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  1. So, last night I projected my consciousness spontaneously into the astral realm, for the very first time. I have no evidence or proof, of course. All I have is the undeniable inner knowing. It was present during the whole experience and it came back with me as I woke up. Something in me just knows. The experience itself was pure magic. I have never experienced bliss and freedom to this degree. There is nothing like it. I struggle to recreate the experience within my imagination as I'm typing. It was just so otherworldly. Unimaginable from where I am right now. A long while ago, I was quite interested in astral projection. And although I had a strong intention, combined with numerous techniques - I could never actually do it. So after a while I just stopped trying. Since then I had a handful of lucid dreaming experiences, which occurred spontaneously as well - without any effort or intention. However, those experiences weren't exactly pleasant, for whatever reason. Not nearly as magical and heavenly. Much denser and "ordinary" in nature. What I experienced last night was totally different. On a whole new level. It was not merely about me being aware of the fact that I'm dreaming. This was a completely different realm, instead of the "usual" dream realm. I really struggle to describe it. But if I tried to point towards something; I'd say the main difference was in the overall frequency/vibration of the realm. Everything, including myself, was pure light. Transparent, even. Incredibly vivid, colourful and alive. It felt more real than waking life, I kid you not. I perceived everything in great detail. My senses were razor sharp. Extremely sensitive. For the majority of the experience I had a human-like body. But there were also instances where I had no body whatsoever. Just pure awareness/light. I remember flying above the mountains. Feeling the pleasant breeze blow against me. Completely carefree, joyful and playful. I had ultimate freedom. I was able to speed up time and fast forward - shifting through countless frozen frames at the speed of light. This way I was able to jump from one experience to another. From one timeline to another - I suppose. I was even able to "pause" a particular frame and mold it as I pleased. Then, as if I was to hit "play" again - the experience continued. It was beyond any fiction or fantasy. And I was doing all that consciously, intentionally and on purpose - if you will. At one point I even experienced myself as the entire ocean! Shapeshifting? How crazy is that?! Hah! It just cannot be put into words. Pure heaven. I also interacted with other beings, quite a lot. Even had some erotic action going on, lol! It was beyond my wildest dreams. I woke up and I instantly knew what was going on. There is no doubt in my mind, even now as the memory is getting more and more foggy. I just know. As much as I'd love to recreate similar experiences, I guess it will not be an every night thing. I feel like the more I'd try to force or chase it, the further away it would get. But I also recognize the experience as an invitation of some sort. As well as a reminder of just how limitless, free and unbound my soul is. In our everyday lives, it can often seem as if there's nothing outside of this realm. But there is so so so much more. Infinitely more. I am so greatful to be reminded of that in this magical way. If anyone had any similar experiences I'd really like to connect on the topic with you. I'm completely new to this world. And I'm super excited about it! God bless ya all!
  2. @flume Seeking truth is a never-ending cycle. The one who seeks will never find it. The truth cannot be told, either. Especially not "straight forward" so that it makes perfect logical sense. The truth is already within us. It is us. And we are it. The truth is love. All else is interpretations of it. Love is creative. It is mysterious. It's not a pattern. So it can hardly be analysed. That is why the analytical approach fails in conveying it with accuracy. Leading is only possible through example. And the examples we present should be rooted in love. Especially if we consciously choose to help others. Only this way can love be recognized within them. I think Leo's work is fun and exciting. I look at it as a more scientific approach. And that's fine. The passion is obvious. But do I think it could be more rooted in love and compassion? Yes, I do. Definitely. It could also be simplified. But again; this is not about ranting against Leo's work. Rather my overall view on what's going on in today's spiritual movement. And that's no surprise, really. We live in an era where masculinity and analytical thinking are dominant. If you ask me, all of this is just about us awakening and embracing the suppressed feminine energy within us. Which has nothing to do with gender, of course. What's the goal? To be here and now, and to absolutely love it! And we can't do that before we heal.
  3. @Leo Gura I agree on spreading awareness about it. However if the child was severely wounded and/or mentally disturbed you'd probably focus on healing them first. Africa and kangaroos could wait. Most of humanity at this time is deeply wounded and conditioned, aware of it or not. Denying it or not. Using a spiritual insight to hover above life is certainly not what this is all about. Many, however, fall into that trap after one or two mystical experiences. A child needs love. That's all. You would not chase a child (ego) out of town just so you could get where you want to be faster, would you? You would slowly guide it towards the light, while holding it's hand. Through loving and healing our hearts the puzzle would put itself together much more naturally. Rather than chasing a certain realization or state which can be misused and misinterpreted very easily if we're not quite ready for it. The caterpillar cannot fly before turning into a butterfly. It all comes down to approach and there are many, I suppose. I just simply don't resonate with the "everything is illusion, I am God" one, anymore. I guess that's the masculine way to go about it. The masculine is all about transcending. The feminine is about inviting in. Including. Holding space. Nurturing. Perhaps there is a lack of balance between the two. Not trying to criticize your work or approach, either; don't get me wrong. Obviously many are attracted and that's great. Just expressing my view and opinion on what would be most beneficial and helpful to all.
  4. Everything comes and goes. The Breath stays. Become one with it. Breathe consciously. Uninterrupted. No thing is more important. No thought, no sensation. Breath comes first. Before you think - breathe. Before you act - breathe. Before you speak - breathe. Before you listen - breathe. Hear the words and remain unchanged. No rush to react or to respond. Breath is primary. Create your space and your time. - Breathe in, breathe out. Prioritize breath over all.
  5. It sucks so we can grow and transform. Ourselves and everything around us. The nightmare is only one side of the spectrum. Love is the answer. It's what sets us free. What to do about life? Live it. Love it.
  6. Awakening is forever. Everything we wake up to is what we eventually wake out of. Only love stays. That's what we never wake up from.
  7. It's contradictory. First you must let go of the need to let go. What you are actually doing is resisting those thoughts and sensations by trying hard to let them go. This way they're amplified. Realize it's all here and now. Include it all instead of trying to exclude anything. Do nothing and observe. Everything will unravel on it's own. Focus on the breath.
  8. All of reality is already here and now. Regardless of your current experience. You are merely shifting from one complete configuration to another.
  9. I don't think Buddha was walking around telling everybody how he's God. Neither did Jesus. If one was to truly recognize "God" being all loud about it is the last thing they would do. I am no fan of SD either, but I understand what you mean. I guess it all comes down to wearing the shoes that fit. I prefer humble teachings of Love. If any.
  10. It is not true for the one who does not recognize it as their truth. Claiming you're God is useless in any way, if you ask me. God has no need to claim anything. It's the Devil that loves making a spectacle out of everything. I just see it all as more harmful than helpful. "God" is such a strong word and many view and understand it in various ways. They have their own ideas and beliefs attached to it. Most of which will be shattered, sooner or later. As will the concept of God. It's just too limiting. Anyway...This is certainly not my battle. Not planning on becoming a guru. Just sharing an opinion.
  11. My objection is; This whole "I am God / You are God" movement that's popular in modern day spirituality is incredibly distracting and misleading. In my opinion it causes more confusion than it helps anyone navigate their awakening. Which btw, if authentic, is happening rather naturally. If one is meant to get there; they will. No need for spoiling. I see people losing their minds over this. Becoming completely disconnected from reality and super delusional. It is inevitable for one's ego who's going through the early stages of awakening to "abuse" information like that and cause madness within and around them. It's just the nature of ego. So the outcome is more often than not just another Devil claiming to be God. And that's dangerous.
  12. @Mu_ Beautiful. Simple and grounded. Thank you!
  13. I try my best to see value. Not just because there actually is no such thing as a "mistake" in creation, but also because it does not serve me to hold onto perspectives that are keeping me from further developing and expanding. Regret would only prolong suffering. Do I recognize things I could've done differently/more wisely in my past? Yes. Do I regret making those "mistakes" ? No. Why? Because I would not have grown. I would not have learned the lessons. And I wouldn't be able to recognize the aspects that required improvement in the first place. While in the mids of it all; it may be difficult to be grateful for depression or anxiety or any other form of suffering. But when the sky clears I sure am grateful for surviving the storm.
  14. @Serotoninluv Sharing is nice, yes. And I am all for it. Expression, as well. It was more about the internal process though. I kept explaining to myself my every step, my every move. To the point where I could not blink without investigating the reason why. Like some kind of a mad scientist At times it was very mentally draining. And there was no more joy and passion involved. I was doing it automatically. I kinda want to just enjoy the sunset now, without calculating how exactly is it occurring - if you know what I mean
  15. @Nahm Same, but not the same "thing" Gotcha.