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  1. Post inspired by this podcast (highly recommend): I know this is just one perspective, but its an extremely damning one showcasing how dire our current situation is might be. More stuff on the topic: https://www.lesswrong.com/tag/ai
  2. 24/36 I was completely stumped by some of these though. 34/36 is an incredible score lol
  3. - Stoic (most of the time) - Calm - Focused on their craft, ambitious - Principled, ethical
  4. Substack is pretty popular these days
  5. Destiny often uses empirics in his debates though. Does that make him Te or Ti? I think “empirics” is not a good definition for Te (or it’s incomplete.) Also, I feel like I don’t buy Daniel is intj. He seems too stupid to be one
  6. People will do this type of shit to you. How you respond to that is what matters. Although honestly this techlead guy sounds like he deserves the criticism he gets anyways.
  7. This is not a “critique”. It’s like the most cringe, spite-driven bullshit I’ve ever seen. Jesus fucking Christ.
  8. I don’t agree. People sometimes are forced to confront this, but it’s not an absolute. It’s also not necessarily the case that your life will become shittier even if you do have to confront them. People construct all sorts of life philosophies/religions to cope (and it doesn’t have to be an unhealthy cope either.) I’ve seen people who have given zero thought to spiritual stuff and their lives aren’t shitty in any significant way.
  9. Not everyone who doesn’t do this work has a shitty life
  10. It just seems like a glorified google search to me but I've only played with it for 5 minutes
  11. Stop linking cognitive functions with spiral stages, this is bullshit
  12. I thought Lex’s critique of Destiny’s use of the R and N word was pretty good. It’s a kind of perspective Destiny misses because he’s so hyperlogical in his thinking.
  13. For some reason I didn't really find Mrgirl to be all that interesting (not as interesting as destiny made him out to be at least) despite being a good mixture of crazy and intellect (just like destiny in some way.) His style of communication unnecessarily weird and his thought process always seemed like that of that of an internet troll tbh. Dan called it.