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  1. Legumes have antrinutrients that may mess with digestion and absorption. However, they can be soaked, sprouted and cooked to get rid of majority of those anti nutrients. Then they become what they're on paper
  2. Are you comfortable enough to fly away to Canada and "figure it out"?
  3. He's clinically helping people with addictions and terrible lives. I fairly doubt he doesn't understand the perspective of others, but ok; it's your conclusion..
  4. You cannot train a girl with healthy self-esteem like a dog, neither are you supposed to. Those are wrong conceptions of masuclinity.
  5. Not all are fucked up bro. When you haven't dealt with the trauma, you will fall for someone that will reinforce that trauma until you resolve it. Biggest workaround is not trying to find a a workaround but facing the issue straight-on. You gotta be brave and disciplined to get to something special. IF it came easy, everybody would have it and it wouldn't be special..
  6. 1 man vs. a thousand. Gotta be right
  7. Then there is no problem. You can pay for sex or indulge in masturbation or try nofap Good luck!
  8. Just seems like a fun artistic project he decided to do. Why do you interpret so seriously lol? Explain/demonstrate. I did find them quite impressively logical and true; concerning real world. Can you describe the agenda?
  9. I listen to deep house sometimes and you're full of opinions that have nothing to do with reality and understanding people. I hope you come back safely to your body from this awakening!
  10. Yeah it's crazy how much wisdom homeless people can provide us sometimes. Glad for your experience
  11. This is a learning experience. You now know what filters to make not to have this happening again. That's called "knowing about yourself." Congrats! Apply this to other areas by not trying to convince yourself you're ok with something you know you're not.
  12. This topic is very chaotic in replies. I will start simply. How was this girl behaving when you first met and decided to get into a relationship? Was she having close male friends and revealing pictures on Instagram? If yes, why did you choose is good to pursue such relationship?
  13. You still have to be conscious of when is it a good idea to open up about menstruation for example. Establish some comfort/trust first. Then it is very important how you say it, yes. Also, why would you use the same thing and put it in the same way out? Why are you blaming PUAs for something you interpreted wrong?