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  1. Oh, how sweet, that is normal in your age, don't force it, with time obsession will go away and you will get back on track.
  2. @Prabhaker Was I born? I doubt it, lol. I know that time is a mental construction, I am researching alot in this direction, but I don't believe in reincarnation. That is why I was asking you...
  3. @Prabhaker if there is no future and past, where those eight hundred and forty million lives occurred? Seems like it is just a nice story for the mind to chew.
  4. Then what is the point in this post? Messiah like message to the stupid herd?
  5. I like this one.
  6. You are so passionate about it, good thread, thank you...
  7. @Leo Gura wow, Leo, that is quite emotional
  8. Read two of his books and really found lots of wisdom
  9. Then what is God who always been there? Please define God. Time and space are mental constructions when conciousness self reflect upon itself. Time and space hasn't come from anywhere because they don't exist. but what really exists is an illusion...of time, space, distance and gravity.
  10. And where does the soul come from ?
  11. but when you ego is dead who is going to be there to care that life is illusion? These two sentences contradict each other I love the way how you building your thought here and creating profile of your own thought process. that is my favorite question too , here is the link for you, only ten minutes, he explains there how
  12. 1. sharing my subjective inner reality with someone special to my heart. 2. seeing how I impact other beings and making them happy 3. the most blissful is the ability to observe this Reality and take participation in it.
  13. @Snick-The ThinkTank "That metaphor is maybe not useful, but don't you think the big tsunami wave of low consciousness eventually will bring us all down? " Absolutely not. You can be conscious enough to see that there is not such a thing as "bad" or "good", it is just a label of our minds. Events just happen. Violence just happen. If the whole modality of Reality is ultimate Absolute then we should try to avoid thinking by categories. Reality is so subjective that it is up to you how you vision it. Perhaps, some events triggered you to see it as a battlefield. For ego it is a hard pill to swallow because it is resistant to a change. And yes, when violence happen I can not stand it. But the thought that outer Reality is just a vantage point of my consciousness brings calm and peace to my heart.