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  1. Try Kriya Yoga which involves some movement and of course as was mentioned - yin yoga. As 30 minutes of normal meditation brings me slight pain in the area you described, Kriya is painless. Work out your back muscles in the gym. I believe more than 50% of back pain is mental, on the last day of my-5-days-serious-meditation-challenge, simple thinking about sitting caused sth like tingling on my back. Hope it helps a bit.
  2. @Leo Gura Why? Doesn't it depend on country/region?
  3. Yes, but only in MMA series 'cause he would kick Joe's ass with his understanding of reality.
  4. Holy moly! I tackled this question recently on the last day of my solo retreat. They arise out of nowhere, what's the worst... they arise when I do not expect them, just lose attention and BANG! They shock like my beloved Poland in front of the European Union. Thank you @Serotoninluv for your answer. It resonates with me a lot - inter-relatedness - emotion...thought...external sound...thought. I will contemplate what you wrote and listen to Pink Floyd. Danke.
  5. Bravo Eddie! Let' play football together. Inspiring post. Congrats mate.
  6. Hair raising description bro 🙏 Some feelings of jealousy emerged, ups. Happy for u, happy that such a relationship can be established. Will post a post in 5 years when I got this as well. 😇 Cheers/L
  7. You are champ man, that you got so far with having a wife and 3 kids. Hope this is not too personal -> is your wife together with you on this journey? For me, massive amount of meditation and exploring psychedelics is super hard to reconcile with my gf's plans and expectations. Really enjoyed reading your story Thank you.
  8. Weird man, it should clean your guts and the next day use energy from food even better than normal. Try again or change the type of fasting. Cheers, A
  9. All you need to know about sleep:
  10. I got chills, thank you for this song, it really resonates with me! If you have more, please share
  11. Wrocław, Poland City mostly orange (60%), a bit of Blue and Green. However country I would say mainly blue (especially East part, huge influence of Christian tradition) btw, nice topic
  12. Self-help -> meditation -> Leo's video about meditation -> all other, big impact on my life now
  13. I had the same idea about "remembering" about focusing on smth. It didn't work. Does it work for u? How often do you remember about that? I found more useful to make body scan during daily repetitive acts like brushing teeth or taking a walk.
  14. Self reflection. Question them a lot, this is my solution. Self-inquiry, till the social norm is dead.