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  1. "And finally, imagine an infinite intelligence. Imagine an intelligence so high that it can manifest all of reality out of nothing simply using its will. This intelligence exists, and it is God. If you became infinitely intelligent you would gain complete omniscience over how your mind creates reality. This is true Awakening. You are not really awake until you reach this level." - Leo Gura (Blog Post)
  2. ooooooooooooo, lol got you there thats the simplest explanation instead of ending up with infinite feedback loops
  3. One authority to another though right? Overly well thought out post. Some of it seems a bit strange. I consider Leo a nihilist and someone who loves science. Cool to read someones perspectives. I personally find that science and spirituality are both important and have enough juice to excite me for the rest of my life. I personally don't know Leo but I feel like his videos opened my up to learning about all perspectives and not defending my own. I find it interesting when people accuse Leo of this, when he teaches others to be open. And, yeah, Why would he speak to Rob (Adeptus) when he frequently makes videos about him in a negative light. It's wisest to just do your thing in those situations. I personally like Robs content. I am personally not a buddhist, but I love buddhist teachings. Lots of juicy stuff in that. I personally am not into having "Faith" in a teaching. But learning from as many as possible over the course of my life. Buddhism has a lot of great stuff in it.
  4. I will attend one of these one day.
  5. Maybe focus on building rapid skill acquisition instead of mastery if is just a hobby. Here is a book I enjoyed on the subject. The First 20 Hours
  7. Note: Please feel free to add to the list. 1. You are planning out your weeks, months, and years with some kind of scheduling system 2. You use Onenote, excel, google calendar, bullet journals, reMarkable Tablet etc to plan, calculate, organize, schedule, contemplate and to live intentionally every day 3. You are acting out of love, integrity, wisdom, balance, forethought, patience, self honesty, congruence, with your highest values, long term thinking etc 4. You are acting not from a sense of fear, lack, neediness, or addiction 5. You make decisions from a place of being grounded and of stability 6. You are aware of how your actions affect others, and can see the potential consequences of your actions 7. Your decisions are creating a sense of balance, stability, and self esteem instead of regret, self pity and frustration 8. When you make mistakes you are able to self reflect, admit when you were wrong take responsibility and accept the consequences consciously. 9. You are frequently updating your models of reality and systems for living (check out: Code of The Extraordinary Mind) 10. You are increasingly happy and joyful 11. Your mind is organized, clear, stable, sober, grounded, aligned, integral and in flow 12. You are open minded to ideas but not naive, gullible or impulsive. nor are you dogmatic or closed minded. 13. You are aware of how you are drawn to pleasure and phobic to pain. Instead of letting these things mindlessly control you. You do what is the wisest course of action 14. You take great care in your information diet and and take life long learning seriously. You are aware that your ability to make decisions is based on your database of information, resources, knowledge, experience, beliefs, etc 15. You live based on your highest vision for yourself 16. You are patient and not needy
  8. Sober or high, ya can be very mislead But, sometimes you are closer to the truth.
  9. @Sigitas You can message him on the forum in a personal message
  10. Making a video about my contemplations of high quality decision making
  11. "Baby you try but you can't deny... chemistry!"
  12. Yes but, don’t make more stress than necessary. Learn to enjoy everyday as it is. Make small steps. Feel.
  13. I personally think we have no way around work. So, it’s good we find a way to lower the suffering through whatever process that is. I personally find I suffer more from growing, and the ego backlashes associated with seeing the truth. Suffering can be good if we must go through it. Your here to become passionate about life. If your 20, decide right now to orient yourself to finding it creating work you enjoy. It’s out there. Waiting for you. Find a way to cure the depression. Find your passion so you know that when you go to school you are building a powerful life for yourself. I dealt with anxiety and depression most of my life so I can understand you. But, life can be very beautiful.