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  1. Matt Kahn all the way!
  2. That's a new word for me, thanks! Love y'all ❤
  3. @Zeroguy All is Love, indeed. Still, it's useful to be able to make distinctions. (thought, perception, emotion...)
  4. @Inliytened1 Yeah, usually it's just something I feel the need to express at that moment. Doesn't necessarily mean it's absolutely true or whatever. Just wanted to point that out
  5. @Inliytened1 Glad to hear that. Though I'd say not everything I post here is of the highest quality. Sometimes it's just trash
  6. I still have to muster up the courage to listen to an entire death metal album during a full blown LSD trip haha! I think it would be quite an experience. Would not watch torture videos though, or anything similar... Not my thing.
  7. @softlyblossoming Haha yup! To love fearlessly and unconditionally is as badass as it gets Nice username btw!
  8. @BipolarGrowth Dude...just...ok? @roopepa A beautiful day indeed! All the best!
  9. @K Ghoul There is some truth in what he's saying, but to me it seems like he also has quite a few unresolved issues. Does not seem like a healthy way of thinking exactly. Thanks though.
  10. Thought someone would think that All is cool, all is well, as long as it's all seen as it is.
  11. @softlyblossoming Glad to hear. Matt Kahn is gangsta af
  12. @Mu_ Enjoyed it man. Love how casual and chill your content is. Great message, as always. Simple and profound. Reminded me of this: P.s. Love that hoodie you're wearing!
  13. @Breakingthewall Thanks! Wish you the best!
  14. @Breakingthewall Awesome. I love understanding too