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  1. I'm on Day 5 and yes, I do notice already more reaction from the girls. My skin seems to be cleaner but I'm not sure if it's a direct result of that. It's not even that hard realistically you just need to let go of 2-3 temptations a day, that's it. Also the time I would use to masturbate now I look how to focus on more creative and beneficial things. Noticing about 15% boost in energy as well.
  2. It is a positive. A girl that started working at a bar this summer is not at all my definition of hot, yet her mysterious personality is driving me crazy.. Ok Doc.
  3. Talk for yourself. Not true when you have choice. At least for me. Hot body will attract me but if she doesn't have substance nothing will keep me interested and I'll get bored to pursue quickly.
  4. Definitely not serious. This is game. He knows how he needs to answer to keep you engaged.
  5. That is true but is resulting in what I wrote. So everything broken down - you don't wanna end up being too pushy for him cause you're afraid he will classify you as needy and move on. But then also you don't wanna give yourself too much so he classifies you as the "girl I only have sex with". It seems like you're considering things too much not wanting to appear this or that way. I'm aware this is especially frustrating for girls. The reality is that probably you're gonna hook up again if you wanna continue seeing him and it might lead to something more serious, but no one can really guarantee. Deep down you probably know it's not a very hopeful situation. And you might wanna do it because of adventure and experience, which you have every right and reason to do so. The other trap is that you genuinely don't wanna give your body to anybody else who's viewing you only in terms of sleeping with you. Which is also 100% ok, but it requires clear boundaries, honest conversations and self-respect. It's reasonable you wanna maintain a good self-image as well, but then again people don't need to know what you're doing privately and with whom so perhaps give yourself a little more space to enjoy life and explore all your sides. If that's how you wanna live then why waste your time by going on multiple dates just to discover someone is currently interested just for short term pleasure? If a girl asks me if I'm currently looking for long-term or short-term, I will answer and won't consider it too pushy. If she ends up telling me she wants a relationship while I only want hook ups, then great, I know I can move on and not fuck her up. You can be 100% honest with yourself and it can be attractive as well, because you have a stance which you're not afraid to show. Of course men will try to leverage you for sex, but with it you also become better at scanning for thrust worthiness. Sorry for length, I hope some of it helps and clarifies things.
  6. Perhaps letting this belief go is a key to unlocking you a greater life, abundance and prosperity overall. Whatever we believe is what we're trying to see the proof of in real life. And you can see proof for anything you imagine. Just check out flat earthers 😁
  7. Meaning you don't value yourself enough to step up and not get hurt and attached for your own good. From the man's point of view, everything that is described would be done with no strong intention for long-term relationship, but you do have to ask for it directly and not hope that you know what's on his mind. That never works in relationships as well. He is obviously a man with abundant sex life and knows what role he needs to play to fulfill what you expect from him. However it's also important to know that not all relationships, perhaps most, don't get planned from the start but they happen along the way of casual dating as at some point you just become "hooked." What's wrong in your mind with casual sex? Are there any fears?
  8. I was on one webinar of him and RSD Luke, they're great friends and business partners now. He has massive success but in my opinion his methods are questionable cuz he's leveraging situations to his benefit and ultimately everything he does is based on something that is not seen on the surface. He seems pretty shallow as a result of it. Idk where are you on your journey and what are you trying to achieve, maybe you could give us more details.
  9. Why are you doing this? To better your game? -Tell them this You don't have to be apolegetic. You have a dick. You're a sexual creature. You practice socializing with women, stop making it a big deal 😁 How can they wear thinner and thinner pieces of clothes and get away with it? They don't give a fuck. Why are you giving a fuck? If you're not willing to step on their toes you're out of the game anyway. Things are pretty straight forward. You deserve sex.
  10. Man just jump into water, admit it's gonna suck for some time but know you're playing for your future self and every effort will pay off + you will develop a lot of beneficial skills to your life and understanding of yourself, others, deepening your spirituality and everything. You're probably ok-looking. Skinny guy can appear confident. Jacked guy can appear lacking in self confidence and compensating through his muscles. No one can approve of you but you and that's a huge chunk of game. How you view and feel about yourself. You deserve hot girls. You deserve fun. You deserve rejections. You deserve to start now and be in less pain and loneliness 2 years from now. Go out!!
  11. Sounds cool. I once did it for over 100 days in high school. Felt some.effects but not to this extent everybody is describing. Will try 10 days and start reporting if I succeed and notice something.
  12. Go out and hang with girls a fuck-ton. There is no shortcuts. Your whole reality needs to adapt to them. Perhaps if you have a female friend you can ask to practice with them. Release any shame you might have and pick a few girls at night to only talk to with sexual intent. Be direct from the start. Then you can slowly move it towards other extreme and find a sweetspot.
  13. Date. Get stabbed through the chest multiple times. Be honest about your attachments and learn to talk good to yourself. If you wanna get better and more conscious in dating it doesn't make sense to focus on getting money to pay for a coach. Do that and don't stop dating, but slowly develop the skill. You're a man. Rejections should feel painful. Evolutionary means you're not enough and you should hide any proofs that it happened. It's fine. Give yourself love and move on.
  14. Cuz it's the only thing she gets to experience you except your profile. They probably don't get away with just texting, if the profile is bad chicks rarely mind responding to the first message.