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  1. @Matthew85 Peter Ralston “The book of not Knowing”.
  2. No. It is not. However, it is just a genital pleasure. No more, no less.
  3. Good point 🤣.
  4. I agree, public will be judgemental. He should remove them.
  5. yeah, such a nice post. It is the dream of mine to build a relationship like this.
  6. Me neither. Maybe it can zoom in/out and re-contextualize itself. Zooms in as a separate self, zooms out as everything. Kinda like breath in, breath out.
  7. @RMQualtrough what do you think about my understanding above. How can we explain/help people to understand the POV phenomenon better?
  8. Hey Matt, I do not know if I have any rights to put my two cents since you were asking @Leo Gura. This question has been asked from a continuum point of view, like if there is a time. But time is a mental construct. If consciousness is an infinite potential and explores its fractals (which is your POV now) why does it need to create N amount of POV's at this particular moment of exploration? This is a duality. I think mind cannot grasp it. Consciousness explores one fractal at a time (however, this exploration never happened, it is just an appearance), but since time is a mental construct, can we assume that all fractals including yours, have been explored already and they never happened in actuality? Liner time has never happened. It is important to form a question correctly to get a correct answer. Our mind forms this question, of simultaneous exploration, if there is a liner continuum space and time. Apriory, it is based on illusion of physical space and reality. But reality is illusory and deceitful. Every perception floating in your sensory field, creates the illusion of the physical reality. But even science says that material solid reality is just a figment of our imagination, brain projection. So how can we trust perceptions? Right? Brain is not real either and an appearance of Consciousness. Consciousness creates an illusion of the solo experience. And this illusion is NOT a factual thing. So yeah, fair to say that Consciousness explores all POV's simultaneously, however only sees one at a time. I hope it will help you, this is how I understand this with "my" limited mind. You cannot grasp it with logic. But again, it is just a perspective, and I am not claiming I am right in my observations.
  9. Continuum is also an illusion. Next or previous life is illusion. But yeah, mind can’t explain nor grasp it.
  10. @Someone here yes, I will help you. I really need your advice too. My life is about to change, huge change….
  11. Start something new….I will jump in.
  12. No worries, my Friend. This is forum. It meant to be this way that we perceive each other through the means of our own biases. I do not even take it personally. I understand that members do not know each other personally, and dry text cannot transmit the proper message and intentions that were meant to be there in first place. Thanks for your posts too. I can resonate with your conclusions. Blessings to all of us. Sommie bitches at me that I always derail his topics. And yes, we are all smart asses here ....
  13. Oh boy! It was a joke, I put a smiley face there...remember? It was a pure joke. Really? Interesting how me trying to help was seen as debate. I did not debate, I wanted my reader to see how I felt and saw it. But this is a state of being which cannot be communicated with language. Absolutely not. Well, I am sorry if by any means I hurt your feelings, it was not my intention.