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  1. I haven't asked about physical approaches, I can get the signals and I take a rejection. What I'm talking about is she answering your messages online, but then when you wanna take it further they just don't answer. The more I talk about it the more I get it, but this post was made when I was pissed ab it 😁 Yeah that makes sense.
  2. Bro you can everything. If you're in city there's public transport. There's taxy. If you have no money, start earning some. It's not OR, it's AND. Ask about basic logistics first: -how did they got there? -who are they with? -how/when are they going home? -what is she doing tomorrow or later that night? After you know all this, not like interview mode but through casual conversation it should take you no longer than 10 minutes to get to know these questions. Then you can paint and move the things forward. It sounds like you have more problems than pulling to your place.. Do you go out with other guys?
  3. If you had 10 chances to fuck, statistically 2-3 would have happened at their place already. Don't be afraid to pull to their place. Do you keep in contact with those girls?
  4. Yeah this as well. Does a woman nowadays immediately percieve you in the top x % just because you were being bold enough to actually approach? in real world?
  5. Ok this sounds interesting. Thanks, will do that!
  6. I hate this, mostly talking online, where I ask women I had some conversation with to go out and they don't respond. I get it that this is a no and I am ready to look things as they are, but it's annoying. I want them to say no to me. I don't want them to try not to hurt my feelings. I can take it. Is this annoying to you as a man and how do you look at it. As a woman, why do you do this? Especially after some conversation. Don't you think we at least deserve a "No"??
  7. First Tiktok video hit 800 views and 70 likes. I'm more than satisfied. Are videos are quite lower, 220 views and 30-40 likes on average. The more I post the less outcome dependant I become. It's kind of like in pickup. The more approach the less you care how your approach is gonna come across because you know that it's just a matter of time you do the right one. Also high volume kind of erases this social sensitivity. It also feels better to my lifestyle because I make sure to upload 8am 12pm 4 pm 8pm. So my days are not empty as usual and I have a purpose to focus on this content making which feels fullfiling..
  8. Made a Tiktok 2 months ago after thinking it is an app to pass on. I thought this because most people are addicted to it. But after listening to GaryVee for some time it's shooting youtself in the foot if you're a content-creator and not doubling down on Tiktok or whatever popular social app really. So I made a decision to mostly just upload there. Today I put my first piece of rap content there as well and I don't have any followers, but the video recieved more than 250views already and over 40 likes. I'm more than motivated now to keep going and put out 4-10 videos a day to grow as a creator there. The thing is, even if it's toxic for most people, it doesn't mean it can be beneficial and fun for you. The fact that most people are irresponsible with it is not your fault. And your best bet is to probably try to make positive, uplifting content there if you want to be a creator!
  9. Not anytime soon. We always come back to being horny. Sex life can only deepen. It cannot die off. can u write
  10. First time I ever posted something I rapped on my social media profile! I was recording freestyles for some time now and today I got a good cut, so I posted it after thinking about it and my friend Ivan S. saying to me "Ako osjetiš da trebaš napravi to." meaning if you feel like you have to do it, do it! I feel really good after posting it. It is a first step towards getting exposed and active on social media in regards to the start of my rap career. I don't feel any fear of judgment now at all that I was feeling before. I don't care about haters just constructive feedback! Having a friend that's pushing you is a requirement for me! I think for most people it is too, so have that friend that's gonna be there for you for that extra push!
  11. Social proof that is hardly earned through being funny, yeah.
  12. You're overthinking it. You can never know your future partners needs and how they will influence you. Universe is putting you through relationships for your highest growth. Don't worry about such details now. Focus on what you can do today.
  13. 3-4 time is good in a stable relationships. Sometimes multiple times a day is required for me. Taking time off is also very good.
  14. Breastfeeding is not just purely for nutrition. Mom's touch is essential for bonding and emotional development of the kid. Breastfeeding is one of the warmest feeling a baby can feel. It will never go out of relevance.