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  1. Watch out for your grades, though. Escaping into first world with masters will require a decent gpa so maybe that's the route you can take.
  2. These are pretty deep topics. I'm surprised a bunch of rich people were interested in them tbh.
  3. I know religious folk are easy to pick on but one I’ve noticed that is particularly disgusting to me: A lot of kids my age will say and do some blatantly prohibited shit like it’s nothing. They could basically be called irreligious if we’re being objective. And yet, these people wouldn’t ever be able to tolerate any direct criticism of their worldview because apparently that would be going too far. I just find it insane, idk.
  4. I don’t get it either. There’s no need for such extreme language imo.
  5. Study anyways. You're going to regret it later, seriously (speaking from experience.) Look up study and productivity techniques on youtube.
  6. Nope, absolutely no flaws here.
  7. He's got the perfect opportunity to step in the ring and punch a nazi but he still wont. So lame.
  8. Well, maybe, but I think he easily hits on the some of the traits that make an individual tier 2. Open minded Multiperspectival Steelmanning arguments Super aware of us vs them thinking integrating lessons from lower stages in his arguments (not that great at embodying it though)
  9. A lot of his mannerisms feel tier 1. But if you watch his streams (and some YouTube content) like a loser for long enough you can clearly see a healthy dose of tier 2 cognition.
  10. Idk why you’d need Tate when you got Leo and a million other more conscious/developed people in the self help/dating world.
  11. You probably don't need a grand purpose for now. I'd just learn a skill for experience sake - you'd be surprised how many free resources there are.
  12. Wait so he speaks in favor of MBTI but he’s using letter dichotomies and not cognitive functions? that’s kinda funny.