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  1. Hey bros. I really fell for this chick, my fwb for only 3 months, but that’s a long time for me It’s really made me depressed because I’ve realized a few things -females are intrinsically hypergamic -they only care about how THEY FEEL -you never own a girl, it’s just your time with her -the only constant is change -women will always come and go out of your life -every single girl on this planet is abundant -us guys have to work wayyyy harder to be abundant (but the good thing is it’s much more rare to find a male that’s abundant) but what’s really fucking me the most is..I could’ve done better. I knew better. I could’ve been less needy, I could’ve been more charismatic and charming like when we first met. Things went sooo well the first month, fuck (she was chasing me) if I just stayed as the person I was when I met her the first month things could have gone amazing..I could’ve not been an insecure little bitch and sent mixed signals. I could’ve not taken her to the rsd free tour! I could’ve done so many things better, but I didn’t. She wanted to possibly date me in the beginning too
  2. FWB-took her to free tour- knows i do game-ever since then its been this weird jealousy games/playing games in general, but we both like each other. How do I come from a place of genuine/naturalness especially when she knows what game is? We've known each other for 2 months now. First month was great, second month is bumpy because of this
  3. @SFRL Yeah it's only been two months. I'm gonna take things reaallll slow. Like really slow. I'm not gonna hint the relationship idea, I'll let her decide. Thanks man.
  4. @SFRL @Shin @Flatworld Crusades Thing is, it's much much more complicated than that little paragraph that I wrote above. There's so much context. Main points: First month was good between us then I decided to take her to a pick-up dating/personal development seminar. A bunch of guys hit on her. I got jealous. I hit on other girls. She got jealous. At the end of the night we hooked up still and sort of made up (she said I didn't like any of those guys and that I said yeah sorry I just get kind of weird like that, something along those lines). Problem: That night changed the dynamic. It created a jealousy game between us. Another example: At the gym some girl randomly decided to help keep my back from swinging when I was doing leg raises. She got really silent and in her head the rest of the workout and we talked about it after and she said yeah i just felt like "why is this bitch touching my man" She would also ask me if I ever hooked up with any girls at the bar from that one night after the personal development event There's so many jealousy example from both sides (i just can't think of all of them right now) One time she was telling me about this other guy that wants to keep hanging out with her, but she said she's been ignoring him because she's been spending all of her time with me. I told her that well I have a date tonight with a korean/italian girl that wants to go drinking, but I don't want to really go because I'm with you right now. (Not what I meant to say at all). That same day I tried to say hey I didn't mean to say I'd rather hook up with other girls or anything like that and she got really mad, and said I don't give a fuck who you hook up with,etc. Then some shit went down (bad energies): She clarified that she only wanted a friends with benefits relationship. Then said "i think this has hit the end of its line" and i agreed. Idk what happened, but we ended up going to the bars and we both opened up about stuff and she told me she still likes her ex. I said I understand, allg, had sex that night and the next morning I dropped her off at work expecting to never see or hear from her again. I hook up with another girl that day, expecting all is done with her then she hits me up to hangout. I was very surprised and at this point and was then convinced that she doesn't know what the fuck she wants and as long as I keep my cool I could possibly land a relationship with her. During the first month I mistakenly asked for a relationship (which you never fucking do as a guy), she said she's been thinking about it but she doesn't know. Then another time she said I've been thinking about what you asked, but I want to make sure there's no cheating. Another time we drank wine and we talked about if we've hooked up with anyone recently and we both said no like a month ago. That night was awesome. I really enjoyed that night. Another time we were hanging out in her house and her sister walked in asking if we were dating. She said fwb and i said somewhere in between (ouch). Haha She says she wants fwb (which I do believe she just does want that), BUT at times she sends me mixed signals. Like she'll ask me if I want to watch a movie with her and pay for my ticket + buy me food. OR she'll make me cauliflower soup at her house, or just sometimes the way she kisses me when we are at the beach or something. basically I think I have a chance of having her as a girlfriend, if i keep my cool, have an amazing time with her every time we are together and just kinda be there for her as well. Whilst not being an emotional leach, or being needy at all.
  5. Hey guys I hung out with this girl that I've had a fwb relationship with for two months now and I blew it. I was sick/negative mood and it just ended so terribly. She stated before that she likes her ex still and she said he just got out of jail. So when she was texting him (hes in texas) and getting really happy it triggered the shiit out of me although i tried to act un-phased. I just need some god honest help, really struggling here. The weird thing is that yesterday we hung out and it went soooooo well. We watched end game and the whole night just went perfectly. Compared to this I'm just so confused as to how easily it can flip..
  6. @Adam M It's hard to say
  7. My ego conned me. I’ve lost my center. I’m back guys
  8. NEGATIVE AFFIRMATIONS. This especially works if your depressed it will make you fucking angry. Anger can easily make you motivated to work harder and become a better version of yourself. important point: IT HAS TO BE AFFIRMATIONS THAT TRIGGER YOU. Like if you legitimately can't control your emotions then you would say “I’m a bitch who can’t control his emotions” By acknowledgment you integrate the shadow and the shadow holds a great deal of energy almost as much as that of the ego (maybe even MORE)
  9. I have this problem and I've been staring at myself in the mirror every morning from my "worst angles" that trigger me. I do this for two minutes and feel into all of the feelings that come up and not judging them as "bad emotions" rather just completely accepting them. For example ask yourself: What does it feel like to not be able to accept yourself? Accept that. What does it feel like to be angry that you cannot accept that you cannot accept yourself? Accept that. Eventually you'll break down the resistance layer by layer and tune into your authentic self
  10. I think it would be a really good idea to create a trauma release program, the ones that you pay for like the life purpose program because all of us have it and we aren't even aware of it. It affects us daily, how we act, how we think, how we react, it literally runs us completely. To let this to become enlightened I believe and is very very important. @Leo Gura
  11. @Salvijus I think you're right.
  12. @flowboy I'm willing to be vulnerable from now on. Or at least try to. "You can't win if you're not willing to lose." Do you usually spit gold sir?
  13. @NoSelfSelf @flowboy vulnerable?
  14. Whenever I get close to a woman, I ghost. I'm afraid of getting truly heartbroken which is why I've never really dated anyone in my life. Even if we have connection, I try to avoid it at all costs.
  15. @Nahm Thankyou.