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  1. @AlwaysBeNice unless you have had direct contact with and experience with Bentinho, which clearly you haven't, truth would be represented better if one didn't swallow false propaganda and paint a spiritual leader as a devil. All you are propagating is factually incorrect and is just opinion especially since you've had no direct experience or contact with the teacher. People do the same thing to Teal Swan for example. None of it is truthful and accurate. Unless one of them is propagating violence, rape, and the like as "love", it does not serve anything good to judge or demonize a leader based on propaganda or opinion. Better to be able to shift through and discard that which is not uplifting. Throwing the baby out with the bath water is too easy. People have even done that with Leo. Better way is to sift through, ignore stuff that doesn't resonate but keep an open mind while developing intuition. At least that's the way I operate. LIke a gold miner - sifting through, getting the gold from each spiritual teacher. So if Leo is a gold mine and I see some rubble in the mine, I don't stay focused on the rubble and judge it, I look past it and focus on getting the gold to utilize for alchemy towards enlightenment. Some mines can be traps permanently or intermittently. Know when to get out. I "exit" a mine if there's too much smoke and mirrors or hazards. Too much judgment, condemnation, aggression, spiritual ego pride, etc. is too many hazards. And then one has to ignore the other potential miners, which is what I try to do here so I don't get too distracted. The real problem is not the spiritual teachers or leaders, it's that humans completely stop searching for real Truth and think one teacher has the keys to all Truth. Unwise to only listen to one teacher or think a teacher is not needed at all to reach a point where one is not needed. One is best served to develop internal guidance system, discernment and intuition, otherwise one can fall into traps and delay progress towards enlightenment. Judging or gulping propaganda regarding a spiritual teacher or leader is too much distraction. They are doing their best. I've had the unfortunate experience of being inside a fundamentalist blue stage cult where real hate, false teaching, manipulation and actual control exists. If you want to see real devilry or evil, look there for examples. @ajasatya that's the way I look at it too -- just stop looking at the "more enlightened" ego race altogether.
  2. @Kalki Avatar I really appreciate this post. Didn't know Bentinho Massaro was a student. I am a student of Bentinho Massaro and didn't realize he studied under Sri sadguru siddharameshwar maharaj. I resonate the most with Bentinho, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and Dr. David Hawkins teachings on enlightenment due to their humility.
  3. Disturbing suggestion. To me that would feel like rape & I would have zero trust after being forced (unless the relationship was actually seriously loving, solid and respectful). But I would at least communicate with her @Chris365, as I have learned the hard way that if there's no willingness to communicate and work on the relationship, there's no incentive to continue. Maybe find out if she has hidden desires to be handled roughly and forced to cum. She might. Also some physically or mentally have a really hard time reaching orgasm and not possible to force it.
  4. Very interesting. So you did an even higher does in darkness and did not have the growling wolf manifestation? First experience with the manifestations you were not quite ready to lose your life? The darkness and silence amplify the process I am assuming.
  5. Believe her when she says that's not the case. A spiritual woman into spirituality like you described will not be focused on or shoot for the pressure of having orgasms. She is trying to steer you away from the focus on it. Too much pressure for her and for you to be worried about it. Release your hangup about her having orgasms by practicing the "Letting Go" technique. Leo has a video on it. and Dr. David R. Hawkins has a book and audiobook on Letting Go that describes specifically about using the letting go technique to greatly enhance sexual satisfaction. So release your desire for her to have orgasms. The idea that the orgasm creates a bond is just a human construct or limiting belief. Letting go technique will take the pressure of performance off of everyone altogether.
  6. @James123 I see. Perhaps it would have been a different experience altogether with a lower or less potent dose? But this is quite insightful.
  7. @Skin-encapsulatedego Intrigued by the terms. Can you elaborate or where can I learn more about it?
  8. @Leo Gura To go die, that means die completely to the small self or ego? Basically removing the human identity or letting go of the limitations of being human? What are the best ways to undertake dying to the limited self?
  9. @James123 which psychedelic caused this manifestation? That is a possession manifestation that I would take very very seriously, as it would greatly hinder any progress forward towards anything good, especially if ongoing manifestations.
  10. @KingCrimson Do you do this same routine on the video every day?
  11. @Leo Gura there goes that tail slipping around the corner again. Ok I am making some decisions. I would finally be consumed with infinite Love yes?
  12. Listening... what is the reason? Sensing something in this... What is the most important thing? @Leo Gura you are like God's tail going around the corner and then disappearing! Catching the scent of things between the lines, I'm on the trail!
  13. @Leo Gura Readiness to sacrifice life for it -- would sacrifice include giving up all hopes, dreams, desires for relationships, desires for anything while in this temporary body? How does one actualize readiness and know the sacrifices are actually being made?
  14. @Leo Gura why wouldn't we want it? Isn't this what we are here to do??
  15. Growing pains. Personally, I avoid watching TV or the news other than a glimpse, as all this chaos does not represent anything to do with The Truth.