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  1. I wrote a song I'll be performing this sunday that goes like.. So it didn't turn out the way you wanted Demolition sight thats where the heart is... You're ashamed of who you one were! But I don't mind no. I don't mind... at all! ... Lessons taught lessons taken Unnecessary miscommunication Please sit down please start to listen I dont mind. no I dont mind... I don't mind at all! So you didn't know you were a student Lessons never stock unless you worry That you can't or that you shouldn't Realize you don't need your eyes to see...
  2. Or, you can be a business that runs well. Be a good capitalist.
  3. I know how it feels to get a warning. Can be very triggering. He is just butt hurt
  4. @JoeVolcano Are you being Saucy with me kiddo? Try to be context aware. OP doesn't need to know everything about Truth to start getting out of his apathy. It's probably more of a balance of letting go and picking up.
  5. @Breakingthewall Sure, but you need right view. Can't just deconstruct all the walls.
  6. @Breakingthewall He doesn't need to completely deconstuct himself. He needs to get out of this apathetic state and take action. He needs to develop a vision, and set of habits and take action on solving his problems. The apathy here, is the illusion that needs shattering.
  7. There's part of the problem. Psychedelics aren't really drugs. (trip at your own risk. You know yourself better than I do) If you don't try them, you are keeping yourself stuck. You know how I cured my depression recently? My apathy? First of all, I meditate, do Qigong and contemplate every day/ week. Plus I work on my own business. But, I pulled myself out of a depression by doing a 2g mushroom trip. 2 weeks ago and I still feel better. Your vastly limiting yourself to thinking that your depressed, apathetic state is akin to "being sober" you are not sober if you are chronically depressed and apathetic and full of grief and doubt. That is not being sober. Build out your toolkit, and if you can... safely explore the whole buffet of techniques we discuss here. And if you don't wanna trip from time to time in a safe way. Then, take action on your dreams. I think you are completely wrong that your love for philosophy can't go hand in and hand in business. So many businesses are willing to pay thousands if not 10s of thousands for applied philosophy in a business setting. You just have to make it valuable to people.
  8. Hmm, have you taken the life purpose course? Have you read "Letting go" by David R Hawkins?
  9. So glad to see others tripping, doing Qigong and meditating! I think I may have a high tolerance to malt. I will begin experiments when my life is more aligned for that.
  10. MALT does not work for me, vaped or plugged. Will try snorting?
  11. Creation and non-existence are duality. It’s a tricky thing to talk about. God is all there is. God is prior to time or creation. God created itself, because God transcends and includes itself, existed prior to itself, is completely eternal, is infinite paradox. I remember a definition given by Leo is “God is the thing that created itself” God is a verb and a noun. God is Godding. OP has a point, how can eternity have a beginning? How can something existed for ever have a beginning? How can is choose to create and be one way over another way? Infinite intelligence. infinity “The Tao can be spoken is not the eternal Tao” - Lao Tzu This is an area I need to contemplate more and have more direct experiences of. I don’t know. Technically, the universe was created… Right now. Everything Now!
  12. It’s more about having a toolkit and balanced set of practices. He wrote the book of not knowing. You don’t know what you don’t know. Oh, I can here Vernon Howard laughing in the background about a man who agrees with another mans “truths” or “facts”
  13. @hoodrow trillson Connor Murphy or the Qanan Shaman