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  1. @Emotionalmosquito I'm rather fond of you, but you're honestly lame as fuck. Listen to Leo and Princess Arabia and stop whining. A sliver of me really feels for you and relates to your woes. The difference between us is that I know that in this lifetime I am destined for obnoxious amounts of sex with the sexiest girls alive. That is not my current reality, but there is no rush. You're better than this. You're on the damn forum, which means that you know to dig deep and dispel your own bullshit. You want sex? You can have it. Become a masculine gift unto the feminine. Strong, loving, unwavering, abundant. "But that's not me!" you cry. Lol, alright then. More girls for me I guess. You say you love women but hah, looks to me like you have maybe 1% of the desire that I do. I love women so much that I will stop at nothing to become the best man I could possibly be, for their sake. Hope to see you prove me wrong 👊
  2. I love you man
  3. That's revolting. I'll keep my polarity, thanks.
  4. Correct through and through. And that's okay! God/Consciousness will always have your back, has always had your back, and is-having your back right now. God's script has no errors. When the attachments and identifications of your numerous lives all burn away into the abyss, that is known as Love. Terror = Love. Your Love dwarfs "potential repercussions" You got this!
  5. And that's okay!
  6. Surrender, my friend
  7. @shree I made up my mind that I'm simply going to die. I said "I love you" to my mom, my friends, all of that. There's no more "buts" or "ifs." Time to die. Going into it with firm conviction renders fear unnecessary. Having a personal ritual helps, as opposed to haphazardly ingesting.
  8. @SamC looks like we have some catching up to do
  9. You need a fundamental identity-level change. Become a person who is at-ease. Anxiety is simply not in your lexicon. This is possible by: fixing your physiology and hormones through proper nutrition building character by putting yourself in novel real-life situations and surviving them doing psychedelics to reconnect with infinity
  10. Material girl ??
  11. Gotta love the truth more than you love human life man. That's the bottom line for Leo.