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  1. My bad because this wouldn't sound practical. But if you are thinking about your disabilities then that's narrowing the bigger picture. I have insecurities but I usually snap back and remind myself to see holistically. As Leo said on his latest video about intelligence, everything is made accordingly but the ego doesn't see this, instead, it ignores. If that doesn't help go deep inside yourself through meditation. That would be going beyond your beliefs on how you think about yourself.
  2. As far as I know I came here to learn more
  3. Do you mean make a child? I'm confused about this one. I don't get it.
  4. I feel you, man. I used to have many friends before and making one is not a problem. I blend into the crowd and fit in easily, that is, everyone perceives me as apart of the group and treat me like a family. We share a lot of commonalities and interest. But as soon I got into straightening myself up and do consciousness work my friends started to lessen. I no longer feel the need to have one. Nothing seems to come as well. There are, but they would play a role in my life. It feels lonely, indeed. It's not too bad. I spend most of my time on consciousness work and every day my life is starting to make sense.
  5. Time to time I reach a peak. But days or weeks after, a backlash tends to happen where depression is starting to surface.
  6. doing nothing
  7. Thank you for everything and Happy birthday!
  8. The ego is reacting. I am guessing that if you have been doing this for a year and more, regardless of all the resistance, then you will have an easy time going back into actualization where you have experience of it and saw the good benefits behind it. This happens to me, it's normal.
  9. There are no right answer to this. Even if you force ask him and he respond, he might still be lying. If he ever is, either we caught him doing it or he would slip his hands and let us know that he is. Or not at all. Man I guess claiming that he is or his not means that it's coming from your personal opinions about him or "thinking" something that would make your claim valid. What ever the reason would just be assuming. Anyway, for an enlightened person, it doesn't matter whether Leo is manipulating us. Because that person is enlightened lol (horrible joke, I know)
  10. "how do I overcome the need of being liked?" I'm guessing you are stuck on the belief level of what love is. The more you desire of being liked, the more you feed your ego. Well, for me meditation and contemplation works.
  11. What I do on my routines and habits are taking advantage in it (such as improving my communication skills instead of bitch and moaning, which I did before) Regardless of how much I hated the repetition factor, I learned to accept it as a whole, and discover more that I never expect. The boring thing that I once saw showed me that it can be deeper and creative than I have expected it to be.
  12. I'm a literal loner. Well, ever since I got into this. I can remember vividly that my past were normal, I have a set of friends. But as I started to learn more, same way I started to lose them. For me, they don't fit on my values nor I can continue to treat them as if they help me, at least in this journey. Our agenda are world apart. We don't share any similar interest either, especially in my place where spirituality can't be heard from anyone. You'd be lucky to find someone talking about enlightenment or anything existential at my place. I have some that I consider, however. The reason for that would almost certainly because I need to learn some lesson. They come and go, none stayed (although we can still talk for awhile, but nothing like best friend forever type of thing).