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  1. Poor Leo is holding back so much in his latest video. He's not kidding about the literal inability to share his greatest realizations.
  2. Lol so cute that it's framed as a "breakthrough," but historical texts have been saying this for literal millennia.
  3. Stay safe out there.
  4. @Myagooshki yeah! and you will probably see unicorns in the aether once you hit stage magenta in tier 4!
  5. Yes, any form of free content works as long as the clear value is there. Personally I prefer YouTube videos, but consider that I may be biased. I am here from watching Leo on YouTube, after all... I would say it boils down to what makes you feel the most creative. You've gotta fall in love with the creation process. NP
  6. Well said!
  7. Leo's homepage at is actually a beautiful example of how to do it right: Notice everything in his banner informs you of how Leo will help you: Showing his face gives him a sense of trustworthiness. Even though Leo has actually gone through life-coaching certification and training program, he doesn't talk about that. Instead, he talks about his 300+hours of FREE videos. Next, he literally shoves the free content in your face: Lastly, he makes a quick and easy pathway for you to hand him money: Notice the use of colors and icons too. Everything is made clickable. It's like a well-oiled machine.
  8. @Btraining NP bro! Good luck, I'm rooting for you. I also slightly edited my original post by adding more clarification on how to frame your free content.
  9. Your homepage is also problematic. You talk about yourself way too much, like "oh I have this qualification here and also this other badge of honor I earned from studying blah blah" Nobody cares! You can put that stuff in an "about me" page. Regarding your homepage: the bottom line is, will you be the one that gives me actual results? Even if you're uncertain if you can or not, you have to at least act as though you're capable of giving me results. The moment I land on your homepage, you should tell me immediately how YOU ARE GOING TO CHANGE MY LIFE, and HOW YOU'VE CHANGED THE LIVES OF OTHERS ALREADY. ^This is the kind of framing that gets people to pull out their wallets. If you aren't able to provide instances of how you've already helped people, try offering free coaching sessions to 10 or more people just so that you're able to declare: "See? Here is me in action." Another point: You've made it very difficult to buy from you lol. I tried to purchase something from you for fun, and I was immediately told to make an account lmao. I left promptly. I'm not that good at the technical side of things so you'll have to do your own research, but you really should make buying as effortless as possible. You want people to ideally click 2 buttons and to be able to send you money on the spot. The account creation should either be automatic or postponed. Use paypal or something if you must (idk how that works). BTW, that is what Leo does for his Life Purpose course. You can buy his course in 2 button clicks using paypal, and then an account is auto-generated for you. Leo has made buying from him effortless, and so he makes money. You have made buying from you a hassle, and so (most likely) you won't make money (as you are now).
  10. You asked for it You need to be pumping out more free content (of value to your target audience), to establish connection and credibility with potential buyers. Free content can be in the form of email content, e-books, blog posts, social media uploads, podcasts, YouTube videos, etc. Even posting free advice on health forums such as the one on here can be considered free content (although don't make this your main form of it!) Endless options. ^This IS your eyeball-catcher/marketing. People flock to free content because they are selfish and lazy. But It's a win-win, because you can use that principle to build an audience of potential future buyers (you'll have to convert them from freeloaders to buyers later). This definitely takes a degree of patience and creativity, but it's better than having no eyeballs and no audience and no buyers. For both the free AND paid content, get clear about what kind of person you are targeting, and ask yourself "What specifically can I provide for them?" If you're already currently posting free content, ask yourself: is the shit that I'm posting actually delivering a result for my target audience? And even if it is, have I made the link between the content and the result EXPLICIT? For example, if you're trying to introduce a new exercise or a new food, am I telling my audience the precise benefit? Right now when I go to your website, all I see is a bunch of text and a massive paywall with no reason to pull out my wallet (granted, I may not be your target audience, but even if I was, I bet I'd react the same way). When I click on the coaching tab, you don't give me a concrete promise, not even once. You basically say "I will give you holistic coaching." What?? TF does that even mean? How will my life actually change? I see there's more words further down like "custom meal plan metabolic planning" - whatever the hell that means. I didn't even bother to read. You say: "I will help you with this process so that you can optimize your eating habits to support your fitness goals while meeting your body's nutritional requirements." <<<MEANINGLESS. That's not a specific, concrete result. That's the most generic claim possible. You MUST declare a result, such as: "Together we will maximize your fitness and nutrition with a custom plan to help you look and feel better than you ever have before so that you can be confident in your body with clarity of mind" But honestly, even this is still far too broad/generic. Ideally you are ultra-specific, like: "Together we will maximize your diet with a custom plan to ensure that your body is fueled with the best possible nutrients while eliminating all toxic chemicals from your daily meals. With your commitment, we will x10 your thinking power, mindfulness, and overall happiness." And EVEN THIS is maybe still too generic! You can ALWAYS be more and more concrete in your sales pitch. Maybe a part of you thinks "but I want my client to define their own goals! Aren't I excluding some people by not listening to everyone's goals equally?" Eben Pagen said it best: Let's say you had a headache and you were walking down the aisle looking for a solution. You find two possible candidates: One is a big jug that says "CURE-ALL MEDICINE" on it, the other is a smaller bottle that says, "Headache relief - erase pain for 48 hours," which bottle do you trust more? Which bottle gets you to open up your wallet and pay? That's right, the "smaller," more "narrowly" marketed product which ONLY targets headaches is the one that actually gets bought - because it addresses your problem better than the generic "catch-all" medicine! It's the difference between casting a huge net with giant holes and tears in it vs casting a small but highly refined and well-made net. You must apply this principle to your own marketing. Also, play around with font sizes and bolding and stuff. Walls of text are really difficult to read. I bet you're reading this and you're already exhausted yourself lol, so just imagine what it's like for a potential customer. Put important things in BOLD so that they jump out at you!
  11. Or in other words, you're looking to leech value by gaining based on someone else's loss?
  12. 🤦‍♂️
  13. @Gesundheit2 I can't speak for OP, but there definitely is a higher realization that "I love to suffer," and it has nothing to do with cope, and it transcends all notions of pain and pleasure.