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  1. Yes, you are right about time, time doesn’t exist. What about space and distance? as soon as you answer this question, there will be a deeper understanding that actually nothing has happened!
  2. You are not waking up from anything, you are everything, including your lucid dream. I have noticed that as soon as I have a breakthrough, the next thing would be lucid dreaming. I had about ten in my life. Similarly to you, I was trying to understand the mechanism by which I perceived reality. It was amazing. Also, thing to remember, when you are sleeping, this is how you exist at that particular time, literally. Remember, you don’t lie on the bed when you are sleeping. “This world disappears” and “you” exist in a different realm. But again it is very wrong to say that the world disappears, it isn’t happening in the first place.
  3. I see a language as a tool to experience this miraculous life. It is a mean by which you can enjoy the fairy tale of your existence. It is not a jail. You can always walk, as you walk on the bridge, between absolute and relative world. We need language to create this dream. But you can always drop it and rest as awareness.
  4. Thanks for putting the seeds in my mind 🥰.
  5. Without language, we could not describe and construct plausible reality. All there is just a Raw Reality, which is predicated upon Awareness and is manifested in the form of perception, a.k.a. the five senses. These five senses travel through your perception, call it a "stencil". When these perceptions are collected and converged onto the focal point, we have an emergence, call it a human being. The mind interprets raw experience and creates identity. How? By the means of language. What is language? It is a sound. We assign the meaning to any shape by the means of the sound. When we give any linguistic load to the object, we mean the perceptive experience, but not the object. It is just a label, right? Because objects do not exist separately from the perception, which includes the five senses. So, we decode the material reality by the means of the five senses and convert them into plausible reality. Again, you are not a human being! Here is how you emerge: 1. Awareness 2. Perception decoded into the five senses: 3. Vibration creates sound (which is hearing), sound is encoded into language. 4. Then by grouping the various noises, you create words. 5. Language is a tool by which you assign the meaning to the objects=semantic load. Remove language and you will not be able to describe reality. Duality will collapse. All you’d have would be the raw reality which is Oneness: awareness and five senses allow this raw reality to be. You are the “stencil” (attaching the picture below). The stencil is just a collection of your beliefs, manifesting in the form of the human language, behavior, conscious and unconscious reactions. Your ego is a stencil. Your ego is highly influenced by the external reality; therefore, it does not have free will and acts according to reactions and impulses. That is how you construct your identity. Yesterday I re-watched Leo’s video (below), and finally, it clicked. I watched it thousands of times six years ago, and could not get rid of the linguistic labels. Finally, I was able to dis-attach and see the reality without the stencil. I've acquired a deeper understanding. I am sorry if I couldn't relay my message in a more plausible way. It is very hard. I have understanding, but not enough scientific knowledge to pass it to other people. Much Love.
  6. This is a thought, a belief that the future and time exist. "You" are already dead, btw... How can it be a time? For whom? It is just an appearance of times and space, a dream that has never happened. This is a word game because we fall into duality. You are both existence and non-existence/ everything and nothing!
  7. There should be something that has triggered the change in perception. What is it? Bad dreams are the subconscious mind. You have not resolved something that is bugging you, also there might be fear, scared to lose the grip? Something that is either suppressed or denied causes the nightmares. Awareness, awareness, awareness, can't stress enough. Do not forget thoughts, emotions, feelings. Do not suppress them, just be very aware of how they arise. Pretty much, 1.the main rule: everything you wrote is just your thoughts, you understand it, right? This is what drives you crazy. 2. Time does not exist, do let your mind fool you about possible future, outcomes, and fears. 3. Stay as fully present as possible, and try to lose yourself in the moment, by doing something that might put your attention on the objects and take it away from your mind. 4. Surrender and trust. It is your path and you are exactly where you should be. 5. Everything you believe in is just a mind story. Brush it off. 6. Don't take it seriously, it is just a "game". 7. you are NOT a human being, because "human being" is just a sound that we call language, label. Remove the language, what you are left with is just a raw experience. What are you?
  8. Hello, my Dear !!!! Everything is good, office-home- office. I am here, just do not have time to post, working, family, ya know How are you? I praying for India. What city are you from? How bad is it there?
  9. @Danioover9000 I know, I have been here since the time this forum has been launched.
  10. When participating in the forum, you want to relay your thoughts in the most explicit way. People are reading us, they want to understand what you mean, coz I have not understood your comment, no connection between the thoughts.
  11. @Danioover9000 Actually, that thought has come across my mind, he might be from our community. I was thinking maybe he was his follower or something. I appreciate your feedback. He has the same mannerisms. But we can not say with 100% certainty that he tries to copy him, maybe it is just a coincidence. However, he started his channel three years ago. He might actually be inspired by
  12. More like your comments do not make any sense, like for instance with coca-cola...
  13. @dflores321 Sorry, but your comments are a bit floody.