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  1. @zeroISinfinity Sorry, I just took it wrong. Hugs.
  2. @zeroISinfinity Sorry I lashed out at you yesterday, at your personal journal, my friend. Had an urge to jump in and "shake" you, ended up sounding a jerk. I really hope you feel better today. @DrewNows Drew, hugs to you for your insights. Sometimes I need an objective opinion.....
  3. oh, thank you for letting me know coz I was wondering about it. I do not want the whole forum reading about my life. Lost all my creativity, do not really know what to write any more, in college since 2003, can not take it anymore, burned out.
  4. Well Mars is a planet of war, LOL. It represents fight and blood. I have Mars in my chart too, no worries my dear! All is good. It creates unnecessary anger, which you told me at the beginning of this thread that you were a little bit a conflict person, so what? Me too! LOL I can explode very easily. I have a strong presence of mars in my chart. It is a very masculine planet btw. I think it is our karma to create conflict, hahhaha. However! If we are aware of this and conscious, we can easily avoid all unnecessary drama. I did not do your chart, the program did, lol.
  5. @zeroISinfinity ...
  6. @zeroISinfinity Absolutely not that kind of woman to spend my life next to the stove. Do you think I have all my degrees that I was working so hard on to clean the house and be a housewife? You are a funny guy.... I would rather develop myself as a professional than do this routine work all my life. I took a break from work because of my child, otherwise you wont see me at home . I would rather inspire and lead others than sit at home and make pancakes.
  7. @DrewNows Thank you On the first pic I saw a heart from clouds
  8. @zeroISinfinity @Natasha Fish soup by far is the easiest, it took me like 30 min You throw fish steak with one whole onion + plus bay leaf in the pot, when boiling add 3 potatos, 2 carrots, mushrooms, celery and bunch of greens like spring onion, parsley, fennel and it is done. The cauliflower is easy too. Before I went to the store, I put this cauliflower in the steamer, when came back, I cut it added two eggs, sour cream and mozzarella cheese on top and put that in the oven for like 10 min...that is it.... Quite frankly guys, I do not like to cook but I have to.... otherwise we will eat crappy food and it is not how I was raised. All I cook is salads, soups, bake chicken or fish in the oven, I use my steamer a lot. I never fry my food. I never bake any cakes or any pastry. For the child I do not even microwave his food, only use steamer. Very very rarely I will bake something like muffins or sponge cake. I was not made for this, have to force myself to cook, ....that is why I always bake everything because it is fast and easy, LOL
  9. @zeroISinfinity @DrewNows @Natasha @Amit I think I am just awesome , Ukha is so delicious, I made it from Cod Fish.... Also I baked cauliflower in a little pots with eggs, sour-cream and mozzarella cheese on top.
  10. No problem, my friend..... About to make that soup now, need to run to the store to get me a good fish steak..... Please Post some pic for us here from your city, would be cool to see. Miss Europe so much....
  11. @Joshi3 I truly think that consciousness can become conscious of itself, even though I have not had this experience yet
  12. @Joshi3 I think some people know, not all of them who claims to know, of course. I am taking vacation from thinking about Enlightenment. If we are all ONE as they claim, nothing to be afraid of. I would rather this be the case. For egocentric people it works perfect.
  13. Your experience, including other people experiences who take psychedelics on this forum, makes me doubt that they are valid and helpful in terms of God like experience. so many guys here take psychedelics and each guy has his own theory regarding solipsism. I have respect to all our community and each individual here but subtle questions here and there make me very suspicious that psychedelics can give you this comprehensive knowledge about Reality and God. but I still want to try it, even knowing that it might not answer all my existential questions. 😊
  14. I don’t get it ...if Infinity holds paradox in itself then...technically both outcomes: others are real and others are not real, are possible at the same time, it is like that schrodinger cat! When I say “others” I mean focal point of view other than mine.