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  1. @Outer if you were living in ukraine, people could pay money to the judge and court would do nothing to that person who murdered your family, for it depends what angle you look at. In this world there is truly no such thing as justice.
  2. @cetus56 that would be cool, I wish he could talk to Anthony Peak by Skype. I like that guy too.
  3. @cetus56 @cetus56 @Nahm From what I have learned so far ,he is pretty open to talk to anyone about this matter, the thing is are they willing to listen? First would be cool to gather some people from this forum to attend his seminars. From that point domino effect might come into place :).
  4. @Leo Gura thanks a lot, I will watch you video, I am sure I already did, I always do, sometimes several times. Leo I am impressed what leap you made during this past two years I am following you. It is very sad that people don't comment as much as they used to under your weekly videos. Of course for a usual audience it is hard to go that deep. I left you a comment under Quantum Mechanics Video, so far the best series made by anyone that I've ever found. Thanks for contributing and sharing wise content . I am sure you are aware that it might take a whole a lot of time before people start to appreciate your work. Never seen any teacher capture so much material and information in his work. But, yeah... Chuck Hillig gave me the same response about the illusury nature of the self. I was just a bit confused when you said about physical death. Thanks a lot. Hugs.
  5. Well, if there is no brain, how can we damage one? LOL.
  6. @Leo Gura I see you mentioning end of life when breaking illusion quite often. Could you please explain here. So does Enlightenment leads to a real physical death? Surely not, then what do you mean under this statement. thank you
  7. He-he, I love reading you guys.
  8. @Colin @Nahm Thank you guys for your responses . Yes, for sure. You will laugh but my hubby meditates for me,lol, about 30 min each morning. I guess he needs it more than I do, hahaha.
  9. @Key Elements yeah, it is challenging to stay home since I love meeting new people and work away from home. But I thought I would use this time to complete my second bachelors degree, since the first one I acquired in the past does not really applicable to what I would like to do. I have Leo's life purpose course and I am excited to work with it. Thank you for your feedback!
  10. Well, I have purchased Leo' s products to start it, but due to my other degree I am working now, I don't have time to commit myself fully into it. I kinda architect in my mind what I want to do upon university completion, as now I am staying home with the baby and quitted my prior job. And yes, I know what I would like to do in life.
  11. @Key Elements thanks for the feedback. My food is very good, no junk at all, I take vitamins all the time, even before I got pregnant. Walk with the straller about 2 or 1 and a half hours daily, soon will start jogging on the treadmill. Buy I am tired because I breasteed at night and he wakes up every 3 hours to eat. Yeah, I will do the blood work for sure.