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  1. Yeah, it's ok. Sometimes I say guesses as tho they are fact. So I'm either guessing, or making it happen, or just plain wrong. But I see this time as pivotal- The Event, entering a new Yuga, entering the age of Aquarius, 'Solar Winds' storm, two great conjunctions we could see, part of Revelations, The Great Reset, transition to forth density All of these things from various belief systems are happening now and the dollar is hosed and the QFS system is being put into effect to further the control of the elites and the demiurge- most likely during a cataclysm getting ready to hit the earth maybe in a few days. If you look around, you'll see there only one bridge currency ready to step and become the new standard tied to gold. XLM is the silver to XRP's gold meant for the so called unbanked. bitcoin is gogint o burn when Tether dies and prolyl will be regulated to irrelevance along with most cryptos. The amount symbolism for XRP is ridiculous- eg Ripple as we enter the Age of AQUArius?? Moon energy is water- Mooney= money oddly water tied to gold brings Sun and Moon(Solemon) together crossing paths like an X. I was told the logo and XRP represented electromagnetic interaction or some such crap but if you looking to the plamsa event they lend credibility to each other. My mind reels with all the 'coincidences' It would take and absurd amount of info to bring you or anyone up on what I've read and seen about this time we're in. You can read about the Carrington event in the 1800s and mud-flood stuff on youtube and BAL33 plasma event but this dude model seem the most reasonable based on vedic tradition- these ppl believed the crap for thousands of years for some reason and I've found everything is connected and is a metaphor for something else: All this is to say I think we're entering a golden age but some rough times are ahead and if you keep your cryptos on the exchanges you'll lose all of it. Only a few cryptos will survive if they have utility. XRP is at the center of all it and the beginning of a new world. Also you should look into the perennial doctrines if you haven't already. *all of my posts are for entertainment purposes are not financial advice- accessing this post constitutes acceptance of this fact.
  2. @Average Investor Good luck to you. I'm sorry
  3. @Striving for more XRP is the only safe bet and XLM is a close second but the returns aren't as high. BTC is going down in flames with the collapse if the world financial system and then the global disaster. Plus any 'enlightened' person who doesn't believe in XRP, I would seriously question their discernment and/or their motives because it's the pivot point of our ascension on this plane. Also, if they knew about it and didn't tell you, don't trust them. XRP is part of the answer. I hope you are ready.
  4. If by 'a lot' you mean more than 0 then yes. There's a lot at play here. Several polarizing issues face us and when we look under the hood, it seems to no align with what is being sold as truth. I would be extremely careful if you hold a stance on anything that makes you mock someone for their views. Suicide Weekend approaches swiftly and then coming weeks will be hard on everyone. If I were me and I Am, I would not risk any of my worthless fiat in a coin that doesn't have any utility and I certainly wouldn't put it in a 'store of value' during the Greed or Delusion portion of a market cycle.
  5. Only if it's able to connect with me in a meaningful way as I already have trouble conveying most of my thoughts into words as it is but translating conceptional nuance into binary seems daunting at this point. I'm currently unaware how I would do it.
  6. Aren't you assuming you know what he's assuming? As far as I can tell, he's done a tremendous amount of study as well as a tremendous about of processing what he's studied. Although I do see some possible character issues associated with his insecurities, the gathering and processing of data that he's done at least makes him an authority on his experience in the matter. Who else to do you go to to learn other than a person that know more than you about a subject? One the vids I saw you trying describe it resonated such that I felt I was talking to myself and when my experience happened, it effected the real world after(I say this because it proved to me it wasn't merely a delusion because it had a physical effect). It changed me forever to the core of whatever I am- I now go around pretending I'm a normal human man living in linear temporal experience. ..but I still dunno anything about enlightenment and I'm pretty sure I don't need to.
  7. I view both sides as satirical. My first clue was the way the topic title was written and I said unto myself, "Self, there be nonsense here!" Note the distorted visage and horribly broken limbs of the warlock while the apparently down trodden pencilneck geek doesn't seem to have arms at all. I believe they were painted on to his jacket to help him fit in. I dunno what happened to him that made think think invoking the Kali dance in the Standard Model would make him feel more significant so he can look up when he walks but wouldn't want to look like the Elephant Man as I think I have it all figured out either, waving my noodly arms around like some kinda Jedi- Yet another false dichotomy. The strength of the A frame is only achieved with both sides, so they say.
  8. If I stop then I'll be better than those who don't? I'm not trying to be better than anyone else by bragging about how I don't claim to be better than they are and therefore I'm better. It's not to rocket surgery to shut down the left brain but saying 'stop intellectualizing' to thinking beings is nonsense and 'elitist spirituality/truth bs' sounds judgy.. I think the image cues an interesting contrast to be pondered and I find myself reading the blurbs therein saying to myself, "Yeah, I want that. No, I don't want that. etc" like a shopping list of what I want in my life. Assuming the viewer or the creator is bolstering his ego with it is a narrow, assumptive view- I mean unless you can read minds of all involved and know their intentions.. ..but I'm just guessing. I think I'll just walk my own path. Thank you for your input.
  9. @NondualesStudium This statement sounds like a guess. The way I understand it the ego is part of a popular theory in the same way the Higgs Boson is part of the theory of the Standard Model. Constructs or metaphors of label structure meant to help us understand what is going on. Having not studied it, I would talking out the side of my neck to say I know what I'm talking about but since I'm not indoctrinated in psychoanalytic theory, I'm not bound by its constructs. I don't mind sounding ignorant when I say view psychology science as transient or a 'current best guess' not as concrete answers to the way things work.
  10. @KaRzual I'm not saying that is a total solution but it should lower the neuroticism - your path to knowing yourself is life long. Don't give up- you're your own puzzle.
  11. @KaRzual Try to find a way that works for you to increase your serotonin so the feeling of well being is heightened and you brain can learn to stop trying solve the imaginary problem it believes is making you feel like something isn't right. ..but that's just a guess on my part..
  12. I don't think I don't think Solipsism is bad per se as long as you aren't thinking you are better than the people you assume are really just you and allow for the possibility that on some other level/timeline whatever you might experience their point of view. The left eye isn't better than the right eye but can't see what it sees but together they assemble the 3d view the mind interprets. A brain cell can't go around thinking its better than a heart cell just because it thinks it's stupid and irrational. The hardest part is the temptation to label all those background ppl on autopilot, NPCs when you're almost always the smartest person in the room.. I've learned to counter it be realizing that most ppl are better than I am in some way and all have inherent value merely be the sheer logic of their unique point of view and my processing power is better unlisted in looking for a way to serve them or empower them. Incidentally my definition for "Stupid" when people call others that is this: Stupid: A label I ascribe to that which I am too dumb, lazy or close-minded to try to understand because I'm always right, stupid. Aren't I clever? Imma sig that that sucker methinks..