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  1. The level of work ethic I am having , i am awareis not at all near to perfect. I would like to develop it . Please suggest some quality resources on the Topic .
  2. Yes, Covid had hit India harder this time add to that working from home, has increased loneliness and anxiousness. But I think that If you are someone who is on your path on your purpose you won't really be at the effect of the situation really. I had been like that in the past but seem to have simply lost that, It hurts more when you know what the right behaviour is but are not really matching your own standards.
  3. I see, well I don't plan to start up any psychedelics any time soon, I want to be mentally at my fittest , so currently working towards it. I am not getting the time as of now because of my sales job, and I think my 15-20 mins of meditations are not working anymore for me and i have to increase the duration . Thinking will never really give us answers , I guess go with something which is the most logical choice for you at least it will get you started, Tech sector will definitely solve your finance woes, who knows you might find something in it you're passionate about as well. All the best to you , for whichever path you choose to venture on !
  4. I see, well I don't plan to start up any thing any time soon, I am not mentally at my fittest , so currently working towards it. I think my 15-20 mins of meditations are not working anymore for me and i have to increase the duration again . Thinking will never really give us answers , I guess go with something which is the most logical choice for you atleast it will get you started, IT will definitely solve your finance woes, who knows you might find something in it youre passionate about as well. And all the best to you , for whichever path you choose to venture on !
  5. Sound's like that could work , will try it .
  6. what about you @Bob Seeker how old are you ? do you take psycedelics , what other things are you doing to allign your life more towards your purpose?
  7. No I don't actively used Psychedelics. nor am I planning to as of now. I by mistake had a Psychedelic experience this march when I accidentally overdosed on edible marijuana ( called bhang on Holi, an Indian festival). I started to feel I was about to die, had a massive panic attack. then kept on having those few more of them on the following weeks. My relationship with my dad improved after having it and I left pickup , these are 2 positive things that happened. But the experience got me scared. yes after 4 years of spirituality I kinda do feel that spirituality and meditation brings in meaning less ness. yes a lot , I feel like doing something like that , wandering around the country, but never considered anything like that seriously. I am exploring coding now , I have allways been interested into tech, but I am at my best when I am creative and artistic so I am looking for areas in coding where I can utilize my creativity.
  8. I am working out almost every day, spend 1.5 hours before starting work on 45 mins of pranayama and wim hof, 40 mins of weight training and exercise and about 10-15 mins of mindfullness. Currently learning code and Software dev , which I think will count as a hobby for now I used to have a vision though a vague one but I had one and it was beautiful and precious for me , it used to "make me cry" when I'd feel it . I have lost that .
  9. I am a 28 year old now, I started personal dev at 24 , initial 2 years I felt like I was actually growing and am on my path. Not anymore, I have lost that excitement about my future! Has this happened to you , how you tacked it? is this a phase ? what should I do handle this healthily My background: I started working in sales to learn and get better at sales , I loved sales for about 2 years but these days I have started to hate it. Particularly i am hating that I am not actually creating anything of value in sales , except revenue for my comapny. I have made myself learn coding and now giving interviews to get a job and change my field. I started meditation in 2017 and have been meditating almost every day since then till 4-5 months back, have not been that regular since last 4 -5 months. I also sucked at dating . had zero experience with opposite sex. So I had started pickup pretty heavily as well when I was about 25. Got decent at it and am satisfied with my results . Recently I realized how immature pickup is really and decided to leave pickup for good. It was a part of my life I used to have some excitement towards as I was relatively good in it.
  10. Congrats , on being able to pull off this post of yours without going anonymous, I am recently dealing with a similar situation with a girl I was dating, I will share it, she's a colleague who joined office about 2 months ago, outwardly she is shy and introverted. It took me about a month with her to realise that she is actually very attracted to abusive behaviour. And Normal relationshipy behaviour is boring for her. We have been together for about 1.5 months now, after we got physical she started to indicate that she wanted things to be serious between us. I didn't object. I was trying to own her, be a container for her as a man, as well as I am dominant enough along with maintaining Mutual respect between us. But just a few days back I got to know that she has beed talking and meeting with another guy behind my back, i have also managed to hear them talk ( she was calling him from our office phone where calls are recorded). That guy from his voice and way of speaking seemed like a total illiterate douche and spoke to her in a pretty disrespectful way and she was in her feminine totally enjoying it. I have confronted her with this but she wasn't completely honest even while she was confessing stuff, I have decided to not keep anything serious between us as a result of this although she is pleading for things to go back to how they were. All this has now left me really confused, from some study that I have been doing I have sort of come to a conclusion that, this was a case of extreme low self esteem and This girl was not a relationship material. I think to a certain extent this desire is okay, but it can go into dark realms if there are some unresolved issues and traumas. Like in this girl's case. Any suggestions or comments having varied perspectives on this are welcome.
  11. Hi guys I am a 27 year old guy living in New Delhi, I have been bullied In school a lot and had been depressed throughout my college time, I am btech dropout. After returning from college I got into meditation and personal development. ThroughPersonal development and meditation I healed myself to a good extent in my last 3-4 years time. I developed confidence and charisma in me which I had completely lacked . Having complete lack of experience with women, I got into pickup and devoted myself for last 2.5 years into it and have grown myself with respect to women a lot. Have been with multiple women during this time, I started as a virgin. I went to Vipassana retreat 2 times till now,10 days of isolation helps me to sit down and formulate a master purpose for my life for the next few years. Since the last 1 year I have been struggling to achieve my goals financially, after working in a few sales job, I joined real-estate sales last year to master it and to make a career in it and fulfill my financial goals, but I have not yet been successful and it's been about 10 months. I also am working on starting a personal development company of my own from scratch, which would be aimed at helping people ( men specially) in growing in all aspects of their lives from fitness, to relationships to spirituality. I am on a journey and I know many of you are out there like me. The journey is hard and long, and it's very easy to give up on the way , the downward pull is very strong, it's also easy when you're on such kind of journey to feel lonely and somehow different than others. Because sadly currently in our society very few people actually has hope and actually "believe". But when you have infront of you others who are like you, whom you can talk to and connect with, it can impact in a hugely positive way. It's true that the people with whom you associate decides how you will turn out to be. live in Mayur vihar In Delhi and I am intending to form some sort of a group of people who are struggling in life build themselves, who are actively doing personal development and working towards that life that they want. Anyone who are into personal development , thinks that such kind of an association will be a positive impact in their lives also can get in touch with me. I don't intend to make it a big group it would be maximum of 4-5 people, we might connect weekly through phone or in person and help each other being accountable, being in line with their growth and being a support when one is going through a vulnerable time.
  12. nope , thanks I'll see it. Thanks guys really happy to see others on the same transformative path I'll go through all of the recommendations you have mentioned and get back here.
  13. I am realising and being conscious of how traumas which I had in my Childhood (not going into details) , they effect my quality of my life on day to day basis and hence my efficiency to achieve my goals, I am on my path to master my charisma, workethics, sales skills( i am in sales) , leadership, my relationship building skills and i am realizing that my traumas are becoming a bottle neck . When I am in a low mood I can feel that limiting trauma energy in me, What is the most efficient way or path to become a person free of trauma? Is it even possible to rid your nervous system entirely of all traumas?
  14. @ajasatya thanks! "expanding means of communication" you mean like learning social media marketing or in which sense?
  15. I am 26 and I am a loser career wise, Now I want to have a great career for Myself which I have wanted Since I was a child. I am good in sales , I have worked on my communication and speaking skills. I allways have had a technical bend of mind but was never grounded , spirituality and pickup has helped me a lot to transform my personality and now I come of as a likeable guy mostly. I Don't have a college degree, Currently I am working in a company in sales, where i'll complete a month next month. I see in me that deep down I have a negative belief that I might never really have a great career. I would appreciate suggestions about how can I from here navigate life so as to realize my goal of having a great career which I really like.