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  1. Yes. I'm self employed. Providing a service -- this is key. Low overhead costs and start up costs. University educated -- could have became an accountant, and that was the plan. But I had a little boy my last year of university, and in order to become an accountant in Canada it requires 2 more years of studying, while working, and I wasnt willing to lose those years of my sons life. So, I decided to go out on my own as a bookkeper as I could make as much or more than accountant working for someone else. It's now been 3 years. I'm currently restructuring to go completely remote to have more flexibility. (Stay at home 100% of the time, versus traveling to clients/picking up paperwork.) I am on my own financially, no support. Have a growing emergency fund sitting in my savings account. Future goal to invest in rental property!! I've always wanted to be self employed. That's always been the goal. I'm still working on my daily habits. But I am up early every morning. It would take too long to list all of what i listen to, but read lots to. It all matters, just concentrate on an all around healthy lifestyle. Food. Exercise. Mind. It all matters. And will give you that motivation to keep getting better in all aspects of your life. Set small attainable goals. And just do it. Because it will never be the right time. (I've had sever social anxiety for years, and just did it anyway.)
  2. @Arthur east coast canada !! ✌
  3. What video(s) does leo touch on this? I've been doing my own thinking on this lately !! @Hardkill Are you in love with her ? Both long but interesting if you havent seen !!
  4. Hi love. Super proud of you for posting this. I've been suffering from social anxiety for 13 years now. Everything you wrote I'm like, yup, me.!! I can really relate. As mentioned above, meditation daily and studying buddhism has been a great help for me, make being mindful throughout your day a habit and priority, learn to breath from your diaphragm instead of your lungs... its difficult and im trying to learn this one myself. Also diet. I eat strict keto and it has helped a lot. Taking baby steps was huge for me. When I was younger I didnt have a lot of support in the sense people either didnt believe anything was wrong or just didnt understand it. So be firm in the fact that you are working on it and you will take the baby steps to get where you need to be. I always had people pushing me, into situations that could send me back in my progress. I was suffering and wanted to be better so I pushed myself out of my comfort zone, in small baby steps, gained that confidence, made it a norm, and then pushed myself more. Also, get to the route of why you have this, I believe we may all/or most of us are predisposed to certain mental health issues and it is just if and when these are triggered by life events. Unfortunately ours is social anxiety, is there abuse in your past ? Bullying at school?! Whatever it may be, be honest about what has gotten you here, and try to resolve these, you were not born with SA. Also self compassion is probably one of the greatest things you can do. There is a lady named kristen neff?! I believe, she has a website on self compassion with exercises, guided meditation etc. It is somewhat corny, uncomfortable, and feels really weird. I actually despise doing these because it makes me feel so uncomfortable, but it will help you so much, so push through it if it makes you feel weird. I have a friend from school that also suffers from severe SA, and we both pinpoint learning self compassion through kristen neff as the biggest breakthrough in our anxiety (once learned this can easily be practiced through loving kindness meditation on your own). For me the physical symptoms were the worst part and triggered a full on panic attack. As soon as I got even the tiniest bit nervous, my body would start to shake uncontrollably, which would then start a panic attack. I started taking beta blockers (on an as needed basis, not daily, like if there was a social event, interview etc.) This slowed my heart rate down and thus kept the shaking at a controllable level. This helped in pushing me into situations that I wouldn't normally be in, gain that confidence, etc. SA can be weird in the fact that sometimes you can be a mostly confident person but physical symptoms of being nervous is a part of eroding that confidence and taking normal anxiety to an extreme, it can also be the biggest barrier in getting over it, be aware of any physical symptoms and Dont be afraid to take either something like this or an antidepressent to get you to where you need to be. There is a website called social anxiety support, which has a forum, this is where you may find the right drug combination for you. I dont know that you or I will be fully cured but it is definatly manageable, and I do think it is possible. I have had this for 13 years, but where my anxiety is now compared to then is night and day. I live a normal life, with friends and family, a demanding job, university educated, boyfriend and child. Now it mainly only surfaces in really difficult or stressful times in my life or in very stressful awkward social situations, like meeting the boyfriends family and friends, things like that. And again it is still far better than it had been years ago, and something I dread but can handle. My boyfriend (He also has SA) and I have a joke about "normal peoples anxiety" it's weird now being nervous about something, as everyone gets nervous at times in certain situations, and it's just different, and it's like oh this is what normal people without SA call anxiety. ? you can get there !! I hope this helps and I have every confidence that you are on the right track as being here and putting yourself out there is huge for someone with SA, and putting yourself out there is CRUCIAL for getting through this. I know all to well how hard it is to put yourself out there. And to push through having social anxiety takes extreme courage. Which makes you an incredibly strong person, you need to know this because having social anxiety makes you feel just the opposite. Good luck and I look forward to reading about your progress !!
  5. @brugluiz what is your daily diet like ? I have been on keto for a few months short of a year and cutting out carbs has been life changing for me. In energy and mood levels. But have recently decided to eat a mostly meat diet to see what that can do for my own depression and anxiety issues. (If you have heard jordan peterson talk about curing his depression through an all meat diet.) I have done extensive research on food and health for years and have considered cutting meat and animals products out myself for health reasons, mainly, but have decided based on my research it wasnt the best route for me. My diet consists of probably 85% meat (no pork, little processed) and eggs. 15% high anti inflammatory veggies, fruits and nuts. Minimal cheese sometimes, although I may cut this out in time. Aside from that, strict no dairy, no gluten. Drink only water, flavoured water, tea and sometimes diet pop, although I will be cutting out the diet pop eventually as well. I wouldn't say to eat more meat as I appreciate and respect your reasons as to not, and I am only a little more than a week in of switching to mainly meat, so cant be certain if it will have the changes I am looking for. Although I know for sure that keto has been life changing for me. It is so hard with all of the conflicting data out there on all ways to eat. But if you are willing to add in meat i would suggest doing an elimination diet to see what foods agree and disagree with you. And cut carbs!!!! Jordan Petersons take is dirastict but intriguing. I dont think I could ever go fully meat like him, (he literally only eats beef) !!! But if it can help my anxiety or depression I will be sticking to a mainly meat diet.
  6. What would be the motivations and reasons that a woman would be turned on by the idea of being taken advantage of by a man. Whether it be by a much older man, rape fantasy or even just a player type that is using them for sex ?
  7. It helps me focus so much that's why I micro dose every 2 days versus 3 days I found on that 3rd day I was lazy and procrastinated and couldn't concentrate. Every two days keeps my mind focused on my work when I need to be working.
  8. .1 grams every 2 days. I work a lot. Mother of a 3 year old with a full time job on top of running a business. Very busy.
  9. I'm not sure if I should stop. Or keep going because its bringing out issues I keep under wrap that I need to deal with ? !! I've read some places that people had uncontrollable anger but used it as a tool to push through it.
  10. Anyone try microdosing shrooms and it brings out uncontrollable anger ?