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  1. @Javfly33 well actually 1000 girls in one year is the bare minimum according to standard pick up recommendation. Anyway, so yes age does makes us more confident ( I if we are aging right), since you feel you are more confident than 5 years ago you probably are. But being confident with women is a different thing. Unless you go in front of a girl and are fully feeling confident and are comfortably expressing yourself freely you don't know. There is no way other than taking to a girl face to face to learn and gain confidence with women, keep that in mind. First have a vision for yourself why do you want to do this, maybe you want to have a beautiful fun girlfriend who's great on bed , or may you want a harem of girls or Maybe you want to just work on your masculinity discover it and develop it, whatever it is make it clear why you wanna get better with interacting with women. Then Start the process of taking consistent action and constant learning from them. Make a point to talk to 3, 5 or if you wanna go hard core 10 women a day. Ideally in beginning you should talk to about 100 Girls a month. Journalling about these interactions everyday is very very beneficial, before sleeping write down what you learned what you need to work on and what you're doing good. Along with this watch/read maybe one or two videos/articles every day not more than that, don't indulge in theory much. And along all this when take care of your life other wise, have great health, excercise, meditate daily, have good food, focus on being in a great mood being passionate about your day. If you do this for 3 months consistently you'll skyrocket your not only your confidence and love life but much much more.
  2. I have been journalling for about 2 years , it had helped me a lot , writing down things does have a therapeutic effect. But i am not able keep consistent. I journal about once or twice a week and usually. I just sit down and sort of write about what I am doing in life and where I am going. These days I find that I have very less motivation to journal and find it hard for myself to make myself sit. What are the most effective and efficient ways to journal, how often do you journal and how to make it as a regular habit?
  3. Thanks guys for all your insights, I have decided to go with ahead with Coaching, I decided to go ahead and take a formal Coaching to become a coach, I am Taking arfeen khans life coaching program, through which I'll get certified and choose the relationship and dating niche and coach men specifically. Financially I am now in quite a big debt after paying for the course but it's my life purpose and I don't think I could take a better decision. I am a little scared and also excited. Again thanks to all for your responses.
  4. @ajasatya well I realize these are mere boxings or labels created by our minds. Actually David dieda says something similar about the "3rd stage man", he's who sees life and interacts with life without any boxing of male, female masculine, feminine, he's living from his deepest core and is just being an Expression of that deepest core moment by moment. But understand that's a level of development, you need these "labelings" in the beginning and till you're skilled and developed enough to get rid of them. When you're learning to balance the bicycle you need training wheels so that you don't get hurt as much, you leave the training wheels once you learn to balance. So maybe you're at a level that you don't require these labelings anymore in order to navigate and understand reality, but people who're not there yet we do, and I think suggesting someone something which is not useful for his/her position is dangerous. I in my life have experience where I got distracted for months listening to advanced advice. I request if you please be mindful of this in future, it would enable us to actually get real benefits of an advanced person like yourselves answers.
  5. @Leo Gura yeah, I mean I can myself blow that narrative down. Richard Branson I think is an example whom society too treats pretty well. I do realize this is fundamentally whining. Elliot's value is somehow imprinted in my mind as very high and I seem to rationalize even his teachings which don't really resonate with me. I guess this is why it's important to not be a fan boy, it takes much more mental labor to have my life guided by my own intentions and my own realizations, I see that my level of self esteem also determines to great extent how much I see reality as it is.
  6. I love Elliot hulse, at one point of time I had his voice in my head whenever I was in a difficult situation, suggesting me stuff ( most of the time it included breathing and balls) , these days although his new version seems and looks refreshing and even awakened in some sense, I don't get his ranting about women's nature so much, I think it's coming out of some or the other emotional wound or shadow he has. My speculation is that maybe somewhere he regrets Being With just one women his entire life, I think somewhere deep down inside this is there in him, and maybe that's why he's over reacting. Though sometimes I do feel that society is feminised these days. What are the kind of men we reward in our society? Men like bill gates, mark zukerburg, Jeff bezoz. Bill gates Is a good guy, Jeff bezos I don't know how he is, Mark zukerburg I have seen him in interviews he seems like a very underdeveloped man to me. In general I feel they lack real authenticity in their communication It makes me feel like associating the word "beta" with them. Now look at men like Russle Brand, Charlie Sheen, Tiger woods. They are considered as a bad example , they are shamed for being themselves being authentic. And they all seem to emit vibes I'd call "Alpha". It might seem as if society is structured in a way that if you are a nerdy geek you'll get rewarded, specially the society after 1990's after the internet and computer boom. Although I am not complaining , I want to get an perspective. I am very easily infuenced ( something I am also working on) and Elliot is one of the persons I have let to have a big influence on myself in past. This time I tried to understand him but really can't orient myself with his views fully . I'd love to come across various point of views members of Actualized community might have for him and specially his recent works. Thank you..
  7. Good point to post on. I'll write my views. For accessing or enabling infinite intelligence you need to work. Our minds forms habits and patterns of thinking, we mostly think in loops . As if grooves are created in our minds and the thoughts engraved in those groovs are played like in a record player. Which is why we have most of the same thoughts all most every day. This is not infinite intelligence . I think by meditation you practice to sort of getting out of the existing patterns and groves In which the mind is used to function and you allow download of new thoughts in your mind to process, from the sea of "infinite intelligence". So I think meditation is more like accessing infinite intelligence. Haven't read all the answers this reply might be out of the discussion going on , but felt like saying this point.
  8. @vibrate hmm I think everyone needs to evolve, afterall we all come to the world with a limited consciousness. You for example will evolve a bit if you stop generalizing and judging...😋☺️
  9. @ajasatya well that is the point of doing it going through the journey, I see men in their 60's successful, intelligent men who still look at women like a 18 year old boy, that's the last thing I want for myself, having a lot of experiences with women along with spiritual work is what really slowly evolves us to a point where we are truely mature and are being able to have a true interdependent relationship. To be able to love truely selflessly and passionately ,like a warrior you need to work, it doesn't comes just like that atleast in my experience.
  10. @legendary loved it! Btw David dieda has shaped most of my thinking about masculinity and femininity. Its as if His words stay with me. Every thing he said except the consciousness you have is feminine in relationship to "you". I haven't had a direct experience Realization yet of it, wonder how it would be, I get goosebumps on just playing his words in my head.
  11. @Mezanti well by spirituality I don't mean non duality right away, but yes for a stage organge person doing a basic meditation practice say of a "being the observer" will slowly but steadily help in increasing his consciousness. I don't know if you are someone who has been following Owen cook, but he seems to be an example, after having and enjoying the material world and meditating along side , he now seems to have evolved and is evolving everyone around him. As Osho said there is no problem with interacting with the material world if you're doing so with awareness. It will help you to transcend the material world.
  12. @Shin I am not for cutting spirituality entirely out , success and spirituality dovetails each other, as you said both helps each other. I devote a lot of my time in various practices which help me to interact with the world in a more grounded , responsible and passionate way. But its my time to interact with the world , have my share of impact on it. There is a perfect time for every Revelation.
  13. Exactly! You cannot be at the Lower levels of dominance hiearchy and attain enlightenment. Your nervous system will Never support it. When there is someone who's running behind on his bills, sitting on his ass all day and is an overweight virgin who's trying to get his act together and he reads a comment like money and girls can never satisfy you, you're nothing and the whatever has happened was exactly how it was supposed to be.... I can only imagine how fucking confused that will make him. I am a guy who's trying to get my career and my finances together , I am all most broke and it's stopping my development in all other areas, I need to be "stage orange " right now , if you can't come to my house and pay me a million bucks for free and 10 different women to have sex with don't distract me from "acheiving " me here. I got so distracted because of these sort of suggestions my self for 3-4 months It made me feel guilty for wanting money and chicks. There are only two fucking ways for getting "libration". One is go out of the society to a cave in a mountain , which Will remove you ( and your nervous system) from the Dominance hiearchy. You run away from the system. Other is if you stay in the society you need to rise to the top and only then will your nervous system be free enough for higher things. Now I know it's not necessary to have money , women or power to rise in the Dominance hiearchy, If you feel like a boss you become a boss. But it's very rare and difficult . "Money or woman doesn't makes you happy" this has no meaning if it's not felt in direct experience . Buddha was a son of king he had everything, sadguru was a successful businessman before he became a mystic, and just look at Osho. Why distract people who are at a different stage in their journey , why not really help people to Actualize and bring more empathy in our communication here
  14. I have been practicing bioenergetics exercises since late 2017 on recomemendation of Elliot hulse, I found that the Bow excercises are really amazing. It made my voice deeper, it allowed my breathing to be deeper , I could feel restrictions in my breathing going away, I feels therapeutic for my nervous system, it energises the nervous system and releases any recent trauma experience. Makes me feel very light and filled with vitality after every session. I Have been practicing front bow , full and half back bow and ground jump with ho sound from the belly and also shaking. I generally do each for 1 min. So about 10- 15 minutes totàl but it's very intense. I get gagging response after some time of full bow, it feels as if stored traumas are getting released through those gags, and I feel very light after. It has been in my morning routine on and off since more than a year. I am curious about experiences of other people practicing these exercises, how have their experiences with them been. I also experience an issue with my practice , after a few weeks of doing the bow excercises regularly I develop a pain in my lower back and then I have to stop as it increases if I continue. I don't want to give gaps as it impacts my life in many positive ways.. Looking forward to a discussion about Bioenergetic excercises through which others can get value as well.