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  1. Such a great idea! Coincidences like suddenly getting acquainted with something new always have the potential to change someone's life. I myself can enumerate many of such situations and I'm very grateful for every single person like you who is eager to share good things. It shows lack of ego, lack of a sense of owning. Especially when you are divulging something which is not yours and you don't want credits for that. I really appreciate this. I wish I could do something similar in my country, but people here barely speak English. Whenever I want to share something in English with someone, I have to find translations or subtitles. SAD. Have a good day.
  2. There is certainly a link between scapular pain and yoga plus workout plus prolonged sitting.
  3. I also do yoga and work out. This combo might be to blame. Do you alternate between workout and yoga days? Also, what asanas do you usually perform? For how long have been doing yoga?
  4. What a coincidence. I'm having the same. Could I call it synchronicity?
  5. Mouth breathing is not just bad for your appearance, but also for your heath. By breathing with your mouth you lose all the mechanisms of the nose which prepare air for admittance to the lungs. Congratulations!
  6. Such a pity.
  7. Thank you for your participation. Have a good day!
  8. Thank you @Zigzag Idiot I am listening to the audiobook. It is a great source of contemplation!
  9. That's great! Indeed. It is a good ideia to mimic Okinawa diet to improve health, but I never see people doing such a thing. Many cling to crazy diets when it's soooo easy to follow what is eaten in Okinawa. Almost everything they eat can be found everywhere. Could you elaborate about this water fasting? OFF-TOPIC: I would be glad to visit Japan someday... maybe when I'm better at their language. I'm still N4, but no worry, no attachment. I enjoy the path and I don't know where it is going to take me to. lol Do you appreciate Buddhism? Did you make a pilgramage to Shikoku 88 temples? It'd be my main desire If I visited Japan. Walking across the island, see all the history, being able to understand it deeply not just superficially...
  10. Such a great observation! I just checked Okinawa diet and it has natto!! It is not even the core of their diet, but if you take into account a lifelong perspective, it has a great impact!
  11. Thank you for your post! You talked about pickles, and I must say I love sunomono, but yes, it is added sugar, which is a no if you are looking for healthy food. I like the fact they go well with various other kinds of food, and especially alone. I ate my sauerkraut and did not feel the urge to mask its taste with another thing. I fully appreciated its crunchiness, juiciness, and sourness. It was a great experience. Not to say I'm boosting the benefits of cabbage eating it that way. This is a great stimulus for me to keep making fermented food!!
  12. Hello everyone! I recently got acquainted with the world of fermented food and I am very enthusiastic about it. Probiotics seem to be very beneficial to our gut flora and the maintenance of the immunity system. Yesterday I made sauerkraut. I loved it yet it is not totally ready. lol What are your thoughts on fermented food? Is it part of your diet? Thanks. Have a good day and take care of your body!
  13. Well, considering that Leo sells a life purpose course, I will not look for his answers on this subject. And I'm glad to know others find the same. @Ethergave an amazing response on this.