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  1. I could give you a million reasons, every guy in his 20s should look to move the the biggest city possible, as fast as possible. It doesn’t matter how shit your life is at the beginning of it all. For example, every guy, should probably look for free coaching from the best people he can find. Not the modern curriculum taught in schools or over zoom, literal mentorship from people who are not even looking to teach. And all you have to do is ask, ask a million times.
  2. Now everyone can be a little bit calmer while they watch capitalism run Germany into the ground.
  3. I’m going through a confusing period of choosing the city I’ll probably spend the rest of my life in, I wanted something big, as I’m quite entrepreneurial, energetic, adventurous/culturally curious and maybe even a bit autistic & naive. I find that my dopamine and sex drive shoots through the roof in these big cities, which makes me feel great amongst other things. London and New York City are by far the biggest cities in the western world, and honestly I was dead set on New York for a while but I started questioning my European roots while listening to a song called Eurostar by Central Cee and now it breaks my heart that I have to choose, I have a nearly native American accent, but England seems so familiar and close by. Even though I’m sensing further instability, big political and structural change here in Europe, It’s not an influencing factor. I’m more concerned about survivability and sustainability in these mega cities, I’m only 20 and I’m ready to put my pride aside and sleep on a mattress as I scrape by in the beginning. It might sound silly but I’ve never been to London, I’m probably going in the next month or two, I’m afraid it might not be enough experience to firmly decide between it and NYC. I think that moving to the biggest city possible is probably the best decision anyone can make with their development, It’s as real and scary as it gets and not as easily deluded and fluffy as the spiritual stuff. Any advice is appreciated.
  4. I think this is because men like being horny, it gives you a certain kind of energy. I like having a porn video on while I eat, oddly enough it increases my appetite.
  5. Or you could go the natural way, the way humans have been getting laid for thousands of years. Think about it, thousands of your ancestors got laid and you're here struggling with it, what changed? we replaced our outdoor hobbies with indoor ones, sitting at home playing video games and chess is not going to get you many tangible friends. You don't have an outdoor interest/hobby -> you don't have friends -> It's hard for you to get laid and you're missing out on all the fulfillment that comes from genuine human relationships. It's deceptively simple; all it takes for a girl to become interested in you is seeing you smile and laugh while talking to a friend at a random café. Once you start receiving obvious looks and hair flips, you're golden, because she's obviously the one who caught interest first you have the upper hand, she's shy and horny now. Not talking about you specifically, I'm just talking in the second person. Socialization shouldn't be scary, that's so backwards, It's supposed to be fun! Find what you enjoy, like skating or rollerblading in NYC, that's fun.
  6. Oh, It's Mister I don't care about grip strength advising about exactly what grip strength is for, you rascal. To the OP, grip strength and muscle mass are the most important things for being a healthy old person, old people fall, and if you fall and break your E.g hip bone in your 70s, there's about a 15-30% chance that you'll be dead within just 12 months.
  7. The biggest problem with Europe is exactly what makes it special to tourists, it’s very fragmented and split by its languages and cultures, if Europe was to operate as a single country with different states like the US it would be much more prosperous. It’s a very fast and cold life here. Although any country can be fun, you just gotta find yourself some rockstar friends, even North Korea can feel welcoming if you do this.
  8. Although it looks like a pretty big list of various nutrients It's still just a big multivitamin so nothing extraordinary. The rest of the program looks more interesting. I trust Bryan because he speaks like a genuine person speaks, and there's nothing that would make me question his integrity ⎯ yet. I definitely wouldn't shape my life around living the longest given all the sacrifices like he did. Hell, Just recently I thought of giving up eating in a special way and just sticking to whatever processed shit I was eating before, because it takes a lot of time to prep and eat this food It's almost like I'm better off just going straight into work after waking up instead of cooking, cleaning and moving food around for an hour. Kudos to him for the effort.
  9. Just recently I started experimenting with nootropics and I'm really happy with my first day, I started off with 200mg caffeine + 100mg L-theanine on an empty stomach 1 hour after waking up, with incredible results. The first few seconds I was a little disoriented because I felt it turning up the intensity of existence by the second, I felt like someone took the outskirts of my vision and just started stretching it, blurring the sides and enhancing where I was looking at directly, It felt like a tunnel. I haven't noticed anything remotely close from diet improvement although some people probably could see a benefit. I'll be experimenting with Alpha GPC, Noopept, Phenibut, and Aniracetam in the coming days. These substances could make a surprising difference. Although I definitely don't see myself taking them constantly/every day because such states have their ups and downs, I can't put my finger on it but I feel like I would be less interested in things like socialization while I was on these two substances.
  10. Best topic created by @Carl-Richard Humans strive to create environments where they can have a sense of patriotism. Belonging is very clearly an important need for healthy existence, and starving people of their needs makes space for dysfunction, in some cases literal physical dysfunctions like ED.
  11. I've seen them, granted I am currently in the US and I jog a lot, you probably won't find anyone wearing this in the sane realms of the Old World!