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  1. I wish you the best of luck. Hang in there and focus-hard. Learn as much as possible as humanly as you can.
  2. You seem to lack a lot of compassion with this right-winged "false flag" bias. Do you not realize that not EVERYONE could evacuate, even if they wanted to? The population of the entire Ukraine is 44 million- do you not realize how much of a logistical fuck-up that has caused people who are trying to flee of 10% of Ukraine population that has currently fled? Most of them had no choice but to stay and by then, it was too late. Even by modern-day standards, there is constant traffic and congestion on the road- every single-day. Now, imagine the last time you've seen a major weather warning and witness the traffic pile up in the nearest-fucking highway. And those who wanted to leave, probably COULDN'T leave. By your logic, anyone who stayed probably wanted to be home and should of died. Now, imagine an active war with millions trying to leave all at once with shelling and shooting. And by your stupid logic- children are civilians and should of died because Ukraine was giving weapons to civilians?
  3. What a great read, definitely learned something new as well. Something as simple as surrender is so important to getting a direct experience of god!
  4. I'm black and I have no problem with this.
  5. @DManKee You were never born because your true nature isn't grounded in materialism. It's the "pure" conscious that you are, which is infinite and absolute. To be "born" is to "arrive" but you never needed to arrive because you were already here.
  6. @Karmadhi Both of my wingmen are below 6 foot (I'm the only tall one), so it's definitely an excuse. I see a lot of pussy short and tall guys and you know what's common? Their lack of self-confidence is what doesn't get them laid or even a phone number. You need to go out more and develop your personality / perosnal-charisma. By doing this, you will dispel a lot of your lack of self-belief and self-esteem, especially once you see (from your direct experience) a hot girl wanting to fuck you for what you are and what you have to offer. You literally need to fully believe you are alpha / awesome / the most cool guy. You will only develop that through a direct experience. By doing this, you will realize that there are nuances in your personality that you didn't know you've had that will start to flourish and you can leverage that to attract women. There will be a lot of pain during the journey and that includes mine as well. For example, I went out every week with my fearless wingman (who is short and Indian and I'm sure you wouldn't want to suffer from the social stigmas that come from that combination). Not only did he "usurp" these bullshit social stigmas, but made it look silly and pussy to dwell over. We were able to get a lot of results through repetition and putting ourselves out there more. Getting out of our comfort zone. Then it "clicked" in my head that just being fucking bad-ass and fully believing in yourself is what makes you attractive. Reaching for 1000% authenticity is the goal. This low conscious "hunter/viking/warrior" mentality is what got us there too (essentially, you have to be a fucking man not a boy. You have to have balls, big ones). And, oh boy, did it nearly get us into some trouble in a few situations! Also, (it appears contradictory) but being ULTRA positive is also key for me. Any ounce of negativity towards yourself or the girl and you will get burnt. Either your ego will get in the way or you will ruin the set (in other words, a girl or group of girls to approach and interact with). Only did my physical attractiveness applied, but not as significantly as charisma / confidence / self-belief. In fact, there were some nights where every single girl loved me. Then there were some nights every single girl hated black guys and wanted nothing to do with them! That definitely put my ego in check as well. As far as my wing, he's killing it. AND Of course, we still have a lot to improve, but your lack of self-belief / self-confidence / charisma is what holding you back. Learning how to be really fucking social will get you there. Also, have fucking fun. Counter intuitively, I don't even go out purely for women, but to have as much fun as possible. This put so much pressure off and settles your ego. So, I approach everyone. This direct experience gave me insight into what being the "cool guy" is. I've approached 50+ one night (both girls / guys) and had a blast. Made a tonne of new friends and gotten crazy results. And if you are socially awkward, I recommend talking to as many people as possible, as it will improve your vibe skills. Focus mostly on leading the conversation and getting them to talk. Also, (IMHO) earplugs are for pussies. Don't let a girl catch you with them on. And what I've said above is all night game.
  7. The forum section is powered by Invision Power Services, so he would need to have an add-on that is compatible with his theme to have dark mode or request changes by the developers. Otherwise, the best bet would be to hire a web developer that understands Invision Power code. But, I wouldn't waste time - I'd just probably build a custom site / forum, but that does cost a lot of money.
  8. SEO is a pool full of manipulation and I fully regret that my business relies on it. But, to give you a few tips: - Focus on on-page optimization, I highly recommend pageoptimizerpro (Google it) - this will set your rankings straight. - Focus on link building, I highly recommend niche edits / guest posts / diversity link building - this will help you build authority - Focus on building EAT Signals (Google it) - this will help you build brand awareness and more authority. - Help client build up a content strategy by doing extensive long-tail keyword research and finding an affordable content writer to write for all the long-tail variations. Then point all the long-tail articles to a single "authoritative article" focused on a high-volume keyword. Doing this properly and in 6-months or more, that traffic should increase significantly. -
  9. This is actually pretty insane.
  10. Literally, when getting my testosterone back up to speed, my sex drive and horniness only increased after jerking off for the 5th time with great orgasms. These guys have libido of a rock. Most of these NOFAP guys have low testosterone levels. With higher T, you'll come to find out how stupid NOFAP and NO-EJACULATION is. Sexual Transmutate by jerking off and talking to women!
  11. I've mentioned this before and usually if you are experiencing lag / low-energy from fapping, you should almost always get your testosterone levels checked. I was diagnosed with low T and T-levels are declining every year. Since getting on TRT, jerking off is essential just to keep energy and libido levels at bay. Otherwise, I'd be a fucking savage. Jerking off should make you feel good, not worse. It's a biological issue you are having.
  12. 1 girl per day is stupid, especially if there is not an intent to at least close. Then, you're just approaching with no goal. It's like doing sales but with the intent to interact with the customer, instead of closing the sale. This is why these modern dating coaches are absolute garbage, because they push for no-results and a "mass approach" strategy. Save up some money and get a dating coach. No point in doing it alone and stupid.
  13. This situation will be slightly impactful in the short-term (generating attention), but eventually will die off and nothing will result of it. The problem is, WSB cannot be taken seriously enough. They will get trashed by major publications and have its reputation tarnished to oblivion as wanna-be daytraders that caused a storm. The public will take note after a while, but eventually forget and move on. WSB has too much of a “bro” humor that will eventually get itself quarantined by Reddit, like many other of these male-run reddit groups like r/TheRedPill. This is r/TheRedPill of Daytrading and this type of behavior will just give Reddit all the excuse to eventually shut-it-down. Whether it’s a month from now or a year, it will happen. Fact is, Reddit is owned by Advanced Publications Inc with millions tied in investment and basically a hedge funds itself. So, as WSB trashed hedge funds and investors, they are being monitored by one of the largest Privately Held Companies in the world. They own a large stake in Discovery, inc and Charter Communications, as well as several other companies. I highly doubt the capitalistic elites that owns Reddit with investments and/or connections possibly tied to the investors that are being screwed over by $GME will go silent. I doubt they will continue to allow a bunch of redditors to determine the market without major consequences. This will cause a very big backlash because once you get rid of WSB, traders will begin to sellout and the average-nooby investor that bought into the hype will suffer the consequence. People who are buying into this as some green shift doesn’t see how deep corrupt capitalism go and how challenging it will be to change it. Not some Reddit group with dirt up its ass. The irony about this is all is they are going against Wallstreet by causing chaos in enemy territory: The Elitist Who Owns Reddit!
  14. @kras That proves you don't know ALL the theory or applying bad theory. Unless you have terrible logistical issues (which I do have), the first date should be back to your place, which is the MOST ideal and is preferred, even without a lockdown. @MrBON You obviously don't know women- there are many guys in a private group taking girls back to their place. Even with my bad logistics, I get invited to their house.