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  1. That's very interesting. Do you have any scientific literature in mind, or are these ideas a synopsis you heard from a secondary source?
  2. @Maxman Leo's new video on forgiveness is a MUST-watch for you.
  3. Survival in action Sweet, sweet irony
  4. Thank you. Bloody legend.
  5. I wasn't kidding...
  6. @Keyhole I understand where you're coming from, but you did not address my question. Watch out for defensiveness... I am not attacking you I would not "ask this" of a starving child in a third world country, out of sensitivity and compassion for their circumstance (when survival needs are not met, contemplating Truth is especially inconvenient). However, assuming that you do have an interest in Truth, this question of what you honestly do or do not know is plenty worthwhile.
  7. @Nak Khid Depends on what you mean by "flying elephants," "the number three," and "exist." Furthermore, the demand for a strict binary answer is an arbitrary restriction...
  8. You don't honestly know this to be True, do you?
  9. Can people lay out a basic list of measurable harms that he does?
  10. You've failed to mention the enormous amount of resistance, demonetization, and backlash that will inevitably occur due to ignorance. Psychs are encouraged and embraced now because it's still sort of an underground thing - but if it breaks into the mainstream too quickly, expect a war.
  11. It's amazing because a proponent of pseudoscience, dogma or quakery would say the same thing... (coming from a different place). A common stage blue Theist argument for Faith in God is that "Faith transcends evidence." Ironically, this statement is correct in some ways... and yet the stage blue version of "Faith" usually boils down to unexamined bias.
  12. I cried too, but not because of trauama or wounds. Rather, something about the extreme precision with which universal love was articulated turned me into a baby haha.