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  1. To be honest with you. Deep down I can't get over the belief the all life is meaningless but I make efforts to believe the opposite. Mainly because I won't even have a life in several decades.
  2. I genuinely believed in my heart for years that everyone's life is meaningless. This was the main cause of my depression. I decided that I should make myself believe that all life is meaningful. Whether this is true or not - it is helping my depression.
  3. This is not high and low consciousness. This is just a philosophy of what high and low consciousness are.
  4. @Serotoninluv Well said. This topic is starting to make more sense.
  5. @Sahil Pandit Probably not. Throughout history people have survived with all parts of their body missing. Like arms, legs, parts in stomach area and some people even live with half a brain. I think it's reasonable to assume that you are not located anywhere in your body. Anatomy is super complex so it might be impossible to understand what you are if the body produces you because of how advanced the body is.
  6. You say in your videos that everything is God but I don't understand. I guess it would make sense since we are made of stars.
  7. Well that sums up whether I want to learn science or not xD. I definitely do. Thank you all for taking your time to respond.
  8. "Talent is overrated -by Geoff Colvin ^^
  9. I love the way that you say fiction can open your imagination. It's sad how reading is seen as "boring" by many. Reading can get you closer to enlightenment. At my school, I'd say about 95% of the population are slaves to technology rather than using technology as a pedestal for a great life. Public school is a scam anyways so I recommend a textbook homeschool. Things like porn addictions and gaming addictions are super common and unfulfilling.
  10. You all seem like you're wise and wonderful people. How long do you guys meditate daily? Just wondering. I personally go for about 20-30 minutes a day.
  11. @Leo Gura Are fiction books worth reading? I love reading fiction a lot. I am thinking of reading your book list (which is probably inevitable). I also like writing my own stories on the app "book creator" for fun but I never plan on publishing a book since I don't like the feeling of other people reading my work. There was a day when I was trying to summon up the willpower the do a school assignment. I looked up "how to stop procrastinating" on youtube, which is how I found your channel. I got lucky af that I was feeling lazy that day.
  12. Leo, it's very funny how you say that stage orange wants success and girls since that is what my older 17-year-old brother is like. He is super stage orange and he hates your videos. He has had straight A's his whole life and he is chasing money and girls. His friendships are suffering as a result and I find him very annoying to talk to because of his ego.
  13. I am thinking about learning about the laws of physics but I feel like it will be a waste of time since science is a loop that can go on forever with it trying to explain reality. Science also shouldn't make claims yet it makes them all the time. What do you guys think of science?