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  1. Got ya! Well interesting...I have never had a DMT, hard to say.
  2. @RMQualtrough That is interesting that you have an association with Indian deities, not in a million years I would think her hand resembles any Indian deities. Do you mean Durga Mata?
  3. Show me a pic please, which one you mean, they have a lot.
  4. I do not have anything to add, I absolutely resonate with your post.
  5. ....I just had a deja vu. Yes...because there is no central Self, so we become what we experience, always new and fresh: uncovered, unrevealed part of the Existence. ....this would lead to freedom or we can say that we were done by things, ahahahahah This is laughable how people make promises and believe that they will wake up the same person the fell asleep.
  6. God not as a human body or mind, God as a whole experience of Being, including body and mind.
  7. I am ENFP, guys mentioned today on forum that Mbti can be connected with SD. What is my color and how to figure this out?
  8. Yes, I am seeing 222, 101. 1001. 11:11, 12:12 and all other Angel numbers .
  9. I’ve just learned recently from my consciousness workshop that there are 28 senses we can be perceiving but we are not. Take for example, an ultraviolet. Yes, I agree with you, there are only few things we can perceive in this state of consciousness.
  10. This one is tricky, if it doesn’t have a beholder, then who is aware of the experience? Also, can it be anything other than Unity/One. At least recognize that we are heros on the screen. So what is the screen?
  11. Well, I am sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt anyones feelings. I was just sharing how I see it. Let’s just say this: I am not yet in position to talk about such high metaphysical things.
  12. @MrTouchdown when it becomes known/perceived.
  13. It exists as a probability, so infinity holds everything. However it only plays out when it is in awareness.
  14. 1. To keep sanity 2. To entertain the Self 3. To develop through interactions 4. To enjoy maya 5. To expand and gain experience in a human body 6. To forget Solitude 7. To experience Being