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  1. @Spiritual Warrior we can use it, but you have to be smart about it.
  2. Every young person must watch how FB and insta manipulates you, by knowing your basic needs: connecting to others.
  3. @Davino @Yimpa I don’t have anything against other people taking psychedelics. Have fun if you want. I don’t judge. I don’t even care to judge, everything has a place to be, reality unfolds infinitely but this is a dream. You misunderstood my post. I said there is no one in reality to alter their mental state. YOU DONT EXIST! I am going to make a big post about last step realization. You as an entity don’t exist on the level you think you do. You don’t exist on any level. Not as a God, not as a human being. Leo has already given a hint (his post below), but people don’t want to see or listen, they just follow the spiritual crowd who claimed to reach enlightenment through some sort of substance of any kind. Really? Seriously? 😂 Image a cartoon character who tries to escape the tv screen. So he thinks he can have any break through by exiting reality and jumping out from the tv screen. He takes psychedelic for this. But the trick is…… He is a bunch of pixels on a screen (emerging phenomena: five senses “makes” you a human being). Human is illusion. Enlightenment is the greatest illusion. There is no one here to get enlightened. Do you realize it? Do you think by taking a drug you can alter reality and become your true nature! Really? You are NOT real in the first place. You don’t exist. This is a dream, my friends, wake up. Please wake up! There is no way out nor way in. No matter what you take, how long you meditate. You won’t reach enlightenment. You are a fiction, a figment of the imagination, call it consciousness. There is no consciousness as well. Words, bunch of words. None of the words ever describe reality. Enlightenment only happens when this “blind spot” sees itself for what it is. It is a fluke luck. Awareness becomes aware of itself. I don’t know what else to say, all words are not the truth just the pointers. Good pointer: a twister. 🌪️ Human is a twister. It is not real. There is void inside and a lot of emergent phenomenon circling around the focal point. This self “you are experiencing” doesn’t exist but only arises ( the greatest illusion of all) only because of the thinking process and feelings/perceptions that create this feeling of some sort of a human being. So yeah, go ahead and take a psychedelic: but remember anything you do, there is still You/I/Me in this equation.
  4. But coffee doesn’t change conscious level as much as alcohol, or drugs or psychedelics. Not as drastically at least. Do you agree?
  5. There is none here who needs to alter his consciousness with drugs. If you don’t see it, you will be stuck in a mind’s paradigm. no drug needed for realization.
  6. Yeah I was talking sboht HIIT 30 min plus strength training with weights during 25 min. (1h total) not for body mass or anything crazy like this, but for a muscle tone. Another important thing to remember is never skipping a day for meditation, otherwise you will have to start over again, it is important to gain momentum…. Nice advice. Thank you! Never heard about triphala and neem! I am not sure if Europeans have heard of these neem leaves ….
  7. @Davino Yesterday I was meditating for one hour. Mind became completely blank with a razor sharp awareness. But what I saw in that state was beyond my comprehension. I was falling into fractals too. Like an infinite regression, also I have noticed various dark green circles. They were sucking my awareness into a black whole. The problem is I could only “fall” for 1h, body is not trained to sit that long, I have various sensations that throw me out from the meditative state. My goal is to train my body three times a week in a gym so it could be very enduring. Plus food, I am going to eat less meat of any kind. No alcohol, no sugar, no coffee. Thank you. P.S. I don’t take any substances. I tried golden mushrooms two times but I like it without anything, clean clear awareness.
  8. @AerisVahnEphelia same to you ❤️🧘🙏
  9. @Someone here I know this feeling…. I understand you. 😞
  10. Waking up in the morning, memory “crumbs” are in your head: events, people, situations. Yesterday’s gone and is not even real. Yesterday has never happened, and you are creating it right at this second. You think time exists. No! It gently drowns in YOU, drop by drop. You are the Time yourself, just do not realize it, yet! Balancing on the brink of an abyss between Absolute and relative. You choose whether to play a human character or drop it, and just be in silence. Gentle presence envelops your being, coming from the inside; it radiates and permeates the whole space you are in. NOW! Tiny golden specks of dust are spinning around, reflecting and blazing the light of the fiery sunrise. White feather wings that grew behind your back have disappeared. Last spring and bird’s singing, when you were in love, are echoing in your mind as a sweet melody. Flashbacks again. Fatigue or maybe a melancholy are set as a tender background. Egocentric mind is pulling you in, craving for the human’s drama. And as you walk near the abyss, step by step, you are losing the balance. Illusion will suck you in like a twister, but you won’t ever notice. Resting as awareness, at the same time, every move you make is creating a human. Passionate human being who is fighting for the right to be, fighting with its shadow. You do not want to die, by dissolving in this soft ecstasy. You are choosing suffering over a peace, continuing this silly laughable game, which you call “Life”. Holding on so strong. Let go, my friend! Just let go. You are not in control, nor ever been. This race is going to wear you off, age you. And one day you’ll die to this Being, this is going to be your great reset, your start to a new infinite Beginning. Let go...
  11. Contemplation is a wonderful method. Absolutely 100% Leo is correct.
  12. @Rishabh R Then it is not a true insight, it is your conceptual thinking. It is like a puzzle and when you integrate it, everything comes to the places it should be, it is re-contextualizes you as a Being. Do you understand? do you remember this toy? Transformer? This is how real insight feels like. Comparatively speaking, you were a truck and have become a robot. Do you see the difference, you can not believe in it, you see it, it is very obvious right now. Hope it helps...
  13. @Rishabh R Something which is obvious does not need a faith.