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  1. what do you think about Hollywood and about their esoteric content? Spirit cooking, illuminati, freemason, witchcraft. Are they promoting free thought or a satanist agenda?
  3. crown chakra vibration in some hz number i forgot
  4. What is the ones word you will say to describe what your claiming can you not say words like illusion or enlightment
  5. I've been though this personally and I could say yes it does make you depressed how come all these smoking weed rappers look dead inside? Just kidding but yes I had thoughts of ending it and I'm usually an optimistic I was addicted to weed a good 4 years.
  6. Is love important or practical to understand as a person in stage orange or do I have to move up to at least green to be interested to contemplate love because I'm more focused on success right now 😉
  7. I believe it can I was the RSD fanatic watching hours and studying their programs like the blueprint by RSD Owen , books , fourms and of course field testing. These pick up concepts work and got my first ever real girlfriend but using the same paradigm in a relationship is really toxic. That caused me concluded that RSD which is stage orange manipulating and selfishness made me move up to Stage Green which is loving caring and compassionate because these RSD concepts only work for your ego which in a relationship you have to serve her needs as much as yours. So what do you think? You think RSD can be a catalyst to move up to Stage Green? If your goal is to be in a committed relationship I believe it can. If you just want to bang a lot of chicks I think RSD is not for you
  8. Good content! Def gonna experiemnt with this diet. Thank you!
  9. For me weed was the cataylst that got me to where I am now. The longest I meditated was 3 hours I take shrooms for spiritual purposes and I tried about every way to be present in the moment. This happened in High School I ditched my friends and hopped over the fence and headed to the beach. It was just one bus ride and it took me far enough that I was the only one there. I questioned everything that day and funny enough I went back to school to go to my 5th period class which was P.E. P.E was my favorite becuase this teacher was so cool and open so I started talking to her in a way that made her tear up. I was talking about life and dreams and reasons why Im even here. This took me to intense weed smoking solo with friends taking edibles smoking till I saw visions getting high in class and selling edibles to keep up my habit. My grades were failing but I aced at one thing. Life. I found the path that was right for me and not the path my parents carved out for me. Im reaching goals I thought I would never do. Im becoming better person everyday and the reason for this was because weed opens your mind to a different level. There are limits to weed I can tell you that much. If I were you and you want to have relevations after relevations on a consistent bases and you have some free time to reflect take an extremely high dose of any type of edible you can find. My lasy edible dose was over 1000mg I can say and it got me crying and finding blockages and emotions I havent really dealt with. You are gonna cry loud and feel pain and discomfort thats why I rarley do this. I usually microdose weed for that cognitive push. But if i want to wake my ass up I suggest doing it where your alone and no one to bother you or with somone to help you get though it. It is going to be intense but worth it in my opinion
  10. Ive come across this legal drug called Phenibit. Its a stimulant and a depressant at the same time. 250mg is a baby dose and 2g is max you should take. People reported that it changed their life. Its so strong that you should take it once a week to avoid tolerance. Anyone had expereinces with it? I ordered 20 grams at Liftmode and Its 99% pure HCL Powder.
  11. I work a graveyard shift and its killing my spiritual work i work 1 am till 6 am and i barly have time to do anything. Im in survival mode and i try real hard to at least do some meditation. If i lay down i sleep and its hard to get up. Help
  12. Hey guys I need some help. Since doing self development I've learned from myself that I have anger issues. I notice now I had this since a kid I will hurt my cousins if they do something really small that pisses me off to kicking a beer bottle and breaking it exclaiming to my parents that I want to leave the party there was nothing interesting to do because I was visiting Mexico and there's nothing to do but play with a 2 liter bottle with my cousins. Am I spolied since I lived my whole life in LA? Idk. Anyways, these hidden anger issues just keep bubbling up and to the point where I'm almost breaking up with my most soul connected partner relationship I ever had. I'm treating her like shit basically and my stress and irration levels are inhibited. I can keep my cool around other ppl but it's still a hassle to do that. I do meditation kriya I dabbled with shrooms lsd mdma and weed and done some anger relasing holotropic breathing and again I let that anger out to my girlfriend. It seems to be a mother resentment background or a relationship in my past idk. I used emotional release methods like the Sedona method , shadow work, holotropic breathing, deep breathing, etc. I've read books about relationship and so many things but it still won't help with my issue. What do u guys think I should do?
  13. Don't forget to eat your veggies bucko