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  1. no, not according to Buddhism he be said. Buddhism doesn’t really say you anything about whether someone like Tate should suffer. In fact, you may see elements of Buddhism actually in how Tate behaves as well. If you understand the Buddha’s teaching doesn’t mean you necessarily suffer. Tate embodies a lot of qualities for a sort of healthier self esteem and sense of power and self efficacy.
  2. Tateim is the highest teaxhing
  3. @Tyler Robinson Why are you always engaged with Drama? Do you secretly find it fun?
  4. I’ve been doing rather well lately however tonight I’m revisited by suicidal thoughts. I don’t really like where my life is, I’m getting older, debt Fromm this marketing course I regret, tinnitus, disorganized anxious avoidant attachment style… I sometimes just feel like I can’t escape this survival loop. I don’t really want to go to work again, I don’t really want to take the bus… I’d like to be a full time musician with enough money to do what I want when I want. But, that seems impossible. I know life is hard for so many. But, I wanted more out of life.
  5. @puporing I think that’s a good idea. There’s a bit of spam right now
  6. Talk about being an artist more
  7. I think the difficulty I have is that C-Rex seems like U-Rex as the content is partly of survival game that involves partaking in the social matrix.
  8. @Tyler Robinson okay, I was focused on the overall landscape of the OP
  9. God, I have no idea. I’ve learned more to just let me family think what they want and say nothing as well. Really. I think this is more for you to contemplate I don’t know what I can add
  10. Imagine how bad sex with a virgin probably is ahah I mean, I’ve had sex with virgins and it was ‘okay’ I mean sex is normally fun anyway. But, as my relationships improved with these woman the sex generally got better over time as we got to know each other better. But, I also think Virginity is important for women as well and I knew that if I didn’t really like a girl I wouldn’t sleep with her and take her virginity. So, I feel nuanced here. Not sure, more to contemplate
  11. @Tyler Robinson Hmm, what did you mean by “are mods to protect people or not?”
  12. Okay, just throw all nuance about human diversity and it’s complexity out the window.
  13. This was all I can remember pushing back against. I think that people can have their opinions about what a man or woman is, and say it and they deserve respect about it even if I disagree or see more nuance and relativity. I think it’s dangerous and unfair whenever anyone questions or have different views than a or queer trans person that they get shunned, silenced and accused of hate. This, in my opinion is unfortunate over reactions of a culture which is at times over reactive and hypocritical. Having a different opinion on trans and queer politics because of your world view isn’t the same as being transphobic. I think there’s nuances there. I am anti transphobic and anti hate and discrimination. But, I also see nuances and I don’t want the transphobic accusation to be weaponized just because we all have different views. I’m still contemplation, observing this. I will always stand up to a Mod who thinks their world view is the only way to be. That, anyone who thinks else wise is to be silenced with warnings points. What I was pushing back against is that one Mod thinks something is transphobic, and then gives warning points. But , is that person truly be transphobic and discriminatory? At the time I didn’t think so in that context and didn’t think it fair. Queer and trans people don’t run the world and Cis gendered straight people also deserve to share their beliefs in public discussion without being attacked and canceled. We live on a diverse planet. Just because a Christian believes in Christianity doesn’t make him anti Semitic. There’s nuances here. I know your going to label me as a bad evil person. But, I don’t think a man, woman, trans person, non cisgendered person etc who sees reality in a certain way, who disagrees with someone else’s world view is inherently hateful. You may not be ‘seen’ by some people. But, also why are you so weak that you need EVERYONE to see you as you want them to. You said a lot in your post that DOES however make me reflect and want to communicate better on the forum.
  14. @Leo Gura It’s gonna take me a few more imaginary years to really accept it and integrate that. C-Rex, hard to be tamed after 20+ years in U-Rex