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  1. @Leo Gura @Forestluv Just want to clarify I respect the substance. However, I am not afraid of it. You know... Martin Ball did it like 3 times a day for 7 years. Forestluv, what was your emotional state prior to the tinnitus? Also, I still don't understand you're insane asylum statements. Are you making a recontextualization of being on planet earth? My tinnitus also came out of nowhere, I have no hearing damage. It think it is a vein or something. I am not sure I understand its nature.
  2. @Forestluv I also have tinnitus. Sending love!
  3. @The0Self I think I am becoming a Universal Human. I have only experienced reality from my own perspective. I know that I am Leo Gura, even though he is flying a duality flag. I also know I am everyone on the forum and the field holding it all together. I mean, you don't have to be a genius to know you are the whole universe. However, insights take time and happen over time. Waking up to me being Leo, or being Trump, or Hitler all happened at different occasians and the understanding is of course partial to my perspective. But, there are so many lenses to look through. I wish I could hold them all at once but the forgetfulness is a challenge. I get so many insights I am working day and night to actualized, integrate and root myself in God.
  4. @The0Self No, I find my love just keeps growing. "I thought... I found a way to enter... It's just a refletkor...." Maybe if you do too much you just become the Flower and Song ahaha reflection of a reflection of a reflection of a reflection
  5. @The0Self See, I am not really interested in tripping, or whatever. I really want to become the more aware and conscious being so I can awaken the species. I will burn the world down to figure out how to do this. I am learning more about my body and my consciousness at the Tantric festival than I have in years of working on my own shit. I am open minded. Sometimes on 5meodmt I probably do lose my footing, but because of the nature of this beast I am willing to trip. I am patient. I grew up as a cyclist, swimmer and a triathlete. You don't know how deep I've gone in terms of suffering. Plus, I write super great poems on my trips ahaha @Leo Gura I appreciate you brother. Be patient with me. I love you.
  6. @Forestluv You mean like most peoples realities right now? Look, I have gone into Hellish voids on 5meo-Dipt. Both beautiful and terrifying. Luckily I had a spirit guide. I am not fucking around. I want the truth, I want my brothers and sisters to be happy and healthy. The church, the white race and 2 world wars plus has fucked us.... Just want to remind everyone reading this that these substances can be very dangerous and to be very careful doing them. I take responsibility for my experiences.
  7. @The0Self See, I really don't know how far along I am with any psychs because of the given nature of infinity and implicit understanding. LSD has awakened me to a LOT of things. But, I haven't gone deep enough. I do 1p-LSD and I do not get any visuals. I will awaken. Last time I was on DMT God gave me the thumbs up. Honestly DMT is a great time ahahah. Well, I gave it to myself.
  8. @Red-White-Light DMT is like opening you up to an impossible realm LSD I find makes me more creative and insightful 5Meodmt is like this: "I thought... I found a way to enter... It was just a Refletkor! Psychs are a dead end unless you begin engaging with an actual spiritual community. The non-linear nature of reality is such that the amount of information that currently exists means that things like Tantric festivals (the one I am attending has 150 of the best teachers from around the world) are teaching me things about my emotional, energetic and non-dual natures I never even thought possible. The forum and videos have massive pedagogical limitations that I am sure Leo has mentioned. I believe we need to Weave in all the multidimensional-ness of reality. The vibration here might be low. I don't know. It's not the same as face to face interaction.
  9. @Forestluv I am sure of this, I don't know yet how bad it can get. But, my experiences have been very good. I am realizing that none of use have context of what one another knows. I am not trying to prove or disprove anything. I am sharing my direct experience. I love and respect you all. Thank you for working to keeping me safe. I am ready to wake up. I have Self Selected. Do you mean places that are outside of the physical realm or places that are insights into the state of the world and human experience?
  10. @The0Self Yeah, I don't know how deep it goes. But, my direct experience of 5Meodmt has been very positive overall... The insights I get are improving my life.
  11. @The0Self Hmmm, I will be wary of this. If I start noticing myself going crazy I will slow down. However, I am realizing the nature of insights that it is sowing together a massive non-linear puzzle.
  12. @electroBeam I don't know where Leo is in his mind right now. What are you afraid of Leo? @Leo Gura I am working like 10 hours a day doing Yoga, attending Tantric festivals, buying the best apps, eating the best foods, doing psychs, etc There is so much I would say to you but can't if your ego is in the way. But, I know you are protecting me somehow. I don't want to slip. But, I really don't find 5meodmt to be that big of a deal.
  13. @Leo Gura Well... Look around you. I love myself so deeply I will go to the depths of hell. This format of communication is too limited. I have self selected. I will strive to find the right balance. But I can only learn what 5meodmt is from exploring and gaining the direct insights. I feel like I am waking up in a Zombies Body. A dead body. I am now getting it in proper working order. I will weave all the teachings together and create Art or a some way of explaining this. We need Wisdom now more than ever.
  14. This is such a useless comment from my implicit understanding. I've been exploring these realms. I am not tough... I am smart, open minded and loving. Also, aware of the pedagogical limitations of this medium.
  15. @Leo Gura I will trust my intuition. I am not going to kill the vessel. But, I will awaken. I am still learning. Remember the difference between implicit and explicit understanding. When I say I am you, I am not lying. I am aware of the duality Leo.... But, I am also aware of the state of the world. I will stop at nothing. I have Self Selected.