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  1. wokeness is being ideological about green stuff.
  2. It's a pure myth that giant corporations are against regulation. They are using regulation as a means to drive out competition from the little guys and increase the barrier of entry. The government is who abuses the free markets to oppress the small business folk. They call the process euphemistically as lobbying. To make it sound cute and less threatening.
  3. Yes you are correct. The enslavement comes from the government, not corporate. Capitalism and free markets have built a functional organic system that provides valuable goods and services to people. Government comes in between and takes those stolen data for surveillance. That's the scary part. They use the corporate data just to spy on you. That's far more sinister than anything that the corporations are doing. Corporations have no choice but to bend to the whims of the government since they have a monopoly on violence. You criticised Facebook for rigging the 2016 election as if it was a problem with Facebook. In reality it's always the government systems, that too a democratic one, that abuses the corporate systems and then blames the corporations.
  4. Also note that all these advancements in AI would not have been possible without "stealing" the data. If they can steal my data and make something as incredible as an powerful LLM, then I support stealing those data. How incredible it would be if could make use of code written by other people in my own work? That is the magic of capitalism. Data is collected to improve that service. IF you do not want that, use cheaper stuff that exists, that do not steal your data. It is out there. No one is forcing you to give up your data. Even if 10% more people were concerned with their privacy than now, then we would have been living in a much different world. Open-source ecosystem would have made even more wonderful software you all can make use of. But people do not care about privacy or transparency. So the capitalistic free market gives them exactly that. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- The whole problem lies when govt increases the barrier of entry for small businesses. That is the thing that we should be really scared of. And avoid obvious market manipulation like stock buybacks & insider trading. ALl of these are problems with the government, not with capitalism.
  5. Listen there is a lot of unrolling to do because what you said contradicts itself. 1. Why do Facebook and google "steal" your data? They sell that data to businesses owners who are providing some sort of product or a service to people. So they still get rich from buying stuff from the store. FB is solving a difficult problem in the market. If you have a product that people love, and there are people who love your product, how do you reach them? By collecting their data and selling it to business owners who have something to sell. The data is valuable only because it facilitates sales. So, they still get rich from connecting people who would eventually buy from their store. If you are a small business owner who wants to sell electric kettles, then you could do an ad campaign that targets such sort of people. Now could be help combat climate change by selling solar panels over Facebook as a small business owner. All of these are doing incredible things for the economy. It's not just mega corporations making each other rich. It is putting power in the hands of small business owners who can now deliver a service or sell some cool shirt. This would be impossible without collecting or "stealing" user data. -------------------------------------------------------- 2. Is it really stealing if you had given them consent to access your files and your data that you willingly entered into their platform? So technically you did consent, even though their manufactured content in a sneaky way. You cannot install these social media in your phone unless you sign their terms and conditions. It clearly says that they have the rights to use the data of their users to improve the services they provide you. --------------------------------------------------------------- 3. Consent does not matter anyway since most people simply do not care. They would rather have their data taken and get a better service than not have their data taken at all and be given an OS that they could custom design. Capitalism does not never give you options. It is up for the market to decide what options to choose from. Apple and Microsoft collect data to improve the services they give you. Are you pissed off? Use Linux. The solution already exists. Why do you waste your money and time to pay for Microsoft or Apple? Because collecting user data helps them make an OS where most of the problems faced by the normal folk are already solved by the corporation selling them. Linux does not collect any data. But you need to learn more about computers to install and use Linux. They want a solution that works out of the box without worrying too much. You cannot force Apple or Microsoft to solve a problem that does not exist. This comes back to the question of freedom & responsibility? Do you want freedom from mega corporations tracking you? Use Linux. Do you want mega corporations to collect telemetry and records user behavior, but will give you a readymade OS that you could start with without learning much about it? Use Apple or Microsoft. But you do realize that Apple would need to collect user data to design a system that. Most people do not want responsibility that comes with freedom. So, they choose to go with having less freedom and less responsibility. It is not like alternative solutions does not exist in the market. It does an its free. Just that it does not interests people.
  6. If they suck up trillions of dollars, then someone has to give them trillions of dollars. Will you give up trillions of dollars for free? only if you get more than a trillion dollars in value. I will be glad if a trillion dollars of value is pumped into this economy. That would do wonders to the economy in a scale more than you could imagine. If he is raising a trillion from investors. I couldn't care less. Let him do it. In that case he is making himself a slave by being in debt to those investors. There will be a lot of investors, which is not going to be a problem. There is a chance that none of this will pay out and the money will be locked up in research & development. That is good. If he gets a trillion-dollar contract from the govt, then you should be concerned. Because that is the taxpayer money of the people. Government contracts are scary. In that case, you should blame the government for empowering trillion-dollar corpos. If the "little folks" can get a share of the trillion dollars in value, then that would empower the little folk. You can use Ai without having a single penny. You should look forward to increasing competition in the market by having more players and easing the regulations. That way no single corpos can increase the prices inorganically. Stop seeing everything from the eyes of the Karl Marx. Even he would change the mind on capitalism based on whatever that is going on at the moment. He got billions because you keep sending him money. You keep using his products even when you can choose not to. He got billions from solving real problems. And you use the products of people who exploit their workers. If you want to mass produce anything, you need to exploit the labor. This is altruistic exploitation and a necessary one. Do you want to exploit people and build cheap solar panels, nuclear plants and electric cars to produce clean energy or die from climate change? The exploitation is not done from a shameless attempt to get rich. He is solving genuine problems, and the market prefers exploitative solutions by wanting cheap cars, solar panels etc. He can pay his workers more if you are willing to pay more for a Tesla. So, you are doing the exploitation by buying apple and tesla. If it is exploitative, you can choose not to get exploited. No one is forcing anyone to work for a billionaire. But someone has to make the food with capital as cheaply as possible so that people can be fed. The AI companies can never enslave you on their own. They do not have the monopoly on violence. Government is the one responsible for ensuring the law and order. The best that AI companies can ever do is to get lots of paper money. That paper money is valuable simply because the government says so. If the government is easily corruptible, then you know where the problem is. The real problem is when you are squeezed out of alternatives because the government increases the barrier to entry for smaller business by increasing regulations and random stupid fees for doing business. That way you are allowed to buy services from one mega corporation. All problems of slavery come from the government not doing it job or when the government is handing out contracts worth billions to these companies or lobbying to kill small business by overregulating them. Most problems would instantly solve if you were not going to pester small business from providing services by making use of AI. This is how you democratize AI and put power in the hands of the people.
  7. Dude what I am saying is that AI treaty will not be singed by countries powerful enough to develop their own AI. They will literally ignore the treaty like India and Israel ignored the NPT. The countries who did sign the treaty were too weak to develop their own nukes. It's not like they had the capacity to do it anyway. And you do realize that even Russia violated the treaty and US pulled out of it. That's how petty these agreements are. The moment it's inconvenient for you, you can pull out of it. You will be shooting yourself in the foot by not developing your own AI. For eg Ukraine didn't develop their own nuclear weapons for honouring some shitty treaty and now they are paying a hefty price for it. Nukes could have easily prevented this sort of Russian invasion. That's what's going to happen to countries that doesn't pursue AI. They will be overshadowed by countries who do develop their own AI. The intended effect was to prevent more countries from developing nukes apart from the existing ones. They clearly failed at that. North Korea signed and later pulled off. Because without nukes, they would they would be under the control of the US or bigger powers. They don't have to be enemies to not cooperate. They could simply follow their own interests which is to develop their own AI. The laws that you make only apply to a certain jurisdiction. They would do all the same in a different jurisdiction. It's so easy to skid these laws. Which are meaningless anyway.
  8. Exactly. The treaty was signed to prevent other nations from developing nuclear weapons. And what happened? India, Pakistan, North Korea and even Israel developed nuclear weapons anyway. Even US and Russia withdrew from the treaty. Which is why all such treaties are utter trash. The exact same thing will happen with AI, now that corporations are playing the game. So, they would absolutely zero flying fucks about any "treaty". If you try to regulate them too much they move to a country that does not try to regulate them and train their AI on all the data they can get their hands on. I oppose all regulations that increases the barrier to entry to AI. Some basic regulations are necessary. I do not doubt the sincerity or good will of your arguments. Just that it will not produce the intended effects that you are looking for.
  9. Why would you even want to stop it? It's so ridiculous. We need to build zero trust systems that could operate without being fooled by a freaking AI. "As a species" Do you even realize how silly this sounds? Do you think China/Russia is simply going to put a halt because someone fearmongers about it? Do you think even the companies in US are going to stop it? Stop the fear mongering for a moment . Whatever problems we face, we will solve it then. Just like we always did it.
  10. I don't think so. It's hard to operate in the AI industry without a solid profit motive. Not that it matters. Either way I am happy with more AI tools available to me. What concerns me is they putting guard rails on AI because of woke stuff and now it's doesn't work as it used to. Even now chat gpt is not nearly usable. It's giving trash responses and less relevant information and declining answers without explanation. Another instance of why socialisms/communism/wokeism would never produce the intended outcomes.
  11. Now we all can start a film with a keyboard and some creativity instead of relying on Disney to give lectures on wokeism shoved in their movies. You do not need to invest 200 million in capital to make a movie. The cost should come down with AI. There should be some impact that put some power in the hands of the people. All these tools are out there for people who want to use it well. These are more reasons to be optimistic. -------------------- Government regulation of small business is the biggest thing that you should be scared of. You should lower the barrier to entry for small businesses. Regulation should be done in a less disruptive way. That is the real danger in the room.
  12. This is harmful rhetoric. AI is putting power in the hands of people. The only way anyone make money in the free market is if they deliver value to people en masse. I do not care about some shameless billionaire adding an extra few billion into his pocket. It doesn't affect any of us except for climate change by their mammoth size emissions from private jets and yachts. Even capitalism is solving climate change by mass producing solar, wind and even nuclear infrastructure. Nobody is stopping us from solving the problems for solutions is right Infront of us. Also, they shouldn't use money & power to break or bend the laws. For e.g. stock buy backs is bad. All is well apart from that. We need to avoid such obvious breaking of rules. Apart from that all is well to be really honest. Now you can start many businesses without having a huge capital by levering the power of AI. You can start a business with 1k or 5k when that number used to be 10 times larger 20 years ago. That is only because of the tools that were produced by capitalism. You can use AI to help you assist in gathering information, doing small tasks, content writing, virtual assistant etc. You do not need to employ people to slave away in this kind of dead-end jobs. So, I am I supposed to be pissed off that the OpenAI board is getting billions from AI? I do not really care. I get more free stuff. We should be celebrating all of these. Only very tiny portion of stage orange include those "soulless corpos". That is why laws exist. If the government is not enforcing those laws, it is upon them. They shouldn't be taking bribes.
  13. How much if this "late stage capitalism" is real? I don't see anything significant happening to capitalism as a whole and I don't see why we have to. Are we all going to shift to the Nordic model after capitalism? We would need a lot of resources for that, for which you need capitalism. The only way out of capitalism is through.
  14. There is plenty of OpenAI's bias baked into AI long before the public can access it.