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  1. It seems that falling a sleep after 1 am causes higher risk of developing mental health issues.
  2. I will! Thanks for the tips.
  3. Ohh ok! May I ask how do you use it? What dose and shrooms type?
  4. True. Most stories are anecdotal - having a high dose in the wrong setting. But still, I will try to be extremely careful. Thanks for the comment!
  5. Yep, I will start low, thanks!
  6. Makes sense. I will start super low or resign completely. Thanks for your thoughts.
  7. I bought a Golden Teacher growkit a week ago and I plan to do my first trip next month 🍄. However, after doing more research I noticed that almost all studies strongly suggest avoiding psilocybin when having first-degree relatives with mental disorders. My mom was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia (when having menopause - 52 yo) and also my uncle (mom's brother) has even more serious schizophrenia that started when he was a teenager. I've never had any psychotic episodes and I feel that I am a very grounded person (doing personal dev for 5-6 years with solo retreats etc.). Just wanted to go deeper with my consciousness work. I plan to start very low, like 0.5g - 1g or even 0.3g lemon tek to reduce nausea and shorten the trip. Any thoughts about trying shrooms? Have you heard about real cases of triggering mental disorders with shrooms? Maybe the chance is higher but is it worth completely abandoning psychedelics? I feel that the dose and the setting are crucial here but I would love to hear your thoughts 🙏
  8. Hi guys, Have you tried to chelate with ALA only (Andy Cutler protocol). I have a crazy candida overgrowth after DMSA. Just started with nano zeolite and thought about combining it with ALA rounds. Has anyone tried it? I am afraid progress will be quite slow - any thoughts?
  9. Dismissive/Avoidant - makes sense
  10. According to guys on ACC forum it is not safe, DMSA must be dosed on the half life. I guess most of us are mercury toxic to some extent. The best measure is your symptoms during round. I wouldn't risk with 1,8g of DMSA.
  11. Interesting clash in football today - EURO 2020 - Germany vs Hungary. Germany, which moves fast towards green versus Hungary, deep in the blue stage (anti-LGBTQ). Organized by UEFA being mostly orange IMO (only profit matters, capitalistic).
  12. He posted timestamps for Schmachtenberger interview, not for Buterin. It's 4h 15 min.
  13. @Michael569 how many IU of vit D do you supplement daily? Any thoughts about absorption? For me, 30 min of sun exposure is muuuch more powerful than taking 2000 IU. I feel almost euphoric. Maybe it's not vit D only, maybe sun gives much more than vit D .
  14. You would be less afraid if you know what is inside the vaccine and how it works in your body. I had the same feeling before spending a few hours educating myself.
  15. It seems hard to be only red-blue and be interested in You are in this forum. No doubts, you have some orange sparks. don't worry .