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  1. Dismissive/Avoidant - makes sense
  2. According to guys on ACC forum it is not safe, DMSA must be dosed on the half life. I guess most of us are mercury toxic to some extent. The best measure is your symptoms during round. I wouldn't risk with 1,8g of DMSA.
  3. Interesting clash in football today - EURO 2020 - Germany vs Hungary. Germany, which moves fast towards green versus Hungary, deep in the blue stage (anti-LGBTQ). Organized by UEFA being mostly orange IMO (only profit matters, capitalistic).
  4. He posted timestamps for Schmachtenberger interview, not for Buterin. It's 4h 15 min.
  5. @Michael569 how many IU of vit D do you supplement daily? Any thoughts about absorption? For me, 30 min of sun exposure is muuuch more powerful than taking 2000 IU. I feel almost euphoric. Maybe it's not vit D only, maybe sun gives much more than vit D .
  6. You would be less afraid if you know what is inside the vaccine and how it works in your body. I had the same feeling before spending a few hours educating myself.
  7. It seems hard to be only red-blue and be interested in You are in this forum. No doubts, you have some orange sparks. don't worry .
  8. All the time jokes about dicks waitin for some vagina jokes man!
  9. Do the breathwork and "do nothing" meditation when you feel sad, depressed and pain: It allows to easier go through this hard times. I feel the same as you bro.
  10. @docs20 I had the same questions in my head some time ago. I realized that we rely too much on memory, maybe you are super conscious in total stillness during anesthesia and feel all of it but just forget later on?
  11. Ok, my spiritual best friend is a cat. Felt awesome. Again -> thx.
  12. "We are all dumb, it's OK to be dumb, just don't indulge in it" ? I feel dumb 'cos I didn't hear those 6Rs! Thank you for sharing, gonna try this. I noticed that it's pretty hard for me to find a "spiritual friend".
  13. "I choose to live in love..." @DrewNows just listened to this song a few minutes before seeing your post . I had to mention this. Much love to you. ❤️
  14. @neovox Definitely i'm going to try 6 sec in 6 sec out, lately I got sleep problems. Thanks.
  15. I had the same situation with my previous gf, she wanted to spend all her free time with me. Try to introspect and ask yourself what setup would be best for you. How many days do you need? Then... sit with her and have very honest conversation. Tell her that you want to spend time alone and give her reasons why. After that - compromise. Authenticity was always a solution for me. All shit I kept in me later on caused my breakup. Communication is crucial. This jealousy stuff sounds quite toxic, talk with her about it as well. Fingers crossed.