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  1. When negative it says: Hurry up, you're late - you worthless piece of shit! And when positive it says: Holy shit it's all so damn perfect and amazing!
  2. That was beautiful. Thank you.
  3. @Tim R ❤ Also; The Breath Of Fire
  4. @blackchair 😄 Cheers mate! 🍻
  5. Worry is natural. Especially if what's ahead seems very significant to you. How to deal with the feeling in your chest directly? - Shift your focus from your thoughts to your breathing. Breathe in for 4 seconds, hold for 2 and exhale for 6. Focus on breathing 'through' the feeling in your chest. Repeat this until you feel relieved. How to deal with the narrative in your mind? Tell the voice that's freaking out something along the lines of: 'Chill dude. You got this. And you know what? If not... You're gonna live anyways. You're gonna learn from your mistakes. It's all cool. It's all just life. 10 years from now - all of this will be funny as hell. Relax and give your best. You might just surprise yourself and realize how deeply you've been underestimating your capabilities.' Try making 'an agreement' with that part of you. Take it if it resonates. Best of luck.
  6. @Shin I cannot be labelled or reduced to a diagnosis 😅
  7. To me it seems like the whole emotional aspect of the 'spiritual journey' goes completely unspoken of. I mean yeah; most of the gurus out there give you the basic info and maybe even a few methods on how to deal with or detach from emotions, but none of them go nowhere near as deep as Matt goes. He truly does an outstanding job portraying the whole picture. While also maintaining respect towards the one going through the journey. Honoring their experience. Many underestimate the power of emotional intelligence. Because it's so damn subtle. It flies over most people heads - imo. But it is an incredibly important aspect of being. Prior to, during and 'post' awakening. One could be using the most perfect, shiny words that resemble or point towards enlightenment. But if the emotional space from which they're speaking does not match those words - I call that bullshit. Delusion. Wannabe enlightenment.
  8. @WaveInTheOcean Been cultivating a deeper compassion for them lately. I noticed I get triggered by ignorance here and there. Then I realized it's only ignorance to me. For what I know; they might as well be completely self-transcendent. Serving the highest good of All. These lyrics come to mind tho; 'Life is but a dream Drifting on a stream A stream Consciously it seems All of what remains Ego brain Man-made shame Shame, love after it rains You see my pain is real Watch my world dissolve And pretend that none of us see the fall As I turned to sand You took me by the hand And declared, that love prevails over all' Oh man... Chills...
  9. There is this thing called 'Emotional Oneness'. Might wanna look into it.
  10. If you were to be drunk for a thousand years; waking up sober one day would seem like a mystical experience.
  11. @Mu_ Thank you. Something tells me I'll need that 'later'. I think what I've been experiencing lately is the collision of the 'inner/outer world'. A collapse of that duality. Not just in my mind - as an idea or a belief - but rather in direct experience. Everything is becoming fused to one. In everyday life. It kinda feels like reality is glued onto me. Mimicking me flawlessly. Following my each and every step. I wanna say it's like a mirror - but it doesn't feel 100% true.. Whatever the heck is going on; I'm enjoying it - most of the time. It's been a crazy ride so far. I'm eager to see where this goes. Good points about money and getting your dick sucked, too. Thanks. I have a strong definition of what I want and how to get it. It's not a question. It's a mission. But I also have plenty of room left for experimentation and exploration. Fun. I do get lost in thoughts and feelings here and there... But my eyes are on the road - most of the time 😄
  12. That it is 'mystical' or an 'experience' is an idea. A point of view.
  13. Careful. You may see no more value in the map; now that you're home... But let's not forget it got you where you are. It's deeply significant and useful. And it can always be upgraded and improved.