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  1. According to the way the world works there is an objective good and bad. If you kill someone then the government will define that as objectively bad and you'll be sentenced to death. But I am wondering if it is bad in a realistic sense. Whenever you wash your hands you are killing either millions or billions of germs. Idk the number but they are creatures trying to survive. Sure, you could say "they are trying to kill me so they can survive" but that's just being hypocritical since you kill them so that you can survive longer. We even take hot showers with a smile on our face even though we are killing countless things. So everyone is basically a mass serial killer. There is really no reason to think that humans are better than germs just because germs are much smaller than us. We are even small ourselves. We consider the Earth to be big yet the sun can fit 1.3 million Earths. And apparently the sun is a really small star. Don't read this comment the wrong way and think it is fine to murder people. Keep in mind that human beliefs of thinking murder is wrong is important to have.
  2. I often hear that humans are wired to survive for as long as possible. However, if this is true then why do we get cravings for things like soda or candy when we know that they will hurt our health? Thanks for reading and enjoy your day