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  1. I'm reading meditations and it keeps repeating logos what does it mean? I know it's some kind of Dharma but cB someone explain deeper?
  2. I live in LA and I'm planning to go to a psychic about a deeper understanding about myself. Anyone know any good priced here in LA?
  3. Could it be the dogmatic monk or could it be a fake woke guru ? In retrospect I believe they are woke but there concepts are just wrong for example on Youtube this guy thinks he is woke but talks like a sailor and says the n word a lot on the other hand a Youtuber who is into Zen but fails to accept and understand other important concepts S O if someone listens to a stage blue spirituality and believes it and transends it and then outgrows it will they continue be triggered by it or just transend it?
  4. Your in an illusion. It feels real because of your ego. No ego equals no self then you reach the essence of your being. Your being is not the 5 senses
  5. Kanye gets slammed for saying I am a God Leo gets slammed for saying I am God I guess people dont like it when we awake.
  6. These videos tell how you can use "witchcraft" to achieve your needs or wants by summoning a entity you made up in your mind. You choose the name and everything. Just watch these two videos and let me know what you think. Namaste He usually talks about news at first but he soon talks about the topic later on.
  7. @nightrider1435 whats your experience with Kratom? I hear taking it daily is not as good idea.
  8. @Rilles How much do you take? How long? Do you have any tolerance to kratom? How did you hear about it?
  9. @MAYA EL So you took it daily? I have Kratom about 500 capsules what is your advice for a newbie? Mostly for anxiety and pain is my reason
  10. @Meditationdude How long have you been using it for? What was your dosage? What did you use it for?
  11. I became God my thinking affected reality directly I had chaotic thoughts and it manifested and when I stopped thinking it my reality stopped making it One good insight is you care too much what people think one way to reverse that is to repeat this to yourself that there perspective to my perspective. This is a good mantra because you're practicing emotional intelligence and at the same time reminding yourself that these are just thoughts on what you think what the other person is saying and the only point of reference in this reality is God. Remember when you are in paralysis by analysis that is their perspective, not yours.