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  1. It's impossible to know anything. You will never know anything. What does it mean to "know" anything? It only means you are at peace with something. You will never know that you are God in its entirety. If you did, you would right now. The only thing you could do is to expand your state of consciousness so that you can feel that you have understood relative to your previous stage of consciousness. God dosen't have anyone else around him to ask and verify any claims. The only truth is being. The end.
  2. These days you can have a dick and still be a woman. So being a feminist and being feminine is that not big of a deal.
  3. The ultimate liberation is of course death. 😂😂 Peak love manifesting everywhere.
  4. @Leo Gura It's mostly illegal immigrants and refugees that increases the crime rates of a place. Legal immigrants are usually high skilled workers who came there through due process of law. Of course they have no reason to indulge in crimes. You are simply wrong about Sweden. The only thing that has changed in the recent times in Sweden is increased intake of immigrants. Please do research on Google. Maybe the RW pov does have validity. The logic is simple. Inequality increases when you accept migrants in huge numbers and inequality in society is the number one predictor of increasing violence.
  5. 😂😂😂😂 But he can do it consciously.
  6. Narcissism and ego is always short lived. Their beauty won't last long and soon they are dumped and replaced another beautiful young woman. Plus I don't think you would make this statement if you had plenty of beautiful sexual women being attracted to you the whole time. Maybe you despise yourself for not being the male that attracts beautiful females consistently. Plus it's okay to have an ego if you can back it up. What's truly annoying in women is entitlement and having an ego when you have nothing to back it up. You should edit the title to not come off as misogynistic.
  7. Awakening can wait. Let's started with sex first.
  8. Even if you don't socialise, the time you listen to someone is enough for you to unconsciously adopt their frames. I despise people who merely parrot what they hear on the internet. They are unbearable. So when I do it, it's incredibly cringey and stupid. I know I am not that kind of person. I have never been. You are more vulnerable to adoption other people's frames when you are more desperate. If you are on high alert, then there is no way you would adopt their worldviews. It's clear how Andrew Tate is focusing him frame on young impressionable minds. But everyone else is also doing the exact same thing. Trying to infect your minds with stupid frames and ideologies of thinking.
  9. Leo's latest video on socialisation was absolutely spot on. It's incredible how Leo manage to speak exactly on point clearly in every single video. This should be the point of life. I don't socialise. I only listen to extremely smart people. But the problem is that I get dependent on those few intelligent people. They can get me through most of the situations. But ultimately life is meant to be fought and lived alone. I have accidentally allowed the frame of someone else to reside in my mind. I cannot have him near me to make every one of my decisions. I have to make my decisions alone. I am off to deconstructing the residue frame in me by some people.
  10. @Razard86 Peterson delivered a level headed take. He didn't endorse monarchy. He even said it will eventually disintegrate because it's hard to manage and you need someone impressive for it. Having a monarch can also act as a check to the power of the government and how it generates more income than he spends. He arranged everything he said into a beautiful lecture.
  11. @Loba Excellent Words. Everyone's inputs gave me something valuable. I appreciate it a lot.
  12. Maybe they want an outlet for the inner devil and desire for power.
  13. This was the better route in retrospect. However I wanted to maintain good terms with the girl post breakup. This means that I will be seeing some of her content once in a while which might interrupt me moving on.
  14. Agreed. I miss my school days. Schools do a good job of giving you basic understanding of reality which serves as a hood foundation for the work you do later.