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  1. @Leo Gura Just done with my class this week. I took Multidisciplinary Studies this semester . The funniest thing is that everything I learned from that class was not knew to me because I heard every single concept from you prior taking that class. Thank you, Leo. I don’t want to sound like fan but it is really up to us how to use the information you give in the videos. Personally, your information helped me a lot, and I applied some of it for the university. Really loved that video you posted about Chomsky. There is so much to learn from Hate when people are bitching about it. hell, it does not have to be all about Enlightenment at the end!
  2. @TrynaBeTurquoise I had about seven lucid dreams in my life. It was very unique experience. I noticed one peculiarity, when I maintain awareness during the day or on a regular basis, lucid dreaming becomes a byproduct of this awareness, even when I go to bed. Also, I was lucid dreaming after valuable spiritual insights or progresses in my self-development.
  3. @Leo Gura thank you Leo for your answer and for your hard work.
  4. @Raptorsin7 I know you’re. 😋
  5. @Raptorsin7 I wish I can delete it somehow, let me try
  6. Leo, can you pls explain what you mean “without touching them” ? Is it a bit closer to what Osho explains in his book “Love, Freedom and Aloneness”? But do you think a regular human being, let’s say a man who is after self-actualization, is capable to love someone unconditionally, truly? Without mixing his personal agenda and emotions into a true manifestation of love? Thank you 😊.
  7. Absolutely agree with you. I think the more you drive someone insane(in a good way) the better sex is, you need to suffer a bit to get what you want. Otherwise, if you don’t make effort, you really don’t appreciate it enough. But I also see where he ( Leo) is coming from. I had experience of meeting people and establish the rapport in a short period of time, it just clicks , for some magic reason. Your authentic self comes naturally and effortlessly. It is either your person or not. And who cares when you had sex, 😆.
  8. Leo, can you pls pls make a video for us about your vision of a true intimacy, like an example of the relationship of people who pursue enlightenment. I have been always wanting to hear your opinion about this. I know it is hard for you to find a counterpart who meets all your standards , but what is that woman you would like be with? I am sorry for asking such a private question. I always wanted to know this, what other man that like you prefer? What does this woman need to have to attract a philosopher?
  9. @Leo Gura I love you, Leo . Very straight forward and no BS. Second date, hah? I thought men did not like girls who are an easy game. 😂 but, yeah, you are special. My only thing is that even if I am crazy about man, I still need time to get used to him( to his body and smell). The more you wait, the better chances are for a passion. What about mental connection?
  10. 😉
  11. @Angelo John Gage only 3
  12. @Bill W Used to work in Insurance. I have one BS in Marketing, working on another BS in Leadership, then will work toward my MIT masters in supply chain. Will get back to the workforce next year.
  13. @Marinus yep I know, been there, done this.
  14. @Marinus see, it is hard to say because in Ukraine when woman pays for herself it means she sets boundaries, as she is highly independent and not fully yours. In Belgium and US it is absolutely normal. But this might be a signal as well. She doesn’t want you to invest in this relationship yet and there are plenty of reasons for this. Guess we will find out.
  15. @Marinus I agree with Natasha. Sometimes women behave this way because they are uncertain about the possible outcome of the relations. Maybe she has set the limits till she is sure 100% about the future of your relations. Therefore she does not want you to get too close because she is not sure, or she might have another prospect. Anyway, wait a bit you and will find out. I would just keep the same pattern and observe her behavior. Because if she really likes you, this pattern is not going to last long. You will have to get a bit closer. Do not trust the words. You know how many men swore that they really loved me, lol. She might compliment you because she feels obliged in certain situations to say nice words, to keep the game going. The compliment does not mean anything. Actions, actions, actions! Do not get discouraged, be patient and you will find out soon. Good luck.