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  1. @Mikael89 LOL, you made my day by that post. LMAO
  2. @ivankiss Wow, I loved to read your thoughts. Very eye-opening. Thank you.
  3. @MsNobody Hello, what can you tell about Aries?
  4. @ShugendoRa I am ENFP, but my problem is that I can be super focused if I need to that don’t pay attention to the world around me.
  5. Nice topic! Please, watch his video about “Why brains don’t exist “. You will get the answer from there. From my understanding and research, if something can’t be perceived by your senses (sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch), it doesn’t exist. Animals, people are a part of your perception, you can’t separate them. On a deeper level, there shouldn’t be any distinction between other people, objects and you. Other objects are just mirroring your consciousness and its experience. I agree that this conception about other people and the so-called “external reality” contradicts duality! There is no way of knowing this, we should perceive it via direct experience.
  6. @Anton Rogachevski Glad to be a part of the discussion
  7. @now is forever sorry, I guess I am talking about different meaning, I refer to the one that we assign when talking about existence.
  8. Nope, they are not separate, because meaning is a part of infinity even if there are infinite numbers of meaning/s.
  9. @Anton Rogachevski Anton, here is a little disclaimer: I still treat the work we are doing here as a philosophy. By no means, I want to mislead people. Yes, I read, learn and know some things, but I probably am not in the position to make any claims. I will share with you my personal thoughts, however, do not treat it as some serious insight, since I am still far away than those who practice on a regular basis. To me, meaning should have another reason that would stand behind it, and that reason should have some other reason, etc. It is super hard to use linguistic terms to explain Infinity. Should we not treat meaning as a part of it? Can we assign certain meaning in any outcome, or there are infinite numbers of them, depending on the perspective you are looking at? Please forgive me, I am not an expert or ever reached that condition to judge from that level. I wonder about it myself. So far, I guess if we assign meaning, it will neglect all the Experience. Meaning is limited, very limited. Infinity is unbounded. Should we leave this door open and drop all the notions? So, I see meaning as a part of Infinity, but not the separate conception, otherwise, meaning itself will overweight Infinity, but that is impossible by default? Right? We can not put meaning above the Infinity. Infinity holds meaning, but not otherwise. I hope my thought is clear and plausible. Again, this is my personal opinion and I might be wrong. Thank you for reading.
  10. @Anton Rogachevski Anton, I am glad you liked my comment. Certainly, I won't take credit for the wisdom, because it is not mine. I am sure you understand. This post was an accident because it meant to be for another thread, lol. I do like Watts, but he wouldn't be my favorite teacher though. Yes, I agree, Enlightenment can be confused with nihilism. But what do we expect from our egoic nature? Everything that does not serve ego's agenda will be thrown immediately in the window, lol. Also, if there is meaning or not, it is a complex issue, again it depends on the perspective because it can be either universal or personal. From my point of view, if we talk about the Infinite nature of the Consciousness then there is no such thing as meaning. Good luck to you as well!
  11. Sorry for my previous post, wrong thread!