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  1. Weird man, it should clean your guts and the next day use energy from food even better than normal. Try again or change the type of fasting. Cheers, A
  2. All you need to know about sleep:
  3. I got chills, thank you for this song, it really resonates with me! If you have more, please share
  4. Wrocław, Poland City mostly orange (60%), a bit of Blue and Green. However country I would say mainly blue (especially East part, huge influence of Christian tradition) btw, nice topic
  5. Self-help -> meditation -> Leo's video about meditation -> all other, big impact on my life now
  6. I had the same idea about "remembering" about focusing on smth. It didn't work. Does it work for u? How often do you remember about that? I found more useful to make body scan during daily repetitive acts like brushing teeth or taking a walk.
  7. Self reflection. Question them a lot, this is my solution. Self-inquiry, till the social norm is dead.
  8. Learning boosts my creativity, sometimes even in IT development
  9. 100% banana? Not too much sugar? Consider more veggies
  10. Look for the better relationships in your life, stop wasting time with wrong people
  11. How to measure the effectiveness of meditation technique? It's very personal. Check this:
  12. Never experimented with mantra, thanks for suggestion
  13. TV show: Westworld (make u eager to contemplate consciousness and future AI consequences) Movies: Bal (; Life of Pi (
  14. I've checked out literally hundreds of guided courses and meditations, most of them are very similar and I am not able to learn more there. But thanks for your reply Hmmmm nice, I will ponder that, no doubt. How to strip away the illusion of time? By removing the thoughts about time, about existence of past and future. However this seems not enough, I will dig deeper. Thanks for the advice.