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  1. Consider risk/profit ratios, more. Avoid trading 1:1 setups.
  2. Expecting a bullish reversal. Slightly biased. Might switch onto the hourly chart for cleaner entries.
  3. Trade closed on Thursday, 4:15AM. Nearly 50% of initial ATR in profit. Overall; a nice trade. Some thoughts; I entered and perhaps also exited just a bit too early. The timing could be more spot on. The system could be tighter. A very good start though. I trust things will start running smoother now. Looking forward to a new trade tomorrow.
  4. Cultivating patience, compassion and understanding for all the stages bellow. Holding space. Being at peace with not being seen or heard. Loving fearlessly, unconditionally.
  5. Trust me, more often than not, I'm overestimating them. I don't entirely, exactly, either. Hence this thread. I think you are just misinterpreting what I'm actually saying. Again; nowhere am I saying that's not true. I'm pointing to a very specific thing here. And somehow that's not what you are seeing. Psychedelics are not (necessarily) a shortcut to a full-blown God-realiziton. In fact; for the majority - they're not. But that does not mean all those people cannot extract value, meaning, etc, from the experience and become a more loving/wise. That part was completely your assumption. Not my words.
  6. @Wanderer91 Very nicely put. Thanks.
  7. I would not say so, no. Here's the thing. Once you are enlightened, that's it, you are Light. You know yourself as Light. But that does not mean all kinds of thoughts and feelings cannot arise. You are, in that sense, prior or behind all that. You are witnessing, experiencing, thinking and feeling. But not as you once were. Not as what you thought/believed you were. But as you actually are. There are levels and degrees to consciousness. At some levels you can be conscious of how you're making the Sun shine. Or the wind blow. In real time. Meaning; you are directly experiencing what you are conscious of. You are being all of it. But, of course, nobody can exist on those levels and function in society, do physical labor, etc. There; you are not conscious of every single detail in reality. You are focused on a very specific task. You interact, communicate, etc. Enlightenment on those levels looks much, much different. Yet it does exist. I trust you get my play of words here. That is but a stage on the path. Prior to Self-realization. Once you 'make it' - if you will - these types of thoughts are just funny. Not at all. It is my absolute joy and pleasure to clarify things, from my point of view. What I'm basically saying; is that sometimes you have an enormous amount of control over reality and you can manipulate it as you see fit. And other times the only right and true step is to give up all control and cry. Life stays life. It's just that now the light is on. All is well. All is God. All is Love. And sometimes... life can suck. That's the beauty of it all.
  8. Explore: Which frequencies sound best at what tempo.
  9. Quick entry! Holy shit! I just came up with the grooviest, catchiest riff ever. And with it came an idea, or, vision for the whole song. And with that came the whole vibe and style I'm after...? Could be! For now; I'm only writing in my mind. I don't feel like actually starting writing things down yet. I don't want to interrupt this epic jam. I might just discover more!
  10. @Mason Riggle My heart goes out to you, brother. Hang in there. I know very damn well that whatever advice I give you it won't mean shit as soon as she looks at you, touches you, or smiles at you. You must find your own way. Much love.
  11. @_Archangel_ Oscillations. And also; non-linearity. Consciousness can and does exist on many, many levels at once. And it may seem like those contradict or oppose each-other. Which is, of course, illusory. How can I feel bad while I know I'm God? We'll, how couldn't I? The knife that pierces through your heart hurts the same way prior and after to realizing it's actually just God. What you are pointing towards, is the good old 'enlightenment means one should be blissed-out 24/7 and have magic powers' type of thinking. Which is a fairytale. Real enlightenment is so subtle, it flies over 99% of people's heads when they encounter it. It's just real. It's true. It's honest. That's all. Superpowers are optional. And being all blissed-out 24/7 would actually be a limitation.
  12. Finally in profit. Big confirmation candle. The picture is much clearer now. Holding. ATR: 26.21
  13. Been there. Sometimes it's because my sexual partner is not actually a good (vibrational) match. And other times it's because I'm disconnected from feeling/sensation. I'm way too focused on thoughts. What works in that case, is slowly shifting my focus from thought to feeling, in real time. Breathing is crucial here. Try tuning into your senses. Really feel into them. A long, slow, passion-filled fore-play is also a big yes. It gets me hard as a rock. I usually struggle with erection when I try to rush things, or skip ahead. Meaning; I'm not really flowing with the moment.
  14. @Nahm I kinda, sorta remember that one Much love and respect.
  15. I stopped seeking for The Truth, quite some time ago. It found me. But I still seek small stuff on a daily basis. Like food, or sex, or money, or an epic sound, or whatever. God works in mysterious ways. The realization itself came with an enormous amount of insight, knowledge, wisdom, mastery. But best of it all - the show is not over yet. I am basically free to do whatever with myself and my life. It's dreamy. What was holding me back? Mainly; unworthiness, insecurity, inferiority, negligence, doubt.'