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  1. Thank you for this
  2. Whenever I have contemplated sexual attraction on psychedelics its been the most exciting thing ever its very fun topic to contemplate on psychedelics.
  3. It honestly is amazing like fucking incredible though people do not understand the power in the semen
  4. i have had it for a couple years, i was using aniracetam and then used a drop saw to cut some wood without hearing protection, instant tinnitus it has diminished a bit but if im not careful with diet and lifestyle it comes back
  5. This is brilliant ive never thought of women like dogs haha, who dosent love dogs ?
  6. could this be similar to jordan peterson? he takes stage green for granted and what he really needs to do is go spend some time in a rural town in Australia haha
  7. The distinction between survival and so called higher pursuits falls away. Things like hunting and fishing today are seen as recreational activities but back then they were survival. We also lived in love supporting environments through tribe so these basic things like survival were actually expressions of love. If you study aboriginal Australians they had such a deep understanding of ecology and nature and the mind it’s crazy and they actually serpent the majority of their time creating art
  8. Curious about leo and the forums thoughts on this since I’m pretty sure I’ve heard Leo state that understanding is his highest priority? Is it that if you make understanding reality your highest priority you will dive head first into the mystery?
  9. Thoughts? https://www.instagram.com/reel/C1IC69Qu4mf/?igsh=eTZvbnZhODJoN3Y1
  10. I got so closed to falling asleep on San Pedro and just before falling asleep I had an enormous release from the body with shaking and kryias.
  11. @Lynx hey yes it was successful had about 600ml of tea and it was quite perfect could maybe have been a bit stronger. I had it in the slow cooker for about 24 hours
  12. 5meo is highly stimulating and depletes your energy. It can still be used to heal though it’s just not always the best option for this reason thoe if you already have a weakened nervous system from too much fasting
  13. I think its good and benifits are immense, it make sense to me that the level of pleasure it creates comes at a cost of some kind. But the cost of nofap is that you don’t get to have sex so… It depends what you want, somehow I don’t think Jesus or Buddha would have been jerking off much
  14. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=AStUnsd4Rpo&pp=ygUdQmV5b25kIHRoZSBhbGNoZW15IGFscGhhIG1hbGU%3D very true can’t learn this stuff from a book