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  1. Holotropic requires Holotropic facilitators and the whole Holotropic setting. If you want something deeper than WH and easier than Holotropic I recommend Soma breath. You can access the daily dose on Spotify or look for guided sessions online for free. Try to understand the methods and breathwork protocols that work best for you.
  2. It is OK to have fun, but I don't see clarity and maturity in this conversation. And Leo's consciousness must now be a very high number inside the infinity so he can brag about that here. Leo's content is fantastic, but he is still about to create something that justifies him feeling able to judge things like he is doing now. Of course, the whole galaxy is just bacteria when you're high. But so what? I don't understand how can you diminish yoga, Advaita, and Buddhism without providing anything that competes with the purpose of those things. Is it coming? Because if it is not, you are the one who could be more careful about misleading.
  3. Has anyone here practiced a program like The Ultramind Solution by Mark Hyman, M.D? What are your thoughts and experience about improving overall mental health through diet and nutrition? I'm looking for a concise mindset about what to eat, what not to eat, and why. Any suggestions about nutrition programs? Thank you!
  4. I'm having ups and downs with depression in the last 10 years. Tried almost everything. Few results. I have no energy or willpower to do retreats (which I believe can be helpful). I don't feel stable enough to face a psychedelic trip. I believe that the key is in inner exploration. Getting insight and releasing trauma. I already tried tons of holotropic breathwork, fasting, retreats and I had a "bad trip" microdosing lsd.
  5. I've been in one of their bootcamps. Be careful, they act in a very professional manner, and they are good, but I felt they don't give a shit about how you feel and about your improvement, they just get the money and deliver the cold pick-up shit. It can be traumatizing.
  6. I am struggling with a decent amount of depression and anxiety. I always had these symptoms, since childhood, but they intensified after intense "awakenings" and also intense bad trips with psychedelics. Pretty often I suspect that I am crossing the dark night of the soul, therefore, sometimes I feel like the only way out is definitively "transcending this world" through spiritual practices and surrendering. Over the last 10 years, I made lots of psychiatric treatments which provided me some relief for a while, but my life hasn't changed. I got in touch with anti-anxiety medication again recently, which surprisingly gave me a lot of relief pretty quickly. My questions are: Am I numbing myself from a pain that possibly is associated with spiritual processes? Could it be delaying my "liberation"? Do you think that intense depression could be (by brute force) detaching me from my materialistic delusions? Sometimes I think that if I feel good I'll become more materialistic and disconnect from seeking Truth.
  7. I'm Brazilian too, and I recognize the linguistic problems. But, before considering that, I think we need to consider the social and cultural implications. First, language was made for communication, it is a tool and has a function. Real inclusion can never be made through language, it can only be made through ethics. Think about art, architecture, fashion, and transport. Those things only adapt when really necessary (to help people with disabilities for example), otherwise, it is not reasonable to request changes in these areas, because it is not their purpose. Second, language is part of cultural identity, it tends to be protected by people like everything else that is part of our culture. Trying to force changes into it, will provoke a reaction. There are many people who don't agree with these changes. Do you know the results of that? Rate, division, and neo nazis groups arising everywhere.
  8. Cats have more ego than dogs for sure.
  9. WOW, It looks really challenging! And you look very clear in how you communicate about your dream and the process of getting there. I would suggest contemplating another possible way of achieving your goal and other possible dreams in life. It can possibly release a lot of tension. But don't give up your actual plan. You are committed. Hold tight, it is already yours!
  10. Try to watch Leo's video about it. I super agree with his approach. In basic terms, think about attraction as solving a mathematical equation. But instead of relying only on rationality, It works by using unconscious "magical" mechanisms that will make you closer and closer to the results you are looking for. As you have faith, focus, patience, mental and emotional connection with a specific goal, the way to "manifest it" will become clear to you. You can approach it in a skeptical/scientific way: As you connect your mind/brain with the intention of attaining something, your intelligence will expand by itself and help you to make progress step by step. Think about great inventors, visionaries, and artists. They didn't have their results from the beginning, instead, they "manifested" by allowing their own everyday intelligence to expand beyond what they thought was possible. And you can think in a more mystical way: believing that all reality is interconnected, and your thoughts and ideas are part of god's creation. What we conceive as physical reality is born from our own consciousness. Therefore we can make bridges between our thoughts and the material world. How you see it is up to you. There's a lot of BS about it out there. Look for authors you resonate with and can rely on.
  11. @flyingwhalee I have no idea what can be the cause and the appropriate tools for what you are experiencing with your trips. But I would highly recommend reading "The psychedelic experience" by Timothy Leary. It will give you a better understanding on how to guide yourself into hallucinatory phases. Be careful with yourself and keep researching what works.
  12. Yeah ok, it is fantastic. I just wonder about the truly healing effects. I did it a few times and it really feels like the most direct and effective tool to deal with trauma. BUT, after the effects passed, just the memory of the experience remained. Not any real change. With LSD it was different, I felt changes in my thought and emotional patterns for a few weeks. Is there a way to get more out of this substance (MDMA) in terms of psychotherapy? I consider maybe some day doing it with intention and a therapeutic setting. Maybe I missed those points.
  13. @Leo Gura I think you meant ¨serius self actualization work¨. Is that right?
  14. @ardacigin What do you mean by that? What would be your approach? It seems like people need to become more than enlightened to heal depression in your opinion. Could you clarify it, please? I took 4 sessions of Ketamine in a clinic with zero results for my depression.
  15. I was so tense, so anxious, and desperate. Then, from my heart, I released my anguish. And truly allowed, accepted. There was a girl on the street and her glasses reflected multiple colors, which reminded me of the freedom of being once I had in psychedelic state. It was nothing absurd or mystical I think. Just a sudden dissolving of the heaviness of my worries. And some extra energy became available immediately. I went to the supermarket and I was dancing. But the next day I wasn't into that anymore. And I do understand a lot of the theory about "letting go" and tried to apply it many times. I just don't know how I could embody it so well at that moment. And what can be missing to make this "state" more available. Could any of you guys help me?