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  1. This might be the funniest thing I've read today. Nice work, ChatGPT!
  2. This year is not what I expect it would be. The last two year was great but this year I fell down the road. I spent my whole 4 months of summer meditating and doing self-atualization. I did a pretty good job on those days. But when I started to go to school again everything went down. I didn't have a proper time to do the actual work because I go home really late and beat up, not to mention I still have homeworks to do. I go to school 6 in the morning with no rest or free time to chill and relax because I have a strict classes to attend. Attendance is a must. I spend my weekends doing projects and other take home activities. Also to my friends and family so I can maintain relationship with them. There are times when you stay up late at night. And go overnight to finish a project or review for tomorrow's exam. Im losing focus because of school. The issues and problems inside school is another story. It seems that all the distraction is being forcely given for me to swallow. But I have no choice. I swallowed it. I can see that I've fallen, that includes everyone.
  3. I guess you're leading the conversation into a different direction everytime you ask question, opposed to the direction that they want it to go. That creates a weird feeling and confuses them. I did that but it didn't turn out well. All I get was a "what are you talking about" face. Kj or kill joy. That's what they would add. I understand on my part. From then on, I would feel or tune-in if the person I'm talking to is open enough for me to shift the conversation into a different direction.
  4. @RabbitHole Yeah, it's starting to appear that it is. Not just the episode that I watched but also finding out about my cousin. We just got home from a kids party when my cousin found out that I trip from a scooter in my first time. Then she started bragging about the big spot the was once a big bruise. I know that story pretty well, it was in winter, she was crying about it because she said she stumbled down. But she started saying she trip from a scooter as well because of her classmate's fault. I asked why she lied, then she said she was shy to tell the truth. But of course, she does this all the time. Expected less from an expert at making stories up. She completely changed the context there! I'm getting the signs.
  5. It has been a long time since I watch a whole season. But I was watching Avatar last night and the episode that I watched was a great example of recontextualization. What a coincidence because it's exactly like Leo's cupcake story. It was about two tribes fighting over each other and the Avatar should make peace between them because, well, he's the Avatar. The fight was about the tribes' leader fighting over each other and how horrible each did to the other. But when the Avatar Aang came along then made peace with the two tribes by...changing the context (I don't want to spoil you lol).
  6. My bad because this wouldn't sound practical. But if you are thinking about your disabilities then that's narrowing the bigger picture. I have insecurities but I usually snap back and remind myself to see holistically. As Leo said on his latest video about intelligence, everything is made accordingly but the ego doesn't see this, instead, it ignores. If that doesn't help go deep inside yourself through meditation. That would be going beyond your beliefs on how you think about yourself.
  7. As far as I know I came here to learn more
  8. Do you mean make a child? I'm confused about this one. I don't get it.
  9. I feel you, man. I used to have many friends before and making one is not a problem. I blend into the crowd and fit in easily, that is, everyone perceives me as apart of the group and treat me like a family. We share a lot of commonalities and interest. But as soon I got into straightening myself up and do consciousness work my friends started to lessen. I no longer feel the need to have one. Nothing seems to come as well. There are, but they would play a role in my life. It feels lonely, indeed. It's not too bad. I spend most of my time on consciousness work and every day my life is starting to make sense.