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  1. Please realize and see that 90% of the forum content are people getting into conflicts and demonizing with each other, holding onto the words and definitions, and then of course, Leo responding how you should stop asking silly questions and focus on the work. It's easy to sit back in a chair, criticize and poke holes in the imperfection of teachings, instead of actually appreciating the nobleness of it and START. This has been my observation here and I think it needed to be said, if it wasn't already.
  2. The value of Leo and his work is absolutely inexpressible. You have a guy who has went through a lot of different facets to enlightenment and he is giving you direct instructions on how to achieve the thing all beings have been "striving" to achieve for millions of years. You have it on your finger tips. Most direct, most extensive, most frequently updated and polished, FREE content and instructions on how to get there. All you have to do is follow the instructions, let your ego aside for a couple of months/years and determine your ass to realize this. This is the work that's gonna change how you feel, how you approach your problems, how you approach others, how you communicate, how you relate to yourself. Most importantly, this is meant to change and heal the world. All the years of suffering and confusion are leading to this. Massive change and shift on global scale. And it's coming, and you're witnessing it. As you must. There is no one else to witness it but you. There is only one witness. We're all the same witness but we had to forget it in order to survive in this world and learn how to be a part of society, a part of the tribe. I don't know what to tell you anymore. But you are all blessed already. You are already enlightened, you crossed the finish line. This is just a divine play you're blind to and you can't recognize because you're so invested in survival and your petty little problems. You can choose to drop that every single second and elevate yourself to new levels, the levels of Truth, Clarity, Love, Happiness and Peace. Love you all, keep "doing" this work!
  3. There's no use to this thread. It's too conflicting to make anything good out of it.
  4. Yes. As you snap out of the ego and become more present, there's different "sympthoms" of that in the physical body, and since you're more aware of everything because your mind is not hijacked by the ego, it's really easy to read who is present and who is not in the social environment. Eyes are one of the "things" that portray this the best. Basically people who are more present will have clearer gaze because they're not trying to hide anything. They will be more open and less defensive, and you can read this off really well just by the look of someones eyes, or the way they move them. There is no way to hide not being present, and I think women pick up on this really easily because if someone doesn't worry too much, it shows that they're comfortable with themselves, and if they're comfortable with themselves, most likely they are alfa in the tribe and know how to survive easily. I might be getting too much into the biological-evolution territory here but it kinda just makes sense.
  5. You think you have better spiritual understanding than Tyler?
  6. There is nothing to know. It's already done for you.
  7. I'm pretty happy most of the time at this point. I'm overcoming my personal problems way easier now. I'm smoother in social interactions, I create deeper connections. I'm more caring and loving towards myself and I can think really practically when I want to. Victim mentality is almost gone completely and when it arrives back I usually drop it in matter of seconds. Existential questions haven't arose for a while now..
  8. Sorry, not a moderator, but let's at least try to stick to the thread!
  9. I don't think it's a distaction, maybe he could use some of the constructive feedback here to update his teaching style if he thinks it has to be so. The last part of what I said is the most important, so I'd like for him to answer directly what does he think of this thread. @Leo Gura
  10. @Javfly33 You're still viewing it as a big deal, and women can sense that really well. The trick is not trying to force yourself to not view it as a big deal, but questioning why are you doing so in the first place. Why is sex the end goal? Why does it matter if you have sex with the 5th girl or with 168th? Basically after you let go of needing to have sex, because you feel great either way, this will naturally make you drop your neediness, anxiety, getting too atached, acting socially creepy etc. There will be a natural aura and vibe around you that girls will like and then you just move the interaction where you feel it should go, but don't try to push it because of your agenda or hating the part of yourself that doesn't know how to have sex with girls. It's true that the outer game is important to learn of course, but if you don't address your internal stuff your game will always be coming from an "insufficient" place and you won't even be able to enjoy the sex that much, because you'll be too wrapped up in your head.
  11. @undeather man, couldn't agree more on what you said. Different parts of life bring about different inclinations and natural desires for experience. He probably would've done more of the partying and socializing if he didn't felt like he couldn't and didn't know how to connect with people. It's just how you celebrate life. You can do whatever you want. What's important only is not to get attached and hooked, and look at your Happiness in it. But if it comes from a place of you already feeling enough and wanting to spend some time socializing, meeting girls, dancing, having orgies, hooking up. WHY NOT? There is nothing bad about those things, as I said, as long as they don't come from a place of chase, and it's real easy to fall into that place, I'm not denying that. But I really respect your reply here, I think it's most integral. @Valach Now, on the other note, you can use this feeling of missing out to dive deeper and do self-inquiry to help you discover the nature of who you truly are. Realize that without thought, there is no feeling. Without your mind coming up with different pictures in your head, imagining friends having a blast (which they mostly don't btw, because they do it from desperation) and you just wasted all those years. What have you done? Find the root of that voice. Look for it. Ask yourself, who is doing all this? Experience the sensations that come up when you think about it. Feel the craving of wanting to connect to people but feeling stuck. Dive into the emotions and experience them totally. Be with them 100% with no conditions. Not wanting to change them, make them better, make them leave, understand them. Just let them be and use your unconditional attention. I was dealing with this myself and I'm only 21 now. Having a social life currently is one of the best way to share my joy in life. You don't have to give up on it, just realize where the fear and attachments come from and really try to dive deep. If you need any help or further explanation with this process, feel free to PM me, I would love to be of help What if he is?
  12. I suppose you haven't met Ramana Maharshi
  13. Everything happens for the sake of Love. PERIOD Is there really a need to use an offensive language here? What do you think you will "convince" him of in that way?
  14. You just can't get better answers than this. Keep up the self-inquiry!