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  1. Would not necessarily agree. There is no memory of that which never happened. The in-between. Let's say one exists on location A, which is a particular frequency. Location B is a completely different frequency. Mastering the shift is what enables teleportation. I have experienced this on a smaller scale, unintentionally. Yet there was awareness of the process.
  2. @seeking_brilliance crazy haha! I can't help myself but be a bit jelly of your abilities haha. I never succeeded becoming lucid in a dream intentionally or through practice. Always happened spontaneously. Then again; I also never had a strong enough intention/desire. But I do resonate, even now. This WILD thing you mentioned caught my interest. I also feel pulled towards exploring astral projection. Not so much through sleep as much through meditation. Relevance may be near. How would you say co-creation of a dream between two or more lucid dreamers can happen? Have you ever interacted with another conscious dream character within a dream? Also; is your dream character always the same? Are you always you in your dreams? I've read of folks being tigers, dragons and whatnot while lucid dreaming. That seems so freakin' epic hah! Really enjoying this. Thanks!
  3. @seeking_brilliance There's also an actual rreply - in case you missed it (look above)
  4. @pluto Hm. Not sure if we're on the same wave. I can interact while being purely aware; immersed in the now. But then it is not really me who's interacting, if you know what I mean. However; if through this way awareness expands enough so that relativity starts to fade, then there simply is no space and no time left for an interaction to occur. I keep pointing towards the levels and degrees. I found those extremely important. Those determine what is and isn't possible. But nonetheless; all happens within pure awareness. Agree on limitations and the blessings they are. They are a product of infinite intelligence/all knowingness. Thank you and Bless! @purerogue I came to realize the importance of the ego self now more than ever. The ego is the agent of infinity. A filter. A unique one. Without it; absolute nothingness is all there is. And it does not know about itself. Ego is needed. Can be adjusted; aligned. I like to look at it as a piece of advance technology. Just the possibility of it is astonishing. It is not here to explain as much as it is to explore and experience infinity. To be a unique expression of it.
  5. Exactly. (haha kidding; my phone's bugging. it's a piece of crap)
  6. @seeking_brilliance Awesome! Thanks for the insights. I often found myself in the dream paradigm, even these days I slip into it. But overall I am experiencing complete emptiness, mostly. No paradigms. Would you say there are degrees to lucidity? What if you were to become aware of how exactly you're designing that red carpet? Or that dream character? Or gravity... Time? The waves of the ocean? Total awareness of the dream and the mechanics behind it. That is what absolute awareness is, in my opinion. That is what happened the other night. Awareness became aware of absolutely everything. No possible way to describe it. But I am now certain it all comes down to frequency. That is what dictates it all. When I mentioned density, I had light in my mind. Not the degree to which the wall is solid. But I suppose it goes hand in hand.
  7. @abrakamowse @zeroISinfinity The honor is mine, kind sir! 🙏❤️
  8. @abrakamowse Great man. Glad you're on your track. Well, as mentioned before, there's levels to it. An infinute amount. Can be pure heaven. Can be a sci fi horror movie hah! Even beyond ego transcendence. Or after desolving the five human senses. Pure awareness can be shitscared of itself, too. That precise moment can lead to being... Frozen in terror haha. It's kinda like looking into the mirror for the very first time. But again; levels and degrees.
  9. @seeking_brilliance Cool man. Looking forward to it. Take it easy @iTommy Thanks! Love the avatar pic. Very cool!
  10. Difficult to point out, because it all happened naturally for me. I simply fallowed my passion/mission/purpose. It's almost as if it was required from me. In order to get closer to actualizing my dream. My purpose. I had to face starvation, being broke, being homeless, being all alone by myself, going nuts, overdose, dying etc. Basic survival things. Could be anything for ya tho. But I imagine there are similarities. That is; if you're human I think a big "no no" would be to force anything, just for the sake of reaching certain states. But you could also go that way about it, I guess. Just don't leave your heart behind. Good luck!
  11. @seeking_brilliance Wow man. I am amazed by your level of mastery over dreams and lucidity. How does that transcribe into your waking life? Does "reality" not seem/feel the same after all those dream experiences? Not thinking about the context/content. Rather the overall structure and the mechanics "behind the scenes"...? What would you say is the main difference between the two, and what is common? I am really interested in reading your take on it. In my experience; the line is very thin. Barely noticeable. At times difference is obvious, other times untraceable. But I would point to one word: Density. " reality " does seem somewhat denser, slower. That would explain why crazy stuff is easier/faster manifested in dream states. Although I've been lucid only a few times while... khm...dreaming... But extreme vividness is very common. Sometimes dreams seem realer than reality hah! Thanks for sharing!