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  1. Leo, I remember you mentioned that excessively viewing youtube political content will slowly start to "toxify your mind" Can you please elaborate on this?
  2. I clearly said in my post that even I disagree with him on a lot of things. My post was about appreciating his achievements, specifically his work/art.
  3. Even if you disagree with his teachings (which I also do), you have to admire the way in which he has made a name and living for himself. He’s living every educator/thinker/teacher/youtuber’s dream. Not being dependent on monetization, able to say what you want. Having multiple streams of income (books/app/podcast subscription). It’s a great business model.
  4. Think what you'd like about Sam Harris. Honestly, I really like his Life Purpose. Wrote influential books, traveled to India to learn about meditation, and then created a successful meditation app. He had a successful podcast which he then made a membership-only model, and so many found him to be so insightful that they subscribed to listen to his podcast. He has become independent of advertising and youtube monetization. I have to admire that.
  5. It's a good book, honestly. I liked the Fifth Agreement even more. But it doesn't give much tools and methods in a holistic/serious way to any of the stuff in the book. I read it and re-read it because it is poetic, makes me emotional, etc. But Its not a very serious book like The Book of not Knowing. His son published a book called the master of life, which is also good and has more tools, some are a bit new age for me but its a great book.
  6. Derek, from more plates and more dates, although not a public intellectual per se, has established himself as one of the most trusted and respected sources on stuff related to hormones, TRT, fitness, etc. He corrected Andrew Huberman on something and Andrew replied in a respectful way and admitted he was wrong, further cementing his legacy as a trusted source of information. There's a lot of lesson to learn from Derek for anyone who wishes to become a teacher/educator without a degree.
  7. My LP is communicating knowledge/wisdom/insight. I don't like to think of it as competing but you in a way you are with so-called Public Intellectuals. Was just wondering about this question, because I don't have a science degree
  8. Sam Harris Noam Chomsky Jordan Peterson They all inhabit an intellectual terrain different from what they studied academically. Yet all have PhDs/Degrees. Do you think that to get taken seriously as an intellectual, having some kind of science degree helps give credence to your credibility?
  9. I have been smelling a lot of less than pleasant bad body/oral odor from many young women. I think this is because most peoples diet is so poor nowadays. "We suggest that the main nongenetic source of axillary odor variation in a healthy human is due to differences in diet. Our opinion is supported by a study which showed that hand odor of twins on different diet was correctly matched; however, this was not true for twins on the same diet (Wallace 1977). Hepper (1988) found that dogs can discriminate between adult monozygotic twins on different diets." Its a huge turn off, and more common than you think. Diets high in fruits and veggies are correlated with better body odor than heavy meat diets: "The results of this study show for the first time that red meat consumption may have a perceivable impact on axillary body odor. Odors of donors on the nonmeat diet were judged as more pleasant, more attractive, and less intense." Theoretically, antimicrobial compounds should help in reducing unpleasant body odor. Fungi and plants are chemical masters of antimicrobial warfare. Green tea, mushrooms, spices, and some vegetables produce many antimicrobial compounds that are biologically active. I'm guessing that metabolic health is also very important.
  10. I know. He doesn’t have any credentials to prove that he is a licensed therapist. Google it. That’s what my MD analogy is explaining.
  11. This guy isn't a therapist. He has no credentials anywhere to validate that he is a therapist. You can't call yourself an M.D if you don't have a degree. I don't think having a degree proves knowledge. But calling yourself a psychotherapist even if you have deep intimate knowledge of the human mind is misleading. I totally agree with you on how fascinating it is to watch Andrew Tate's defense mechanism and delusional way of thinking. I wanted to make a video analysis of it. Very intriguing
  12. I have a sense that there is One Thing I should do. One thing I could do. One thing that if I did do, would set a chain reaction in my psyche and set in motion so many (positive) things. Something is blocking my progress/success/growth (in business, spirituality, and life). I don't view it as a "one solution" or / "magic bullet" that will heal and solve everything but as a necessary catalyst. Dominos of the mind falling one after the other just because of one thing. I recognize that life is complex, and single-minded thinking is not a useful tool for navigating this world. I don't know if this is a human tendency to reduce all problems into a simple idea. But also, could it be true? A chemical reaction is complex and many molecules are needed but the chain reaction can be set off by a single catalyst and that is what I'm referring to by using this nerdy analogy (that I hope made sense). Do you have examples of this in your own life? I would like to hear the forum's stories, if any.