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  1. Update: I've met an amazing beautiful girl (consciously and energetically we are on a similar wavelength). Another weird sign is that i just realized the town i've settled in is called BrookeVille This system is glitched and really is trying to tell me something..I think it's trying to tell me that brooke caused one of my biggest demons and i need to figure out what that is to transcend myself and this universe.
  2. @Knock Yesterday I tripped on acid with a girl I Just met. That was an phenonemenal experience forsure. I feel like I am becoming much more mature. I got a job, just need a new social security card. I have been doing pick-up in Manhattan and met a few other pick-up people..It's very interesting here. If you want more info, pm me your WhatsApp?
  3. the last girl i was with exposed hypergamy to me, it exists.
  4. @Natasha no way it’s way too coincidental
  5. Ever since things ended with me n her I decided to move to New York City 1) a week ago I recently found out she moved to Austin Texas and I coincidentally happen to be moving to brooklyn New York City (her name is Brooke) moving/driving living in my car to become a dating coach 2) I stop by a bar in Ohio and the first girl I open, her name is brooke 3) later that night an Uber drive pulls up next to me and asks me..”hey are you Brooke?” What is happening?
  6. What do you guys think is missing within the dating/pickup industry?
  7. What do you guys think is missing within the dating/pickup industry?
  8. @mattstivender great advice man, thanks.
  9. @RendHeaven Yeah Vegas is the first stop. It’s a 43hr + drive so yeah just enjoying all the states/cultures on the way
  10. @RendHeaven 24/7 fitness super sport (I have a membership and it’s universal) @kieranperez hmmm I’d be possibly down if it’s on the way-ish. You got a WhatsApp? Msg me
  11. @mmKay whoa interesting that you said that. I’ve noticed a lot of emotions surfacing up..I’ve realized I’m running from my identity with what happened with the recent break-up with this girl. I’ve never felt so alone in my life. In Vegas now, the people I’ve met so far are so coincidental it’s weird. Like the first guy is from the same area as me, and this girl in a bar moved out in her car to Vegas as well. Crazy. It’s like the universe is telling me something? Thanks for the advice
  12. @7thLetter interesting I’ll check him out thanks
  13. Thanks everyone! It’s sad leaving everyone it’s crazy as fuck..I just messaged Brooke too and it ended good over text. She moved to Austin Texas and I’m going to Brooklyn nyc 🤣🤣 . What a trip!
  14. On Monday June 24th 2019 I’m going to drive 42 hours out to New York and live in my car. I plan to find a job there, and pursue my passion of pick-up and build my dating business there. I’m scared, but also excited. So many emotions running through me right now, I’ve Packed everything and I’m just going to get a car maintenance check before I make the long journey. it really feels like I’m in a movie now..saying goodbye to my friends/family. I’m really doing my own thing now, all on my own. I know it sounds retarded and is probably a terrible idea, but i just don’t care because it feels so a life purpose calling. If it wasn’t for meeting Brooke and having it all end and that whole experience this would have never happened. To think this is life! All about the journey and having experiences such as this!, how simple yet profound a decision like this could change everything! I might become a hobo and “fail”, or I might not. Who knows let’s find out..natural selection at its finest. Let’s see universe what have you got in store for me 🤣🤣
  15. @Shin the other women out there argument is eh. I'm trying to become a dating coach and so i go out everyday, but like still...that one girl is not the same hahah