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  1. @axiom Awakening and spirituality is not just activity of mind, as to be some arbitrary thing. It’s pretty important I think to develop a deep understanding of reality and God. Sort of, the biggest deal. What’s not a big deal is petty human shit.
  2. Self love. By learning to love reality instead of need it to love us back.
  3. This is true. I’d like to see a comment on his recent outbursts actually. I feel ambiguous about the comments when he has been angry with the trolls. But, I also think he has dealt really well. I know I’d be upset if people constantly accused me of being a cult leader, of encouraging suicide of my followers, and all the other things people throw at him. I know that it’s not mentally healthy long term to just act like you aren’t upset or pissed with people, when you actually are. It could be the healthiest thing for him to actually be authentic in those moments. I think he is just going to be himself, authentic etc. Sometimes you just got to tell assholes they need to fuck off. Being a spiritual teacher or life coach doesn’t mean you need to be a doormat, or let people walk over you all the time. I’ve only ever had respectful interactions with Leo, but I also don’t actively troll, gaslight, and accuse him of nasty things. I may not agree with him… but just like in your day to day life… if someone was constantly harassing you…. You’d probably tell them to fuck off. Also, a lot of you guys have that exact double standard. You’ve never seen other spiritual leaders in a room full of people accusing him of nasty shit, telling him to stop making his work and teachings, telling him he is evil, deluded, wrong, Acting with ill intent, etc… imagine any other person not even spiritual teacher having that happen over and over and over again… he is a human and will get fucking upset. There was a guy here a couple weeks back, going on and on about Leo’s “recent out bursts”… who then had a far worse outburst speaking to me in a private message… so, you know we need to be able to hold ourselves to a higher standard as well if we want Leo to do so. I will continue to let myself observe. I don’t really think it’s a big deal.
  4. @Nilsi sounds like a good book
  5. @Nilsi I’m still new to the idea. But there is a lot in there as a newbie already that I value like… how to masturbate really well instead of how most young men have been trained. Ive had the full body orgasm he talks about but it’s so different from what I’ve grown up doing.
  6. I recommend asking chat GPT What are the top 100 books for honouring my life?
  7. @Twega Books for Honouring Your Life: 1. Code of the Extraordinary Mind - Vishen Lahkiani 2. The Art of Loving - Erich Fromm 3. Pathways to Perfect Living - Vernon Howard 4. Mystic Path to Cosmic Power - Vernon Howard 5. The Greatest Salesman in The World -Og Mandino 6. The Richest Man in Babylon by George S Clason 7. Adversity Quotient by ? 8. Guide to Rational Living by ? 9. The Success Principles - Jack Canfield 10. Loving What Is - Byron Katie 11. Total Forgiveness - R.T Kendall 12. How to be an adult in love - David Richo 13. Personal Finance for Dummies 14. Simple Qigong - Mantak Chia and Lee Holden 15. Full Catastrophe Living - Jon Kabat Zin 16. Multi-orgasmic Man - Mantak Chia and more
  8. Solipsim is true And people are not empty vessels. They are just as full as you!