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  1. Excess calories accelerate aging; always keep that in mind if your goal is health and longevity. However, a balance needs to be struck- too low protein intake: especially the BCAA leucine, and you will not optimize muscle protein synthesis, which is essential for health and longevity, especially as you grow older. Too much protein activates mTOR and IGF-1 (especially animal protein), which in excess is bad for longevity and health. I think most of these bodybuilders will pay dearly for their diet and lifestyle (even if they do not use PED's/anabolics). This is because too many calories are so stressful on the body. However, this is where protein can come in handy: it prevents muscle loss during periods of low-caloric intake. Recently I started doing resistance training regularly and intensely after a very long hiatus (24 yrs old, been vegan for five years), and I'm making fantastic progress. I build muscle quickly. Protein is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to building muscle. Don't also forget about fat (which the body uses as raw material to synthesize hormones.) Also, how are your D3, Zinc, Magnesium levels? Almost no one has a protein deficiency: yet more than 60% of people are deficient in at least one of these micronutrients. If you're vegan or not: creatine is highly recommended as an ergogenic aid. Also ALCAR. Protein is just one facet of this complex topic. Getting enough protein is crucial = getting more than you need = you will piss and shit it out.
  2. Self-control Patience The right balance between being authentic and non-formal as well as formal. Taking care of your health as an athlete would and connecting health with your life/performance.
  3. Yes, you're right, but not entirely accurate. Dr. Robert Morris Sapolsky (neuroendocrinology researcher) said regarding behavior/character. Testosterone lets out more freely that which is on the inside already. Meaning: if you're violent, it will make that expressed more. Suppose you are kind - (you get it). Men have other characteristics that create a behavior that manifests as "violent" (if we agree on the definition) and expressed more freely/manifests because of testosterone. I've heard many scientists/aficionados say hypogonadal men (AKA: LOW T BETAjk Low T men) are more violent and aggressive than men with high T / good hormone health in general. So you're right about the technicality. However, precisely because behavior is complex, you cannot reduce it to one androgen, BUT when you look at it like an organism (with a bunch of different androgen profiles/ as well as studying psychological aspect of the organism) I could see why what would make men more violent... I could see how but I don't know correlated they are. Socioeconomic conditions play a huge role also. From my anecdotal and personal experience, I've experienced this to be just the case. Do you? Also, from my psychedelics experience, I've had /insights/feelings,/visions/of a divine aspect of the male and female dynamic: I don't know what to call it other than that's. The dark aspect of that energy is manifested as violence. That's something I would never say generally because I know id sound crazy/ lame saying it and it's hard to explain. Except for someone in an forum.
  4. Would you say you're a person who has high energy levels in general: but from this job specifically, you cannot sustain high energy levels after 6 hours?
  5. @Nahm @The0Self But guys: for example, @Leo Gura has said that if one's health is shitty (with regards to heavy metals), it will be much harder for said person to become enlightened because enlightenment entails a very clear mind. Leo also said that some enlightened masters have radically different nervous systems, and some of them are born enlightened or have spontaneous awakenings without any spiritual work. I'm not saying I believe everything Leo says. Still, the part about health is true for me because I have experienced firsthand how radically my mind changed after eating organic/vegan - with supplementation of compounds (magnesium, EPA-DHA, Creatine) for 1-3 years. So why is it not true when it comes to ADHD that they have different nervous systems than people who don't. You can literally conduct an fMRI and see how the brain synchronizes across different regions of people with ADHD that are different than people without. So it doesn't seem like only a "belief" to me. Although, of course, I know that everyone who has beliefs thinks that. But you get what I'm saying, right? Insights are appreciated as this is my current plateau when it comes to spiritual work.
  6. Yes, I see what you're saying: and have read the book of not knowing: however, we are arguing over semantics here. The ability to focus is necessary for all spiritual techniques/methods: even in not knowing. While people with ADHD can have a tremendous ability to focus on things they love and enjoy, because of God's groundless and unkown nature, it is harder to focus on that which you do not know.
  7. I meditate & do Yoga for approximately 22 mins a day. Sometimes i do yoga for 2.5 hours. Helped, but only slightly.
  8. Leo's recent video describes the differences with regard to LSD/Mushrooms' mental state with 5-meo-MALT. Leo said that the former substances cause the mind to become much more ADHD than the former substance. From my experience, this has been very true indeed. I have taken LSD more than 20 times, and the biggest obstacle I face to attaining mystical experiences is that my mind explodes with so many thoughts, emotions, and mental visions that I cannot focus for long. The same happened to me with Ayahausca. As someone with ADHD, this made me think about pursuing enlightenment with ADHD and the unique challenges this poses. Is our path different? What extra steps must we take? I am looking for insights. Preferably from people who have ADHD and have attained enlightenment and/or mystical experiences. Note: I take good care of my health. I have been studying health every day for more than 1 hour for the last 5 years. If you read my previous posts, you will know that I am knowledgeable about health and value it the most, so cleaning my diet is not my issue.
  9. Sounds paradoxical? But the healthier I become, the less sleep my body needs. This study is only one demonstration: Creatine supplementation reduces sleep need and homeostatic sleep pressure in rats "Mechanism: The researchers were able to show that supplementation increased the amount of creatine in the brains of the lab rats. As a result, the brain cells apparently have more molecular energy available to repair themselves, and they need less sleep to recover." [1] I suspect this is only the tip of the iceberg. Suppose we include chronic inflammation, free radicals, gut health, mental health, nutritional deficiency, methylation, etc. Then I find it obvious that the more you consume substances that optimize/lower all of these, the less damage is done to your body, and the less sleep it will need. It is not only these: macro/micronutrients are not the whole story. If you conduct a chemical analysis on any food, say, a leaf of spinach. You will literally find thousands of chemicals in the plant, probably the majority do not influence health, but some do. And by some, I mean probably hundreds. These affect our cells in remarkable ways. This study is only one example.
  10. I should elaborate when I say I was non-reactive. I simply mean I did not reply to anything nor argued back. Throughout the next 2 hours, I tried to keep bringing different subjects. I was joking, laughing, but she kept on starting drama, and it drained me. Then I left. What was ruined was my birthday. That is what I mean because I would have rather spent it alone than with someone arguing with me and being emotional and negative
  11. I hate fighting when girls are on their period. I can't understand it. All the fights look so petty to me. On my bday, she fought with me even though I was non-reactive. It really ruined the day for me. I forgive her every time, of course, but I told her if she thinks she is going to PMS really bad, then avoid talking or seeing me because it ends with bickers that I do not want to be a part of. It is one thing to have fights that end with constructive critiques of one's actions and ultimately improve relationships. These fights are more like meaningless bickering that adds zero value and negativity, which is why I want to avoid them. I've had relationships before this one, and even though I experienced girls getting moody on their periods, this is something "stronger" than all the girls I've known. They acted in similar but less intense ways some of the time. But she acts like this almost every time and more intensely. I'm not the angry type at all. So I don't lash out at her, but I get really tired and agitated, but not angry. When she gets her period, her awareness drops. She exhibits all the nouns in psychology that describe someone with low awareness (projection, repression, denial). She uses false analogies to make her point. I see it as completely a waste of time to even talk or reason with her when she is PMSing. When she stops, she is fine and might even be more aware and more conscious and loving than me. It's weird. Hormones are a hella of a drug. Thoughts? Did I make the right choice in telling her to avoid me? Ladies, would you be upset if your man told you that (I think I already know the answer to that one, haha) note: I posted this by mistake on health fitness nutrition, so I reposted here.
  12. Alcohol works by increasing the activity of GABA in your brain. It also has dopaminergic effects. If you feel good when you drink, then you probably enjoy the feeling of elevated dopamine and GABA, as many people probably do. While there is nothing safe that will give you the same degree of neurotransmitter release as alcohol. Some compounds are dopamine/GABA modulatory. Acetyl-L-Carnitine, and Bromantane, for example. There are other nootropics that can modulate GABA. Lemon Balm-Apigenen-L Theanine- Magnolia Bark. Food is necessary for a healthy brain. So make sure you are on point with your diet. Kava is a plant that has been used for thousands of years. It increases GABA activity not by releasing it but by increasing the receptor density, or you could say sensitivity. It really gives you a buzz similar to alcohol. It doesn't produce tolerance nor withdrawal, nor will it cause liver failure.
  13. Worth watching: I enjoyed it. Examine how the materialist mind constructs and deconstructs reality and how different that is from someone who uses consciousness itself to deconstruct and construct reality. If you don't have time to watch all of this I recommend you skip to the part where Alan (the Buddhist) speaks: you will learn from it and he is an excellent orator.
  14. Not taking it personally, but you're mistaken. I'm sure many people think this way, but those who are wise know that love does not mean possession. Luckily I found someone who thinks like me. My own personal life directly invalidates what you claim to be the truth. You make it sound like being protective and being non-monogamous are mutually exclusive when they are not. Sneaky