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  1. Combined with psychedelics make u smarter more creative
  2. @Hello from Russia @kylan11 @Sucuk Ekmek @Thought Art @universe Thanks guys Feeling really supported by your replies
  3. @Inliytened1 Oh yeah sorry posted in the wrong topic. @Leo Gura fair enough thanks for the replies guys
  4. I got laid for the first time last night in like 5 or 6 years im 26 its basically the first time tbh. I was drinking perhaps thats why i wasnt able to orgasm or really let myself feel my body i feel like it was psychological any idea why this was? could it just be the alcohol? I know im not gay just nervous maybe? anyone got similar experience
  5. is this possible?
  6. 5g was too much for me in the dark maybe if I didn’t lemon tech it
  7. I imagine too high of doses could be like traumatising the protector to get to the trauma, so in order to heal one part of yourself you had to traumatise another part yourself.
  8. Yep i would say the same thing, Come up anxiety is really good at getting your ego in check and all you want to do is lay down and calm down by doing your best to feel the feelings . Your mind will give you all kinds of ideas as to why you cant just sit with it, this is often just your brain seeking a dopamine hit because thats what has been wired to do when our trauma is about to come up. U cannot do anything to make yourself feel better, when you do this your brain will be able to make the connections that will allow it to open the flood gates and let the traumas out. This 100% will happen sooner or later psychedelics when guided by the somatic experience of the body allow the brain to unload/ unlearn. i used to have really hard time with LSD because i avoid the come up anxiety some how, this is the fun part haha its like a roller coaster or somthing like that and your higher self loves this shit.
  9. Im in regional australia and a few months ago I saw what looked a little bit like a meteor coming into the atmosphere except it made turns on a dime like a zig zag and it was going fucking fast heading south, defiantly looked like something was controlling it making turns and shit was weird as haha
  10. I would like to know what people on this forum would say about this. It’s from a popular instagram account: mo.magnon.
  11. @Leo Gura or a good therapist to help him gain awareness around his schizoid tendencies, would try that before medication
  12. Is it possible that the more breakups you have the less effected you are ?
  13. Probably don’t have to worry about it but vitamin c and vitamin e help to protect the body from smoke