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  1. But it’s not like Biden really understands that ?
  2. Just regular racism ?
  3. No, it is only bad sometimes. These kinds of examples are in the minority.
  4. Make them bet on it. He was so certain of a Trump landslide lol.
  5. Well theoretically we could get hit by an asteroid any time
  6. Witnessing history! It’s amazing and disgusting at the same time!
  7. By radicalization they’re probably referring to some sort of communist revolution. This might be the case but only if you don’t tell them the revolution is about establishing a communist society.
  8. It’s not just boomers. I find about half of green folk annoying as hell, but that’s just me. not saying this as a spiral theorist lol just as someone who knows about the model.
  9. @aurum Kyle just has too many dumb takes. The force the vote and Bernie or bust nonsense are the most obvious examples. It feels like he lets his ideology completely blind him at times. Krystal ball runs that show and everyone knows the problems with that (Leo even made a thread about it a while back).
  10. Nah I kinda don’t like either of these guys on the left tbh.
  11. Stories like these make me think yes, but honestly idk what sources to trust or if they're valid or not.
  12. https://t.co/N41KLXo27Q?amp=1