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  1. I've noticed open mics have been helping me let go of a lot..David hawkins talks about comedians calibrating in the 400's because of their ability to point out the egos fallacies and laugh at it/own it. I found this to be interesting because I intuitively started doing comedy a year and a half ago because it made me feel good, but could not describe it. Part flex, part inspired, part shocked and part grateful post ~ Auffy
  2. That video is really good. He basically went from serving "two masters" to serving one "master" being self-love. Regardless of how society, or coporate companies expected him to be he eventually grew into himself of how God wanted him to be naturally. I have a question though...what if I've gotten eyelid surgery and messed with my face with weights to look a certain way? I feel like I repented against God in a way, and this is hard to accept. By no means i'm ugly, but it just feels emberassing that at some point i got double eyelid surgery and tried to change the way i look through other means like pressing on my face or whatever cause im asian and didnt like being flat-faced. uhh yeah any advice is welcome thankyou
  3. @JosephKnecht thankyou bro i needed this. i love you. no more getting friend-zoned im following my intuition thankyou
  4. @Preety_India what is stage orange
  5. @CultivateLove why drop him?
  6. Leo what is your thoughts on tony Robbins? So far I feel great fulfillment listening to him and applying it
  7. Job application title ..working for leo gura moderator. requirements: you must have five years of enlightenment experience or you are not hired me: can I get an internship ? >:)
  8. @Psychventure healed it through letting go of the idea he had bad eye sight and all stories around it
  9. @Leo Gura nobody's perfect lol who cares, what's your thoughts on his muscle-testing?
  10. @AdamDiC theres no me to even make a claim
  11. David R. Hawkins was enlightened. Even Leo confirmed it Just thought you guys should know this gem
  12. @Forestluv Dang i'm sorry to hear that. That sounds really rough. You're right @Fran11 Interesting. Good to know. Update to everyone: I realized that it is a greater punishment to sit in prison with your own thoughts and realizing what you have done/feeling emotions is a much better punishment than death. Facing your sins or 'karma' is the ultimate punishment. At that point they want to die anyways, so Its best to keep them alive so they can comprehend their ego-ness. I changed my mind about the death penalty though. All of you guys had valid points. Ty. @Leo Gura I didn't know they had to work, good 2 know thanks @Preety_India i'm talking about jail..they give u free food and housing @Hatfort I'm talking about people that are clearly guilty. @Consept imho some people aren't recoverable unless they seek 'God' relentlessly and it chooses to forgive them. A lot of these savages come back out and end up murdering, raping again within the hour because they are powerless over themselves. @purerogue Yea agreed, re-integrating without death-penalty is hard.
  13. Anyone else think they should bring back the “an eye for an eye” justice system? nowadays u can murder 50 people and get free housing/food. Like wtf? In a way there’s compassion for these people because they cannot stop themselves from committing these acts but still it irks me that these people aren’t punished more heavily. Can anyone explain this?
  14. Everyone is special. Your not the protagonist of all of life. Your just the protaganist of your life...well because it’s your life 😂. Everyone is unique. Everyone has the same inherent value as anyone else. Other people have different strengths and weaknesses. Let people play off their gifts and let them lead if they want to lead, etc. There is tons of beautiful/amazing people in this world and they are all out there. Help others/Let the higher fields help others through you and “God” will help you as a result! Amen (‘god’ is just a semantic, it can be whatever god means to you)
  15. @Marten what about people who kill others, steal, etc are those people on the right path?