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  1. I'm open to that, but it still doesn't explain OPs hypothesis that "Is this why everyone gets depressed after they reach a level of enlightenment?" To me that statement has the same weight as: "Oh! So that's why humans have 3 arms!" It's like - wha - huh? You sure we're talking about the same thing? Lol
  2. I have never heard of whatever it is that you are talking about here. Awakening always seems to be accompanied with freedom and joy, not depression. Any "enlightened" person who is depressed is just apathetic and deluded - not even close to real awakening. Now to be fair, the dark night of the soul is real. But again that is not awakening either. It's an in-between stage.
  3. That's a rather flippant way to talk about the highest Intelligence - but all in all, yes
  4. I relate strongly to your post. Beautiful reflection I have a document full of goals and stats written out, with my life purpose statement stamped at the very top. Right underneath my life purpose statement, there is this addendum: "I will give everything that I have in every domain of life I ever interface with. I will never half-ass ANYTHING, "leaving it all on the court," so to speak. I will not hold back or restrict my authenticity, self-expression, or highest potential. I will become independent and self-sufficient so that I can protect, defend, and support others so that I honor whatever life has to offer beyond the rat-race of seeking pleasure and avoiding pain."
  5. I don't know. This paradox rules me as well. Selfishness and selflessness blend together, as they must. I suppose at the end of the day there is no "problem" here. But it is certainly confusing/mindfucky
  6. An additional complication which I find interesting which I wrote about over on discord: "You know what's wild, about 30% of my subs on YouTube now are women in their mid-late 20s because I just released a video on healing emotional wounds (SUPER IMPORTANT BTW!!), which is a rather feminine topic. But everyone in this discord is overwhelmingly men. So my demographic is so fcked up right now hahaha" Towards the end of this video I blatantly acknowledge that "I have no idea who I am talking to right now" You know how every content creator recommends having a "niche" and "target audience" so that you can fine-tune the resonance of your message to powerfully hit a really specific type of person. Well, I am completely lost in that domain rn. So my plan for the time being is to just stay in my own lane, without worrying who is watching me. If this backfires I will course-correct later
  7. So, this video blew up, at least by my noobie standards. I wrote a bunch of reflections over on my discord, I will copy-paste them here: I'm literally going through a process rn of throwing out everything I thought I knew about YouTube and re-formulating my mental map this here has been my plan, for months now, on how to get big on YT: Significantly better hook, every second has to add value Call to action - like, subscribe, share, join Consistent thumbnail, TITLE (open loop, keyword) Networking (commenting on big channels!) Viewer is the hero, say “we” and “us” instead of “me” or “you” Evoke emotion, avoid being boring at all costs Informational/Entertaining/Connection Progressive overload videos with quantity This info was all distilled from watching dozens of hours of YouTube growth advice content I'm realizing now that almost 70% of it is irrelevant, since I did a hodge-podge of this sh*t for 4 months to no avail. Here I've highlighted the only worthwhile things: Consistency, Patience Make videos you’d want to watch Don’t pretend you know everything Assume audience is with me I DON'T want to turn this into a formula, but my systems-thinking mind coupled with perhaps my hastiness for success has already begun to separate the wheat from the chaff. Basically, I am committing more to long-form content - which I will define as anything more than 20 minutes. This seems counterintuitive at first given the pathetic attention span of the population in a tiktok-obsessed online space that rewards audience retention, but in hindsight it makes total sense. YOU, and OUR BROTHERS and SISTERS who want to HONOR LIFE still cling to their attention span, and I'm going to be that one fcking youtuber who respects and rewards your wisdom. You are going to see more authenticity, truth, and depth from each of my videos. I'm not going to be dancing around with that many shallow ~5 minute videos anymore. Stupid YouTube hacks such as audience retention, clickbait, having social connections, even being funny or interesting - all of this is meaningless I know this because, my longest video, with the least energy, with the least cuts, with NO music popped off which just makes no sense algorithmically until you realize that REAL humans are on the other side of the screen, seeking another real human to connect with all these gimmicks make you forgettable just being REAL makes you memorable
  8. I really really really enjoy the process of creating for YouTube.
  9. @AtheisticNonduality Oh man I'm really on a timecrunch rn. I'll get back to you later today, I really appreciate your comment In the meantime: I finally learned to use my back camera here lmao. I no longer look like an egg.
  10. Ah... we have struck gold on the reception of this latest vid. It's a lot to take in. I have so many thoughts to share, I'll be back with more concise thoughts...
  11. The question here reads similarly to: Can the color blue make us taller? Like, I just don't know what to tell ya lol. Perhaps? Perhaps not? I don't even know how to begin reformulating it
  12. No, the question is literally backwards and the only proper response is laughter. I'm sorry that I came off as condescending, that was not my intention.