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  1. Yeah, let’s put it this way: God left the crumbles for Itself to awaken one day from the dream.
  2. he-he, yes....change your environment and you would not need to protect anything, by just being who you are, being authentic.
  3. @Osaid @Asayake @LSD-Rumi @RobertZ @Leo Gura @mmKay @StarStruck @MarkKol @gettoefl @Tahuti @blueberries @integral @Eyowey @John Paul Guys, me trying to be a smart ass , bought today in the Ukrainian store here in USA.
  4. Before the pregnancy, which was 5 years ago, I ate 3 meals a day and snacks, I was a runner too. But now my body does not need that much food. And it is not healthy to eat so much anyway, since our ancestor did not hardly eat that much as we do now. We are not constructed genetically for it. I have noticed that my cravings went down, I am 36 right now. Of course, as I have started this gym, I do follow my plan. Let's see, in the past I managed to keep my diet plan and running for 5 years. I will be honest, sometimes I ate chocolate, not only fruits I do not drink soda, I do not eat fast food, but yes, I love cakes and chocolate.
  5. Yes, this is what should be, I use chocolate as antidepressant when I am upset. LOL
  6. It doesn't work for me so well, sorry...
  7. @mmKay I read about it too, that it is not us who craves sugars, but bacteria in our bodies.
  8. Talking about relationship only: if you love truly me and I love you, we will be willing to work on our flows. Yes, all lies can be forgiven. If you lied to me, saw that I suffered, next time you will understand that lying = hurting the loved one. You won't lie again and will try to be more aware of your words and actions. If I see that you are lying, I will try to be more compassionate to understand your motives, because I love you, right? I will forgive you by giving the chance. I will talk to you. But if you are constantly lying to me and I know it, then I lie to myself and create more suffering by staying with you,
  9. A lie is a fear mixed with ignorance. You lie because you do not want to work on yourself, you do not want to sweat for better things in life, you do not want to face your fears, you do not want to address your weaknesses. That is why you lie and manipulate. And of course, you will blame the other. Easy road! Every person has the ability to feel and see how words line up with actions. You actually do not have to be a spiritual person to see accountability in another person. Relationship do not get ruined because people lie, and other people cannot forgive them. Relationships get ruined when one person see that the other is not willing to improve and become conscious of his egoic manipulative tactics. I can forgive you when you lie to me once, twice, maybe more... But when I am constantly "slapping your face"/ring the bell in front of you", in hope that you will become aware one day, and hear me out; it is a naive ridiculous pursuit. Everybody lies, including me. But how we respond to it may vary. If you are caught and in denial, there is a little chance for you in this life to awaken. Partially our life is miserable because due to our lies, we won't make right choices in life and will be stuck in dramatic situations. If you suffer right at this second, or will suffer soon, it is because in the past you lied to yourself and now your feelings are not aligned with your current situation. It takes courage to be honest with your inner little self (ego). Because ego will always justify, not matter what. It cannot see pass through its own little horizon. That is why it is so important to see your ego first (which is your mind), to see the gap between the thoughts, to realize you are not your mind! If one day you are lucky enough to see it, you will gain a little freedom and ability to clearly see how your ego constructs a falsehood. P.S. if you are aware that the other is lying to you but justifying his actions, You are more lier than this person. He might not have a capability to truly see it. But when a lie is truly seen and denied it is even worst when a lie is hidden. I am very guilty of this, because I lie to myself by justifying others’ lies. I am more evil than them because I baby their egos and not allow them to grow through suffering. I see how this Love can be damaging to the other and self-serving to me. ♥️♥️😞
  10. Reality is basically a feeling (which is perception) and a thought. That's it. So simple, there are no other components in it. Even a thought is a feeling because it is a sensation. Both people who suppress and who do not suppress feelings, feel the same at a different degree. Those who suppress, feel less because they can shift their attention to something else. They do not allow the full-blown show to expend. However, one day the mechanism won't work, and they are going to face everything they have been suppressing for years. I would not mess with a "spring" since it is dangerous and you are going to have an effect, it will hurt. Those who do not suppress are closer to the Being because they allow the flow of pain/or pleasure naturally run its course through them. You are alive because you feel. Tomorrow you will be motivated to get up from the bed because you feel, you are here on forum because you feel....etc. Feelings are tool to pave your direction in life. If you are very authentic and allow them to guide you, feelings can be a compass. You won't fool your feelings, they are a good detector of lies and manipulation, reaction to your actions and words. Deep down you will always know because your feelings will never deceit you. It is all about the degree of your honestly with yourself and how deep you are courageous to go to find out the Truth. Mind is rational because it wants to survive, feeling is irrational because it wants to morph and transcend. Mind is male and feeling is a female. They are one. Feeling is a death, and a thought is a life. For thinking people to advance to the truth, you will have to drop your identity with your mind. Until then, you will never feel things clearly and will forever be locked in your point of view. Feelings are leading you to the Ultimate Truth.
  11. And for those who naturally suppress, what would be the advice?
  12. Let’s put it this way, we are all here one big contribution 😊.
  13. @Galyna @Asayake @Michael569 @LSD-Rumi thanks for your wonderful advises. I do appreciate your time and energy.