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  1. Just heard this for the first time and I turned into a ball of light.
  2. Every moment is a new beginning
  3. @Applegarden I'm gonna guess D# for 8 string. Cool weaponry! 🤟🙏
  4. @Bittu Can you describe your process of opening yourself up for channeling "higher entities" ? Any particular method? Preparation? According to Darryl; he was trained to raise his frequency in such a way that it becomes a close enough match to Bashar's frequency, and thus the "connection" can occur. They essentially sync in. I'm curious how would you describe it. Other than that... What day is it?
  5. Also wanted to add; Realize the importance of not having everything "under control", at all times. It's what creates the magic factor in your experience. Makes it shine. Enjoy not being "in charge" of everything. Let all things do themselves. Allow yourself to be surprised. To be excited about what's being revealed. About what's yet to be discovered. What's yet to be seen. With Infinite Will comes infinite exploration and infinite experience.
  6. Thanks everyone. A "human being" is already God's Will. It comes down to how aware one is of that. The more one becomes aware of God's Will; the more of it one will have. Even though it's not something one literally has. It's just how it is. One does not have free will. One is free will.
  7. I went through numerous awakenings and upgrades in the past couple of day. The extra time indoors was more than welcome. I'd like to share a few insights and pointers with you. Perhaps you too are venturing deeper into the unknown, at this time. There are two things that I'm all about when it comes to this "work". One is exploration. The other is embodiment. It's the way I discovered my process of awakening to be unfolding, naturally. For me it's not only about seeing the Light of Truth, but also bringing it into every moment of my experience. Both the "known and seen" and the "unknown and unseen" are doing their job, so to speak. An equal amount of commitment and dedication is shown to both sides of the coin. Everything is equally valid and requires full attention. There is no one thing above the other. There is harmony and cohesion. Cooperation. Communication. Instead of letting all the perspectives I look through conflict, block or negate each - other, I now recognize them all as truthfull views and flawless puzzle pieces that all fit together perfectly. A few days prior to the "big breakthrough"; I felt like I was being called to go in a specific direction. I always pay close attention to the signs and whispers. I knew it was time. I was in for yet another big shift in my baseline consciousness. But... I needed to face my deepest fears first. It was the only way forward. I simply was not able to start embodying higher frequencies of consciousness while still holding onto this fear. And so I gathered my courage and surrendered to the river. Breathing my way through. This big core fear that I was holding onto was felt very intensely during a few rather terrifying experiences that I've had in my past. It was something I feared more than death itself. Even though death was, in a sense, a part of the experience; what came "after death" was beyond anything I could've imagined. And what it was, was a series of ridiculously insane, live paradoxes that literally left me paralyzed and - as it seemed at that time - permanently stoned. I say "live" because it was a direct, real time, full spectrum experience. I literally became the paradox. Reality as a whole was a paradox. Imagine trying to stand up and simultaneously pushing yourself back down. I could do nothing. These experiences were so powerful, shocking and life shattering that I didn't know what to make out of them. I could not comprehend what I've been shown. So I just wouldn't go "in that direction" for a long time. I stayed away. I knew there was something big to be discovered there, but I just did not have the balls. Couldn't handle it. All until now. Turns out; there is no paradox. But in order to see through it, I had to see it clearly, first. And obviously experience it fully, as well. It was "God's masterplan" all along. And so it happened. This time the experience was much less intense. I did not panic as I would in my past. That gave me room for exploration. A few moments of discomfort and I was slowly able to relax into it and "break free". It finally clicked for me. On a level so deep. I became aware of how the paradox was being created. And right there, right then, in that moment... Paradox was no more. WILL was. I felt the fear slowly being released. It was so satisfying. Such a big relief. I just felt so good. At peace. Whole. Centred. And in that state of carefree, effortless being I became aware of quite a few things. I noticed how I was simply unable to experience anything that I was not cultivating in real time. I could not feel good without willingly cultivating a good feeling. Neither could I feel bad without cultivating that. And how I felt instantly attracted perspectives that were a perfect vibrational match. It just became so clear and obvious to me; everything is as I am. Right now. All the time. Over and over again. What I see is what I am. Light. I realized the importance of being in tune with how I feel right now. Being aware of the frequency I'm cultivating. It's as if I was walking backwards all this time. As if I was flying against the wind. Swimming against the current. I was so occupied with "doing things" constantly, forgetting that things do themselves and all I have to do is sit back and cultivate good vibes. I can actually feel bliss at will now. It's amazing. And that feeling naturally comes with blissful thoughts, ideas, moments and perspectives. It all snowballs into an epic, blissful experience. And it can last forever. The frequency I'm cultivating is being reflected to me in real time. In fact; that's how it's always been. It's just that I am now continuously aware of it. Every passing moment is my WILL. If it seems the other way, it's because I am not conscious of willingly creating every passing moment; NOW. - That's a universal truth, as far as I'm concerned. Haha. I'm creating it by first being it and then seeing it. Experiencing it. All perspectives, all thoughts, all sensations and emotions... All Will. I cannot have any more control than I already have. All control. No control. Will. "The paradox" is that looking for will is being done out of will. That is why it can seem as if there is no free will. Because WILL is all there is. Whenever it seems like I have no control; I'm using all the control I have to create that experience. It's a dance. A play. The funniest thing though, is waking up to the fact that it actually takes far more effort to be misaligned and feel bad. To overthink. To hold onto limiting perspectives and beliefs. Why use all that energy to keep feeling bad, when feeling good is completely effortles and natural? I don't have to make myself feel good in order to have a pleasant experience. I just have to stop trying so hard to make myself feel bad and simply enjoy the show. One can never find Truth. One can only stop hiding. We all rise up naturally once we stop pulling ourselves down. It takes no effort whatsoever. Once the duality between surrender and resistance collapses; all there is left is sheer WILL. GOD's WILL. And it's pure surrender. And pure resistance. At once. It's The Force. Nothing can stop it. It cannot stop itself, either. It can only make it seem that way. It can be extremely convincing. But something that has never begun cannot be stopped. Infinite Will. Everything is because Will is. Light. Consciousness. Love. Life. Death. Awakening. All because of Infinite Will. Even surrendering to God's Will is Will itself. There is no release without resistance. And there is no movement and no direct experience without any of those. Will comes "prior" to all form. All existence. This makes little to no sense prior to Self realization though; I imagine. If I was to identify myself as just a thoughtform, a perspective or a body; I'd be experiencing the appropriate amount of "free will" that matches that scenario. Everything is always adjusting to your current state of being. Aligning with You. That's how you know you are. You cannot ever truly be out of alignment or out of the flow. You can only create the experience of that. It's how you are waking yourself up. It's all a part of a flawless, perfectly synchronized, divine orchestration. Pure Will. Waking up to this can be straight on terrifying and paralyzing - as it was for me in the beginning. It can be the worst. Or it can be the best ever. It can be hilarious. You choose. That's literally how one unlocks the power of Will. Let it be Your Will. To feel amazing. To be aligned and carefree and loving and kind and compassionate and healthy and confident and abundant and joyful and playful and excited and awake and alive! Choose it all. Whatever feels right to you. Be it all, see it all, feel it all; Now. May you be blessed.
  8. @Leo Gura Would you agree that coming to a realization is just as important as letting go of it?
  9. @pluto Feels so natural, right? May you be blessed 💚 @mandyjw Indeed. It's funny to wake up to the fact, that once you commit to feeling good... all the "important things" find you, effortlessly. 💚
  10. I would say no, not really. He could, in a sense, understand what the heart is all about... but that's not the same as actually being grounded in the heart. Ime; there's awakening of the universal mind, and the awakening of the cosmic heart. Wisdom and Love. The integration and embodiment of both would result in what we may call "a fully awakened being".
  11. @yolosmoothie Will is all there is. That's why finding it is so tricky. It can seem as if all of this is happening on its own to you. Or it can seem like you are happening in all of it. The idea or experience of "no free will" is being created by sheer will.
  12. @Eph75 It makes all the difference and no difference at all.
  13. In my opinion, feeling can be a "faster", more direct way to realizing The Truth. As well as letting go of the idea of it.
  14. "How do I feel" ? "How do I really, truly, actually feel right now"? If you go totally honest about it; you will most certainly, and maybe not instantly but quite inevitably, become grounded into the centre of your being. Fully present. Here and Now. Do this as often as possible and you will, eventually realize that how you feel is all that matters. It's literally what creates the quality of your experience. It is ok to be comfortable in the seat you're sitting in. It is ok to feel good about yourself. To matter to yourself. To empower yourself. To uplift yourself and yourself only. To Love yourself every moment. To see Love in every moment. To create every moment. It is ok to play. To have fun. To be excited! It is ok to focus only on things that make you feel good. That fulfill you and energize you. Fuel you. Inspire and motivate you. It's ok to centre yourself around yourself. You will be showing more love, kindness and compassion to everyone; naturally. With ease. Effortlessly. It's ok to put yourself first. Whatever you do, wherever you go... It's all ok. At the end of the day what really matters is: "Ho do you feel?"
  15. @Victor Mgazi Making distinctions can be helpful Ime, there can be feeling without an attached thought to it. There can also be a thought without any feeling. When the feeling comes first, thoughts that arise do not distract or disturb. They just come and go. Feeling stays. And what it is that we feel, really? No idea. No one has a clue.