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  1. @Starlight321 First, they need to want to know truth and their highest nature, which is God. If you lack awareness of your desire and use psychedelics, your mind may struggle to accurately interpret such experiences. As a result, you might resort to scientific explanations and counterproductive assertions, rather than delving into deeper, metaphysical aspects. These experiences can challenge the very essence of being human, which is primarily focused on survival and not recognizing oneself as God. To acknowledge oneself as God means transcending humanity, and this is why human spirituality is finite and limited in scope. The most extraordinary experience one can have is recognizing oneself as God, an experience unlike any other. Also know because your friend is God, he can deeply limit himself in their illusion. But, this goes for many humans. But, don't take my word for it, keep going as deep as you can handle and then take a break. Edit: Please also know that whether your friend awakens or not does not matter, ultimately. There is only so much you can do with stupidity. Your direct experience as God is what truly matters. Because once human-death happens, everything and everyone is coming with you. That's God for you.
  2. @Karla Ceremonies can be helpful for beginners looking to experience outwardly conscious matters. It can also be useful for intermediate / advanced psychedelic users looking for the experience, social environment, physical healing and psychedelic journey. However, more serious truth seekers will find it too distracting and orchestrating for their likings. Reason being, truth is a hard pill to swallow and it takes an incredible amount of courage, self-dignity and self-curiosity. You have to tread at it alone most of the time, since many won't understand or want to follow, as it claws through the essential nature and survival-agenda of the human-being. Large doses are most likely needed for sitters, unless you are extremely advanced and know what you are doing.
  3. @Jowblob What are you even talking about? Did you read anything I've written? The point of the massage is for him to be very conscious and not pass himself out by taking his doses very carefully, but to also give him direction to what to potentially expect from his current first experience on 150ug. Telling him he's not ready for the real deal is bullshit and arrogant. Deep God realizations can happen at much smaller doses than what most people expect. You don't need insane trips to realize yourself as God, but a deconstruction of the human-mind and human-perspective. It can happen at small phases and gradually build up to a big, wide picture. Also, all of your spiritual books are meaningless to me and doesn't make sense why you would reply with such thing. Mentioning your life goals is also meaningless to me. What you are replying with is completely nonsense in context and means nothing and is unhelpful.
  4. Good job
  5. You're tapping into Infinite Imagination. Keep at 150ug and stay on that, don't go above just yet. Then contemplate Infinite Imagination. It feels like you are pushing for a insane trip. All you need is simple, yet very serious contemplation of what's happening around you without passing out. So, stick at lower doses until you start to get more profound insights. Then ramp up your contemplation efforts with higher doses.
  6. There is a better way, where you use wine/alcohol and it removes all the gunk/side effects.
  7. Yes, I remember those lessons on LSD. You're God.
  8. Great insights!
  9. @Jodistrict I've never said Ayahuasca cannot heal physical illnesses. I've said that it's inappropriate to use it simply for that cause. It's like using stacks of steroids to fix libido issues when you could just use doctor-prescribed TRT or viagra. You don't need a volcano to fix your heating issues. You don't need a lake to get a drink of water when you have a fountain or sink nearby. If you need physical healing, there are other non-psychedelic ways of fixing them. Using a consciousness sledgehammer to fix your issues has very severe consequences and unintended impacts on human lives. For example, what if the person enters into states of consciousness so profound, unintended, and cause irrefutable harm to themselves? What if that person brewed up deep depression and committed suicide? I've seen enough people on Reddit that have used the Ayahuasca brew and had unintended and significant consequences to their physical well-being and relationships. They will never go to a ceremony or trust another Shaman again. You're playing a very serious game here. The only person here who is spreading misinformation is you, no? Wouldn't you be so loving to tell a person that Ayahuasca could potentially put them in these states and could lead to danger? You're missing a very plain point, which shows you don't even take Ayahuasca seriously as much as you do the Indigenous people. @Leo Gura I do see how I could be projecting how Ayahuasca affects me, I will be more careful next time. It's very unfortunate because it's very profound and deep. It has allowed me to experience Infinite Daemonic Love; I've also figured out how ghosts are infinitely looping itself; I've also imagined ghosts in other forms; I've also realized how haunting is love, as well as spiritual possessions. I've also imagined all of paranormal/supernatural activities; i've also created layers of psychic abilities based on these realizations. I also can put my consciousness in more pure states of consciousness. Too bad I cannot be sharing half of this stuff.
  10. @MsNobody Your issue is apparant. I go to X ceremony to heal Y issue. But, you can easily book a doctors appointment! That's not what Ayahuasca is used for and is more profundly disrespectful to the liquid. This is why you pro-ceremony worshippers go once in a blue-moon. Because once Ayahuasca push you deeper, you run away and never go back to it. You intuitively understand that Ayahuasca wants to push deeper, but you ignore. And once it trends deeper, you experience profound 'horror' in God's Love. Ghosts, demons, posessions all become a reality and so much other. Ayahuasca plays on your fears at consistent or large intakes, even at lower doses. But you will never know, because you want to heal your gum! Ayahuasca is RUTHLESS in showing you your FEARS. This is the TRUE purging. Poor Ayahuasca - reduced to a CVS gum-healing brand! Please know that Ayahuasca cured my depression, but it wasn't to have a better life. It was the next phase to understand that I'm God. True GOD realization is being able to look a Demon in the eyes and loving it. Purging is for the spirtually weak. @Leo Gura I remember when Ayahuasca started to test my fears and one of them were demons. Of course, God cannot fear its own creation! Slowly but surely, I started to imagine all types of demons; they were looking for love just like anything else! Twisted and strange but profoundly beautiful and multi-dimensional. They love hauting the unrealized! Because, if you aren't God Realized, you deserve what's coming to you! Then one of the most magical, mind-blowing and twisted God-Realizations happened. But, it's a secret. And if you put that kind of person in a ceremony, the Shaman would stop taking Ayahuasca. God love limiting and twisting itself into one realm / degree of Infinity and staying there to love. God is TRULY INFINITE!
  11. @flowboy At that point, the Ayahuasca without DMT it's not being used for spiritual awakening, just personal development. DMT is key here. A truly open-minded person would see through traditions and actually be understanding that Ayahuasca can be done without a Shaman. Now, will the Ayahuasca pill come with flaws? Sure! But, let's not think for a second that a Shaman is needed. The logic is equivalent to saying you need a web developer to launch a website. It's obvious that you don't! I mean, look at your website! <3 This human spiritual elitism is weak and extremely biased. @MsNobody Nothing is impressive about a Shaman raising his hand and speaking words. Respectfully, appealing to a Shaman is spiritually weak. That's including all of their books and most of their words. But because they are indigenous, their words are of "wisdom?." It's funny how African Shamans don't get that same level of respect or appeal to authority and sell the least courses and ceremonies on Iboga. in fact, they also sell Iboga for your own personal use - for the fraction of the price of Ayahuasca ceremonies! No beer-belly Shaman is needed! Purging like a monkey means nothing - it's just another way to pedastilize Shamans. Yes, you will feel great after it - but that feeling of accomplishment will only will last for a few weeks. We all know the reason why you went to an Ayahuasca ceremony - you talk too much! <3 I've taken more Ayahuasca than you have and haven't purged a single time. I've taken Ayahuasca for 30 days straight, each day. Then did it again for another 30 days. The TRUE Shaman is the one who made the Ayahuasca so cleanly and lovingly for my own personal use! I've broken through so many human barriers, I see why people prefer ceremonies! It's the easiest way out of TRUE spiritual development, which is eliminating the human and the human fears. THE REAL PURGING process is facing all of your FEARS. Most of you wouldn't take Ayahuasca by yourself. Let alone take Ayahuasca while in a haunted house!
  12. Ayahuasca is far superior done by yourself where you have to face God's wrath 1 on 1. That wrath leads to some of the most profound God Realizations because where there Is fear, there is God Realization! No shaman required! Shamanism is a replica of your fear and profound illusion, so you fool yourself and pedestal human / shaman. It's another mechanism of Infinity keeping itself from Infinity. Literally, nothing is superior to you, God. God can only teach itself and is the ultimate teacher. The highest nature of Ayahuasca and psychedelics is loving all aspects of yourself as God
  13. @Jodistrict Blah. Blah. Blah. The fact you are taking Ayahuasca to purge toxins is the greatest, ultimate disrespect. If the Shamanic process isn't God realizing you, it was a waste of time, money, and effort. That's the point of Ayahuasca: to realize you are God. Not how to clear your body of toxins, become a better person or meet some creepy shaman. If the goal is personal development, it's much more cost friendly, efficient and safe to do Ayahuasca pills or other micro-dosing methods. @max duewel I know you've asked this to Leo, but it varies per the person. I do not purge on Ayahuasca. The real purging process is getting rid of fears, bit by bit. Not throwing up like a monkey. The real question is: are you willing to face your greatest nightmare?
  14. If 100% of your intent is God realization, you won't forget.
  15. Ceromonies are God-Fearing and are at its core for-profit. Just a low-end way of doing it compared to Pharma-Commerce. Ceromonies are a lemonade stand, while pharma is a lemonade franchise. Both still for profit. The latter can just be scaled better. All Ayahuasca secrets can be revealed without a shaman. Shamans are usually not truth seekers and are not required for God realization. They also need to get paid as well, so why not launch a ceromony? Most of those people commenting are God-fearing and wouldn't even last a day by themselves taking Ayahuasca. They are fearful and are in need of a Shaman and group-think. Just imagine the amount of fear everyone has at a ceromony? At least with Ayahuasca-Pharma, you can have the balls and do it by yourself.