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  1. @thesmileyone Luckily for you, humans are very fickle creatures. So if you're depressed about something, it will pass as long as you don't purposefully cling to it. Have you ever had a profile picture and got bored of it after a while? That's your fickleness coming into play. This has a downside however. It can be frustrating when you no longer care for things that you once did but this greatly helps your survive since in the future, you won't care for what is currently depressing you. Depression is on and off but then you stop caring about whatever was causing it to begin with. I was suicidal for several months now since I was an extensional nihilist who had a very negative outlook on life. I am now bored thinking about it and am fairly happy currently with life. You will experience extremely negative emotions a lot in life. Keep in mind that it's impossible for you to always care for a problem or feel the same way about it. My advice is to suffer through whatever you are currently feeling until it passes. Repeat this cycle for the other problems you will encounter in life and you will live a long life as long as you don't get unlucky with a heart attack or dying randomly like so. Life is a bit of a dice roll but you mainly have control over how it will play out as long is you don't defy the odds of physics.
  2. Sounds like a lot of hard-work. I'm impressed that you can keep up with doing some of those difficult activities. Producing music and drawing honestly interest me. I'll take a look into them. Thanks for your comment. Having a low bar shows that you are naturally more calm and collected than most. I understand what you mean by saying that you have been working to become less fearful and more loving. It's certainly a challenge to not fear what others will think of you. Your last sentence stands out to me since it's something that I completely agree with. You can do what you want with your life, as long as it doesn't defy the laws of physics. Which is a great freedom that we take for granted.
  3. Glad to hear that you are enjoying your life. You show a positive and empathetic attitude throughout your comment. Means a lot to me.
  4. Just curious of what people do with their day to be content in life and how they think about life in the big picture. I just do school work, listen to music, read and sleep. I don't really have a desire to accomplish anything but I see others around me who do.
  5. Leo's whole purpose for this forum was for people to outgrow it. I have been provided all of the most valuable information I need to be capable of not dying to suicide or something like that in the future. I am capable of living a happy life at this point. Another reason of why I need to make plans to quit is because I don't want this forum to become an addiction. I have been substantially decreasing the amount I use this forum since I don't want to make it an ego only thing. My only intentions is to come on occasionally just to read certain comments and message some of the users who I know more personally than the others. I don't plan on posting on other threads than this one since there is no point since others already know more. Good luck with your time on this forum. Everyone's experience with it is completely different.
  6. @TheAvatarState I am checking this morning just in case someone asked something like that. There are dozens of reasons of why I am quitting the forum. The forum itself isn't a problem. The problem is that I am too young and I do not have enough life experience to use it. I cannot provide others with valuable insight or perspective since they are already older and smarter. And I haven't gotten over my negative outlook on life with nihilism yet. So that affects a lot. I had a feeling that it was a naive decision for me to join the forum when I first did. I just did it anyways by the off chance that my age would be a negligible problem. To sum it up: I am not yet developed enough for a forum that is capable of either giving someone a mind virus or enhancing their lives.
  7. I'm done using this forum. I yield no positive results from it.
  8. Well, sorry if I couldn't come up with a more logical way to describe it. I'm not a highly educated person. I hope you are enjoying your life man.
  9. Below are some guidelines that I have to get you started with curing your depression. I don't know everything, so read and pick out the flaws and change the flaws to what you think is true or to what could be useful to you. Wanting to die. Sometimes in life we feel like it's easier not having to deal with existence anymore. Existing is very hard, you go to school for years, work, and deal with many problems. You think "why even bother living". You don't get to experience sadness when you die but you also don't get to experience happiness either. So while a possibility for happiness exists for you, why not take it? Let's say for example that your business fails. You think it's all over. You think suicide is logical. But over the course of years you have built an even greater one. Not thinking you're missing out on anything good anyway. It is true that there are a lot of immoral things that happen all across the world. There are people who have chronic pain all over their body, while you don't and you're still depressed. It makes you feel like shit to admit that there are people who are in worse conditions yet you want to kill yourself. It almost makes you feel like you should be one of these people instead of your current self or that you should stop living since you feel that reality itself is sadistic. Be the light for someone else. If you are one of these people who see no light then be the light for someone else. Instead of using suffering people as examples of why life isn't worth living, help these people. There are people around you right now who you are very capable of helping in some certain way.
  10. Sorry that I was gone for most of the day. I had things to do. Thank you all a lot for providing help and giving useful tips. That means a lot to me. I really plan on not seeing things through a super negative filter anymore. I will work on accomplishing that.
  11. Even if I want to enjoy life as a whole, I can't. There are much too many things in my life that I objectively feel negative towards. I despise my school and the people at my school, the people I'm around at home, and how I am me and not some other random person. Just to name a couple.
  12. But I'm not going to be alive in around 70 years or less so I no longer have a life and I will be forgotten. I don't think anything "good" is stored for me after I die since good is just a concept that protects our survival. I doubt I've ever get to see my friends or family members again. It's a challenge to think positively about life as a whole when I think about reality for what it actually is.
  13. I spend most of my time at home learning science, listening to audio books, and playing team fortress 2. There are no spirals imo since that's a subjective concept but if there are then I'd say I'm leaning towards orange.
  14. Depends on what you mean by values really. If you mean morality then, I don't believe in good and evil. I tend to think that they are defense mechanisms and that they are highly subjective. But I wouldn't do something like murder or theft since I am a sane person for the most part.