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  1. @Rishabh R Basically, focus on the habits the create the result. The process, and getting experience.
  2. Most importantly, go out and get real experience I think. Your mind is full of shit and you’re better off going out, getting real experience. And plenty of it.
  3. Okay… well, your state does matter. I am not saying all guys are equal but your state does matter for getting laid. Your personality, etc matters…
  4. Idk, not really thanking anyone but myself. Or, not thanking anyone in particular. But, being thankful for reality as it becomes clear it’s Goodness.
  5. Could it be? My dream come true?
  6. I feel like I’m growing a lot these days
  7. I think this is true. Owen Cook teaches this is blue print. True in my experience, your energy and personality are very important. Physical looks do matter. But, for your ability to get laid… there’s such a wide variety of people out there. If you try, and keep trying it will happen.
  8. @shree Lol, uhhhh
  9. Had a pretty cool insight
  10. There is a lot of pain associated with realizing many life dreams have died
  11. I don’t even feel like myself lately in that this man in the mirror, is not what I wanted or expected. I had a belief I wouldn’t go bald. But, here we are. I am lucky that am tall, have a nice face and I’m in good shape. But, I still HATE balding. That being said, my mind has attached a lot of meaning to my attractiveness and ability to succeed in life. Which, I suspect is true. This is where acceptance and emotional maturity come it. My hair did/ does matter to me. But, it’s going. Anyway
  12. It is for me. My balding bothers the hell out of me. Fear of looking old.
  13. I am getting older