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  1. Thanks for all the recommendations, it really helped. I can't really travel outside EU at the moment, although I would love to explore some of the countries there as well. I guess I'll start with Eastern Europe. Though, I would actually start inside Germany and see how different the results could be if I chose to only speak English. I speak very good German, most people here don't even realize I'm a non-native speaker, but it's still far from the level that would be needed for good verbal game in a dating context, so I find it's actually a minus when it comes to dating. If you speak English to women whose English is not that great, they either discount the whole verbal skills arena, since they can't assess you on it or view it as a plus if you speak significantly better English than them. They might overlook your verbal skills if you're speaking to them in their native language and they notice you're not a native speaker, but if they don't, it becomes sort of an "uncanny valley" thing where the difference between being a non-native and actual poor verbal skills isn't quite clear, so it can be very detrimental to your game, I've found. That said, it's usually (or at least used to be) a topic on my mind when interacting with women, so I guess the insecurity from that was a bigger factor in my results than the actual inability to carry on a conversation, use humor, flirt, etc. due to insufficient verbal skills. But yeah, if they can sense neither of you are speaking a language either of you is a native speaker, of then it comes down to other things.
  2. Hi! Thanks to Leo's advice, I can ask out women in public and go on dates now and have been to bars and clubs a few times. My goal at this point of my pickup journey is to have more sexual experiences (it doesn't have to be actual sex, anything more than making out is a bonus). The problem is I live in a relatively small city (there is not enough volume and there's like one bar in the whole city where you can expect to take someone home at the end of the night). I'm gonna move to a bigger city at some point, but I'm thinking traveling might be the best option at the moment if my goal is to have more sexual experiences. Which cities in Europe have the most sexually open people and would be the best option considering my aim? I just turned 25, am 6'2" (or 188cm), can speak very good English, have lived in Europe for the past third of my life and am originally from the Middle East, although almost no one profiles me as that, I often get told I look French, Portuguese, Spanish, basically southern European. I don't smoke and would like to avoid drinking as much as possible.
  3. I didn't agree with Leo at first when he said Obama is yellow. He really isn't, think about the wars he started, the drone strikes, NSA surveillance, the promises he never kept, which all suggest he's your normal orange run-of-the-mill politician). He also supported identity politics during and near the end of his second term, which hints that he may have been transitioning into green (he also may have been somewhat green from the start considering his, albeit not adequate, support for the environment, healthcare and denuclearization). But I still couldn't see how he was yellow. That's until now. I just saw this clip of him yesterday that suggests even though he may not have been yellow all along, he is now hopefully transitioning into yellow and that makes me happy (remember, this is a totally new thing that everyone's shocked by, he never said stuff like this before the election when he so desperately wanted Clinton to win, not a yellow attitude): Also, for those who think Jordan Peterson is orange:
  4. Proof that the culture is shifting toward yellow (at least in the US/anglophone countries)? I for one am optimistic. P.S.: I know both Sam Harris and Jordan Peterson have arguably a lot of orange green in them. But this is a conversation between two people with opposing views who try not to attack each other and understand the opposing side's arguments as best as they can and work toward finding a common ground. A discussion where listeners don't pick sides and are more interested in the intellectual aspects. You'd have to accept that such an event is greatly characterized by yellow. It has very little green in it, maybe some orange, but there must be something other than pure personality cults drawing so many people in (even if that's not true, this could rather be a "come for orange, stay for yellow" situation, as both Harris and Peterson are more interested in the ideas than their personal benefit). Also, this is by far not the only example, more and more people are listening to long-form media everyday where deep ideas are discussed (Joe Rogan's podcast, Sam Harris's podcast, Leo's videos, Dave Rubin's show, audiobooks).
  5. Eric Weinstein Most of his deeper and more insightful ideas have been expressed in long podcasts and panel discussions. These are some short videos that are good nonetheless: Jonathan Blow Again, he has given a lot of talks and has been interviewed a lot. These are just some of the short clips of him that contain pretty great insight themselves (by the way, the game he has made is about non-dualism among other things, so check that out too if you can): Bret Weinstein Eric's brother, he's an evolutionary biologist and a great systems thinker (just random videos I took from his channel, which has videos that are all good): Scott Adams Definitely yellow (the video doesn't even remotely capture all he's got to say, he talks about this long almost every day): Heather Heying Bret Weinstein's wife, also an evolutionary biologist (I don't think this video is fully representative and I myself don't fully agree with some of her points here, but it's one of the short ones): David Chalmers: Shane Carruth: Thomas Sowell: Don Hoffman: Some of these people aren't fully yellow (most are really yellow in one dimension and green or maybe even orange in others). Other people worth mentioning that are to varying degrees yellow (in most cases I just couldn't find videos of them that really fit the description of yellow, whatever that is; also, this has already become a gigantic post): Eliezer Yudkowsky, Nick Bostrom, Robin Hanson, Julia Galef, Diana Fleischman, Geoffry Miller, Bryan Caplan, Claire Lehman, Aubrey de Grey, Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Gad Saad, Ted Chiang, Alan Kay, Ted Nelson, Bret Victor