all of the highest most beautiful and heavenly realms of existence and all of the wonderful entities that resided there. As this profoundly powerful travel of my consciousness continued I perceived what appeared to be this small mischievous extraordinarily loving very playful entity. I knew this was a Tryptamine Jester. The projection I saw was short, thin and somewhat humanoid.  Its body was comprised of technological light energy and was a mosaic of thousands of colors all tessellated, interwoven and oscillating with each other. The energy I got from this being that was traveling with me was almost childlike but I knew this being was also extremely wise. Our energies interacted and it showed me how the basics of the physical spatiotemporal realm of existence works. I saw the same torus energy fields in all lifeforms in physical existence similar to what I saw on a profound LSD trip 3 years ago. I was also shown how critically important the law of conservation of energy is; specifically in keeping the totality of all of the multiverses in the relative realm of physicality in balance. Additionally while I was traveling with this Tryptamine Jester I was showered in this infinite Universal Love that completely pervaded my being. The same Infinite Universal Love that I had experienced in April of last year. All of this profundity occurred in what felt like seconds or it could have been trillions of years. From my perspective it did not seem to matter as time was no longer relevant.
    Eventually me and this friendly Jester parted ways. My individuated consciousness eventually traveled beyond all of the realms of existence that could possibly manifest; beyond all realms of form. I went beyond the pretty light show of the phenomena existence and thus I was no longer enamored by the infinite light show of phenomenal existence. And now there was only the Void; the infinite unmanifest Void. It was in this non-place of absolute transcendent and immutable nothingness that my point of individuated consciousness was completely obliterated shockingly quickly. There was absolutely nothing left. Any semblance of an individuated me or any personal life was entirely gone. There was never a T.R., there was never a human organism who experienced a multi-year long spiritual journey of awakening. There was only the awareness of The Totality of All of Existence. And that totality consciousness is the absolute purest form of what all of existence is, what I am and what we all are. With that obliteration of illusory demarcated consciousness there was a Grand all-encompassing merging with everything in all of existence. In a single femtosecond my individuated consciousness was entirely obliterated and assimilated into the totality of all of Existence. I was Home. This was the Godhead. This was The Ground of All being. This absolute Unmanifest eternal nothingness was the Ultimate, the Truth; God. However, this was simultaneously and paradoxically nothing special and absolutely the most holy thing. It all felt very familiar and it was literally the most obvious thing in existence. I was everything and I knew everything. I was the infinite mind of God. I (pure unmanifest totality consciousness) was the ground of all creation in existence I was the foundation for all forms that arise and fall eternally, and infinitely. And simultaneously I the ground and foundation for all forms in infinity was also imbued within and manifested as all forms in the totality of myself. I resided as this infinite unmanifest absolute nothingness for a googolplex number of years eventually until I wanted to do something else. So I decided to create a part of myself as a few billion realms of existence and imbue those realms with forms of life all the way down to oversouls, souls, spirits and all manner of individuated consciousnesses. And eventually I found my small particular individuated consciousness and I decided to play as it, and to experience through it. And so I thus began the process of pretending to forget that I am the unmanifest ground of all being and the totality of all of existence. I continued to pretend forget things until I was only experiencing an individuated consciousness on a journey through a strange realm of existence.
    Now that I was again perceiving as an individuated consciousness I also began to return to the realm of form. But something was different. My existence was potentiated and I still remembered some of my creative power. So I decided I would like to talk to someone. So I created a realm of existence. Even though I was now only an individuated consciousness I still had an incredible amount of creative power, enough to create a sea of multiverses. Extremely tiny and minute compared to what I was capable of as the totality but it was still more than sufficient for what I intended to do. And so I continued to create this strange tryptamine realm until I deemed it to be sufficient and then I went about a second recursive process of pretending to forget enough so that I could dive into this realm as an even smaller individuated consciousness. Once I did this I felt more familiar more like how I was a googolplex number of years ago.
    I navigated through this tryptamine realm I had created until I came to an infinitely complex geometric fractal room. I phased through the outer structure of this room and inside I encountered two of the Tryptamine Jesters. This time however I primarily perceived only their energies.  One of the Jesters was the same one that I had met from before. They were extremely happy to see me and invited me in. So I came in with them and even though I was a disembodied consciousness I sat down with the two Jesters at the table like structure they were at. From there we had a very long talk about everything. We communicated energetically telepathically about every question I could ask and about every subject that they were interested in. This conversation might have lasted for fifteen minutes or for a few thousand hours again time was irrelevant. Here is some of what we communicated about.
    I am God, so are they and so is everything else in all of existence. Before incarnating into the physical realm of existence I chose to do this life thing and come to this planet called Earth as this exact point in the evolutionary history of its biosphere and live a life as a human. They told me that this realm that we were currently in was the realm I was in before I incarnated into physicality, and I did indeed recognize this place, it all felt so familiar. The Tryptamine Jesters told me of the intricate energetic complexities of life. They also explained to me that the experience of being born and living through a life and dying is just one option of experiencing that souls have in order to, learn and grow from. There are literally trillions of other options like Life but different that other souls choose in order to grow and learn it’s just that I chose to do the Life thing because that was one of the more involved, one of the more intricate and most excitingly one of the more challenging options to experience. They told me that I never was born and can never die. That I created the totality of all of existence and that this is just a game that I am playing with myself pretending to be infinite lifeforms as vectors of my own consciousness forever and forever. As we communicated we also talked about how strange we thought it was that lifeforms take life so seriously. It was so ludicrous to us; it’s just a game how can anyone take this seriously?! The three of us had a good laugh at this.
    Eventually we got around to talking about my human organism avatar and my experience of living a life back on Earth. Both of the Tryptamine Jesters clearly told me that my individuation is already doing well on the path of Truth and Nondual Realization. They also kindly commented that my individuation has already done thousands of Earth hours of psychospiritual work for the purposes of developing itself and showing up in its earthly life as its most true, natural and authentic version. In fact they were making it so abundantly clear that I had done well in dedicating myself to awakening that they started joking about it and at one point they jokingly asked something along the lines of “Dude why did you even smoke this stuff?” “You’ve already got it, you didn’t really need this to wake up and fully remember who you are, but were glad you’re here anyway.” We continued to speak about the intricacies of existence, how everything is god and how I created all of this game to play with myself forever. And they kept repeating over and over again, almost to the point of annoyance on their part, “Yes you’ve already got it! See you already know this!” At the end of our conversation the Jesters told me that they would allow my individuated consciousness to bring back this experience and information to the memory centers of my physical body’s brain when I returned. I then thanked the two kind playful Jesters.
    As soon as our interaction concluded my consciousness was shot back to my body with a speed and intensity several orders of magnitude beyond the speed of light. I saw all of the physical realms of existence again on the way back and I was forgetting so many things the closer I got back to my home universe and the closer I got back to my body on Earth. I remember having to first reconstruct my body from consciousness initially and then from the physical elements (oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, phosphorus, etc.) This felt like a very long and involved process but also very intuitive. When my consciousness did return back to my body it was very fast and intense. My whole body felt like it was vibrating and my ears still somewhat had that humming ringing. Immediately upon being back there was still no familiar personal sense of self, only an undifferentiated mass of experiencing through sensory perception. I knew nothing. I did not know what I was, what this place was or what anything was. At this point I also began to reconstruct my psychology in totality including things like memory and language. In a few seconds I went from an undifferentiated mass of experiencing, to infantile consciousness, to childlike consciousness, to adolescent consciousness back up to my 24 year old conscious awareness. At this point I had reconstructed myself sufficiently enough so that I could properly interface with the world again. Upon opening my eyes my vision was still coming back as if coming out of some sort of extreme tunnel vision.
    Upon waking up I noticed that my body had not moved a single centimeter throughout that entire experience. I decided to move. I slowly began to raise my fingers one at a time in order to familiarize myself with my neuromuscular system again. After 10 or 15 seconds of this I began to make bilateral symmetrical yogic positions with my hands, through little volition of my own, feeling as if my body was a conduit for an intense form of energy. (every time I have done a psychedelic this happens) While making these strange yet beautiful and blissfully relaxing movements I uttered these words slowly at first. “Thank you… for… this… experience… that we call… life.” I then repeated this over and over until it became a mantra while I continued to move my arms doing this bilateral symmetrical yoga. After a few minutes of doing this there was then a short intermission. There were no thoughts or actions only simply existing, only being a part of the whole of existence. All I could say repeatedly at this was “wow, wow, wow, oh wow!” Then the flood of insights began to pour in. Here are some of the most significant insights that came in.
    1 Accept your godhood show up as much of yourself as you can in this life. God wanted to be this version (this specific individuation) of God. Upon realizing the implications of this I hugged myself and began to cry some. I deeply felt and realized how important to existence I am and we all are. That without me, you and everyone and everything else in existence that infinity can’t be infinite.  This is why it’s of the utmost importance that we show up as our most authentic true natural selves and be our best and highest version of ourselves in life to the best of our ability. I was also washed with love upon this realization.
    2 I then remembered back to 4 years ago when I first had the desire to do psychedelics and visit all manner of strange realms of existence and speak with all kinds of aliens. And it became extraordinarily and abundantly clear that there is nothing mundane about any of this experience here on Earth in my everyday life! This place that we all call home that seems so normal and mundane is one of those strange profound weird realms of existence!
    3 Existence is absolutely unequivocally perfect. Existence is so perfectly organized that it cannot possibly be anything but infinite perfection forever. Of course this includes all of the heavenly and awe inspiring aspects of existence. And this also includes all of the hellish realms of existence, all of the wars and suffering that the human species has seen and all of the most difficult and painful events that I have personally experienced in my life.
    4 We just play a game of pretending to forget who we are. We are God in totality. Every microcosm contains the totality. Every part contains the whole and thus contains the knowledge of the whole. And  in containing all of the knowledge in existence we just play a game of forgetting who we are in order to experience various types of limitation for the purpose of infinite experiences. Being God, we never learn anything in life; instead we just reveal and remember stuff that we were pretending to forget for years, lifetimes and eons. We pretend to be human through a process of self-imposed limitation through forgetting our True nature. There is no absolute reason we can’t do anything. For example  I (and everyone else) can manifest a water bottle next to me right now but I am pretending as God that I don’t know how to and I am pretending to limit myself as a human being, as a body and as a mind. And these limitations serve to contain what is relevant for us in our incarnational experiences.
    5 Life is so easy to navigate when we accept our Godhood. When we realize what we truly are as Totality Consciousness and when we then show up in life unequivocally as our True Natural Selves, as the unique individuation of God consciousness that we are in every way, our experience of life becomes a game that we can finally play joyfully. And none of it is taken seriously in an absolute sense anymore. We only think that we can’t do or have things in life due to our own self-imposed limitations. You create your life the way it is every second based upon how you are choosing to show upon in this life and you have the power every second to create your life in the way that is most reflective of who you truly naturally are.
    After this I thanked God the Totality for all of its Love and Infinite Perfection. I then got up and continued my day in the afterglow of the experience I just had. In conclusion I will say that this was the most intense experience of my entire life. It was so fast and rapidly paced that it was difficult to derive anything from it and I am thankful for the Tryptamine Jesters that helped me to bring back this experience into my memory. It was so hard for me to believe that I had only been gone for 15 minutes but that only makes the fact that time is an illusion that much more abundantly clear. I felt like I already knew much of what I experienced though through my existing meditative, mindfulness and shadow work practices, while extremely profound this experience was not extremely transformative for where I currently am at in my journey.This is why I think the two Tryptamine Jesters I communicated with kept telling me “you already know all of this.”  
    While this was an extremely important experience for me to have and I am forever grateful for it, smoking DMT felt somewhat redundant in a sense because of the shift in my consciousness that I had occurred some three weeks prior. After this experience I thought of the quote by Ramana Maharshi, “That which is not present in deep dreamless sleep is not real.” Being that for the past few weeks my perception has been operating from a place of fundamental permanent unmoving beingness I now know irrefutably at the core of my being that all phenomena in existence no matter how mind-blowing or profound is illusory. Thusly Absolute Truth is not a spatiotemporal experience of any kind. It is not any phenomena. It is simultaneously transcendent and basal to all phenomena. It is the unmanifest Ground of All being that all phenomena in the totality of existence arises from and falls back into. Therefore I know that only part of this profound trip was Absolute incontrovertible Truth; that was when I was obliterated and subsequently became the One, the unmanifest and undifferentiated Godhead was Truth. The rest was illusion, however all valid, extremely profound and very important for me on my journey.
     I loved this experience and I love DMT and I will most likely smoke it again in the future. However right now I feel like it will be a while before I do any more psychedelics. I need to integrate this entire journey and really rest into what I Truly am (and what we all are). I feel like this DMT trip was an extreme confirmation of everything I already know. It felt like the final straw to this 7 year process of awakening that I have gone through and the shift in my perception in the past few weeks from primarily ego identification to simple ever present beingness was massively potentiated by this DMT experience. In a sense this experience of DMT felt like a final indispensable component of acceleration for my awakening process.

  3. Leo! Do Astral proyection! ( + bonus astral porn anecdote)
    Leo! Do Astral proyection! ( + bonus astral porn anecdote)
    *PG 18*
    It's relatively easy to do, just "hard" to stay in that dimension for long. 
    I don't know if you ever done it. Just gonna throw a short and sweet description. 
    Basically go to sleep with the intent of regaining pressence exactly when the shift of "mundane consciousness" To "sleep" happens. Would be easier than microwaving a bowl of oatmeal having  your base level of consciousness. 
    For the sake of explanation consider this concept : imagine like you have two bodies  overalapped on eachother, or as if there was a ghost inside of your physical body that feels EXACTLY LIKE YOUR DIRECT EXPERIENCE.
    This is  the "astral body".
    You may leave your body by different ways. Rolling out of your physical body, tensing your astral abs and crunching up, or experiencig a sleep paralysis where you cant move ur physical body but "you are aware". From my experience this is the moment where it's easiest to leave. The "muscles" you are trying to move are from the astral body. But idk how to deliberately have sleep paralysis so nevermind that. 
    You leave your body, you float up by default and you controll with your will and thoughts. 
    I'm just so interested in what would happen for you with such level of Awareness. Maybe you could be an astral Lifecoach for machine elves or smth. Just throwing ideas lol. 
    From my handful experiences I was never able to sustain it for more than a relative minute or two. But me and my dad seem to be naturals since we did it with no guidance whatsoever. 
    Little anecdote:
    there i am, having just popped out of my body. Im floating at the roof of my room. I get myself to fly down vertically. My feet make contact with the floor. It feels cold AF even though IRL I have a carpet. 
    Seems that my horniness followed me to this dimension. First thing that comes to my mind is wow, this is it. I heard I can have astral sex? 
    Then somehow I manifested three hot astral babes.
    I remember they were blue.
    But they werent in three dimensions. It was a weird mix between two and three dimensions. It was really dificult and mayne impossible to have a proper look at them.
    My most accurrate description is two / three dimensional "Mosaic Art" beings. Dmt art and machine elves are close, but these were WAY more humanoid. 
    Anyways, the one in the middle turned around, bent over and sticked her ass out to me. The two on the sides grabbed her asscheeks and pulled them apart. Yass. This is what Ive been meditating all these years for. 
    Thanks to my sharp social skills and deep understanding of female psychology I assumed that this I was an Invitation for me to make a move. 
    Excited, I removed my belt in one strong pull  ( weird, because obviously I didnt go to sleep with a belt on) and unzipped my pants. 
    So I flipped out my suprisingly long astral cock to rawdog my new hot interdimensional wife not caring at all about childcare or std's. AND THEN?? 
    Right before sticking it in I got kicked out of the dimension. WOW!? 
    If you ever played minecraft it was EXACTLY as if you loose internet connection or you get banned from a server. Imagine you are inmersed in the game , minding your own business looking at the pixeled screen and from one second to the another you are staring at the lobby screen with the words "disconnected from server" 
    I was COMPLETELY CONSCIOUS during the "dimension switch". It was like flipping a switch. 
    I was sad, dissapointed and horny. 
    I felt like that was a like a standard test towards newbies for deeper access to the dimension. 
    Now I see why its called having " Blue balls " LOL
    I'm an astral incel. I could have lost my astral virginity. 
    Ive been a sad boi ever since. lol
    This is your chance to get laid in quarantene guys

  4. What exactly are DMT entities?
    What exactly are DMT entities?
    Indeed, you do not yet understand
    You don't get how deep this goes.
    Death is imaginary.
    When you realize that. EVERYTHING changes. Yet nothing changes.
    If you have cancer, enlightenment will not cure your cancer. But it will allow you to be happy regardless because you know that you'll just reincarnate as soon as you want because you have infinite lives.
    Imagine if you were playing a video game like Mario Bros and you believed you only had 1 life vs playing the game knowing that you can play it as many times as you want. What would that change? It wouldn't change Mario's world. But it would change how you play the game. All the sudden, Mario dying is not a problem.
    See, when I die, I will just reincarnate as something else. I know that but you don't. That's the difference.
    Yes, enlightenment is technically useless. Because use is an illusion. Enlightenment is prior to usefulness, which is exactly what it's so powerful. It frees you from the enslavement of utility.
    What you're also missing is that Beauty and happiness are useless. And yet it's the greatest joy of life. So in practice what you're missing out on is infinite joy, beauty, and love. All totally useless, yet life sucks without them  
    What you really want from life is not usefulness, you want LOVE and Beauty.

  5. For those that haven't awakened yet, If I knew this I would've awakened much earlier
    For those that haven't awakened yet, If I knew this I would've awakened much earlier
    This is advice I wrote on another thread but didn't fit there quite nicely and therefore I hope someone here might benefit from it. Good luck:) 
    Also continue the thread with input that could help soon to have awakened people. 
    Try to live in the moment more, Here is what you need to do:
    Realize you are not your thoughts and imagination, you can think, you can imagine, but you cannot be your thoughts or your imagination. You are also not your body, one second you are aware of a bodily sensation next you are not. So you are not your mind nor your body, all you are is what you create. If you don't create you sleep, and in sleep you experience death every night. Your mind is all over the place and should not be blindly trusted, you believe so many things about yourself which are not true. Your body is easier to work with. So this is what you need to do:
    First you distance yourself from being your mind, you don't try to stop thinking or imagening, you let it happen but distance or rather redirect your awareness to your body. You also should not focus your awareness in an intense manner, if you loose energy after a while you are definitely doing something wrong, loosen the grip. 
    Now you should know that all your thoughts and emotions actually manifests themselves in your body. One day you may realise emotions are just jucier thoughts, thoughts are very subtle, that's why emotions are the easiest to feel in the body. 
    If you have done and achieved these steps you should be aware of that which is called creation. Now how you create can be done in many ways. 
    When you try to control creation, you are just limiting your potential, life can manifest itself in infinite ways but you choose to try to control it. See if you can let go of controlling the actions of your mind and the sensations in your body then life will manifest itself in the way it wants to. Let your mind do whatever it wants to, it will keep/make itself joyfull, or whatever feeling you actually desire. Moving your body is what we call action, it takes and doesn't create energy to this this. That is why awakened masters don't have a discriminate mind but the action we perform is done in a discriminate manner. 
    So you wondered what to do with your life, see you just do whatever the hell you want to do. As long as you can handle the consequence of that action in a joyfull manner. If you have one day in the future with my earlier advise awakened then you can be joyfull by yourself. So why do any action on this world, why not become enlightened? Sitting in ecstasy untill you leave this life. Because you open your eyes and see a man suffering in front of you, isn't it natural that you such a joyfull being will naturally do whatever you can to help him achieve wonderfulness. You wouldn't have to think about it, ohh I am going to do what is needed in the world, I am going to make this universe amazing, no no that is what we call the ego. You just look and you feel feel an urge to do something, you will then do whatever you can. This is what a guru is. He doesn't think his way through life, he lives his way through life. Have you ever considered yourself lazy? Then you are just not doing what you actually want to do, so I am telling you to do what you want to do.
    Ofcourse survival and making enough income has to be taken care of so do that but don't make to much out of it. Also if you live the way I described you flow with excistance, when hunger comes you eat, when low energy is the case you rest... Energy is the third part of existence, there is the body, the mind and energy. Energy determines the extent that you are alive. This is why action should be done in the direction with least resistance. So your work should be something that you can manage without draining yourself too much. 
    This might be a little too much for you excuse me for that. Telling you to awaken, know enlightenment and the ways of creation the action of sacrificing some of the enlightenments ecstasy to instead do what is needed in the world around your life. Still for me this story is beautiful, gurus are so beautiful, when I recently heard osho had been posioned in a horrific manner before death, I cried. Jesus and Buddha, people tried to assassinate those who knew life to its fullest, the outmost evolved human beings, who did so much for the world. And are still alive in peoples teachings today, beautiful. 

  6. How can I help secure my financial independence while I'm still a teen?
    How can I help secure my financial independence while I'm still a teen?
    Don't let us stop you from being a criminal.
    Looks to me like you lack moral compass and are just looking for an excuse.
    You propose that others here now have to put golden money making ideas in your hands, for free, just so you have a reason to not be engaging in whatever shady crap you're tempted by?
    If you're not financially desperate, as you say, and are still greedy and lazy enough to become a criminal instead of providing real value to the world, congratulations, you have reached a profound level of sucking as a person.
    Do whatever you want. The world needs people like you. Or, more specifically, the business model of private prisons needs people like you.

  7. The N,N-DMT Mega-Thread
    The N,N-DMT Mega-Thread
    Back in 2017 I was on a ceremony where we smoked DMT. I had never done a psychedelic before. 
    My martial arts mentor had been to such a ceremony before and his advice to me was " Inhale with your balls and hold as much as you can". So I did. I had seen Leo's videos on psychedelics and enlightenment and I wanted to experience as much as I could directly.
    Inhaled. Held. Held...Everything went dark. As if reality got shut down completely.
    Then everything got 'turned back on'. I noticed the room I was sitting in and for a brief moment I had a memory of the way I had conceptually fragmented everything - that's a person, that's a wall, that's a... and then every single division I had created started shattering like glass. In just a couple of seconds everything started to fold into itself. I was in such a shock of this realization that I said " Everything is so simple! "
    At the very last moment the only division that was left was "Me" vs "the thing I'm observing". The moment I realized that was the moment "Me" got merged with everything else aswell.
    Then, there I was. An infinite spiral, just folding into myself endlessly. The first thought I had ( as I hadn't surrendered completely ) was " I want to escape from here! ". And then there realization hit me " There is no other place than here ". I had absolutely no memory of anything.  There was absolutely no time, no space, no thing. I struggled for a while, trying to grasp onto something I could identify with but it was absolutely pointless. ( keep in mind that I had never had any sort of psychedelic or mystical experience prior to that. I didn't even meditate ).
    Then, after an eternity of trying to 'not be myself' there was another realization: " Since I'm only Me, there is nowhere to go, and I am here forever, why am I not enjoying it ? ". It hit me that I was choosing not to enjoy the experience. So I changed my choice. It instantly became absolutely blissful.
    After another eternity of blissfulness everything started vibrating in an unusual way. I slowly started coming out of the experience. Later I realized that the shaman was playing some instrument that felt as if it was 'tuning' me back to this reality. I started remembering the concept of "time", then "space". It was awesome. The funny thing is that the concept of 'I'm a human being' came back to me like 5-10 minutes after the trip was over and I was already listening to some of the other people at the ceremony. It was absolutely astonishing that I had completely forgoten about it and didn't even miss it.
    I had completely died and then there was a reincarnation.

  8. Enlightenment in cats (joke)
    Enlightenment in cats (joke)
    This is a great video of a jump higher in consciousness. The is a realization that the image in the mirror is "me". The cat is not literally thinking "Wow!!! That is me in the mirror!!". . . Yet, can you sense the realization of "me-ness" in that cat? I can.
    This is one of my favorite examples to use for the next jump up in consciousness. Most humans either think there current conscious level is the highest or try to jump up a conscious level while being attached to their current conscious level. It doesn't work that way.
    Image the experience of that cat before it ever saw that mirror. It is just going around being - eating, pooping, catching snakes etc. It is subconsciously aware of self vs. not-self, yet it doesn't have a concept of "me" and cannot imagine itself from another perspective. . . Now imagine the experience of the cat when I recognizes itself from another perspective ( a being observing an image that is "me"). That is a huge jump in consciousness. Humans can easily see this because we have a highly developed sense of self. Yet humans assume "this is it". But it's not. There is another jump up in consciousness for humans that is as dramatic as a cat recognizing "me" in a mirror. 
    Now imagine a dog barking at itself in a mirror - because it thinks it is another dog. Could you explain or show that dog that the mirror image is actually itself? We could point to the ears showing that the ears in the mirror are your ears. "Look I am touching the ears in the mirror. I am also touching your ears? See me touching both ears." Yet the dog wouldn't get it. There has to be the direct experience. You could spend years trying to show a dog the mirror image is a reflection of self and the dog would never get it. In contrast, that cat got the first realization of a higher self awareness. That direct experience revelation is worth more that years trying to show it self.
    In consciousness work, we can use pointers and say "See it's you in the mirror!!". Yet it's not about the pointer. It's the direct experience of what is being pointed to. And they are very different. From the perspective of the dog, me pointing to the mirror is different than the realization of self. If the dog became obsessed with my arm pointing, he is not going to have the realization. 
    The next level of realization / awakening for a human is just as dramatic as a dog realizing "Holy fuck!! That's me in the mirror!!". The human realizes "That's Me". The dog has no clue of this self awareness until it reveals itself and he cannot access it at his current conscious level. Similarly, the human has no clue of trans-human Me until it reveals itself. And the human cannot access it at the personal/human conscious level. This is one of the most common things I see in consciousness work. The human wants to use their current conscious level to transcend their current conscious level. They want to figure out Me from me. They want to figure out God from god. They want to figure out Love through love. It's not about figuring it out. It's about transcendence through direct experience. Just like that cat had a transcending experience. 

  9. New Girlfriend With Severe Depression
    New Girlfriend With Severe Depression
    I've been in that exact situation before.
    It's gonna be really hard to make that work.
    Usually serious depression, anxiety, and low self esteem are a sign of some deeper trauma which she is avoiding/denying. Often it could be sexual abuse, rape, death of mother or father, etc. Serious stuff. This tends to go hand in hand with alcohol and substance abuse. So watch out.
    Such women get very needy, very clingy, very emotional, and they are almost impossible to help because they perceive suggestions to get help as an attack on their identity. As in, "Why don't you love me for who I am?!!!" A needy person is so desperate for love they cannot handle truth. The slightest suggestions for self-improvement trigger them. This creates a self-fulfilling prophecy effect where their fear of being abandoned makes them so clingy that no healthy relationship is possible, thereby leading to abandonment, reinforcing the idea in their mind that they are unlovable. No serious communication is possible because such people cannot handle truthful communication. They want fantasy and sweet lies.
    Such people need deep therapeutic help, enormous self-help work, and lots of spiritual development. Unfortunately they tend to refuse any such thing -- making their relationship impossible.
    And finally when you try to end the relationship, there will be huge waterworks and the threat of suicide.
    Try to see what you can do. Try introducing her to some basic self-help and self-esteem work. But also understand that this person has deep inner wounds which you probably cannot fix. Such wounds usually take 10-20 years to resolve, and that's IF the person is interested in working on herself.
    Try to figure out what the root cause of her depression / anxiety is. Usually it's a traumatic childhood or teenage event. She is likely to hide such an event from you because she's scared that if you find out you will leave her. Such women often lie a lot to themselves and therefore will lie to you. It's part of her coping strategy to avoid deep truth or deep self-reflection.
    In practice such women can only be in highly dysfunctional relationships until they do some serious self-help work.
    If she has serious low self-esteem, chances are high she's got a history of abusive relationships. Try to dig into her history to get a sense of what you're dealing with. It could be some dark stuff.
    Don't blame yourself. Some women are just like this and cannot be helped until they seek help for themselves.

  10. How do i know im ready for a psychedelic breakthrough?
    How do i know im ready for a psychedelic breakthrough?
    @Justincredible76 Wonderful! If your thoughts and undercurrent of desire has begun to obsess with the divine then  its basically all ready game over execpt for the time it takes to play out,  however its not going to feel like that of course . But if what you say is true then between the madness and ecstasy of desire for the divine, and the pain of awareness of your ignorance, your already helplessly enslaved to this process as it intensifies. How can you know for sure? Because you will jump and nothing will stop you.
    Nothing I or anyone else says will really matter it would only add or subtract a little time. Once this process has begun it is inevitable you yourself cant even stop yourself, just try. The pain of ignorance cannot be unseen and if you were to even resist the suffering would grow and grow until you become wild with desire and come right back, If you were really stubborn you can even maybe holdout a lifetime or two. But once you have tasted the divine and it you, it is only a matter of time and how much youd like to resist and suffer, but the goddess will have you and you it at the end of the day.
    But if you focus on surrender then this  is a glorious dance with the eternal goddess and you will relish being consumed piece by piece, this dance is the very apex of existence. In fact your experience reminds me alot of my own my first taste of a aspect of the divine was unconditional love, also on LSD.  But also from experience you will probably get what you seek from the psychedelic path but that wont be the end only the start, It is like a window it will show you what is possible but it wont let you live there. Making it a living breathing reality will be your next task, and for that the psychedelic path will be insufficient alone you will probably need to supplement by taking up some kind daily sadhana and id also suggest a strong devotional practice because it makes the dance much sweeter  

  11. 2 Week Solo Retreat - report
    2 Week Solo Retreat - report
    This is my solo retreat report. I hope it will inspire you to do something like this yourself.
    Over a month ago I started my 4 week solo retreat. I was quite ready for this. I rented a tiny cabin with no electricity, no water. Spartan conditions, but it was extremely cheap and all I could afford.
    It was not easy.  I quickly found myself in an ocean of suffering and bliss. These two would swap back and forth, varying in intensity and duration. It didn't take me long to realize that the greater the challenge I faced, the more profound the insight at the end and the stronger the bliss following it. This kept me going through the hellish phases.
    Just a day or two in, I realized that no meditation technique would do. I was not in charge. All I could do was be quiet and watch as life expressed itself through me by spontaneously contemplating the right questions, than inspecting the body, then forgetting all and surrendering completely, then other activities still.
    I think it was day 3 when the kundalini stuff started to happen. Good thing I heard about all this many times. If I didn't, I'd probably go crazy. In my meditations unspeakable stuff was happening in my body, visions more real than reality would come to mind and I had problems discerning what was true and what was false. Many times my body got so blocked up I thought I would die, only to be forced into an even deeper surrender. Nights were no relief either. Lucid dreams full of trials and challenges awaited me. Alien abductions and meeting gurus, sages and stuff like that. In short, it was a hell of a ride.
    Fortunately, after about 3 days this subsided. Deep contemplations started to take place uncovering old traumas, unmet desires and such. It was beautiful.
    On day 14 I had the biggest insight of the retreat. I was contemplating Consciousness itself, when I realized that it is no different from Love. Than I remembered the Hindu concept of Sat-Chit-Ananda (Being-Consciusness-Love), looked closer, and sure enough, this Consciousness-Love was not different from Being either - meaning me. I bathed in this unbounded state for a couple of hours looking over a beautiful pond nearby. I came to the conclusion that I was done here, after 2 week out of 4.
    It has been 16 days since I came home now. A lot has changed, and nothing at all.
    I am clearer than ever about what I want, need and value. My life has a much deeper sense of purpose and authenticity.
    My contemplation skill just sky rocketed. I realized what contemplation is, and it is such a joy to do it even hours a day, as I now know that I can go all the way to the truth of anything I want to know. And since I believe, I make it happen.
    I have had issues with eating for a long time, even though my diet was good. A lot of shame and guilt always plagued this arena of my life. After a particularly bad meal on the retreat and a deep introspection afterwards, I asked desperately - "How the fuck do I solve this?". And the answer came - "Just ask.". I realized the ability to ask about any food and I will get an answer from inside - it tells me if I should or shouldn't eat. Quickly I realized this works for any question with yes and no. I can ask about anything and know if it is 'yes' or 'no', but it's not always easy to ask and follow the answer. This often takes balls and and losing a fat piece of ego is common here.
    Soooo... go do it. Spend time alone. Forget it all. Immerse yourself in yourself. You won't believe how much bullshit you are buying into.
    Thank you Leo, you were one of the ones who inspired me to do this!

  12. Hypergamy
    Time to end the bullshit once and for all, here  two disabled men with two great women, so this ends the debate you can't attract high quality women if you are "genetically inferior" What do these two guys have in common? They are internally fulfilled and have a deep appreciation for just being alive. Time to get to work end of discussion, case is now closed!

  13. communication using spiral
    Communication Using Spirial Dynamics
    If you have been following Leo's work for years, doing the hard grueling work, reflecting over the content here and actually integrating these principles practically in your in your life you are probably at stage yellow or above. This post will help you communicate more efficiently to others and get your point across to others so that they understand something ( a lesson you have learned or some concept, or why you are doing what you are doing) at an emotional level. 
    Warning: I have simply taken many concepts from Leo, and dozens of books, and my personal life experiences, this is extremely subjective and should not be taken literal, it has taken me a long time to become a better communicator and this is just what personally works for me. So if your offended I don't care and if you have something positive to add please share. AND in this work, your main concern should not be preaching, here a 90-10 rule should be applied, worry about applying your ideas, and principles to your own life and don't worry about spreading it to others. Worry about picking up your own trash and doing what your can for the environment (as an example) and not going out on some vendetta to FIX others from polluting, it a waste of time, your energies are better spent on monitoring yourself and your own actions.
    I'll stick to two examples, 1. Your explaining why your doing this work, 2. Your trying to encourage someone close to you to get into shape.
    1. Firstly people don't care unless it relates to their ego or survival, and they pay attention to something that either supports them being Happy, Successful, having Freedom and they need to be reminded of this generally every 10mins.
    2A. There is also a rule called the Golden Circle, do not start with the What start with the WHY. You will lose people with starting with the what because it may imply change (which takes effort)  and they will tune out, many people make this mistake. DO NOT start with the What (exercises they can do in the gym) , or what practices you are doing (yoga, meditation, self inquiry) they don't care. At best it's interesting but they will not understand.  Start with the Why, go to How, then lastly to the What. This is will vary vastly based on the type of person you are speaking to. Also do not share more than 3 things people cannot handle more than 3 things at a time.
    2B. Before you go further, the most important thing you need to consider is, does this person have strong defensive mechanisms? Is this person even open to change or capable of giving a shit about the path your on or some idea you are going to share with them? If this person has a history of stagnation, you need to look at yourself and ask why you feel compelled to help this person or share some idea you have, is it ego? It is a pure waste of time and you know it. I wouldn't waste my energy, in many cases if someone is going through something your better off not offering a solution and just supporting them emotionally. This happens with many guys and their girlfriends, where the girlfriend just wants to express their emotions and is not interested in fixing anything or sharing ideas, if that is you just be there for them and that's it. Here is a general rule, the MORE resistant that person or persons are to change the more you will have to explain something so it hits them emotionally, you hit them emotionally by relating something to their ego or something that relates to their survival. I would also consider the emotional state that person is in, in that moment. Depending on if that person at their core aims for growth or aims for defending the status quo or stagnation (which can include simply forgetting any lessons learned) when someone is in a state of recovering from some pain this is when they may be the most open to change. Timing is everything, if someone just went on a eating binge for example, not when they are feeling bad about the aftermath but when they are recovering from the aftermath may be the best time to motivate them to get in shape, with some people if you miss that, lets call it their openness period they will not be open to change when everything is normal because they can't see why they would put in any effort (which may include simply considering your point of view and no physical action from their side). In summary consider if they are a grower or a defender, and the emotional state they are in at that moment, and their history.
    3. Assess who you are talking to what stage they are at so you can meaningfully convey your message. If your talking to an large audience you need to incorporate a mix of both. And few people are hardly purely A or B but on some spectrum between A and B.
    3A. The Masculine Versus Feminine
    In this context everyone has both, and this is just a model, and in certain settings a person can switch from one to the other for example at work the person is masculine and home in a family setting feminine. If I missed something here it is probably addressed later and remember in this context masculine does not mean the person you are talking to is a man its 2019, if you've have been following Leo's material you will understand In this context masculine refers to what has typically helped men survive and the feminine to what has typically helped women survive from a biological perspective. The masculine values ideas, concepts, tangible achievement, moving up the hierarchy, and overcoming challenges. The feminine is going to NOT be interested in ideas, and concepts I wouldn't even bother presenting something as an idea to someone who is extremely feminine (again a woman in 2019 may in this context have some masculine qualities and for sure the other way round). The feminine is going to value anything that supports improving relationships, stability, comfort, avoidance of conflict, and of course positive feelings. These are some points I would hit when explaining the Why, How, and What in that order.
    3B. What stage are they at in the Spiral?
    This relates to their values,
    Blue is going to value, tradition, things that positively support their beliefs, and the norm/status quo. This also changes depending on the setting, work/school is going to be more blue than you think, generally explaining things within the current framework to best conveys a message. Even though your co-worker/teacher may be Green at home and out of the office they can be very Blue at work/school. Explain things within their framework and then push it just a little but do not go overboard I would not push things outside the bubble. Unless you work at Google or something like that, then you can challenge the norms. Explaining this self-actualization work to a blue person you may want to point out the similarities of this work to the positive points of religion without challenging their beliefs, they are most likely not ready to be challenged in their beliefs or at best it will end up in some debate which is a waste of time.
    Orange is going to value some external thing that can either make them Happy, Successful, or give them more Freedom. Good luck, getting a strong orange to look within, not going to happen. They will not understand things like consciousness or being, they may be interested but to motivate behavior change if that is what you are attempting; being in a state of happiness might be a cool idea but that is all it can be is an idea. For them to understand, you would have to present being in shape as something you externally obtain, and in combination with considering if they are masculine or feminine this is gold.
    Green, I live in a very Green environment and I personally find Green to value like Blue, beliefs but those that relate to most likely global warming, veganism etc. They also are motivated by freedom, and not so much success. I would make success my weakest point for motivation. Green is tricky but I really find they value human connection, however only to those who support their beliefs, and they really value the easiest path and avoiding conflict, or adversity. I would not present going to the gym in such a way that if you go to the gym and eat right you will achieve some success in your life. But rather that you will not have to deal with some future pain/suffering. I find Green really is motivated and values Happiness in the lack of suffering or conflict basically you may have to present the hard route as the easy route.
    Yellow I will not cover because they will value whatever you are saying as they love models, concepts and growth.
    3C. Are they a linear, or a nonlinear thinker.
    Most people I find are linear thinkers, so I will explain a nonlinear thinker. A nonlinear thinker thinks in webs. You present 1 idea it sparks a chain of other ideas. A nonlinear thinker can connect two things where a linear people CANNOT. A strong linear thinker is incapable of connecting two different seemingly unrelated ideas, also abstract ideas are just that, abstract ideas. For a linear thinker you will literally have make that connection for them they will not do it on their own. Examples that do not relate to them will not resonate with them don't say its like 'Baking a cake blah blah blah'. If you want to hit them emotionally, paint a picture of their future or what could be that relates to a human being in their situation for example how they could be an overweight person who gets tired walking up the stairs, or how they could be that guy with a six pack surrounded by several 9HB's (if their a masculine orange).
    3D. If they are Thinkers or Feelers
    Do not mistake this for being masculine or feminine. If you accidentally spill a glass of water on your pants on a hot day, a feelers first reaction is going to be emotionally, to some liquid dampening their pants, a thinker is first going to logically think around the repercussions of the  situation then react emotionally. Feelers value connection, and communicate primarily with feelings not what is being said. Therefore if you conveying a message to a feeler you better use mirroring. Mirroring is where you feel something and the other person feels what your feeling. Your words are not that important, how you say something is. In groups, people turn to feelers. In explaining why you do this self-actualization work you want to feel the happiness, peace, and self-acceptance and radiate those emotions that they can achieve if they do the What. Also painting an emotional picture of what can be, express the feelings you will feel when you are in shape. When there is a misunderstanding or some conflict, you want to express your feelings and relate to their feelings, come to common ground by relating to the feeling you may have triggered in them if you offended them or hurt their ego. If you want to build empathy with someone (a very close connection) express what feelings you had that led you to take that action.
    For a strong thinker feelings are like empty words. They will value your credibility so make that a point. They also will value things numerically for example if your in shape you will be able to lift X kilos. When you are in conflict with a thinker, level with them by explaining what logically steps led you to that conclusion or intent. Build empathy also with numbers/facts, before I was in shape I couldn't run X kilometres and now I can run Z.
    I've never been good with conclusions so.... I hope this is helpful to you guys. Thanks.  

  14. Anxious about teachings of MGTOW...
    Anxious about teachings of MGTOW...
    @santerton For fucks sake, STOP WATCHING MGTOW. Period.
    And never visit 4chan ever again in your life.
    It's all toxic, dogmatic, egotistical, unconscious, devilsh garbage.
    It is not even worth debunking or arguing against. It's so false and wrong it's hopeless.
    MGTOW, RedPill, and Incels are the American equivalent of Al Qaeda Islamist radicalism. By ingesting their videos and discussions your mind is getting programmed with that mind-virus. That happens because as you watch and listen, it appeals to your desperate needy ego. Triggering all of your worst fears, hates, insecurities, and victim mentality.
    If you want to get better with women, you can do so and have amazing loving sexy relationships. But it will take self-improvement and spiritual work.
    Dating coaches are not liars. Dating coaches can teach you how to get really good with attracting women. I have interacted with dozens of dating coaches and their advice is top-notch for attraction. Not so good for relationships. For solid relationships you will need a more spiritual approach which you can layer on top of the attraction advice.
    Once you become spiritual and consciousness enough, sex will not even be important to you any more. You will be so deeply happy without sex that chasing women will be a joke.
    Awakening is 1000x more enjoyable than any sex you will ever have. With that said, you can do both.
    Here's the practical solution for you: Stop sitting in your Mom's basement browsing toxic forums, and GO OUT and talk to real females. You will never get laid by sitting at home. It is not physically possible.
    See how simple the solution is? Yet you refuse to do it. Because it takes emotional labor to face your fears and grow yourself. You much prefer to sit at home and rant against how bad women are and how nothing can change.
    Rule #1 of all personal development: You must take 100% responsibility for your life, your beliefs, your feelings, your situation. No one is to blame.
    MGTOW is not a teaching. It's egotical, reactionary rantings driven by fear, hate, insecurity, selfishness, woundedness, and neediness. It's very similar to Hitler's rants against the Jews and communists.

  15. About debate
    Eager to evolve - Getting my shit handled journal
    In my experience, it's even more ominous.
    Deep down we all know that our thoughts/beliefs are grounded in blindness.
    The need to debate is how we divert our attention so that we don't have to face it.
    If we feel emotions in themselves, without the narrative of the mind, anger and fear feel energizing to the body.
    This energy is hijacked to justify the mind's subversive attitude and dissipated in bickering.
    The mind justifies bickering as introducing necessary change in others that are mistaken, but it is a deception.
    The effect is that belief structures of both parties are reinforced and polarized through repetition and imagination.
    It's not opposition, but co-dependence.