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  1. @Matthew85 Peter Ralston “The book of not Knowing”.
  2. No. It is not. However, it is just a genital pleasure. No more, no less.
  3. Good point 🤣.
  4. I agree, public will be judgemental. He should remove them.
  5. yeah, such a nice post. It is the dream of mine to build a relationship like this.
  6. Me neither. Maybe it can zoom in/out and re-contextualize itself. Zooms in as a separate self, zooms out as everything. Kinda like breath in, breath out.
  7. @RMQualtrough what do you think about my understanding above. How can we explain/help people to understand the POV phenomenon better?
  8. Hey Matt, I do not know if I have any rights to put my two cents since you were asking @Leo Gura. This question has been asked from a continuum point of view, like if there is a time. But time is a mental construct. If consciousness is an infinite potential and explores its fractals (which is your POV now) why does it need to create N amount of POV's at this particular moment of exploration? This is a duality. I think mind cannot grasp it. Consciousness explores one fractal at a time (however, this exploration never happened, it is just an appearance), but since time is a mental construct, can we assume that all fractals including yours, have been explored already and they never happened in actuality? Liner time has never happened. It is important to form a question correctly to get a correct answer. Our mind forms this question, of simultaneous exploration, if there is a liner continuum space and time. Apriory, it is based on illusion of physical space and reality. But reality is illusory and deceitful. Every perception floating in your sensory field, creates the illusion of the physical reality. But even science says that material solid reality is just a figment of our imagination, brain projection. So how can we trust perceptions? Right? Brain is not real either and an appearance of Consciousness. Consciousness creates an illusion of the solo experience. And this illusion is NOT a factual thing. So yeah, fair to say that Consciousness explores all POV's simultaneously, however only sees one at a time. I hope it will help you, this is how I understand this with "my" limited mind. You cannot grasp it with logic. But again, it is just a perspective, and I am not claiming I am right in my observations.
  9. Continuum is also an illusion. Next or previous life is illusion. But yeah, mind can’t explain nor grasp it.
  10. @Someone here yes, I will help you. I really need your advice too. My life is about to change, huge change….
  11. Start something new….I will jump in.
  12. No worries, my Friend. This is forum. It meant to be this way that we perceive each other through the means of our own biases. I do not even take it personally. I understand that members do not know each other personally, and dry text cannot transmit the proper message and intentions that were meant to be there in first place. Thanks for your posts too. I can resonate with your conclusions. Blessings to all of us. Sommie bitches at me that I always derail his topics. And yes, we are all smart asses here ....
  13. Oh boy! It was a joke, I put a smiley face there...remember? It was a pure joke. Really? Interesting how me trying to help was seen as debate. I did not debate, I wanted my reader to see how I felt and saw it. But this is a state of being which cannot be communicated with language. Absolutely not. Well, I am sorry if by any means I hurt your feelings, it was not my intention.
  14. @Razard86 Surely you understand that your mind is re-creating my image and assigns meaning to it. How do you know what my beliefs are? And from your first post here, you said something about me believing and arguing with @Someone here. How is it not coming from your mental construct which includes both your "I" what gives birth to the external reality, and "me" as an outcome of it, including this forum and all the posts? Do you see how "you" are using "others" to perpetuate this game about "you"? We are all doing it. So, I am not pointing fingers. Your "I" wants to be the arbiter here between me and Sommie. Otherwise, why stopping here and leaving a comment? But again, do not take it as me being rude. This is just the mind game...and all is good. This game is necessary. So yeah, I am projecting...because I am literally creating the self and others, and this post on the fly
  15. @Someone here Here: Nothingness is NOT a Void, my biggest realization - Spirituality, Consciousness, Awakening, Mysticism, Meditation, God - Forum Why do you think that nothingness is just a void, or a pure black space with nothing in there? This is how a human being imagines “nothing”. This is not the case. Notice, it’s still something. You are not a human being; this is your “understanding” starts. I will use the language here just to explain the concept. However, you cannot fathom it by the means of language. When the "observer takes a back seat in consciousness", and just observes the reality, the self of sense drowns in void, disappears. Try not to put labels and describe what you see. Language is not needed. What you will discover soon is that the stencil, or what you call individualized personality, will cease to exist. When there is no self, there is no one to register the reality. That’s a key moment. There is no cognition and description of what you see, smell, or hear. You do not need to close your eyes to think yourself out of reality, you actually do not even need to meditate for this. All you need to do is to stop naming the objects and phenomena you see, stop creating the meaning of the experience. When this happens, experience is still there without the description, but at the same time it is not there either. So, we cannot call it “experience”. However, when there is no observer, you cannot register the reality. Drop the observer that your mind creates to lurk you into so-called Enlightenment! This is a trick it plays with itself to never let "you" go. This is how the illusion (maya) of the solid world has been creating “you” for a long time. It’s been creating “you” through the stencil of the perceiver and the perception. By returning back into the seat of consciousness, when you drop all the notions, language, descriptions, you are disappearing. You do not need to close your eyes for this to happen, because even with the eyes closed, you mind still separates and divides between inner and outer, thoughts and void, cognition, feelings, and emotions. “You” are still there! Don’t stop your thought process, no need even for that, let it be there. You do not know yet the true meaning behind the objects that you see. You really do not know who you are, everything that you know comes from language (reasoning, prior knowledge, and beliefs). What if you do not have language, are you still your body or the holistic experience? Are you still separating and dividing between “mine” and “not mine”? No, when you drop the language and knowledge, all you’ll be left with is a holistic experience, One, picture that contains everything, and your body is just another object on that canvas. You are not in your body. By slowly putting your attention back on awareness, by dropping even that!!! you begin to experience nothingness. Who said that nothing is empty? Actually, nothingness can contain all the elements of perceptions: sound and color, tactile senses. This is how illusion has been created, illusion that there is something there, when in fact there is not. You are walking on the bridge between dualities without realizing that wholeness is couched within nothingness, and nothingness contains and gives birth to everything. How? By giving the experience some description. It is very simple, by reasoning… It does not mean that everything appears into Being from void, it’s already there: nothing and everything, non-dual infinite potential. What it means that by changing the perception, you can realize, but only post factum, that everything is nothing. It only appears as colors, sounds, senses, but everything is nothing in its core, and vice versa. When you drop the stencil of the perceiver and start having the experience of Being/Totality, without any cognition and linguistic recognitions. Who is there to acknowledge the factuality? Nobody right, nobody could say there is a tree, because “you” as the perceiver is NOT there. What is there then? It cannot be communicated, that is the trick… Does it mean that the light was off, and everything zoomed in into the black dot? No. We do not need to switch the light off for existence to become nothing. All you need to do is to “think your way out” of existence as a human being - mind. When there is no you, there is no world. Because “world” is just the linguistic description of your mind. There is no such thing as world, it is all mental construct for you to see the plausible reality. Once you break the meaning of everything, and drop all the notions, reality as you know, will cease to exist because you will take your illusory self out of the equation. Death is not real; this is literally how you die. Time only exists as a descriptive mechanism to make sense of the continuum from moment to moment, or a motion. Again, when you do not describe the motion, you do not have time. Contraction and dilation of time only happen in your mind. Hope the reader will understand my point. Thanks for your time and attention.
  16. @Razard86 🤣 well you are welcome to start a thread: “ I am enlightened, ask me any questions…” Notice how superiority is arising 😉
  17. @Someone here Sure, I will find it and post it here after a little while…I need to login from pc not from my phone to find that post.
  18. I wish this could be explained. That is why it is so hard to teach about it. Read my other post, I wrote about it.
  19. @Someone here I don’t argue the fact that something is. Ofc it IS. But there is a perspective of what you call existence. You can exist as Nothing as well. cognition drives you crazy.
  20. You don’t know exactly what meaning he puts behind these words. Does he exist as an ego-mind or wholeness, a capture of Reality that observes itself. It is useful to be aware of the "ladder of abstraction". I will write about it soon.
  21. @Someone here You have to recognize one important thing: the nature of any question, absolutely any question you will be asking now and in the future, is to form the inquirer and false belief that this inquirer is a self-evident and independent. (philosophy, hahaha) This is how consciousness creates the illusion of the separation and how it creates the false identity of yours. I am studying the principle now how mind creates this phenomenon and plays games with itself by asking questions and perpetuating the existence of the ego. Every question contains the answer if it is formed in a proper way. However, no problem can be solved from the perspective it was created. You have to go one level up to see the problem and solve it. By staying on the same level and in the same perspective will give you nothing, but just the waste of time and energy.
  22. I don’t know what “flow” you are talking about. The flow I was referring to doesn’t have any cognition of the so-called ego. If there is any ego there, it is not a true state of impersonal awareness. If you truly entered that state even once, you would recognize that there wasn’t anyone there to register this fact. You can only notice postfactum.
  23. Any reasoning reinforces the observer and observation phenomenon. Notice it. “I think therefore I am”, means not your physical existence but rather a mental construct of the ego-mind mechanism. I am talking about impersonal awareness. How do you know is the reinforcement of the idea that there should be “I” and a knowledge on top of it. Anything revolves around “I” including your knowledge and all the philosophy is based on this idea. It is a self-perpetuated machine, never ending mind game. There is an access to the Truth without any egoic assumption of the mind. It is pure impersonal Being.