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  1. Autism is a super power in disguise, only if you manage to channel it well.
  2. Just started taking it. Can you specify any specific long term problems?
  3. Every research I did says that creatine is safe. Some people are citing the kidney problems. I am Not sure about it. I think it's safe for vast majority of people.
  4. When I was 7 years old, I thought that girls also had dicks, cuz why not I simply didn't have an option but to aroused by dreaming a naked female with dick. It took some time & confusion before the ultimate Truth was revealed.
  5. Are you grossed out watching straight porn, because it features a dick in it? I have an aversion to straight porn. Extreme straight people should only watch lesbian porn in my opinion.
  6. And also that disproportionately men go through most of these cruel circumstances, and they are not rewarded or even recognised by society which is pre occupied with equality.
  7. The dude is being disrespectful to JP. I understand if you initially found it funny, but if you keep laughing while he is crying you are just an asshole. Sad that no one pointed this out under the comments of that video. Everyone is making fun of peterson reasoning why he is crying. It's not something you do. With that said, I don't understand the meaning of what he said. I would highly appreciate an explanation from someone who understood this.
  8. Not going to lie, I enjoy pointing this out everytime.
  9. At one point in history fat was perceived as hot. Because food was scare and fat women indicated rich & high status families that had access to sufficient food. You can see sculptures and paintings fetishising fat women from that time period. Not saying thag this can happen again. Probably won't. That's true, but with heart diseases and obesity being the number one reason for deaths, a little hurt to the self esteem is fine as long as she decides to eat clean and works out a little bit. Obesity is a slow killer. Everyone's survival hinges on body fat percentage. Plus I don't think women are so willing to date or marry a fat dude. Even plus size women admitted that they are not attracted to plus size men. Far more men are willing to settle with fat women in my opinion than vice versa.
  10. @Danioover9000 I mean you know what you are going to see with a show. It's not exceptional content that will be cherished for years It will be big budget, big stars, same old regurgitated scenes, wokesim etc Occasionally they do have good content, that alone isn't worth paying for.
  11. I think you all have missed the main point. Netflix Content is shit. That's the bottom line. That's the main reason why people are not paying for it. The movies are nothing more than "let's throw monaaaay and get all the best actors and use scenes that's nothing new". It's merely use and throw, but for series and movie. The movies do not have anything worth remembering. There is no creativity in the actual story or writing. Predictable content is boring. And now add some wokesim onto it. They use female characters to represent prominent male figures in history, women beating men in fights, etc.. You may not see the problem with them, but no one is going to pay to watch an inaccurate picture of biology and reality. I can watch any show I want for free if I want, but I still don't because it's a waste of time.
  12. Yes. But Amazon is also exploiting workers and I am ripping off of their content, because I don't want to contribute to their system of oppression.
  13. Realistically, people rarely suffer the karma of their foolish governance. The normie masses suffer from foolish policies. The rich & powerful, who often frame foolish policies can simply buy a passport to any place they want. They don't have to suffer through the consequences of their karma. Maybe their next generation does. But who cares.
  14. Exactly. Never understood people paying for Netflix when you can download any show you want for free from the internet. If this was not the case only a few people would own the software and services, from the beginning of the internet. I do cherish the old days of the internet.
  15. Elon probably sees this as an opportunity for more tax cuts or atleast potentially ward off any taxes on the rich. This might also seal his 2024 win. America will get a lot more worse before it improves.