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  1. Surely, then, you don't think you've reached the end?
  2. Actually, they do! You just gotta dig for it. Like all precious gems
  3. Holy fuck you smoked him with that "pretend sufferer" slap. I know that brutal honestly is necessary sometimes but it can also lead to war. Hope you know what you're doing. Anyway, impressive music choice! Tchaikovsky is an ICON. My favorite classical composer by far. If I called suffering beautiful, most people would call me crazy. To that, I say: Listen to Tchaikovsky! He suffered. Greatly. He suffered like few of us will ever suffer. And yet, he was able to capture transcendence in his work. He was able to weave the essence of his own suffering into the very fabric of his art and make it GLORIOUS. I cannot tell you how many times I've cried to his 6th symphony. I'm surprised that this is rarely discussed on this forum.
  4. @Missy in Japan Are you actually in Japan??
  5. Admit it: you want to do it, but you also know that you shouldn't. You're distracting yourself with the opinions of others. Deep down you know what to do
  6. Yes and No at the same time. It also depends on what level of depth you ask the question. The answer must be highly nuanced and paradoxical. It must. You are asking about the very building blocks of sentience, individuality, and (unbeknownst to you) consciousness. Were you really expecting a solid, definitive "YES" or "NO?"
  7. Some of you guys can't be saved. It's sort of sad seeing everyone trying so hard to help. It's in our nature, I suppose. Spirituality is not for you if you cannot even experience standard happiness levels on a consistent basis. Don't bother with nonduality if you hate life. This should be obvious.