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  1. @Dunnel Reason to live? This moment right now. God gives you lows as part of the path. It's a gift in the long term. Everyday is a chance for self discovery Only those caught in a self hypnosis would feel suicidal Like someone trying to remember a song that we love Each day we remember more of the melody and tune Now is the time to learn new things with an open mind. The adventure you are about to embark on by going out and talking to people is your reason to live. Discovering new things about ourself and our minds is incredibly rewarding. Each discovery leads to to paths. Reach out to people. We got you!
  2. While listening to Duality part 3, I reminded myself of this book. Interesting book combining metaphysics, non-duality, quantum mechanics and how to live the good life.
  3. Pretty into the idea of open poly relationships
  4. @Rilles Use one note in combination with apps like fabulous the do this. I found that by installing small habits that I do do everyday, could be drinking a glass of water or a 3 minutes exercises that I can root those small habits in daily and from that build more habits. I can say proudly that I now journal, meditate, exercise, plan, and do my school work everyday and it feels smooth, enjoyable and fun. Start small. Fabulous is a great app!
  5. Reality is very complex and things take a long time to learn. Even accounting has a lot of nuances and terminology I am learning. The learning process is not to be taken lightly if you want true understanding of the things you are learning. Patience and persistence is of the highest value.
  6. Lots of fears in my heart But, I will break free Sometimes I feel like this reality is a little too weak sauce for me
  7. You can try Holden Qigong for 2 weeks without even giving them your card. He is great, trained by Mantak Chia and has taught for 30 years
  8. It is real. You wont have 'eternal youth' but you can make use of its anti-aging benefits. New agers are probably exploring it for sure, and you definitely want to be mindful. I see becoming a certified teacher at age 25 as a major investment in my long term future health wise. The more I understand my body holistically the happier and healthier I will be in the long term.
  9. Social disaproval that takes away my ability to live my life purpose and escape wage slavery.
  10. @tatsumaru Just do the practice, asking us isn't going to answer those questions for you. If your going to be skeptical actually be skeptical and gain direct experience. Did I say one thing about nature? no...? A lot of stress is held in the body. Even if I was doing stretching it would help those areas in a minor way. Qigong is real. Gain the direct experience and don't worry about being fooled.
  11. @twoosees I've done the same. It's normal to want to share what you enjoy..