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  1. Thanks for your replies. I've got my medication sorted and I feel a lot better now. Xxx ❤️?
  2. I used to look into people's eyes and see my soul reflected back. Now there's nothing there. God help me.
  3. I feel possessed by some entity. I tried to kill myself 10 days ago. I took some pills. I didn't die, but I think my insides are fucked now. There is the most unbearable, sick feeling of dread, terror, sickness and evil in my core. I can smell the evil inside of me. It's putrid. My eyes are going crossed. I'm spitting blood sometimes. I've totally ruined everything. Nothing can save me. No prayer or meditation can help me.
  4. @TheAvatarState so you're suggesting that I accept the fact that I take things personally?
  5. I want to know what your secret is. Are some people just predisposed to being more easy going? I can be way too sensitive sometimes, and it's something that I hate about myself, but I can't seem to change.
  6. You mean how many hours did I meditate yesterday? Or how many hours have I meditated in my life?
  7. Been meditating hard-core all day, and 20 minutes ago everything became clear again. Peace, laughter, freedom, joy I am pure awareness. ?
  8. Is the joy of living worth the suffering which accompanies it?
  9. -Yeah it doesn't feel good to think I have no control... -blah, blah, blah I am the awareness of the thoughts and feelings...zzzzz What's my grade?
  10. ??? That made me laugh. But you can see why asking questions can be more useful than giving straightforward answers, because it makes you think.
  11. Thinking differently about a situation, by counteracting a negative thought with a positive one. ? I understand we have some control, (or what feels like control), but I've never met anyone who was FULLY in control and that's why I started the thread, because I actually think full control of one's feelings is impossible.