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  1. Ditch this thought completely. You are being unnecessarily hard on yourself. Normal asian tendency to be honest that I can relate. 😂 Having additional burdens only hampers your money making power in the future. You have to abuse whatever privileges you have at the moment, instead of putting restrictions on yourself. For me personally I have been very cognizant of my own privileges that I had and took care to not use than and follow the general route and I have found that me peers who used their advantage are far ahead of me. It was a big mistake from my part to not use whatever privileges I have. If you get super rich in the future, then you can happily pay your parents double that money with nothing to worry about. Asian parents never expect the money anyway. Now if I were you, I would develop myself and try to develop my parents as well and to fortify my mental health so as not let parents impact my mental health too much. Then I would continue working from home, and stack up money. In this sort of wretched economy it's not worth it to pay rent. You are just paying someone else just to have a space. I would rather put that money into making more money. This is afterall, a huge balancing act depending upon your priorities, needs & values at the end of the dat. Are your working in IT industry if I may ask?
  2. If she can satisfy his sexual needs and vice versa, then that's completely fine. The problem is that men of high sexual drive find it impossible to have their sexual needs to be satiated by a single woman. The only problem is a mismatch of sexual needs. You can see how billionaires usually have this sort of thing going on in their lives. They usually cheat on their wifes because they are driven men with high testosterone which forces them to take risk for sexual variety. Well, even in this scenario, it doesn't mean the cheating is okay. Cheating is never okay wherever it is. Hiding information is never okay, whatever the realm of life you are taking into account. With that said, I would ask the man to discuss this with their partner if he finds his sexual needs unable to be satiated by one woman. This is a whole different scenario. Because such men are capable of having sex at almost all the time while the woman may have periods, mood swings, not being in the right mood etc. On the other hand, the man is willing to have sex is she is down, most of the time. This is the biological mismatch of sexual needs of males and females. You can address this in depth. Is she is not down, then compensate the man in other ways, instead of making him sexually repressed.
  3. Most people if given a choice will choose to be a the adorer. Because the adorer is the one getting all the excitement and emotional cocktail of adoring their partner. I would always choose to be the adorer if given the chance whether I am a man or a woman. This is an easy choice. That's why I want to give her the chance of being excited to be with me. This is like getting a selfi with your favourite celebrity. Getting a pic with a celebrity is a huge deal for the fan. But it doesn't do much for the celebrity who is probably tired of posing for photos. The fan is who is making most out of the moment by being with their favourite musician or actor. Get it?
  4. That's why I said *loosely fit*. It's an archetype used for theoretical discussions. This doesn't have a direct correspondence with reality. Just pay attention to the admiration part. A a lot of the confusion in this thread is mixing up love with adoration/admiration. Leo loves all his audience, but he doesn't admire them. That's why he calls them rats and dogs. Well he probably still loves them. But sometimes the respect is lacking. And that's perfectly fine. On the other hand most of the audience of Leo *loves and admires* him. Adoration has more to do with reverence, respect and being happy that you got to see/listen or to be with that person. Love is a much more purer abstract and less human notion than adoration. Adoration is purely a human thing.
  5. Wow such an accurate analysis of everything I have said. Thanks for your advice. Now I am a male feminist.
  6. I dunno. Just feels like it. 😒
  7. I do agree that men are good at giving advice on how to initiate a relationship. Men are good at keeping other men accountable for putting in the work and get results when it is in their control to do so while doing the maximum work. But the same cannot be expected of women. According to women other women are just queens and men should all the work and be responsible for everything. They all purport some version of that which I do not agree at all. Many women can't even describe the list of things to be expected of a woman in a relationship while they are more than happy to give a list of things that men are required to follow.
  8. The dude in the video is not talking about attraction or falling in love but rather maintain a long term relationship. For initiating attraction, men do not fall in love by receiving adoration. The man has to put on his romantic chaser hat and shoot his shot. The giver is NOT the adorer. The adorer is the taker, emotion wise. The adorer gets/takes a lot of emotions from adoring the woman or the man. I personally love to adore someone else since that is way more exciting than being beloved. And women particularly want to feel the roller-coaster of emotions. This is a privilege extended only to the adorer. Most people would want to be adorers if given the chance. Being the beloved doesn't involve much work. It's just standing there thinking if you are ready to be loved by the dudes around you. Which is what is happening in the attraction phase. You love to love others simple because of what it makes you feel. All the beloved has to do is to give the green signal for allowing herself and opening herself up to be loved. You can have heterosexual relationships to loosely fit two of the abstractions given below. 1. The father-daughter dynamic. 2. The mother-son dynamic. The dude in the video is talking about the first dynamic where the woman respects and adores her man like would a daughter adores her father and sees his as her hero. The man loves her as if she is a child. He loves her for what she is. He takes care of things so that there isn't anything too harsh that she has to worry about. In return he requires her to be a good girl, not cause too much havoc, do her simple duties etc. Adoration should not be mixed up with love. And the dude is not saying that one should not adore the woman. Both can adore and love each other as much as they want. It is just that it is better when the woman adores the man more. If you want another way to think about the dynamic, then think of the 3. Celebrity-Fan dynamic A celebrity loves his/her fans, but they do not adore their fans. And they do not get a roller coaster of emotions when they are signing at a concert. They are just doing their job and getting paid for it. But the fans attending the concert are having an intense flow of emotions of their lifetime that they consider it worth paying hundreds of dollars for dancing in a crowded venue full of strangers.
  9. It's not. They are not able to get verification for obvious reasons.
  10. Owned & ratioed Hilary Clinton 😂😂