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  1. Your story is similar to mine, it played out pretty much the same. She was my wife, and we had more time invested. You've found some approval seeking behavior with other women. That's good, you can recognize and work with that. As for the 'getting over' part, time.
  2. Disorganized/fearful avoidant. Go figure.
  3. @Mz Hyde I picked up this book yesterday after reading this thread. I think it's solid gold. Thanks for the recommendation, even if it wasn't aimed at me 😁
  4. I don't believe this is a stoic women symptom. This is a symptom of online dating. The short replies are a sign of lack of interest. Sorry man, online dating sucks. As Leo would (will) say, Get out and meet people.
  5. I'm not promoting, nor am I condoning getting a prostitute. Seems like it would be a very vicarious position to be in. I do promote the how to get laid series Leo put out. It will definitely get you to where you want to be. IHe isn't going to get to the love, intimacy, bonding parts until he quenches the lust part Maybe I'm just being too logical.
  6. Why are people telling him not to get a prostitute? I believe if the prostitute knew his situation, she'd probably jazz the experience up a bit. My first was a random girl at a party, I never saw her again. I get that it's a low quality move, but if one is beating themselves up over being a virgin... it seems like a good place to start, burn some karma out, and open up resources in the mind. I realize he would be missing out on a huge slice of the pie, but I think he's more concerned about tasting said pie, not experiencing it to the fullest. That is, if it's legal in your little slice of the planet.
  7. I feel this got off topic. Thans for all your insite.
  8. ugh - i‘m out of this convo. @mememe
  9. @SgtPepper we haven't gone out since the pandemic hit. She is petrified of it and I, in good faith, cannot compel anyone to go out in a global pandemic. I'm not so sure she has friends anymore. I have not seen nor heard anything about them in a really long time
  10. @mememe your absolutely right in your points. Clearly I haven't been handling the situation in a positive manner. Do you have any suggestsuggestions? I've really gone out of my way to take some of her home duties. I bring her home her favorite treats, provide tons of backrubs and foot rubs, I let her vent her frustrations (mostly work related). I am by no means perfect, but I feel I have really been super cool. In fact I was 'The best boyfriend ever' a few hours before 'wasn't needed'
  11. @kamwalker about 2 months
  12. @Leo Gura we had that talk. I was informed I was self centered, paranoid, and delusional.