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  1. How are the rest 6 deadly sins, are they self actualizing as well?
  2. Steve Jobs only ate fruit most his life, and he died of pancreatic cancer. I thought about it a lot after reading his biography, the link between the pancreas and fruit/sugar. That diet definitely* cut his life short.
  3. I've heard kids call their parents by their names, It sounds crazy to you because you called your Being weird is not a bad thing, even if he called his dad Elon "Billionaire" or "meme lord", Its just words. I bet you called your mother worst names who tf cares its just gossip
  4. I have a passion for writing extremely brutal action novels, and even regular novels. But I always failed to see how a Novel makes a difference in the world, even though I love novels... I simply cannot see how writing novels/books can be as impactful on society as for example making electric cars like Tesla, and that's the type of big impact I always wanted to make. So I let it go, just couldn't bring myself to do it. I think that your Life purpose orbits around your real world experience, ur beliefs and interests, so anything you believe/have an interest in can potentially become your life purpose, example: Hitler, Its very clear that Hitler had a toxic life purpose, his life purpose was formed because he believed something untrue about Jews/religions/blacks/minorities. If he believed that Christianity is true and had an interest in it, there would be a good chance that Hitler would become a pastor/pope instead of a mass murderer. so I think you should just expose yourself to more real world experiences. so a better life purpose can be formed, maybe you find something that you're more interested in than bodybuilding. "it resonates with you emotionally and intellectually"
  5. Well the good news is that once Kim Jong-un dies, his sister will become the supreme leader the catch is that she's a meth head. sarcasm.
  6. @Tech36363 if you disabled some Google tracking and data collection in your Google account settings then Youtube will stop recommending you new videos, so maybe you did that... I would recommend you to look at your "Time watched" section and if its longer that 2 hours per day you should outright quit the app or limit yourself from using it with extensions. You care about Youtube recommendations, which is mostly Youtube's way of eating all your time and attention. Many of us are stage orange and we like to feel like we're stage yellow, and because the concept of an Internet, infinite information & knowledge is very stage yellow, we justify our overconsumption thinking we're getting more conscious. keeping up with world news is important, but most of us are too immature to use it responsibly which means its better for us not to use it at all or in a very controlled environment, which is something to work on. Leo's Satisfaction Meditation Video Block YT Recommendations Block YT / Limit Your Consumption To A Certain Amount Per Day oh and btw if you like YT music you can switch to
  7. its strange, I went through a strong 3y depression. never considered or taken any drug while it lasted (with the purpose of calming it down). isn't it just a temporary relief? I was depressed because of tangible & real reasons that existed in the real world, drugs would've calmed me down yes... but what's the point if the reason I'm depressed is still real? from my narrow stage orange/green perspective, taking drugs is pointless and unsustainable. I'm guessing depression is as old of a concept as the human mind, the human mind existed for thousands of years while (according to Google) medicine is only 200ish years old, So if Aristotle was depressed, he had to cure it without medicine which kills every claim trying to prove that someone actually needs medicine to fight depression. just to moved to Frankfurt, right next to the Main river. Maybe take a jog instead of drugs, those gramps I see outside riding their bicycles seem pretty happy to me.
  8. check out gentlemans gazette on YT don't start caring about aesthetics, approval, respect & luxury too much.
  9. there, good & tangible advice! these skills are VITAL if you want to be a LEADER, and the only way you're going to make a big scale impact is if you become one. Steve jobs traveled to India two-ish years before founding Apple, he was searching for enlightenment , spirituality & inspiration, its the same for you, its just that you will be searching for different things (communication, argumentation, thinking, charisma and self confidence) p.s you don't necessary have to travel anywhere
  10. Or have someone with massive integrity, that's the most important quality for people with power. Someone like Edward Snowden or Simon Sinek who's teaching leadership and leadership integrity... people like that do exist
  11. Well... given that we started negatively impacting the climate and then LATER discovered, that if we keep doing it its actually going to become a problem. mankind might be working on creating another problem for itself RIGHT fucking NOW, maybe its the Metaverse, Maybe its A.I, but if history repeats itself then we won't know until we're already stuck in a lot of shit. and of course everything is done with good intentions, we invented the internet thinking it was going to be amazing and beneficial to us, only for it to be amazing and beneficial with new addictions created like social media addiction, conspiracy theories spreading like Australian wild fires, TikTok which is so out of control and in a league of its own, you can't even put it in a social media category, you might not see a problem with it if you don't have any young siblings, but I see grown men struggling to build any type of work ethic in their lives Tiktok just surpassed google as the most visited website, let that sink in & read it again if you can't believe your eyes, That means is more popular and more visited than GOOGLE.COM, that almost makes a TikTok account more valuable for businesses than a website, because a website is accessed through the google search engine.
  12. compared to America that is... the US is massively more social than most EU countries, I'm not saying that young people HATE living in EU, its just that MOST would rather live in "the promised land of the American dream", Its like America has some type of genius marketing strategy aimed at everyone else saying "This where you want to live" See how Leo talks about pick up and cold approaching woman, that's possible in Europe but way more taboo than in US, I recently saw a video of some American youtuber ranting about PewDiePie's video about cringing at pickup artists, after that I saw the contrast between US and the EU, Europe is very organized and focused when it comes to work. I would describe the difference between two continents as Tight and Loose jeans, Focused & organized with no room to breathe vs Relaxed and all over the place (chaotic at times) edit: damn that's such a good comparison, exactly how it is. AND SORRY ORIGINAL POSER FOR GOING OFF TOPIC
  13. Well the EU holds the most conscious countries on planet earth, EU is the most evolved continent on Spiral Dynamics. I don't know what will happen in the future but the EU is the best candidate for stage yellow government. and still... all European kids dream of living in America, if irrationally is basically everything that goes against your survival, then moving from EU to US is the most irrational shit ever. one Europe's biggest problems is that 1. Its not social enough, so young people don't want to live there 2. no common language between the countries, If it did adopt a common language tho, maybe it would experience some cultural backlash but it would definitely be closer to stage yellow
  14. so no you shouldn't get a vpn, matter fact you shouldn't even get Linux or TOR, I think its simply too inconvenient and most people just switch back to windows/chrome, you are not on anyone's kill list... there is nothing to worry about.
  15. Recu ti sta znam Avast didn't notice shit, no individual at Avast or your government's intelligence agency is looking at your IP, data or location on their computer plotting something because you wrote a comment on the internet, that's the good news! (Its simply because there is too much people on planet earth, nobody cares about you or who you are as long as you're not a threat to them or a criminal). but "they" have enough data on you that they could probably write an entire book about you, not just your government but other governments also have shit loads of data on you... even if you never entered their country, especially the US. And this is not a conspiracy, I mean... at this point everybody should know that government surveillance is a real thing, the US created dozens of programs that keep track of everyone on the internet, and rented them out to other countries (Prism & XKeyscore are the one's I'm aware of) Prism: Xkeyscore Apple "They have asked us to build a backdoor to the iPhone." side note: There definitely is a backdoor in all Apple's devices, or something that serves the same purpose. About Avast and what you can do: well first of all... Avast is BS, all Anti-viruses are total bullshit. If you get a virus on your windows machine... just reinstall windows... it doesn't cost you anything because windows is free, and not to mention Avast's VPN logs and stores your data that the government can access any day. OR EVEN BETTER! run Linux instead of windows, and if you want to protect your internet data from the Government/Your Internet service provider, Run TOR instead of chrome/firefox/edge, but its going to be slower, way slower. If you care about your privacy I would urge to listen to Edward Snowden on YT and read his book "Permanent Record" - watch his 2 JRE podcasts and if you want to know EVEN MORE ABOUT Privacy you can study something criminals and government's study called OPSEC. Just be aware of the great scale, the better your privacy, the less convenient your everyday life is going to be, vice verse. And be happy you don't live in China, where surveillance is also on the street, people and cameras monitoring you everyday. I know you didn't ask for a privacy course, but hey... that's what you got because I felt like it.