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  1. that's so ironic because the O.G. empiricists were the closest to non-duality, and they were full-blown philosophers modern science has bastardized the word "empirical" ...
  2. I will be sharing the paper here tomorrow when I finish writing Also - I'm looking forward to video chatting new forum members. I've met with many of you guys already but I don't want to stay comfortable. Meeting new people is always a challenge, so I look forward to it. Yes, this is an open invitation for anybody who sees this to DM me~
  3. Writing a behemoth paper for college. 15+ pages is not much by pro standards, but it's a worthy challenge for a budding kid like me It's actually due tomorrow, and I'm procrastinating by writing this journal entry at 2AM. But I feel inspired to write here, so why not? The topic is David Hume's skepticism and empiricism. A lot of the ideas are VERY in line with our work here at It's so very exciting. This is maybe the first academic paper where I've felt pure joy at writing out each word. And for the first time I feel like I don't have to "hold back." I mean hell, Hume straight up says that "external reality" and "self" doesn't exist. So that sort of gives me permission to go non-dual without sounding so crazy, which is something I never thought I'd have the pleasure to do in an academic setting. This is something I've been wanting to do for the past 3 years in college.
  4. You should read the academic paper I'm working on ;D
  5. Oh my, a business opportunity!
  6. bruh lmao loosen up and have a casual chat
  7. Ok, we're back to being ENFJ (started the week out as INFJ ) lol
  8. I feel the exact same way. Which might make you laugh, because you know what I'm like. You would probably assume I have lots of friends lol (and yes, I suppose I do, but that doesn't make me feel any less alone). But yeah, no matter how good you have it, feelings of not-belonging seem to creep through the back door. It really helps me to remind myself that other people feel just as - if not more - isolated than I do. When I trick myself into thinking that I'm the only one suffering from alone-ness, the world really begins to look that way. But when I recognize that 99% of people are actively suffering from alone-ness (even when they look happy and social... many of them fake it) - i.e. feeling deeply misunderstood or disconnected from others - suddenly, it becomes less about me and more about us. When we're all misunderstood and disconnected, that paradoxically makes it easier for us to understand and connect with each other.
  9. Girl I'm ovo-vegetarian, actively working at transitioning into veganism. My myers briggs personality test results is 90%+ Feeling > Thinking. I feel far more than I intellectualize, and I've put hundreds of hours of contemplation into this topic, so please spare me the lecture lol. You're preaching to the choir. I agree with all of your points in favor of veganism. That being said - Don't be so presumptuous. I experience tremendous conflict over squashing small insects. This topic really fucks with me. Hence, I said: Though the vegetables, not so much.
  10. Cute girl walked by me TWICE while I was actively meditating on a bench outside. Each time I made up a story to myself about how "I am too busy meditating" and "she's a distraction" and so I let her walk by without saying anything. I thought about her for pretty much the next 48 hours straight lmao. Fascinating how my excuses feel so real in the moment but they're so obviously fake in hindsight. Ugh.
  11. While I instinctively agree with this, I see no objectivity in it whatsoever. I think it's entirely our human bias making this hierarchy "feel" real. Maybe in Truth, no life is worth more or less than another (Yes, even the ant in comparison to the human).
  12. What are your sprint times bruh
  13. @intotheblack Gotcha