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  1. @Leo Gura It is not weak though. Sulforaphane is one of the most potent inducers of the nuclear factor erythroid 2-related factor 2 (NRF2) , which is the body's most powerful detoxification mechanism. I would bet it work better than ALA. Don't be so sure about what you know, Leo.
  2. @Leo Gura Why is this screwing around? Sulforaphane has been shown to enhance the excretion of carcinogenic compounds like benzene by 60%. Jed Fahey is a chemist at John Hopkin's who has been studying Sulforaphane for decades. This shit is powerful man, give it a try.
  3. Healthy Purple/Red attitude towards fear.
  4. @ertopolice Waking up after a couple of hours is totally fine. In fact, sleep scientists and neuroscientists have shown that people wake up usually after each sleep cycle (1-1.5 hours) and there are six cycle, so you wake up probably 6 times in your sleep but you do not remember anything. Waking up in the middle of the night is the norm not the exception. The key thing is to get back to sleep, if you wake up you need to find ways to help you relax, of you stress about waking up you won't sleep. Perhaps try using L theanine or Kava Kava for relaxation do something relaxing (listen to an audiobook) AVOID LIGHT, do not look at screens or turn on your lights. Close curtains. (Candle light is fine) As I said, make sure your diet is in check and your macronutrients are all-sufficient, especially zinc, magnesium, as well as Vit D , and potassium. 91% of Americans are deficient in potassium, no one talks about this. Most of the body’s potassium is located inside the cells. Potassium is necessary for the normal functioning of cells, nerves, and muscles.
  5. What? You get high because THC (one of the psychoactive phytochemicals in cannabis) agonizes your cannabinoid receptors and from there downstream effects happen that you perceive as a "high". If you have any evidence of cannabis containing more heavy metals than regular food people eat all the time, show me. I'd be willing to bet tuna has way more fucking metals than weed. Weed certainly its problems, so I don't know why you are resorting to using false information and loaded terms like "your brain can't function properly" and "straight into your brain". The Analytical Chemistry of Cannabis: Quality Assessment, Assurance, and Regulation of Medicinal Marijuana and Cannabinoid Preparations Book by Brian F. Thomas and Mahmoud ElSohly is a great book to read on precisely what cannabis contains, there is no mention of heavy metals. If I am wrong please share evidence and I will concede.
  6. l-Theanine Prevents Long-Term Affective and Cognitive Side Effects of Adolescent Δ-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol Exposure and Blocks Associated Molecular and Neuronal Abnormalities in the Mesocorticolimbic Circuitry
  7. Cancer is very hard to cure with a vacine because there are multiple pathways for cancer to develop (carcinogenic compounds) and there are multiple pathways in which cancer cells can be destroyed (programmed cell death, inhibition of IGF-1, etc etc etc) common cold is also not one virus, how can a vaccine target multiple viruses which cause the common cold (although many types of viruses can cause a common cold rhinoviruses are the most common culprit) No offense, I honestly don't mean to be rude.. But you clearly lack basic knowledge on biochemistry / virology. I'm not saying obey authority blindly but at least try to seriously be knowledgable about these before claiming things for which you know almost nothing.
  8. @Natasha @Preety_India The reason they were able to find a vaccine for COVID19 quickly is that they already had a head start by working on the Sars-COV-2. & Of course when the entire world is on the brink of economic collapse, you better expect governments/businesses to pour everything at their disposal to fix it. If anything, this only proves that we can accomplish so much if we wanted to. Feeling ill after a vaccine is pretty common and a predictable side-effect, this actually proves that the vaccine is targeting an immune response. Your immune response is what makes you feel ill.
  9. @Skenderberg You do realize most monks and sages have a bias toward psychedelics and don't take psychedelics, right? Becoming a sage does not mean you do or don't do things that a certain group does or doesn't. So should Leo not do psychedelics because Buddhist monks on the mountains don't? Your reasoning is foolish. Yes, big pharma is corrupt. Still, don't forget that the people who develop pharmaceuticals aren't CEO's, they are medicinal chemist/pharmacologist who have to spend years studying and mastering the science, they don't get rich the CEO does. Pharma still develops amazing drugs. Do you know who fuck people even more? The millions of frauds who sell you "natural" pills and supplements telling you they cure everything under the sun when in fact they do not DO ANYTHING. Like this doctor fraudster who is against big pharma and constantly posts about how bad big pharma is Do opioids kill? Yes. Are they addictive? Yes. Y'know what else they do? Block pain, very, very fucking effectively. As @Loving Radiance said, you are throwing the baby out with the bathwater.
  10. I have always been the type of guy who valued sexual freedom. I never held monogamy as the pinnacle of love. If anything, I think I have a bias towards monogamy. I have such a prejudice against monogamous relationships that I view monogamy as anti-spiritual structures of human relationships of a bygone era. (Please don't hate me, I know this is a personal subject. I'm just expressing how I feel ) I do get jealous sometimes if a girl I'm dating fucks another guy; of course, I do; I'm only human. But I deal with it by being RADICALLY HONEST with her and tell her how I'm feeling, and afterward, all the jealousy dissipates. I have found Open Relationships to be much more rewarding emotionally. & the love I feel for my partner in an open relationship is more unconditional than in monogamous relationships. I know this is a topic much discussed, especially in the PUA community. I agree that monogamous relationships are not "natural" and should not be the Modus operandi of relationships. The fact that it is what causes much dysfunction and incompatibility in the dating sphere. Do you have any thoughts, tips, or experiences in open relationships? Am I alone in thinking it is much deeper than monogamous relationships? Do you agree or disagree with me?
  11. @Leo Gura How many people do you know that grow weed? A minority I presume. It is the same with food. How many people actually grow their own food? A few dedicated people with knowledge and experience will grow but the majority of people will buy food from companies. The same might happen with psychedelics. It is not all bad though. I suspect that some of these companies will produce psilocybin extracts that also include other phytochemicals like MAOI's from the mushroom and novel compounds from the mycelium of the mushrooms and create a blend that will produce a very desirable "high". Similar to the "full-spectrum" cannabis products we see now.
  12. @NOTintoxicated THIS. I was pondering about the same issue. If reality is infinitely infinite, then does that mean that there are forms that are actually permanent?
  13. "Compass Pathways are trying to build a psychedelic monopoly. They are leading the effort to turn magic mushrooms into a pharmaceutical product and we need to quash this attempt at all costs. Prior to founding Compass, George Goldsmith and Ekaterina Malievskaia, a married couple, did not have experience in psilocybin research or working in the pharmaceutical industry. They’ve made headway thanks to tens of millions in dollars from investors including Silicon Valley libertarian Peter Thiel and former Wall Street-executive-turned-cryptocurrency-investor Mike Novogratz. They're not trying to gain PR and raise funds, they're trying to monopolise their interest. They are in this purely for profit and if successful we will continue down the dystopia future of late stage capitalism and further suffering and turmoil in the name of profit. We have a chance, as a society to turn a massive corner here and change our direction, I hope we can make the right decisions along the way. Look into Compass, ALL of the psilocybin researchers that assisted them in the early days are now critics of their intent and professionalism. These critics charge that Compass Pathways has relied on conventional pharmaceutical-industry tactics that could help them dominate the field, including blocking potential rivals’ ability to purchase drugs, filing an application for a manufacturing patent, and requiring contracts that give Compass power over academics’ research and are restrictive even by pharmaceutical-industry standards. The corporadelic fuckers need to keep their noses out of it. It's not for them, it was never for them and they have NO PLACE in bringing psychedelics to the general public."
  14. This is perhaps the most common attempted rebuke of Idealism. Dr. Samuel Johnson attempted to debunk George Berkeley, one of the most famous Idealist philosophers, by going to a stone, kicking it, and proclaiming “I refute it thus”. A logical fallacy called Appeal to the stone is named after this incident. Idealism actually states that YES it feels real, it is real! But it is all mind. The rock is mind, the pain is mind. All is mind. Idealism does not state that measurements cannot be made. Your mind (ego-mind) is a small branch that exists in the MIND AT LARGE which we call the external world, so to speak. Who are the ones making these measurements? Scientists? Scientists are conscious beings and conscious beings experience nothing outside of mind. An MRI scan is an instrument used within the mind. Ask yourself, have you experienced an MRI scan outside your consciousness? It is an instrument INSIDE the mind. That does not mean it isn't true. It also doesn't mean that instruments prove the existence of an external world outside consciousness. It is like using a microscope. Yes you are using instruments, but you see it with your own eyes. The instrument is just an extension of your eye, can you see what I am saying? See it, with your Mind's Eye. Excerpt from Bernardo Kastrup's book Why Materialism Is Baloney; the logical case for idealism "Materialism requires the following four statements about reality to be true: Your conscious perceptions exist; The conscious perception of other living entities, different from yours, also exist. There are things that exist independently of, and outside, conscious perception; Things that exist independently of, and outside, conscious perception generate conscious perception. " Statement 1 is the one thing you can always 100% KNOW. It is reasonable to assume that statement 2 is TRUE because other conscious beings act like you. Solipsism IMO requires more explanation to explain why conscious beings exist and act the way they do. However, it an inference and you cannot know 100%. It is unlikely that other beings are like robots that just look conscious when they are not, so statement 2 is PROBABLY LIKELY TRUE. "Statement 4 is even worse. It postulates that things you can never know are actually responsible for the only thing you can be absolutely sure to exist: your own consciousness." I recommend reading the book, it will elucidate your confusion.