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  1. Do the breathwork and "do nothing" meditation when you feel sad, depressed and pain: It allows to easier go through this hard times. I feel the same as you bro.
  2. @docs20 I had the same questions in my head some time ago. I realized that we rely too much on memory, maybe you are super conscious in total stillness during anesthesia and feel all of it but just forget later on?
  3. Ok, my spiritual best friend is a cat. Felt awesome. Again -> thx.
  4. "We are all dumb, it's OK to be dumb, just don't indulge in it" 🙂 I feel dumb 'cos I didn't hear those 6Rs! Thank you for sharing, gonna try this. I noticed that it's pretty hard for me to find a "spiritual friend".
  5. "I choose to live in love..." @DrewNows just listened to this song a few minutes before seeing your post . I had to mention this. Much love to you. ❤️
  6. @neovox Definitely i'm going to try 6 sec in 6 sec out, lately I got sleep problems. Thanks.
  7. I had the same situation with my previous gf, she wanted to spend all her free time with me. Try to introspect and ask yourself what setup would be best for you. How many days do you need? Then... sit with her and have very honest conversation. Tell her that you want to spend time alone and give her reasons why. After that - compromise. Authenticity was always a solution for me. All shit I kept in me later on caused my breakup. Communication is crucial. This jealousy stuff sounds quite toxic, talk with her about it as well. Fingers crossed.
  8. What benefits do you get from holotropic breathwork?
  9. hahaha ❤️made my day
  10. I believe I'm overthinking this. With friends, co-workers, even random people like shop assistants it goes pretty smoothly. The problem starts with newly met nice girls. A little bit of excitement makes my eyes doing pingpong . @Serotoninluv Cool article. Thanks. I like those three points the most: “In order for eye contact to feel good, one person cannot impose his visual will on another; it is a shared experience. Perhaps eyes meet only for a second at first; one partner then tests the waters and tries a few seconds, and when that is met warmly, the pair can begin ramping up the eye contact together until they are locked in a beautiful dance of eyes and gazes.” Focus on one eye at a time and switch between them. (this was problematic for me). When you break your gaze, look to the side, not down. (this I will work on for sure). @Preety_India Doing it right now. After reading about the importance of it, I thought intermittently is not enough. Maybe it is. As Serotoninluv said, too strong could become creepy. Thank you for your tips! <3
  11. Hey, I am trying to get better in laser eye contact with girls. I focus on it so much that I am losing topics we chat about or stop listening to her.. Normally I am very extrovert, talkative etc. but this practice takes away, for example, my witty repartee . I got it that more practice will make me better in it, but looking constantly on my friend's eyes is getting super weird 😀. Any tips except more practice? Thanks.
  12. @Pallero "Post-coital tristesse (PCT) is the feeling of sadness, anxiety, agitation or aggression after sexual intercourse, mostly in males." - none of it was mentioned in our posts. Still thanks for trying.
  14. @HP Lovecraft ❤️Thank you for the reminder. It's very easy to use Leo's videos as a pleasure-making machine. Lately I felt sad after break up and video about chapters helped me to go through it easier. However, this is not the way I should utilize those videos.
  15. IME anger equals fear and ignorance. Today I got angry because the old lady jumped in front of me in the queue in the supermarket (fear of saying "wtf" + not understanding why person can do that). Thanks for sharing your experience.