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  1. Wondering if 5meodmt and LSD are dangerous when both acting in the system at the same time or within close proximity to eachother.... I am looking for any other experience or research in this way to make sure I am not pushing something here. Direct experience says I am good.
  2. @Leo Gura I am afraid of love. But, with your teachings and radical action, I am claiming my temple to sit on my thrown. Love, is so multi-dimensional I think. To fully integrate it would be impossible without things like 5Meo and LSD. Also, Art and life long learning in the information Age. I've had soooo many awakenings. Not just with 5MeoDMT but, 5MeoDipt (Vision Quest... Amazing...Shamanic..) and 5MeoMiPT (Awakening of a wild love (Thick Face Black Heart Love for myself and others). 5MeoDMT is a catalyst for me so far. Amazing. I blew through a tonne of it. God is Good! Death is Good! and Life Purpose is good! (Leo, I had this moment where I was like... OHHHH I AMMM Leo Gura!! ahaha and now I know it) (The Leo Guuuuuuuuura) Counterintuitive though, because in the same process of awakenings I felt deep deep gratitude for Leos Teachings, but also a deep understanding that I created Leo to wake myself up. (not being attached to any belief here) And I am in the process of rapidly becoming a sovereign being and fountain of love!
  3. It's Love! I was so afraid of 5meo... but after low doses it's just great. Meditation on steriods.
  4. What is the most often you are doing 5meodmt? Is it dangerous if done frequently in low doses?
  5. @Kshantivadin The problem is, your far enough to see through some veils, but not far enough to see the benefits. You are free to choose your own spiritual path. I recently participated in an online festival from Ista Temple Arts called "Spiritual, sexual, Shamanic" and it was the most profound spiritual experience that integrated and showed me what spiritual sexuality is. and it is key. Integration is vaste. Once you see the ego die enough times, you have the map built up enough, you observe enough you can create any experience you want. Leo is right about paranormal experiences. I experienced shamanic possession and a vision quest.
  6. @TrynaBeTurquoise Ahaha Those were exercises pointing to the implicit feelings of open mindedness. Notice that you are getting caught up in content, keep opening up to deeper structure.
  7. @GreenWoods I would say, perhaps an even more meta perspective would be open minded to other peoples open mindedness
  8. @acidgoofy Can Confirm it works nicely, give time for control. I don't think I have completely broken through though more experimentation is needed.
  9. Us Vs Them is duality, and often the dialogue for Us vs Them, because it is built on identity and not facts, truth, and nuance makes it hard for either party to get what they want. For example, if you think the wage gap exists because you are a feminist and therefore its because of patriarchal tyranny. and if you don't agree your a sexist, white elitist.... While if you were a feminist who was not in this With us or against us mentality you would be open and aware to different opinions without identifying others as against you based on difference in structure of opinion. You would be open to mutli-variance analysis on the pay wage gap and be open to exploring the subject in a way that you couldn't if you were too busy being caught up in identity politics. Us Vs Them: Content Vs Structure.
  10. Are you saying that developing our awareness is counter-intuitive and to increase it we must BE not force or try? Even though, I've noticed in my direct experience a bit of Try and a bit of BE works best
  11. I used a Herb vape, so the temperature is a lot lower than if I use a pipe and flame. I found I could vape it until a point I am at my limit... turn off the vape.. Die, and then keep hitting the vape and maybe go through it again.
  12. There are a few different types of psychedlics I have discovered: 5MeO-MET, 5MeO-DPT, 5MEOMiPT, theres various types of simple tryptamines, and various kinds of 4-HO... Basically I have realized there tonnes of different chemicals out there. A whole landscape to explore.
  13. Man, amazing to hear your take on the trip. I was inspired to leave my trip here too. I look further to reading future reports. and sharing! --- Okay, So did MeO for first time yesterday. 1. Vaped (460f) 2. Approximately 3mg I've been slowly increasing the heat, and on other trips increasing the dosage. I've experienced ego death 2 or 3 times now. I loved it I do admit that When I feel it speeeeeeeeeeding up my ego will just in and say 'Okay thats enough there boyo just sit here and observe. You have lots of time to tread further later on' then I just relax and die. I know there is further to go. I love the happiness that 5Meo sparks in me, I took it while outside in a very low dose, in a place I know is safe because I write there often. It for me was a sacred space. I love it. It feels clean, clear, sparks love in the heart, allows you to experience ego death. Fuller smooth bodied insights. ... No god yet. But, it is a smooth, amazing experience that I recommend to everyone vaped, in low dosage. It could easily be used for pleasure. Part of me felt sad. Part of me wanted a more profound change to my experience and my thoughts. I wan't more insights. I want to develop my vision, and transecend fear and live in creation. Perhaps though, I know 5Meo isn't going to show me this. But, could I think help me develop a cleaner system to build from.
  14. 'No, it couldnt be... I can't be love' God- 'It is'