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  1. I feel you, even when you're away. I understand you, even when you're silent. I know you, even if I know nothing. The light in me sees the light in you. The love that I am loves you as you are. With every touch, every smile...Unity is celebrated. Thank you for being here. You are beautiful. May you be blessed.
  2. @VeganAwake Nothing to win. I am not competing. Just speaking my mind honestly and sharing my view. What the mirror reflects I am free to interpret in any chosen way. As well as respond to it however I feel like. Best of luck.
  3. @traveler You know "it's time" once you've completely dissolved the sense of self and the five human senses. Then you recreate it all from the absolute point. Some call it "conscious reincarnation." I like the word "resurrection." There is no way to fake this and there are no shortcuts. Gotta do "the work". Achieving it with the help of psychedelic substances cannot be compared to going for it raw. Letting it play out naturally, for real. To me it seems you feel like taking a break. And that's completely fine. I did that, too. But that cannot be compared to recreating everything from scratch. And I mean everything. Light, colors, air, sound, the ground, the sky. Not just the individual self. Rather; reality in its totality.
  4. @VeganAwake You are a perfect example of a deeply deluded spiritual ego. I say that with love. What I meant is that your awakening is on a kindergarten level. You are like a kid who has just found out that "everything is one" and "there is no separation". Some of us have been on this journey for a long time and are walking a path on a dimension invisible to you. Your self-righteousness does not allow you to see that. "Coming full circle" is but a term. Once you truly recognize the eternal creator within, guess what you do? You create. Consciously, in real time. Now. You live. Does that include creating dualities within the Infinite One? Absolutely heck yeah. There is no longer a possibility to be tricked or deluded. There are no illusions. You are the creator of your own world. Every thought, feeling, experience. It's called freedom.
  5. @VeganAwake You will understand once you've graduated. Right now, you're still in kindergarten.
  6. @LfcCharlie4 It goes full circle, but the circle never ends haha. Took a break from trading. Been moving across the globe. Back in EU now, finally. Will get back to it slowly, as things unfold and settle. Keeping it all at a natural pace. Everything's smooth as butter, so far. It's almost...unreal
  7. Thanks everyone. All the stuff I wasn't for the past few years. Going out for a drink, socializing, jamming, composing, working, working out, etc. Instead of contemplating reality 24/7 and living like a sage, lol. @Lento As usual; when I post about something becoming "irrelevant" and "useless" in my experience; I am not trying to deny the importance of anything. It is, indeed about integration. However, it is also about full recognition, letting go and transcending. Moving on, instead of holding onto. Looking for new ways to grow and expand. To rearrange, reorient, recreate.
  8. So I'm back to life after nearly 4 years of hardcore isolation. I spent the last two years on an island, in the middle of nowhere. Lived a very minimalistic life. No restrictions, no responsibilities. Tons of nothing. Self-exploration. Observation. Death. Truth. Resurrection. Currently in a process of integrating myself back into "the system". The Matrix, if you will. Why? Well, because, why not. It will be fun and challenging. I am eager to see how things work on this level. What will be reflected. How easily will I radiate. How will I see. How will I be seen. I'm excited. There's so much to do. Everything - to be precise. Walking into the light and coming out the other side inevitably leads to a realization that being conscious has nothing to do with knowing. Or spirituality. Everything you were all excited about when steping into that "magical world" of spirituality, becomes irrelevant and useless once you come full circle. And to be honest, kind of annoying as well. It becomes clear as day; spirituality is just something you've created as a self-defense mechanism. It is meant to help you transit. Protect you from going absolutely bonkers and losing it during this intense process. Awakening is not a walk in a park. Regardless of all the magical gifts it brings. To be highly conscious is to listen carefully. Speak clearly. Watch closely. Stand firmly. Act kindly and respectfully. There is not a single thing you need to know about spirituality in order to be fully present. Fully You. Fully True. However, you gotta do all the steps in between. There is no skipping ahead. You cannot fast forward. Gotta go through it all. The spiritual ego phase is yucky. But it has its purpose. Once that is served; it all just becomes something to have a good laugh at. It becomes just another dream that slowly fades into nothing. Thank God, lol. Wish me luck with living a "normal", everyday life and merging with the masses. All is One and One is all. No one needs to know shit. Peace.
  9. Poor ego... it's always the one to blame 😢
  10. Get too close to the Sun and you will see no Sun. There is no God once you merge with God. Yet there is only God, miraculously. That cannot be understood though. It cannot be known. It can only be. Unseen and silently magnificent.
  11. Imagination is real. Everything is real. Nothing is real. And it's all here and now. It is merely a question of tapping into parallel realities. That's how "they know". I find more pleasure in not knowing though.
  12. Pain is located nowhere, like everything else. It is an effect created by awareness, within awareness. A good method to transform uncomfortable, stuck energy is breathwork. Breathe into your feelings. Make space. Observe them loose grip and slowly fade into nothingness. And if something hurts really bad, go see a doctor.
  13. If there is an "I" - it can be nothing but I. If there is a "You" - it can be nothing but You. People have a few glimpses and think they've grabbed God by the balls. When in fact they're deeply confused about the nature of reality. It is a masterpiece. Not a mockery. Thinking that you are literally me is dangerously delusional and will inevitably lead to a mental breakdown. There's plenty of examples on this forum. Beware. We are all unique expressions of the Infinite One. Which is beyond both you and me. Yet it is us. In order for you to be me, there must be no you and no me. All limitations must dissolve. And that's not how this masterpiece is created. It's far more intricate. Yet so simple. Limitations are actually a very good thing, once you come full circle and see things as they are. That is why you = me = false.
  14. @Petals The brain is within the change. Not the other way around. Then again; I have never seen my own brain I can assume it exits. I can assume it's non-existent. Who knows.
  15. There is no change within the brain during a mystical experience. There is just a mystical experience. There is a shift in consciousness. A vibrational increase. The brain only appears to be affected. Depends on who's observing the brain.