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  3. @Cosmin_Visan idk, but I find all spiritual teachers to have a pretty strong ability of critical thinking and seem to have a high IQ. I think this is worth investigating.
  4. @Rilles Yes! And this guy is really intelligent and articulate I've heard of this concept by the girl from TedTalk and have resonated with it a lot, still it's hard keeping track and filtering out interests that seem to be non-productive. I also agree with @aurum and believe that this is one of the "traps" of capitalism. In order to be effective and start making money relatively quickly, you must focus only on one thing and be consistent at it, which totally goes against the nature of some creative and curious folks, but overall I think this is a positive challenge for us in and of itself..
  5. Man, I like that you worked on something valuable for yourself and you wanna help others out, but just be open to the possibility that this might not be useful to you or anybody else. Well, to you it's useful because you've created something bigger, learned a bunch of stuff and grew along the way. But creating an online-product without researching what people actually want and charging it for free is a recipe for no results unfortunately. People have to see value in the products, invest and be moved by it. Watch the video and consider other means of helping people.. Doesn't matter if you wanna make money with this or not, stick to the video it has a great explenation of why this is a bad idea.. I don't wanna discourage you here, just an honest advice and something you might need to hear. Looking forward to your response!
  6. Yeah, you're doing great. I know, one person believing in you is all it takes Glad I could help ?
  7. @FourSeasons Let yourself have a few weeks/months of a grieving period where you don't do much but just face all the dark things about your situation. Don't try to feel better, let the emotions crush you if they get overwhelming. If you completely surrender to this experience, you will learn a lot and get strong enough to start building life for yourself. Think about what lifestyle you wanna live without a partner, find out about different hobies you love, join some groups you find interesting and where you can meet people with similiar interests. This will also open up chances of meeting someone new and make you realize more about yourself and what you like. You're going to be fine!!
  8. Start approaching women, realign with your purpose and listen to rap if you can find the songs you like..
  9. @Bridge to Infinity Why did you thought your criticism would pass on his forum?
  10. This is the answer. I don't understand why people kept posting after this
  11. This is not a conspiracy guys, please watch and share with your friends and family:
  12. @electroBeam Thank you for expanding so beautifully, brother. @Lento No problem, glad I could play a part in opening your eyes
  13. Thank god you mean this. You should definitely consider hamering this point more in your videos, people don't see this side of the coin..
  14. Ok, let's try to do this. First of all, I don't get it why so many are upset about this kind of feedback, it really made disappointed. I think it's the best indicator of how attached many people are to Leo's opinion and spiral dynamics hierarchy in general. Many of you don't have necessary "survival" skills in place but are striving to achieve the most advanced insight a human can have. This simply doesn't work. We have to have the grounds covered first in order to build an Eiffel Tower. Trying to skip the steps wil only lead to having unintegated parts that we will eventually have to get back to if we want to become a "fully complete" individuals. Otherwise, spiritual bypassing will take place as it can be clearly seen in many of the posts on this forum. I see the common thread where if there is more than 2 pages of discussion, you can be sure it all went to shit. This is just the symptom of unstability of the people here. No one is able to read and think about what is being said. Everybody is jumping to conclusions and telling others where they're wrong, how are they "projecting" and why they should just do the work, while ironically typing it on a forum while not being "enlightened" and clearly not doing the work themselves. Can you observe that many people on this thread didn't acknowledge what I said at all, they just spit out their belief system onto what I said. If someone would've actually considered it, the response would be along the lines of "Good that you brought this up, it's an interesting thought. However, I think this and this" or "I think it should be a concern to the forum definitely based on.." Do you see? You can agree with me or disagree with me by not taking a stance. By being open and exploring this issue together. Sorry, but I admit I'm a bit frustrated and sad to see all this, especially by the fans of a guy who is supossedly valuing radical honesty, open-mindedness and insights about how hierarchies ultimately corrupt people and they are so hard to arrange. Well, if they are so hard to arrange, why not discussing about potential improvements, and if the propositions don't seem to would have been an actual improvements, then elaborately and simply giving feedback on why you think the OP is wrong, but with respect and temper. I think we have to have a better communication quality here, otherwise it's just a mass of people throwing their shadows back and forth. I don't say I'm right on this. I don't say I'm not. I believe I'm not and that's why I opened a new thread. I care about this community a lot and I would like to take part in suggesting some potential changes that Leo might consider valuable long-term. Thank you, and be careful how you continue to communicate. Appreciate you guys..