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  1. I'm in a really bad place right now, physically. And because It's physical, it's also mental. I live in a town with less than 2000 people, in a state with less than 160k people, in a country with less than 3 million people. I really need to move, being socially deprived is so demasculating. I wanted to acknowledge this as I often Ignore it, because It's so hard for me to stomach it. My solution is like any other solution: Grow my career, skills & knowledge of marketing, branding & sales. And commit to a LP. I've always been obsessed with portability, If I can't move something in my backpack or luggage, then there's no way I'm buying it. Because I know that if I do, I'll have to leave it behind soon enough. Perhaps you could say that a state with 160k people is enough to get a girlfriend and some friends (although you probably wouldn't ), but what I found out is that the less successful a state/country/city is, the worse the people. So now you have 160k people in your state, but their quality is equal to Welcome to Developmental Psychology and Spiral Dynamics. However, I've always been an optimist. I have to be confident. Solving this will make me stronger than the rest. and of course there's a positive side to all this: I'm much more appreciating of higher quality people and bigger and better cities/countries. Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish
  2. Heard about that, indoors right?
  3. Croatia, although a very underdeveloped part of it (for now, I'm thinking of moving in the next year or so)
  4. Are you and your girlfriend both Balkan? if not, how did you get her? I want a foreign girl myself @ivankiss
  5. I was actually being serious with that first statement (girls aren't loved for who they are, less so than guys) & girls being hot for playing video games and watching anime is kinda... nonsense. I hope my girl doesn't play games, because neither do I. And most anime is just terrible (with some exceptions, I could count them on 10 fingers)
  6. ISTP,INTJ,ENTJ & INTPs & are quite attracted to these approaches, usually sacrificing independence and personal freedom to make it happen. Perhaps this is how @integral feels...?
  7. Is dry fruit any worse than fresh? I live quite far from the nearest city so ordering online saves me so much time (only dry fruit is available). And I want to get a good diet going, part of my high value man goal. I realized that so many people throw in random berries and fruit in their shakes. I heard they're worse, but seemingly only because you can eat a lot more of them, and nothing else... which is not a valid point in my opinion.
  8. If anything guys are loved for who they are lol, girls are loved based on their looks (you mentioned love and attention) Damn babe you look so attractive playing that video game and watching that anime, It's making me hard
  9. I think my type of girl isn’t found in clubs, personality wise. Although this is just speculation. I imagine her being more of a “girl playing with her dog outside” typa person. so day game it is, night game for growth in skills and pussy. what I am sure about; she’s a frequent traveler. Open as fuck.
  10. How did you heal yourself / started loving life?
  11. One day I will look my age, I’m almost 20 ffs 🤦‍♂️
  12. What are some successful pickup artists who practice what they preach on camera, I want to watch more live interaction. I have lots of free time. In addition to this short thread: Does anyone have any experience with attracting older women? I'm currently 19, interested in dating girls 2-5y older than me.
  13. A character from a manga I used to read (had it saved on my phone, I don’t read manga anymore)