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  1. Most of mine are mentioned. But try: Joe Rogan, most of the talks are long but pros would be that the talks are deep in return
  2. I like the idea. Philippines here as well
  3. As a kid, I was just seeing reality as is. Reason being is because no one really cared or made a very deep relationship to me, not even my parents. So if it's dinner, while everyone is talking, I would look look at everyone and just listen. So at that point everyone is ignoring me all the time. After all of that observation as a kid, I have a strong feeling that's there's something missing, or shit something is really wrong. Then last year I was just roaming in youtube and then I found Leo's videos, there I guess the journey begins. The missing thing; it was the Truth, the Constant is what I'm looking for. When I watched Leo's video's, that strong feeling got even stronger.