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  1. I would recommend you to watch a YouTube documentary about death camps. Thus, you will understand how cruel the human being can be. Hitler burned infants in the gas chambers and nobody cared. They killed over two millions in the concentration camps. You are talking about animals, what about smalls kids, pregnant, infants, twins for various medical nazi experiments?
  2. 😉
  3. @Angelo John Gage only 3
  4. @Bill W Used to work in Insurance. I have one BS in Marketing, working on another BS in Leadership, then will work toward my MIT masters in supply chain. Will get back to the workforce next year.
  5. @Marinus yep I know, been there, done this.
  6. @Marinus see, it is hard to say because in Ukraine when woman pays for herself it means she sets boundaries, as she is highly independent and not fully yours. In Belgium and US it is absolutely normal. But this might be a signal as well. She doesn’t want you to invest in this relationship yet and there are plenty of reasons for this. Guess we will find out.
  7. @Marinus I agree with Natasha. Sometimes women behave this way because they are uncertain about the possible outcome of the relations. Maybe she has set the limits till she is sure 100% about the future of your relations. Therefore she does not want you to get too close because she is not sure, or she might have another prospect. Anyway, wait a bit you and will find out. I would just keep the same pattern and observe her behavior. Because if she really likes you, this pattern is not going to last long. You will have to get a bit closer. Do not trust the words. You know how many men swore that they really loved me, lol. She might compliment you because she feels obliged in certain situations to say nice words, to keep the game going. The compliment does not mean anything. Actions, actions, actions! Do not get discouraged, be patient and you will find out soon. Good luck.
  8. @Leo Gura Tolstoy was exploring this subject of suffering a lot through spiritual purification. I wonder what you think of him in terms of spirituality.
  9. It just does not make sense to me. The way he talks, I disagree with him. I am sorry I do not have time to write as much as you do. Are you going to have a channel in the future? I've always wondered about it. Why don't you have your own channel if you have so many things to share? I do not have time to watch these videos, sorry.
  10. @Aakash Well, if we are brutally honest, about only 1% of the people on this Earth have normal parents, but not all of us want to become revolutionists, correct? So this theory does not work. Why? Because teenagers raising other teenagers. There are few mature people on Earth. My coach and I talk about it all the time, how our society is bounded by mechanical reactions and responses. There are not very many people that are truly mindful about their motives, behavior, various mechanisms that trigger those responses. I agree that he can not know everything, he has his own mistakes. But, I feel like Joseph always tries to "trace his steps", and then flip all the info he is saying upside down. Male competition? Probably. "Given the content of Leo's stance that he's saying normal life is basically complete devilry." - this is not what he is saying. I guess it all boils down to our cognitive abilities. Joseph and a guy describe the world and extrapolate from the objective point of view, however, it is very subjective apriori. They separate the perceiver from the perception. But how can we debate about the Universe, humans, creatures and so on, if all that we know are deeply engraved in our intimate experience, therefore we know nothing that lies beyond our perceptual field? Joseph, please do not be upset about my comment
  11. @Joseph Maynor Just watched your video with the guy debating about Enlightenment. Please explain your stance. I do not have time to watch all three series. Are you trying to say that Enlightenment is just a way to escape depression about inevitable death? Sorry, Joseph, but when you talk there is no algorithm. You try to encapsulate a lot of things and integrate them into one idea. Please, can you decipher? Thank you.
  12. Thank you for the comment. I love how you put it. I really enjoy reading such things, it makes me so mindful.
  13. @abrakamowse I really do not know anymore. I stopped praying probably ten years ago. I do want things to happen, but if it is not meant to be, nothing I can do about it. It is all stipulated by your faith. One must understand God first. That is my only desire. I truly want to know what reality is.
  14. @Leo Gura Lol, never heard this expression before ( to take a dump) hahaha But yeah, I know what you are saying, Leo!
  15. @Leo Gura I think surrendering is the most effective prayer, since ego does not have a free will. When realizing this, how can one pray? This seems absurd. 😊