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  1. @Chi_ My brother-in-law died last week from free climbing. He was a preacher, 33 yo. I wonder about number 33.
  2. Leo, you know I do appreciate your hard work. But sometimes, when you talk about women this way, it makes me feel that there is some sort of resentment. I believe you are not close with mom either. Feels like you want to settle for less since you lost hope to find a mate who could compete with you. The way you talk about femininity, I feel some pain and toxicity. Women are different; you can not categorize them like this. But telling your audience about dicks' sucking on a parking lot after 30 minutes of mating, is a bit overboard. No woman will ever get pleasure from this. Deep down it all comes to the security in the relationships. If you are talking about a teen who got wasted, please specify this for your audience. Otherwise your statements do not have any ground. And I believe you know this, you made a great video about this. My thing is we have so many young people on this forum, who never fully watched your episodes, they can twist your words as their mind wants. Just do not articulate such statements.
  3. Yeah, but ppl on the forum will have bias. You've seen too much where, in the nightclubs? I feel some sort of lost hope here. Maybe you need to date a foreigner.
  4. For God's sake, why do you have such an opinion about women? Does this happen all the time to you?
  5. Yes when you return to, not when you're always into. King of ?
  6. Hello no... I am not going that deep. Hell yes, I knew it was coming. As long as I can play a game of a human, I am ok with that.
  7. Doing it for five consecutive years, and only now I start to see the changes in my perception.
  8. Well, I am sorry, It wasn’t my attention to mislead or misguide. I am just sharing of what I have realized, that is it. I know it might sound like an absurd, but as you dive deeper, you realize that anything you know or think you know appears exactly as you perceive it. That is the game. Shift your paradigm of thinking and you will be able to see the whole picture. but yeah, let’s wrap up and not derail this thread.
  9. @WaveInTheOcean thanks ☀️
  10. Pls read my comment again. You didn’t answer my question.
  11. I can’t reconcile it with another senses. Feeling is not a thought, right? Or everything is a freaking thought? ?
  12. I don’t want to understand, it wasn't what I was asking, I want to be aware of it, aware of how the physical reality emerges.
  13. @Nahm but the perception of the body follows after the thought arises that I have a body, correct. feels like 1. I am am re-creating my body first on some level 2. the thought arises that I have a body 3. then I have a perception of it. pls point me in the right direction.
  14. @Leo Gura Your vid has just come on time, synchronicity, I guess. For the past two weeks, my conscious experience has been bombarded with various kinds of revelations. I resonate with a lot of insights in your video, and I am slowly progressing on my path as well. Yes, as I talk to people I am aware that others are not separate from my conscious experience. However, I am still not there to really be aware of the imagination part. I have no idea how I create visions, sounds, and physical matter. Today I was meditating on sound and trying to grasp how I create sound. Unfortunately, I can not breakthrough. Can you please help or give me the pointer to make this breakthrough happen? Thank you, Leo. Much Love to you!