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  1. There is a good video of Absolute Love by Leo. But in an attempt to answer your question; Love is Absolute. Love is all around you, it is no as simple as emotional feelings. Emotions / Feelings are a construct of the mind. If you contemplated this duality, you will realize that love isn't as simple as a relationship or a construct of the mind. It is far more ground-breaking than ego. You are projecting mind-based, emotion-driven love (i.e Love cannot be a super-power if it is grounded in acceptance.) Nonetheless, you have the opportunity to love yourself, since that is all that is - which is your true nature. Not your human insecurities, weakness, judgments, relationships, family or friends.
  2. They are both more or less the same. Wisdom is equal to Love. It all goes back into absoluteness. There is really no difference at all. Since Love is Absolute, Wisdom is also Love. I've contemplated Eternal Wisdom and I can tell you there is no difference at all between it and Love. Now, if you are speaking in a dualistic sense, where there are two definitions (Wisdom / Love): Then follow the path that you want intuitively. The main difference between the two paths is Wisdom requires understanding, contemplation, and insight. So, you are basically integrating awareness intelligently with Wisdom. Whereas Love is expression. Overall, there is really no difference. So don't get too caught up in duality.
  3. Infinity = all things and everything is possible. There is no limit or boundaries. If there is no limit, then there are an unlimited possibilites of dimensions Randomness is apart of duality, it really doesn't exist from an absolute / God perspective - since all dualities go back into non-duality Therefore, God does not randomly spawn itself into existence. It is already IS. As far as reincarnation, I'll leave that up to you to contemplate.
  4. @Haloman You missed the larger, more profound point. You are not thinking in the bigger picture or haven't watched any of Leo videos (or haven't done the work yourself or just blinded by your ego or trolling). Science is 0.00000000000000000000000001% of Absolute Infinity. You cannot compare Absolute Infinity to science since science requires the absolute to exist. Science cannot escape or create absolute infinity, besides, be within infinity/consciousness. Science is a limited form of the absolute until it realizes itself and steps outside the material paradigm it is stuck in. Therefore, there are absolute truths that are behind just science and survival, that it ALL LOOKS like a joke. He never called it a JOKE. @Dumuzzi It is all just consciousness. They are debating forms and formlessness duality. Consciousness lives within and outside of all dualities. Philosophy is limited compared to the direct experience of the truth. It is all just consciousness - your ideas as well.
  5. @gahzito What Leo is giving is an absolute perspective on death and admitted that he doesn't know the exact structure on karma in the video if you went through the whole thing. But, it appears to insist that it does exist.
  6. @Forrest Adkins Firstly, I think your lack of success is mostly due to your mindset. Your friend may be getting 100+ matches, but he is not converting on them all, most likely less than 5% at BEST (if not less than 1%). That means the majority of women from Tinder are terrible leads. It is like running a marketing agency for restaurant owners, but the leads you are getting are from 100 different verticals and niches. Eventually, you will close on 1 out of 100. In perspective, there are many different variables at play. From experience, I've had days with 50+ matches with an average face picture. I didn't show my height or physique (at the time, I was pretty skinny with a good frame). A close friend of mine at the time, average-looking (not ugly, not model-like) was able to get a few matches from a Tinder with a bio strategy I showed him. The point is, it is very possible to get matches without being great looking. But, as Leo said, you need GREAT photos. The reason is far less to do with you being UGLY and your friend being "white and masculine" but with: Their algorithm being corrupt and greedy. They turned their matching algorithm into a greedy scheme that will intentionally give men fewer matches in order to push them through Tinder Gold and other microtransactions. I have an account that was almost at 500 matches, I was charged less for Tinder Gold compared to a fresh account I made. That means they are arbitraging men with fewer matches, especially those who are new to Tinder (no matter how good looking they are). Tinder wants to maximize money, not user-experience. Tinder also shadowbans users. If a woman reports you for any reason, you are just as good as dead. Therefore, you need MULTIPLE dating apps to maximize success. Most men do not treat talking with women as getting traffic into a funnel. If I succeed with Facebook advertising, why wouldn't I try Twitter or Linkedin ads? If my friend became successful with Facebook, I wouldn't envy him - I'll just keep experimenting and trying new things that need to work for me. If you find a way to get matches, you will eventually have girls WANTING to come to your apartment simply from number game. But, it takes massive action and volume. Download OTHER dating apps.
  7. Congratulation! Work hard and you will reap the benefits.
  8. @Strangeloop Exactly. God exists outside of concept but it is ALSO the concept. Ego is a concept constructed by the mind to give you a sense of identity. When you take a psychedelic or meditate for long hours, it can strip the mind-ego and you become everything. This "everything" (The Absolute) can only be experienced by you, it is not conceptual. You cannot put it into the concept, but you can meditate and contemplate it or hack your way with DMT (or whatever other people here recommends - safely).
  9. @Strangeloop You are confusing ego with infinite beings. LEO said that God split itself into trillions of pieces of ITSELF, but that is NOT ego. Ego is a person SENSE of self. Sense of Sense is a duality and is encapsulated by absolute infinity. In order for you to SENSE yourself, there must be NO-SELF, to begin with. Absolute Infinity doesn't have a PERSONAL IDENTITY since it is EVERYTHING. What you are trying to do is justify the survival of the ego, by claiming God is a GIANT EGO. Therefore, you are confusing what absolute infinity is and what the EGO is. They are two different things.