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  1. First of, I do not have any desire nor time to prove anyone anything here. I am a just a reader. Two years ago I got divorced with my spouse, life changing event, you know. That triggered a chain of events. Sure, I will share with you my story, but not to derail this thread in a private message.
  2. You do not need to "get closer", you can become IT. I will never forget the first time it happened to me. Once you have it, you will never mistaken it for anything else. Everything else is just a mind game.
  3. What about "getting closer" to the Truth?
  4. Please elaborate on this statement. Can we really "get closer" to the Truth?
  5. Guys, I need your advice. Please! Because I keep running into the same issue over and over again. So… I had multiple friends from this forum, and I can not believe that even people from here are so blindfolded and PLAYING GAMES. I am very open and friendly person. When people PM I usually answer in hope to get a nice friendship, but it always ends up being a freaking fallacy. What criteria do you evaluate people from this forum? Do you have certain intuition that tells you that the person can gain your trust? I mean is there any pattern of how relations should be developed with people from this forum to be successful in the future? I am very hurt and I do not want to run into the same patter over and over again. Also I realize that it is all my fault and my expectations.