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  1. I've been dismissive of the idea of "coral" for the longest time, seeing it as a meaningless word-game, vapid categorizations by a mind that has yet to even embody turquoise. I may have been wrong.
  2. I dislike how much I stuttered here in hindsight, and I overexplained myself a bit too much for my liking. But overall I'm happy with my points, I'm happy with my vibe, and I'm happy that I even posted at all. It's all a work in progress. All hail the AI generated thumbnail tits!
  3. Don't look down on me. You have no idea the Heaven I embody. It's clear to anybody reading this exchange that you are the one pushing and defending Spend some time off the forum bro, I see you crusading a lot.
  4. I already acknowledged this. But the experience of buying a shiny new car will not awaken you, as psychs will. Admit this. Yes you did. You insist that one must "keep taking psychedelics" if it is to confer any happiness upon them. This is false. I also just addressed this - if psychs are not autocorrecting you to perfection, it is your own attitude backfiring. Of course. I'm objecting to your claim that psychedelic exploration is in the same category as other materialistic/hedonistic pleasures. Yes. If you take psychedelics, you won't need psychedelics. Lol. That's really sweet! Stop this dismissiveness of psychedelics. They show what is
  5. I see what you're claiming, but IMO it's misleading at best. That psychedelics cannot change your baseline due to its "temporary" nature is such an overplayed, insincere narrative that I see so many people tossing around. Psychedelics are not merely "tools." If we insist on comparing them to objects, they are akin to a MASTER KEY that will permanently unlock and resolve blockages that otherwise would be unreasonably stubborn to undo. However, I outright refuse to call them "tools" or to liken them to any other object. The moment you categorize them as such, they are denigrated and reduced to an object of utility, a temporarily one at that, and I'm not shocked at all that people don't change. It's your own attitude backfiring. We ought to put more respect and reverence on these substances. They are NOT self-serving & soulless tools - they are pure Spirit, they are YOU! YOU formed psychedelics out of yourself, as a tautological gift, God to man, Self to self, to close that fictitious "open loop" wherein you pretend to be incomplete - a divine catalyst that will finally put ouroboros' tail back in its own mouth. Of course, one could argue that the same goes for sex, money, status, etc. and all other crude materialistic/hedonistic desires - these are just as much divine as anything else. But the key difference is precisely in the duration of self-realization and peace. Psychedelics can unravel you PERMANENTLY unlike anything else in this dream. Please acknowledge that
  6. yup, yup, yup.
  7. When's the last time you felt a deep, inexpressible, tear-jerking love and appreciation for the majesty and profundity of life? I feel this now on a day-to-day basis. I am encountering this sentiment now as I type. It's so powerful that I feel compelled to "do" something about it, and yet there is nothing to do! Life is just that perfect no matter how you slice it. I'll be real with you, I really believe that psychedelics were the catalyst for this newfound way in which I perceive life. They are undeniably changing me, one trip at a time, even if I appear or behave the same from the outside. But of course, psychedelics alone are not responsible for my transformation. It's a variety of complex factors, including all of the positive habits I've built, all of the personal decisions I've made, all of the principles and values I've elucidated and upheld. All of the above have conspired to build a dynamite of gratitude, love, and self-understanding. Psychedelics then were the fuse/trigger that enabled this explosion of inner abundance! So, I will continue to cherish and ramble about psychedelics. But in the meantime, if you do not have access to this life-changing tool, here are some ways to rekindle the magic I'm describing: Put on music that reminds you of your childhood. For me it's JPOP/anime singers. Bring to mind a moment in the past of innocence, thrill, exploration, challenge, warmth, acceptance, surprise, etc. For me, I am thinking now of my friends from high school. We bonded over track and field and spent lots of time together, going out to eat, watching movies at each other's houses, etc. At the time this utterly shocked me, because I didn't perceive myself as worthy of such acceptance. It still shocks me, as I currently don't have a tangible, in-person "group" where we mutually look out for each other. IRL I'm mostly a "social floater." I have my groups but I weave in-and-out of them. They are painfully temporary. And especially now living with just my roommate in a new city, sometimes it feels like I belong nowhere. And yet, behold! My past self genuinely experienced a group that accepted him. Even if that group no longer exists, I can acknowledge and embrace that memory and siphon strength from it in the present moment. The past exists, right here, right now, through your recollection. All emotions, warmth, etc. that you have EVER felt is accessible to you NOW, because the universe is just as within you as it is without!
  8. recorded and edited this one in a matter of hours, came up with it in a whim. this taught me that I am capable of pumping out decent quality content on a semi-regular basis, I just need that intent! thumbnail art was AI generated. I love AI.
  9. @Michael569 I'm fairly familiar with Mr. nutrivore. My understanding is that he has an enormous vegan bias, which, to be fair, is perhaps a reasonable counterweight to my current animal-based bias, but nonetheless let's not forget that of course he is against saturated fat as a default position. He has a horse in this race prior to truthseeking. It's in his attitude too. His content is rife with ad-hominem attacks and insults flung at those that he disagrees with. I watched just 1 minute of that video you linked, and he already abrasively dismisses the history of seed oils as "fucking cute" and "irrelevant" because he is so hypnotized by the allure of "human outcome studies," which, as I just outlined earlier, have potential fundamental flaws in their question-begging conception. I will watch the whole video later, this is just my initial impressions. Side note: of course I am not saying to dismiss all studies. They can be useful. However, I just don't understand why anybody would hinge all of their faith in studies given their fallible nature. I've mentioned this elsewhere, but human beings have been consuming animal fats for millennia without a trace of chronic disease. On a common sense level this historical fact should be ringing alarm bells when modern medical experts declare through "studies" that animal fats are the cause of modern disease. It just makes no sense. Also as far as I know, Nick has never actually tried carnivore himself. If anything, it is actually his paradigm which is speculative and hearsay. At least Paul Saladino has actually been a vegan and a carnivore. Paul has personally wrestled with the limitations of both nutritional extremes, and has now settled for a mix of red meat and fruit. Likewise, my mentor, and in turn my mentor's mentor, have been living and breathing the high-saturated fat diet for YEARS, even multiple decades in the case of my mentor's mentor. I trust them because their blood tests are flawless, their physical excellence is off the charts (seriously, they are both in the top 0.1 percentile of strength to weight ratio), and they are even spiritually enlightened as a cherry on top, lol. So yeah they know a thing or two about not-knowing Consider that their self-righteousness is not Dunning-Krueger, but rather DECADES of existing as an optimally performing superhuman. I agree with you though that we can all spend more time exposing ourselves to more knowledge. I am by no means done with my nutrition journey, I am happy to admit that. But this doesn't mean that I ought to bite my tongue at all times. Perhaps there is room in public discourse for me to exonerate saturated fat. If it ever turns out that I, and the people I trust in, were dead wrong - I am happy to admit as such. And if it turns out that we were indeed wrong, we will be the first to endure the physical consequences of our error, since we live as we preach. It may seem to you that I am playing with people's lives by telling them that beef is safe, but don't forget that my own life is under the guillotine too. Thanks again for your time and replies, even if it seems we're getting nowhere this means a lot. You help keep me in check. Even though my belief in a high-saturated fat diet persists, it's good to stay on my toes remain humble.
  10. @Michael569 1) Yes! 2) Mostly yes. LA oxidized in excess likely is one of the main drivers of cancer and heart disease. Diabetes is a little different, as it has more to do with fructose intake and (lack of) activity. We also know that diabetes in turn spikes your susceptibility to heart disease so it's not purely LA which is the culprit, but a hoard of environmental toxins converging upon the body at once, causing a web of dysfunctions in tandem - excess LA, excess fructose, pesticides, heavy metals, microplastics, etc. 3) Excess LA is obviously increasing risk but doesn't necessary equate strictly to more disease in a particular individual since their antioxidant status and other lifestyle factors have to be taken into account. Someone with a high polyfat intake can somewhat offset their risk of disease with massive fruit and vegetable intake, such that from the outside they appear healthy. It's also important to note that serum levels are unreliable markers of LA accumulation in the body. I've learned that testing adipose tissue is a better metric. 4) Omega 3 is of course necessary as is omega 6. At the end of the day, polyfats, LA, and even oxidation are necessary. The problem is not polyfats per se, the problem is polyfats IN EXCESS. Omega 3 fatty acids in excess would actually be more damaging than LA because they contain more double bonds. But most of us do not encounter this problem because our food supply is not contaminated with excess omega 3 (it is, however, most certainly contaminated with excess omega 6!) According to my mentor: "Here's the problem with these studies... What do they do? Compare people with high LA intake to low LA intake. But the problem is that the "low LA intake" is actually people consuming more poly fat than that found in nature... So, all you are doing is comparing two groups of people, both with excess LA in their adipose tissue, and the difference being that the people with even more LA are also people who have been doing other "healthy, correct" things like exercising and eating fruits and veggies which actually do help in their own right. In other words, all of these studies were done in people who lived during a time that polyfats were promoted, and even though that is erroneous, the other healthy habits that were being promoted were actually not in fact erroneous. This is how people are getting lost in the weeds on nutritional science. If they studied people who live and eat like us (that is, an unprocessed, high saturated fat diet), this would be game over and these vegetable oil promoters would not be able to sleep at night. Their paradigm would collapse. But people who eat this way are anomalous in the 21st century and don't get studied."
  11. @Swarnim Jesus Christ. That got me emotional. What's up with Japan and spitting facts? Haha @Razard86 Thank you brother! That means so much. My dream is to essentially do what Leo is doing for a living. I am working on differentiating and honing my communication to bring something truly unique. The rest is just consistency, time, and heart.
  12. @integral You trynna share with us a recent instance of hurt? lol