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  1. It happened to me in my first time as well. I was very nervous at the time. I was very lucky to have a girl who taught me how to go through the whole process and everything ended up going well. There's a trick that I suggest that can be useful if it happens again. You put the girl's hip between your legs, with her back turned to you. In this position, you have total freedom to make massage, caress, kiss her neck, and mainly masturbate her. It is so simple, intimate, and comfortable. It will alleviate the rush that can cause you problems and will give you the relaxation, time, and the excitation you need.
  2. Check the book Psychocybernetics and watch Leo's video about law of attraction to get a better understanding of how it works. I believe that feelings and thought + feelings are like muscles. As you exercise them, they get stronger and easier to be activated. But there is more about it.
  3. @Preety_India It sounds like a good strategy. Instead of trying to fix with a single solution, to create a healthier and happier "environment" that gives base and space to things flow and move on. I got your advice! Thank you.
  4. I'm not feeling a genuine interest in anything specific in life for a while. It started right before my first psychedelic experiences which opened me to the notion of conditioning, real freedom/happiness, and spirituality. I'm struggling to find myself and sink into a path and connection, but I couldn't do it yet. I tried with psychedelics again because it brought me many answers before, but at a certain point, it started to make things worse. Sometimes I think that feeling lonely and lost may be part of a spiritual awakening or a bigger process that I'm not fully aware of. Kind of dark night of the soul (?) Sometimes I think that I lack personal development, sociability, and emotional growth to make my life better and open up the possibilities. In some moments I think that I should just "let go" and see what happens in my life. I have some money to spend and a lot of potential in art, design thinking, and sports. I have some projects and planed some adventures in my head. But nothing really "clicks" and makes real sense inside. The feeling of emptiness, sometimes depression, and lack of interest make me feel lost. I'm doing yoga and meditation a lot, but I don't notice much self-improvement by this. Some days the boredom is so intense and I'm trying to "escape" through toxic habits. I am having professional support (therapy and antidepressants). Just to mention. I contemplated it a lot but it is still not clear to me what could be done. I want to feel my authentic self, to connect with others and life, to touch beauty again. I'd love to know if you guys have some points about it. Thanks <3
  5. These points are valid and go against mainstream conditioned thinking which is good too! I would just suggest not turning it into an ideology. You may not have too much certainty about what really is success and happiness in life and your high ambitions may not be the ultimate authority. Mainly in the life of others. Again, you mentioned good insights! And I hope it is contributing to your path.
  6. @Preety_India You probably should share this text outside of the forum. It is insightful and you have good writing skills. Do you have Medium? That could be a good one!
  7. I really appreciated each one of the responses. And think they have the power to refine my perspective. I want to write down some of your points in order to embody them deeply. I already had a conversation with @Nahm and he is always insightful. A huge thank you to each one who answered here. I think that your ideas can be useful for other members in the future as well.
  8. There are many types of parties like these. I went a lot in the past. I recommend the most underground and less popular ones. Even though there are many huge festivals that are amazing like Burning Man, Universo Paralello (here in Brazil) Boom (Portugal), and so on. You have to try it out and see how much you connect. For a while, these parties were part of my spiritual exploration. With a bit of LSD (of course). I think there are intentions, strong energies, strong connections in these environments. The high level of music and art can be amazing, mainly if you are open-minded. It doesn't need to be a lifestyle. But I consider that it can be very significant and MUCH MORE than a "party".
  9. Yes, I know there's nothing wrong with sex. But the point is, I'm still feeling the need to go deeper in my masculinity, in my capacity to connect with women. I think I'm an average guy, I'm not wanting a monogamous relationship and I do have some colorful friendships here and there. But I'm also feeling lonely A LOT, and it hurts, I'm seeing a lot of emotional and psychological trauma being triggered all the time for this lack of connection and it's being hard to let go of it, even though I feel powerless and week sometimes, I have also moments of inspirations and I know I'm able to solve problems get the shit done. So I have this motivation to go out and see what is possible. I went into pickup for a while and it was draining, I got some results, but I felt so empty, attached, inauthentic, and felt like my level of consciousness got weakened. I'm a really sensitive guy and consider very much the importance of spiritual growth. When I see myself "selling" my energy, thoughts and time for these pure materialistic outcomes like women and relationships, I feel guilty and doing the wrong stuff. So I feel like there is this division and I'm not clear about a better approach. Do you guys have any insight about it? Thank you so much =)
  10. I can't imagine myself sharing more than 20% of my time and energy with someone else. But if you are really OK with yourself and your life, you like the person and feel that it can be fun, I'd say go for it.
  11. Check the book "hunger for ecstasy".
  12. Hey! I graduated in multimedia, today I work with motion graphics and do some videos as a hobby. But I ran a filmmaking business for a while. People really need all kinds of videos. We produced for weddings but you can produce videoclips for example. You need to create a small portfolio/marketing (not a huge investment) them, when you got a client, you contract another videomakers freelancers (good ones) and direct them to make things according to your brand. It can be very artistic and fun. Of course, there is some stress in the process, but if you want it and enjoy the whole thing, it can be very good and you also can automatize a lot. Just contemplate well the idea (and the investment) if you decide to do something like this. Another thing that maybe connects better with your case is to use your van to go out find stories and create independent documentaries haha not sure how you'll profit but you can find out. It seems to me like an exciting adventure and you can learn a lot and help people in a powerful way by sharing information.
  13. You're right. Things may not be too easy or magical or instantaneous. What I wanted to question is the statement that "dissatisfaction is inherent to this and that". We are always interpreting according to how we see and experience stuff. Why does one choose to fall in love with a paradigm like nihilism as if it were the ultimate reality?
  14. In my experience, thinking in terms of levels of consciousness/energy seems very reasonable. When you access better levels, clarity, creativity, connection, love opens up to you and you discover that dissatisfaction is very much based on "energy" and limited paradigms. It may not be too obvious because we tend to be stuck for long periods in low levels of perception. But if you break through at least once, you get it. In my experience, fasting, yoga, and psychedelics worked well. You have to find what is powerful and can elevate you. Rationalizing and complaining about how you think reality is doesn't help too much.
  15. Learn marketing, create some VFX super packs, put it or any other stuff to sell automatically, and go do whatever you want. That's it.