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  1. I am a bit baffled by people on this forum championing Trump, an unhinged Authoritarian who wanted to unleash the military on his own people. The man is a malignant narcissist baby who does nothing but watch Fox News for most of the day and send whiny tweets demonising those who speak out against him. If you want to blame those who are standing up to baby Dictator and the authoritarian right for all the issues, then your understanding of the issues is limited. No institution is perfect, but the way liberals, anti-racism protesters etc are being demonised and falsely painted as some nebulous "Deep State" is ridiculous and you have been hoodwinked into looking the other way while the real crooks tear down environmental protections, hand more and more of the wealth to the 1%, remove protections for endangered species, increase military spending, dismantle democracy etc. We need to focus on the real problems and Trump is NOT the solution because he is not capable of thinking of anyone but himself and is a crook and criminal from way back. Want to know who Trump really is, watch "You've Been Trumped" which was made long before he became President.
  2. Nobody is blaming the President for rioting that may be happening, though the vast majority are peacefully protesting. They are blaming him for threatening to sic the military on his own people, and encouraging greater police brutality against peaceful protesters who are demonstrating against police brutality. He's behaving like any Autocrat, and he's definitely to blame for that.
  3. I guess if you hate Obama you can shout from the rooftops that he did "nothing" without evidence. Obama inherited the substantial mess created by the Bush Administration. Were you expecting him to make instant sweeping changes in two years with trillions in debt from Republican mess? I think a lot of people like to criticise from the sidelines while knowing very little about how Government operates.
  4. Obama did all he could in office but was stymied at every turn by a Republican House and Senate, who opposed everything he tried to do. The President is not all-powerful.
  5. Demonising those with no power while the President is threatening to turn the military on his own people for exercising their 1st Amendment rights. You are looking the wrong way for danger my friend.
  6. Exactly. If you look at his subreddit, the majority of his followers there actually disagree with his Neo-Liberal political agenda but value the rationality of his arguments against say Trump when speaking with members of the so-called "intellectual dark web (they are almost univerally Trump apologists)." He is limited in many ways but serves to sway those who would otherwise be swallowing the likes of Dave Rubin or Jordan Peterson wholesale on matters of Trumpism and religion. Personally, I have big issues with his blaming "the left" for a few noisy college students "shutting down free speech" but appreciate that he also criticises the right for religious fundamentalism and all the evils that come with it. He is not awake but he serves a purpose.
  7. Adeptus Psychonautica has released videos since he released that one showing his disbelief and horror at Rettig's abusive practises, despite hearing this explanation. I agree with him. I can not find any way to justify forcing someone to stand up while on a heavy dose of 5meo then just allowing them to fall flat on the ground with no support, forcing water down their nose and mouth constantly (any medical expert would be horrified), kicking them, shouting abuse at them and then forcing them to take more high doses without their consent. 5meo is already the most intense experience a person will ever have. Why do they need to be waterboarded or abused physically and verbally on top of that?
  8. Communism is not even a thing in modern Western society. It's a boogeyman put up by the right wing propaganda machine to make people fear "the left," but when challenged, they have nothing but strawmen to offer.
  9. Re the Libertarian Cringe Video: "The old 'who will build roads.' We don't need Government to build roads." I'm sure the kind-hearted corporations will build them for us.
  10. Weed seems to effect everyone differently. For some it is a great spiritual tool, for others, it just relaxes them. Personally I use it around once per week for consciousness expansion. I could never become addicted as some do, because it is never a pleasant experience in the beginning - it brings out shadow material. If I just sit with that, experiencing what is happening in the body/mind I sometimes purge blocked energy out of myself and always experience expanded states which help to remind me of the larger picture. It can definitely be a plant medicine if used properly.
  12. Hi DrewNows. I agree, we don't know anything for certain which is why we need to both keep ourselves open, but remain healthily skeptical, or we are putting ourselves, on all levels, at risk of being taken advantage of. Spiritual abuse is one of the most harmful forms of abuse and happens only when trusting people put their faith completely in a guru who drops incredible truth bombs and has likely awoken his kundalini, but still has a large shadow he cannot see. The same can be said for putting your belief wholesale in a political ideology, a religious leader, a channeller who charges astronomical sums of money for "truth" from ""a multi-dimensional extra-terrestrial being" (with a PayPal account)," As soon as you believe fully, you become closed to other possibilities and this can be very harmful in myriad ways, especially if you are vulnerable.
  13. I agree with this AlwaysBeNice. Darryl Anka comes from a family of entertainers, which should be telling in itself. Any channeller, guru or spriritual teacher worth his salt will mix 'truth bombs' in with their teachings or they would not get any followers. We hear them speak truth and it resonates, so we put our trust in them wholesale. It is the same with non-spiritual propaganda as well. If there was no truth, no one would listen. So once their audience puts their trust in the speaker, they can begin manipulating that audience in any way they see fit - for money, power, sexual gratification or whatever. I see on this forum sometimes people who blindly follow a belief system, teacher or political entity they have put their trust in wholesale, who can do no wrong. So if a truth resonates, you can take that truth on board without giving your trust wholesale to the deliverer - this is the path of discernment.
  14. Carl-Richard, yes that is the theory Rick is trying to reinforce in these interviews. What I'm trying to say is that Rick has a belief already and he is always looking for ways to bolster that belief through his guests, which they inevitably do. Reincarnation and the soul's evolution itself is a belief system which can hinder real awakening in favour of the "spiritual ego' that clings to such beliefs.