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  1. @Razard86 Because it is larger than Life. And requires enormous effort to go where it hurts the most. Nobody is willing to die slowly cutting his body parts. Men are way weaker in the field of emotions; they are super apprehensive of emotional pain. Therefore, heart attacks and strokes. Historically, women managed to survive in an extreme condition better than men. Men are fragile mentally, not physically, of course, due to hormones and various functions they have to perform, and their purpose on Earth. But yeah, you know it, I am done with preaching.
  2. I agree, you suppress the emotional part of you. Emotions imply pain as well. But no matter how hard you try, human beings are everything but rational. We are living creatures, we are emotional from head to toes, even though masculine is a bit further away from feminine on the spectrum.
  3. @Proserpina thank you for being my Inspiration today. I am sorry if we have misunderstood each other.
  4. Buckle up, it is going to hurt if you are truly on the spiritual path. One day you will completely wrack your ego. I have noticed an interesting thing about myself, and I am sure many of us can agree that when we’re hurting, there is this instant lever that launches a very uncomfortable process. And what do we usually do at that moment? We keep seeking comfort, drawing in escapism, either through various distractions, food, or sex. I have this image in my head how a person walks via Dolorosa (famous street in Jerusalem), crying as hard as he can. Then climbs a mountain of ascension, his feet are bleeding. Almost naked, wearing the white cotton cloth/long shirt (symbol of a spiritual purity), gives up his own body into the hands of God/Absolute/Love. Surrender truly hurts. If you are a controlling type, you will resist till you shed the last drop of blood. Believe it or not, this process of struggling through life will exhaust the hell out of you. And when you can barely fight, ego surrenders. And probably it is going to be a turning point in your life, when surrender, once seemed so unattractive, would be a very desirable option. This is how you understand if you’ve truly surrendered. You will welcome the pain and honor the process, because only this pain can hone your being by casting the last layers of your ego. Till one day you’ll feel absolutely naked, facing inevitable cessation of everything that has been so dear to your heart. This minute you will understand that you have surrendered: completely, totally, utterly.
  5. I am not trying to be confrontational; we are here to help each other grow. I have just read the whole entire thread again since you mentioned it. First of all, I have noticed your predisposition to point people what they have been missing, you did this twice in this thread, please read above. Second of all, it was not my intention to recognize who had surrendered. We were talking about the author of this thread. I wrote my interpretation of how I see his post. I do not deny any of your experience. Notice I haven’t said anything about you “lacking awakeness” (as you call it). Notice how your ego constructed the situation, assigned meaning, and propelled based on all this assumption. I do not even know you. I do not assess nor blame you. I am just here for a pleasant experience. We do not need to talk to each other arrogantly. Right?
  6. What helps me to awaken from the illusion that there is the other: First, a simple intellectual realization that there is no other, then of course, all the issues are gone in a second, in my mind. But here is the trick, you can not get there intellectually. This process will gradually unfold for you. However, samsara sucks me back in and I forget. Remember this phrase and it might help you on your awakening path: Till you see the opinion of another human being as separate opinion, you will always have an issue in life. It is going to be difficult all the time. Once you treat that opinion as feedback from Being, a Higher Self for Itself, you will ascend. Just pretend (fake it till you make it) for a while that Being conversing with Itself for the purpose of knowledge and expansion, and your body is a vessel with sensory load, in the present moment, that allows the conversation to happen. If you treat every event in your life with this attitude, it will bring you a peace of mind.
  7. 1. It is impossible to develop universal qualities that will fit every user on this forum. 2. You will get rid of some judgements to only recognize that in a brand new situation you will have another judgements to work on, LOL. 3. Every person on this forum will have their own vision about your opinions and writing style. 4. Criticism is an egoic game, of course. 5. The other will perceive your point of view according to the situation and their mental state at a particular point of time. They will be perceiving you differently all the time, however they might NOT recognize it. 6. Allow others to play their roles/games through you. 7. Allow people to stay asleep, because sometimes their sleep is sacral as your awakening. This way one day they might or might not hear you out. 8. Love and compassion. When you truly love the other, you allow them to express as is. When they are relaxed, they are open to new ideas and actually, they are ready for expansion.
  8. And who/what interprets that energy? What gives meaning and quality to it? Let’s be honest. Maybe your mind? What’s wrong with sitting here and playing submissive? I would encourage you to explore it. Does submission trigger you? Why? We can dive deeper to help you seeing something your mind is hiding. You have to understand that everything is a projection of your mind. And there is a reason for it: external objective reality doesn’t exist. There is only You. So whatever projection your mind chooses for today, it will be there. I don’t have to decide anything, my dear! I am your pure imagination. Wakey wakey, eggs and bakery…♥️🌸💕🌷🌈😊
  9. Masculine struggles with self-love way more than feminine, just because men are closed to develop the sensual part of their essence, they are a bit further away from feelings. I think guys on the forum are good. I have not noticed them being arrogant, they are just guys who thinks they can outsmart each other. Normal battling between males. Now… this is NOT what he was trying to say in this thread. I didn’t pick this vibe that he encouraged feminine to seek therapy. He would never advise this, because therapy implies ego story development. Also, he is NOT triggered. Remember what you see in me is not mine but yours. Mine is what I see in you!
  10. @Razard86 so what if there is no other and mind loves this game? you don’t accept this part of yourself that enjoys “the other”, do you? So every time you go on a journey into illusion, you need to beat yourself with a stick! How cruel. But remember it is all your creation, why being pissy about it. Maybe we should allow balance.
  11. Infinite doesn’t know any boundaries. Sounds like synchronicity too.
  12. Buy a simple face mask to cover your eyes. I am doing a concentration technique with candle now. Face mask helps a lot when mind is tired of staring at the objects, and wants to retreat* in peace, internally.
  13. Oh me, I got so many replies. Yahoo! Will get back soon, don’t change the channel. 🤣 ❤️
  14. What was the most scary thing? To disappear?