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  1. I'm not saying that it's wrong to move, I'm asking if there's a legal way of doing it that I'm potentially missing here It's not like visa acceptance rates have ever been high or anything Or just tell me what you think is the best way to move if you have any experience
  2. I'm handing out invites to my Satanistic church if anyone wants to join, we talk about what visa procedures most immigrants use to successfully move to the United States. Truly foul shit
  3. Alright fine, I'm racist. I don't like immigrants, matter of fact I'm was thinking of tattooing the confederate flag on my face this morning, those white hoods also look very stylish on my scalp Don't let me come between you and your radical open-mindedness, and that unassuming nature of yours... mmhmm baby what a quality to strive for
  4. Cool quote Well shit, I'm not sorry Let me be clear, I am not complaining. All I'm doing is describing my "racist" experience. Its just a question, I am not taking any sides or having any concrete thoughts, I'm pro immigration for 1. world countries, even if it's illegal I'm trying to confirm if my limited observation is true, and how exactly people do it
  5. I understand your point of view, which I agree with, I mean you have to go against China somehow. However a "cheap labor" visa doesn't exist I personally think such people usually enter illegally, however smuggling yourself across the border seems so hard (and stupid) to me. And that's where I start questioning that theory.
  6. This is my European observation of what seems to be a boat load of people living in America that seem: 1. Not highly educated 2. Not native English speakers, sometimes they're so terrible I wonder how they passed the English test(s) required to enter the country. My experience with these people has mainly been in stores and markets and they're always so casually dressed. Which makes be believe that they're not on vacation I am curious as to how people like this enter a country like the United States, since the 1800s are now history and immigration policies tightened, from my limited knowledge immigration has has gotten really difficult p.s I don't understand why a NATO alliance founder has to be so cut thorat towards other NATO countries, however this is just a personal grudge
  7. What fo you think Apple's marketing strategy is? At the end of the day, they are the most successful at it To understand marketing I think it makes sense to look at the company that's most effective in that domain
  8. Always disfavored movies but I make up for It in Animated series with a stronger passion
  9. my pp is rising as my reservoirs slowly fill up with milk, #NoNutNovember yay! I love this month!
  10. Two things that obviously don't mix well Uninstall WoW and delete your account, Since I last played it you had to buy the game after you did a test run or something. Delete it immediately, this is how I quit gaming years ago and it worked flawlessly. also make sure to leave all your discord servers associated with WoW or gaming in general, block all youtubers that upload wow content. try that, and if that doesn't work there's a even simpler solution: throw your graphics card in the garbage, most dumb ass parents would be sending their kids to camps by this point, when the solution is actually fairly simple Try playing games without a GPU, You can't... not even WoW with it's potato graphics (Word of caution: you need to have an APU / CPU with integrated graphics for your computer to still work after you take out the dedicated graphics card) Or maybe you can just try playing the game without one, If It annoys you then good. throw it away if you hate playing without it. good APU recommendation: Ryzen 5 5600g, this can only run WoW in the fields, as soon as you enter a concentrated area it will be unplayable. I can fall asleep playing wow, its so god damn boring
  11. If you go crying home because someone asked you personal questions then you better be looking for psychiatry hospital clients, cuz boy you're outta luck if it's something else you seek He was analyzing her? I'm not advocating for it but hey he did it, she cried. That's not a free human being, she hates herself Self hate is basically prison
  12. Hey man no hard feelings towards you even tho I called you bullocks, I don't want to disprove or turn down anything you're saying here because you might be right. In fact you are right, Google is far from efficient. As claimed by the ceo himself, literally.
  13. You are going fucking bullocks my friend, a social media can either lean towards banning more people and having some false positives, which is reversible. Or lean towards ban pacifism, having lots of idiots on their platform(s). the first approach is obviously superior Youtube pretty much always reverses false positives because they get shit for it on other social media platforms, People can scream very loudly when their livelihood is at risk, which solves the problem, Youtube is counting on that. We're talking about Twitter and yet you fail to see a single tweet Youtube has tweeted out in the last few years, p.s it's literally just jokes, polls & engaging with their users. But I fail to see what jokes have to do with Leadership and Management. YouTube's Twitter: Elon is planning on unbanning everyone on Twitter, because he's so sure that twitter's prior management under Jack has done a horrible job at judging who deserves a ban. Everyone who wasn't verified could literally just create a second account, so if he wanted to do this the right way he could just review all verified accounts and decide whether or not they deserve to be back The rule 10,000 hours works with companies as well yk, so far youtube has 148,920 hours, Twitters management team is basically abolished so let's count Elon's... ah its 4 months. Elon has basically paused twitter's development I am convinced that most companies grow smarter and better as time passes, because they learn, especially from their darker times. People don't just stay at these workhorse companies and care less and less, dumber and dumber as years pass by, its the opposite. Google is kinda like the Scandanavia of business, I watched them become more and more open with their customers, they don't even take profit on their Phones, their storage price jumps are a reasonable $100 extra. They're not so money thirsty and secretive as Apple is They have hundreds of branches that extend far from what they're known for That being said I don't want to suck their d and not say that they're not a complete and utter cancer for privacy, security kinda comes with the territory.. the bigger you are the more unrealistic it becomes. Which is why linux is the king of security and also the least popular OS.