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  1. Linearity bugs ya. Ya think ya first did this than that. First achieved this than that. When in reality; there is no order. Your work is all over the place. All the time. You might have been presented with yet another unconscious part of yourself. Light must be shed onto it. Like nothing ever happened before. Cuz it didn't, really. You must do it "all over again", like its your first time doing it. All until it repeats itself. Until emptiness is all that is left. Nothing. Pure consciousness. Which knows no linearity.
  2. Paradigms might not be the biggest concern or obstacle. No matter which paradigm you're in; your real issue is identification. Attachment.
  3. @Rinne The game is not static. It is not predetermined. It is ever-changing. Rearranging. Adjusting... to you! Think liquid. Deeper breath = more awareness = more emptiness = epic game
  4. Welcome @Tausif Ahmed "Spiritual experiences" are hallucinations, as well. All experiences are essentially, illusory. Simply because of there being an experiencer. Once the self is transcendend all there is; is nothing. Pure awareness. Emptiness. God. Awareness contains both the experience and the experiencer. It is awre of all simultaneously. aware of itself. Do not force spirituality into the rationalists' paradigm. Or the atheists'. Authentic awakening transcends all paradigms. Is beyond all perspectives. It is based on direct experience and awareness, purely. And all have access to that. No matter which paradigm they're trapped in. If you wish to raise your/their awareness all you have to and can do is shed light onto the present moment. The now. No one can deny "now". Many are not aware of it being eternal though. And its right in their face, all the time. Forever. Time exists only in their "mind". There is no actual time right here, right now. Never was, never will be. Time exists only in their "head". Yesterday is a story. Tomorrow never comes. There is only now and a... Massive hallucination. Being human is a story.
  5. @How to be wise Yes. But concepts are also real.
  6. @How to be wise Nice. Does nothing come prior to everything? Do they coexist? Where are you in all of it? Are you nothing? Are you everything? Or are you both simultaneously? Is there a difference at all?
  7. @Surfingthewave Yes, that too would be an illusion. But it would also be epic. Your face and my face are actually one face. No face. Illusion is being demonized way too often, when in fact; it's a true masterpiece. Unrecognized by the one gazing at the art. It is a reflection of God. Infinite intelligence. It' so intelligent it can fool itself into thinking it can outsmart itself. Hilarious! And also genius.
  8. One does not have to know one does not know. Cut that loop; it's silly. One must only become aware of the illusion. See through it. And that requires no knowledge whatsoever.
  9. It's hilarious how quickly one can shift from "I am enlightened" to "they started it" One must purge one way or another. I feel like it's cool that we have a platform like this for that to happen. You're all masters of your own philosophy. Diversity is always exciting. Much room for growth and expansion. Love ya'all 💚
  10. @Juan Cruz Giusto Nicely put. The flame burns eternally not knowing fire.
  11. Ever read your own words? Ever caught a glimpse of that reflection? It's crazy how precise and accurate it is. I am open for anything you feel like suggesting to me, Joseph. Honestly. But so far I only see you kicking into nothing, pointing at your own forehead. Gotta admit, it's cool that you see me as superior tho. Whatever I did to make you conclude that. I guess you're the first one. Not even triggered.
  12. @Shadowraix I do not negate or deny the importance of knowledge or any teaching. I simply express myself. As well as document my own process of evolution. All of this is personal to me af. But also totally not. This is exactly how transcendence is playing itself out in my experience. Every word is consciously written for me, by me. Yet the intention behind it all is far beyond the self. It is pure and divine. Teaching is secondary, automatic even. Was not part of the plan, so to speak. But it surely completes the circle.