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  1. I don’t know if this unique to conservatism. Pretty much every side believes the word is fucked in some way and seeks to change it. The question is if you’re doing it in healthy or unhealthy ways.
  2. + Studying ~ Day 82 1/3 + Studying + Reading ~ Day 83 2/3 (Adding Junk Food back) I became conscious today of some of the many many ways in which my mind judges. I used to think that “judgement” is usually like when someone is homophobic and stuff like that. But nope. Judgement is so much more subtle and deeper than that. For example, think about a progressive talks shit to that homophobic person. That too, in a sense, is judgement! It paints a sort of duality, a good vs evil kind of situation. Of course the type of judgement from the homophobe is still worse compared to the one from the progressive, but still there is a similarity in which they approach it. What one should instead replace judgement with is understanding. Understanding of why the gay person is the way he is, understanding of why the homophobe is the way he is. But understanding is more difficult. It requires one to dissolve that duality and embrace wholeness. It requires selflessness. I had this insight when scrolling through twitter and observing all the ideological warfare, unnecessary debating and arguing and thinking about how epistemically unaware all these people are. I was constantly judging them for behaving this way, but now I have a clearer view. I also had this insight when thinking about my family and a friend of mine. I could not help but judge their religious rituals, their bs cultural assumptions and their closed mindedness to other perspectives. But, it is something that I’ll get better at. It won’t be very easy though. I remind myself of the phrase: Understanding over judgement.
  3. Ehh I don't know.. it really doesn't matter all that much imo. I'd rather see aliens through dmt or something.
  4. + Studying + Reading ~ Day 81 2/3
  5. Perhaps we could hand out permits to few people that cannot survive without meat.
  6. + Studying + Reading ~ Day 80 2/3 Feeling sad and lonely. I look at my family discussing certain topics and just wonder at how deeply ignorant and misguided they are.
  7. Quit all social media
  8. + Studying ~ Day 79 1/3 My head.. it won’t stop spinning..
  9. + Studying ~ Day 78 1/3
  10. This seems like something what humans do more generally than capitalism
  11. All of this doesn’t necessarily have to do anything with capitalism ?
  12. I mean I really like the food. It’s garbage, but man garbage does taste really good..
  13. + Studying ~ Day 77 1/3 <F
  14. + Studying ~ Day 76 1/3