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  1. @Klaudia I mean what I am ❤
  2. The fastest way to manifest what you desire is to appreciate what you already have; without losing awareness of your initial vision.
  3. Drop the need and you will.
  4. @DrewNows To embrace the fear and pain of loss is to step into the courage of the heart.
  5. Giving away an unnecessary amount of energy.
  6. Stay open for a new (better) opportunity.
  7. To sacrifice is to let go.
  8. Selflessness is not a lack of Self. There is no such thing as "lack" in Creation. There is, however; sacrifice. "From death into the new. The I, I see in you."
  9. @Visionary it's the same
  10. Sacrifice is a necessary part of Creation. To sacrifice that which is loved to the depth of its core is the purest form of selflessness.
  11. Don't consume anything just because someone on YouTube or elsewhere told you it's the way. You might just end up in hell. Stay away, forget about it. Do what fills your heart. If psychedelics become relevant and appropriate for you; you will know. There are two kinds of fear; Healthy fear and fear that's clearly telling you to take another route for the benefit and wellbeing of yourself and all.
  12. Don't seek, at all. Let it come to you.
  13. It's impossible not to be in the flow state if you love what you do.