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  1. What do you mean open mindedness will change physical reality?
  2. Tell me you do (Blank) without telling me you do (Blank)
  3. My opinion is, consensual sex is Good. People have so much toxic shame around sex so many metaphysical claims around sex So many moral claims around sex So many idealogical identities around sex So many stories around sex So many fears around sex So many hidden desires around sex people have Wow, humanity. What a knot you find yourself in. Maybe when you wake up... You will realize it was all in your mind the whole time and that was the only sin. And, what good does it do us? These stories and ideologies? Of what a touch means. It's fricken love We live in a culture where sexual images in movies are banned But blood, gore and killing of one another is okay to share Is there really something so special about genitals other than in your imagination? Everyone has one. Boundaries and consent matter. But a good feeling touch is just that. What a complicated thing.
  4. Thank you! I think stopping smoking weed, and accepting and embracing what is helped. As well as working through some of the fears and shadows I was really stuck on for a few months. Seems like not smoking weed, meditating 20 minute in the morning and at night in addition to my Qigong and journaling really helped me. So glad to be meditating in the way I used to once more. It's a journey.
  5. Lol, that was one of my biggest obstacles. "Life can't feel good. I can't trust people. Life is suffering" and how I love my suffering. It feels scary, but less and less am I suffering. It's like entering a whole new world. Biggest thing for me right now though, is trusting myself and forgiving myself for past mistakes. Then just being okay with what is. The ego loves it's suffering Also, if you have suffered for a long time safety and trust feel threatening for many reasons, one being homeostasis.
  6. It could be a form of meditation. Each meditation technique reaps different results. 30 days of marathon seems unhealthy though tbh. Isn't there a book on Leo's booklist about running meditation?
  7. Would you believe they are illegal to keep people safe? I think psychedelics are great, but easily misused. Even with spiritual intent, there are dangers.
  8. Yeah, I think reality is just the appearances. It's all pretend. Absolute relativity. Yet, there are rules here. And I don't really know.
  9. It depends. I think reading a wide variety of books is important for building a larger map of reality. However, you can also decide to dive deep and study one subject, like what is aligned with your life purpose. So for me I read a lot about personal finance, cognitive behavioural type things, relationships, fears, business, marketing, human nature etc. But, now I am focusing on Qigong, breathwork, posture, yoga, meditation, journaling I am focusing on those for the courses I am designing. I will share a great Vernon Howard story later, maybe monday. However, for me personally I realize that life is so complex and there are so many areas of my psyche, systems for living, models of reality, spirituality, business, finances etc that I need to read wisely the right books. Really, what you read is up to you. I do think reading complimentary books is really important. Taking risks to read books you don't feel naturally drawn to is important to because you may discover new things. Really, reading should be a fun exploration of reality. Your reading can be done in different ways and for different reasons. Because, it's so easy to think you know, when you really don't. Any area of your life you are struggling in? Book.
  10. This is possible, but don't be surprised when this doesn't happen. People love to talk and imagine they are like this. But, a lot of people are selfish I think. Honestly, I still have a lot of work to do around intimacy. My ideal is to see Jane for Jane, and hopefully she can see Dick for Dick. Living in a relationship where we work on our transference, assumptions and projections openly to me is important for something lasting.