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  1. What if there never ever was a thought? Wouldn't that be a mindfuck? On a sidenote: try this out... Ask yourself, silently or aloud: "what will my next thought be?" Watch your mind bug for a moment... and then when the thought does arise... do it again. Ask yourself the same question. Keep doing this until you are unable to have a single thought without willing it first.
  2. Does it occur at will or against it?
  3. Short answer? Consciousness. There is no thought. No thinking. Only consciousness. No feeling or perceiving, either. Just consciousness. But this is not satisfactory enough, for some reason. Why does it seem like there is a thought, when there isn't? Why does it seem as if someone is thinking, when no one is? What is consciousness up to? Instead of giving further explanations, I would invite you to, if you have the luxary of being able to drop all thinking for 3 - 5 or more seconds... do that, and watch closely the first thought coming into being. What is it, actually? Where does it come from and where does it go? Really zoom in on it - if you will. Pay close attention. Feel the thought. Come back and let me know what you discovered.
  4. It seems like you are you over here perceiving a thing over there, but that's not actually the case, of course. One thing to kind of, sort of understand it, and another to actually dissolve all boundaries and abide as it. There is a lag in consciousness. In fact, it could be said, that this lag is precisely how and why perception is. It's a hallucination, but simultaneously, it's such an incredibly brilliant 'mechanism'. Time, perception, subject - object awareness, duality... it's all because of a lag in consciousness. You not being able to catch your own tail - so to speak. Without going too deep into it and being too technical... the lag has to do with your attention jumping from thought, to feeling, to sensation... it creates a loop of some sort. Which creates a holographic reality of some sort. All because of this lag in consciousness. Once consciousness catches up with itself - so to speak... all boundaries melt away, there is no lag, no perception, no over here and over there. Only isness. Pure conscious beingness.
  5. I'm horny everyday and I get some everyday You can be unhealthy and horny, but you can't be healthy and not horny.
  6. I like it. And it certainly is true on some level. After 'total awakening' however, there is no doer or any doing being done. Only beingness.
  7. Would you agree? If all your ducks are more or less in order, and you are not hiding from life, but thriving and growing and expanding... you're going to be quite horny. It's just what the energy carriers with it. Creation, expansion, evolution... it's all just a lot of sex. In all ways imaginable. I don't know about you, but to simply exist, to be alive, to desire and to thrive... it makes me fucking horny. It excites me in unique ways. It makes me wanna fuck all the time. Hard. Almost as some sort of a celebration of being alive. Being able to feel and explore such pleasure. It's amazing. It really is. That it's possible at all, and that it exists, it's really amazing. Because if you really think about, it really is not a must for sex to exist . Let alone for it to be that pleasurable or even magical. Sex is great. I think most would agree. And if you are healthy and active, I see no reason why you should not be having frequent and passionate sex. In fact, I would argue that if you do not have frequent and awesome sex, you are not as healthy as you could be. In one way or the other. Or, it's by choice, and that's a different thing, arguably. There is so much to sex. So much more than just busting a nut. So much more than just reaching that climax. How deeply you come to understand sex depends on where you are in your evolutionary progress. Your relationship with sex should evolve as you do. It should keep blowing your mind, ideally till the end of your life. Be safe, don't be reckless. Have honor, respect and integrity, but do have tons of sex too. It's healthy for ya.
  8. There are no elements, in actuality, still, the answer is effortlessly.
  9. @Leo Gura Mmm. That makes sense, yes.
  10. @Yimpa Fair point, but still...
  11. @Leo Gura How about health? Physical, mental and emotional..? Any downsides?
  12. Is it really that bad for me? Or is that a myth? I absolutely love the intimacy, the peace and quite, the magic of 3 or 4AM. I just love how it feels. And before anyone jumps at me, yes, I have also experienced 4AM from the other side - so to speak. Getting up at that time, instead of pushing through the night. I experimented with all kinds of sleeping schedules, and while I can adjust to pretty much anything, if I have the total freedom to choose, then I'd probably be up every night till 3,4 or even 5AM, and sleep until 10, 11 or so. Depending on how well rested I feel. Currently, I do not live that way. I get up at 7-8AM and go to sleep around 11 - midnight. And that's kind of the reason why I'm posting this. I miss those long nights. A lot of magical things happen to me past midnight, when there is nobody around, when it's all silent. I should mention that I'm a musician. An artist, a creative... and that's more or less THE reason why I prefer the night. Being creative during daytime is just not the same. It can be awesome and it does have it's own magic, but personally, it's nowhere near as epic as night. I'm sure many creatives would agree with me. But not only that... Doing any kind of a serious consciousness work, contemplation, meditation, breathwork... I also prefer that at night. Envisioning, planning, strategizing... also at night. All of those things, and many more are just way more enjoyable at night, to me. It just feels more natural that way. More fulfilling. More potent. More effective. More awesome. You might want to point towards some kind of a childhood trauma, and yes, I did find peace in late night hours even as a kid. It totally could be that that's why I feel safest at those hours. It's difficult to create if your environment is chaotic or even hostile. Whether or not it's some kind of a trauma response, I simply like staying up late at night, and that's it. My concern is, obviously, if I was to practice this way of living... in the long run... would it really fuck me up in any serious way? Or is that just part of social conditioning and/or some lame ass belief system? Will my health deteriorate faster? Life expectancy? Aging? Anything else? If I was to live like this for the next decade or two, or even for the rest of my life... would that really affect me in any significant, negative way? What is the risk? And if there is a risk, or even a sacrifice... would you say it's overall worth it or not? Would you be ok with maybe aging faster and dying sooner if you created countless masterpieces during all those long nights? Had all those breakthroughs? Had all those insights and realizations? Not to mention all that fun and thrill and adrenaline and so on. Would that be worth it? I love staying up at night. It's just how it is. Most people say it's not good for me, because of this or that. How about you? Are you one of those annoying people that get up at 5AM to 'ace the day'? Lol. Perhaps you work night shifts, so you go to sleep at 7 or 8AM. Which sucks too, in my opinion, because you simply loose too much of daytime. If you had the total freedom to choose, without any restrictions... when would you get up, when would you go to sleep, and why?
  13. How to annihilate a spiritual ego 101. Well done.
  14. Don't be ridiculous guys. You have no idea what you're talking about. Consciousness does not imply duality. It does not require an object to be conscious of. That's a fairytale, again. Consciousness is conscious of itself. Consciousness is. There is nothing outside of it. Nothing more or other than it. It is pure self - aware beingness.
  15. Spiritual self - righteousness is our favourite sport here. I hear you though, thanks. @Thought Art I can't agree with you on everything you're saying, I'm sorry, I just can't. But I feel like we reached some sort of a common ground. In any case, I exhausted my efforts here. That's enough running in circles for a while now. All the best to you all.