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  1. What goes around comes around. The laws of psychology are a subtler version of the laws of physics. The laws of psychology may be slower had more inertia and not predictable on paper. But the consequences of your action will always come back to haunt you. No energy is ever lost. It only takes different forms.
  2. @Karmadhi is among the most articulate people on this forum. He raised an important point in the last post.
  3. The American populace was quite used to being the beneficiary of capitalism and they have grown to enjoy it for far too long that they have never thought it would even come to bite them back in the ass. All the liberalism was a mask for capitalism which works as long as you have a pipeline of labor, money and resources streamed to the west from third world. Aka neo liberalism, distinct from wokeism. Ukraine was supposed to be the next cash cow in the line. I do not think wokeism would have thrived in the absence of siphoning the wealth from the rest of the world into the west which via covert and overt means, that results in the woke bubble, which is a second order effect of crony capitalism. They are the beneficiaries of capitalism while living in total disconnect with the damages of capitalism. Hence capitalism thrived in the west all throughout the late 20th century. This is the best life anyone could have asked for, relatively speaking. Boomers had the time of their life while America went on a bombing spree across the entire world. Boomers had the best life. Zoomers and millennials are going to pay up for it. Now it's payback time for capitalism.
  4. Vance is bankrolled by P. Theil both being staunchly pro-Israel has connections with the Israeli intelligence that wants to boost the surveillance state even in the US?? This only gets more depressing the more you dig into this. Also, Vance is backing out of the Ukraine war only because United States have effectively lost the war. Now he wants to counter China and Iran. 🤡 What is he going to do? Provoke China into attacking Taiwan and send billions to Taiwan? Then lose that too while people get fed up with that and Dems can choose their next war? American politics is designed in a way that only pro war and pro-Israeli candidates can, forget about winning, even run. What a beautiful state of affairs. 🤡 The financial situation is not looking good either. I predict a 2008 style collapse in the next term, before 2028. The decay can also be slow and gradual this time without a tumultuous collapse. Which is all the more deadly.
  5. You can make that claim. For the moment. But if Trump is elected and he actually stops the war like he promised within a reasonable time frame all your arguments and blog posts are going to go down the drain. I remember your earlier blog posts on Republicans (Bush) dragging USA to 2 needless wars, but now Democrats have also dragged USA to needless wars pretty much. But all of that is irrelevant anyway since Israel lobby is essentially dictating the American foreign policy even in 2003 and 20 years after that. So Dems and Reps did not have much of a choice. What happened has happened. There is no point resenting or whining over it. The only thing that matters is who can put an end to this wretched nonsense. Let's see!
  6. Just to be clear, will there be a guy named "Literally Anybody Else" who you can vote for in the upcoming election in November? And any US citizen can vote for him? Asking this to know. I only see 6 people running for president. That's besides the point anyway. They merely prove my point that the de facto two-party presential system do not offer enough choice to voters. That is the point of the satirical name. He are not serious about winning anyway. You need to go bottom up. Not top down. American elections are top down that normies do not have a shot at winning.
  7. I am afraid small donations will not be enough. They splash an eye watering amount of money in campaigns. Transfer of money is not illegal. You cannot stop people from transferring money. They will always find ways to transfer money in one way or another. There are some unfair advantages that you have to live with and there is absolutely nothing you can do about. Better focus on things that we can do something about. I do not know about the internal details of American politics enough to make a proper judgement. I do not see average citizens running for president in the US elections. So even if they can, in practice they cannot make it due to not having enough money or influence in their corporate-style parties. Back here in India, you can see absolute normies competing for presidential elections. They might not get elected, but they can run for elections, and they actually do, in practice. There are multiple parties with many different ideologies and some without an operating ideology, simply because everyone can run and form a party, given that people vote for them. Having a wide variety of choice for the voters is imperative in democracy, both in theory and in practice. Else you will get into situations when you get stuck with a dementia patient or a convicted felon. This is flawed design. Allowing, exclusively the mega wealthy to run for president is not good either. Listening to what your voters base want is not a bad thing. When MAGA people want to be more isolationist and be antiwar, it is good to listen to them and take a stance that is in alignment with them.
  8. This will never happen. These campaigns require a lot of money. How do you suppose they run their campaigns then? I do not understand much of those, but democracy means people are supposed to take the decision first. As long as some parties act as the de facto gatekeepers of who people are allowed to choose, you are living in a presidential rule for all intends and purposes. It is not a democracy even in theory. Every citizen should be able to run for president, in theory.
  9. Look at how we conduct elections in India. There are 13 options for a single voter although there are 3-4 dominant parties in every constituency whose candidates are likely to win. Even I can stand for an election. I am not joking. I can run for the president of India. Even if you have committed crimes and locked up in jail, you can still run for president. After the MPs are elected, they become the representatives of the people who can join together to form parities or coalitions who ultimately choose the president. This is how you should conduct elections. Not the fundamentally flawed oligarchic/republic system in the US.
  10. Conscription about to start for the Ultra Orthodox Jews. Good move by the supreme court.
  11. Try to add something to the conversation instead of this high school level mockery.
  12. This is how people realize how dangerous how postmodern relativism really is. The left has used this crappy ideology to normalize some total nonsense in our culture and they went too far with it. We had no choice but to flow with it because of "both sides are equally valid" argument. It is fundamentally a subversive ideology primed to topple institutions and erode their foundation in truth from the inside out. You should have seen this coming that one day the right will weaponize it too. Stage green is so fundamentally different from the lower stages in the sense that is is not constructive in nature. It is deconstructive in nature. There is a whole slew of problems that come with it.
  13. RealLifeLore has made many poor analysis of the war before. Even the thumbnail shows arrows from Russia attacking the baltic states. This is lunacy. Russia has no intention of conquering or attacking those tiny countries, unless of course NATO goes out of it's way to pose a threat to Russia with those states.