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  1. @Key Elements yeah, it is challenging to stay home since I love meeting new people and work away from home. But I thought I would use this time to complete my second bachelors degree, since the first one I acquired in the past does not really applicable to what I would like to do. I have Leo's life purpose course and I am excited to work with it. Thank you for your feedback!
  2. Well, I have purchased Leo' s products to start it, but due to my other degree I am working now, I don't have time to commit myself fully into it. I kinda architect in my mind what I want to do upon university completion, as now I am staying home with the baby and quitted my prior job. And yes, I know what I would like to do in life.
  3. @Key Elements thanks for the feedback. My food is very good, no junk at all, I take vitamins all the time, even before I got pregnant. Walk with the straller about 2 or 1 and a half hours daily, soon will start jogging on the treadmill. Buy I am tired because I breasteed at night and he wakes up every 3 hours to eat. Yeah, I will do the blood work for sure.
  4. Hello Guys I was recently pondering about the following: when I am tired (due to having an infant), all my inner demons come out. I was wondering why lack of sleeping can promote such reactions. For instance, I have fears arise out of nowhere, or weird thoughts. Is it because I am a new mom? or Does any of you experience the same thing being sleep deprived? Can someone share your thoughts with me on this topic? Or maybe any information like articles you came across lately, so I can research better in this direction. So far, googling with no luck, all of them talking about pretty much the same thing: sleep better, and your problems will be resolved. But I feel like it is not just being tired, I feel like being sleep deprived my subconscious mind points on something I need to work even when feeling great. Thank you.
  5. @blazed well, if it seemed that way, maybe you're right and I was sound like it. Anyway you too have a great day and thanks for the feedback.
  6. @blazed yeah, I was wondering about it, because I could not include you in my group commet, pls read above. And sorry for this thread to be long and useless. It was not in my intention. I wanted to get a quick answer. @Vingger
  7. exactly, you are explressed it better than I did, thanks.
  8. @Vingger @Shin @Nahm @Vingger @Joseph Maynor All right, all right, all right Guys. Let me reply here : I love forum, I love Leo. In fact this forum helped me to find some nice friends. I read you every night. All of you, I just don't post a lot, because I don't have time,lol. Joseph, I feel like I already know you, because you post a lot, lol. Violence was a wrong word to use. Pardom me. I meant more like some comments are really trashy, no sense in them and when you posting about jerking off, man come on, it's childish. I am not a good girl, can curse myself, and did not mean sound like stalking Leo. I just hate when I am asking seriously and ppl playing around. And because I read you ,guys, I was wondering why Leo did not replyon some of your comments back, thought maybe he was quitting, because he goes through lots of transformation. didn't read his blog, sorry. Don't mean to sound like a fan. I am not projectig anything, I was just saying that we could organize our thoughts in a better way, to avoid lots of watery comments. Love ya, Keep posting.
  9. @Natasha I mean what the hell with forum? it became so violent. Back then when he launched it, there were so many nice people and discussions. Now I see trashy posts from bunch of new people. May be it should be closed for a lot of people. @K VILthanks,sweetie.
  10. @Vingger I hope you will mature one day in order to have a decent dialog.
  11. Oh hey dear, nice to hear from you again, it has been a while since we talked last time. Bunch of youth on the forum, I don't even see the same people recently.
  12. @snowleopard Oh, no worries, I was talking in general, not necessarily about this thread.