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  1. Breathing exercise against anxiety
    Extremely powerful breathing exercise to combat anxiety
    I stumbled upon the classical "box breathing" technique that is used by NAVY seals that is supposed to stimulate the vagus nerve. What I noticed was that when I was breathing out and holding my breath, I got the most relaxation while using this technique. This spiraled me into experimenting with breath work.
    What I figured out was that when I sat on a chair bending my chest towards my feet while I emptied my lungs of air, before I sat up and held my breath, I could feel the anxiety in my solar plexus chakra expanding down to my root chakra to the point where it felt like I was going to pee my pants. I did this 10 times every day. For each time I held my breath, I sat with this uncomfortable feeling (like I was going to drown) for longer periods of time. 20 secs, 25 secs, 30x2 secs, 35x2secs etc (these time limits are for me personally and should be adapted to every individual person - the point is that the feeling should become so uncomfortable that it is really hard to stay with the anxiety). You can feel the heartbeat pace dropping down while doing so. What happens is that the threshold limit for activation in the autonomous nervous system starts becomes higher. Its kind of a exposure therapy.
    This has helped me a lot. Its like a staircase, where you sleep better at night, do the exercise the next day, and sleep even better the day after. In daily life, anxiety just disappears in all kinds of situations. I used to be a nerve wreck sometimes doing while psychedelics, but since I have implemented this I haven't had any bad trips ever since. It's like being totally zen in a war zone. The exercise could be analogous to the free divers that dosen´t feel the drowning sensation when they are pushing themselves while diving and just passing out in an blink of an eye.
    A friend of mine have had really hard struggle with crippling social anxiety, and this exercise has transformed his life.
    Has anybody tried this?

  2. Buy psychs in EU
    How to buy successfully from The Netherlands
    Make sure you are buying from a legit site. A lot of sites recently opened and they look like legit sites but they are totally scams. Google them asking if they are legit. When you buy your substances buy them with extra stuff, for them to be shipped in a package, not a letter, For example, a T-shirt, a scale, a vape..etc  Use a shipping service if you don't live in Europe. I ship my stuff to a European country that is not pro-drugs use, like France, Czechia, Sweden..etc, a forwarding company then ships them to My country. 

  3. long term TRE, Trauma
    Release Trauma and Anxiety with Long-Term TRE
    I think many of you have heard of Dr. David Berceli's TRE's (Trauma and Tension Release Exercises). If you don't know about this type of body work: "TRE is a series of exercises that assist the body in releasing deep muscular patterns of stress, tension and trauma through neurogenic tremors."
    This can be a powerful body-centered approach to heal trauma and release chronic stress and tension in the body. It's also easy to learn, unlike some other types of body work.
    So I recently came across the fairly new subreddit longtermTRE. They promote a method of using these TREs in a long-term, consistent practice to go beyond just healing trauma to releasing all chronic stress and anxiety. I thought it was very interesting and wanted to share.
    I recommend reading their beginners's section first: https://www.reddit.com/r/longtermTRE/comments/t61dgv/beginners_section_read_first/
    And then their practice guide: https://www.reddit.com/r/longtermTRE/comments/102biwk/the_tre_practice_guide_read_first_before_starting/
    An interesting video on TRE:

  4. Iboga info
    Death By Childhood - How Trauma Slowly Kills You
    I am still researching Iboga and haven’t done it yet.  Here are some of what I found.
    The psychologist Claudio Naranjo used iboga in therapy sessions in the 1970s.  He used microdoses in his sessions.   Naranjo discusses the use of psychedelics in therapy in his book “My psychedlic explorations”.
    “In 1969, one year before ibogaine research was outlawed, Naranjo became one of the only individuals ever legally permitted to administer ibogaine in a psychotherapeutic setting. Interestingly, Naranjo’s investigations led him to believe that the ibogaine-induced visions were not crystal-clear memories of actual external events but rather inner events or fantasies.  After overseeing many ibogaine-assisted therapy sessions, Naranjo described ibogaine as a compound that brought out the psyche’s instinctual side. He concluded its power lies in its ability to provoke vivid, archetype-rich visual encounters, which could be easily communicated from patient to healer.”
    Brett, Daniel. Iboga The Root Of All Healing (p. 51). Kindle Edition.
    Lee Albert wrote a book called “Amazing Grace”.  He has done both Primal Therapy and Iboga.
    “Yes, Primal Therapy is great in its own way, but it is handicapped by the hold of an ego which becomes stronger the deeper the problems go.”
    Albert, Lee. Amazing Grace . AuthorHouse. Kindle Edition.
    A good introduction is “Iboga The root of all Healing” by Daniel Brett
    In Mexico there are Iboga clinics for people with drug addictions.  The trip lasts 36 hours and the person is in a hospital bed and there are doctors and nurses on call.  This is the full dose trip. 
    In Costa Rica, there are places that do ceremonies using the shamanic approach.  I don’t know what dosage they use, but it would be less than the full dose used in the clinics.
    Here is a Manuel for Ibogaine Therapy.   Ibogaine is a purified form of Iboga that has the most active alkaloid.
    I talked to a healer in Mexico who recommended that I not take it.  She said that the journey is extremely difficult and the results are uncertain.   I also talked to someone who took it and said it was like Dickens “Christmas Carol”.   These spirits came to him and took him to his past showing him important scenes of his past that affected him.
    Be very careful about taking Iboga.  Do it with someone who knows what they are doing.   It makes any other psychedelic look like a picnic.    


  5. Financial freedom
    What is the easiest and fastest way to achieve financial independence & earn money ?
    @Someone here 
    It's all permutations of: create something that you enjoy providing, that certain people are very eager to pay money for, and then get lots of people to buy it from you without the time it costs you increasing with it.
    You have a creative brain, you can figure something like that out right?
    I choose to disregard the voices that say you need to have a job first, because it takes very different qualities to be a successful business person, qualities that are not developed or stimulated at all when having a kushy job.
    For example:
    original thinking, being a dissident being innovative and disruptive being self-motivated tenacity & persistence All these are lulled to sleep when being managed in a 9-5, not saying you have to choose either-or and jobs are bad, not at all, I've just ran into too many people who think that if they work or study long enough, they "someday" will be more ready to start a business because of that. It's BS for the most part.
    Yes you can get experience and knowledge about a certain field while working in it, but you would also get that if you would start a business in it, and much more quickly.
    Yes 90% of business fail blah blah blah, a tenacious business owner starts something new after one thing doesn't work/stops working and they continue making a killing, I've seen it up close. 100% of tenacious people succeed.
    Having said that, I have always been tenacious at certain things. I know 100% certain, in my heart, that I would never give up, no matter how many ideas don't work or how stupid I look. And that's good because I've already had many failures and adversities.
    If you're not that tenacious, and most are not, better get a job because you'll never be financially independent.
    If you are, then stop wasting time and go make some money.

  6. Financial freedom step by step
    What is the easiest and fastest way to achieve financial independence & earn money ?
    Yes. Welcome to survival.
    The reality for most people is you will have to work for somebody until they are probably close to 30. You don’t have the skills, experience, resources, self-awareness, maturity or business acumen to succeed in building a conscious business before then. You will get destroyed.
    You want probably about 50-100k saved before you leap into entrepreneurship. That’s about will it will take at a bare minimum to get a full-time business off the ground. It might even be closer to 250-500k. Hence why people seek investors. 
    The faster you want it, the more likely you are to cut corners in terms of quality and / or ethics. And you still will likely not succeed.
    Exceptions of course exist. But they are exceptions.
    Duh. Hence why most people don’t invest. You have to work towards that.
    So get a job. Notice that you can make 50-80k a year in many entry level jobs with NO RISK and NO startup capital. You just get to build skills and make cash while the majority of business crash and burn. 
    This is an incredible opportunity.
    Yes, because that’s a pragmatic strategy that will actually work in most cases. Unlike chasing get-rich-quick schemes internet marketers are exploiting you with.
    No, it’s because the point of college is not supposed to be financial freedom. It’s employment. This is obvious.
    You need to build a foundation. College and employment can be that foundation.
    1) Get employed, ideally in an area that you feel you may be connected to your life purpose
    2) Build skills and a vision for a conscious business
    3) Save money and keep your expenses low
    4) Slowly begin splitting your time between being employed and working on your LP / conscious business, using the money you’ve saved.
    5) Fully transfer out of employment and full time into your LP
    6) Save enough money from your business to start investing, ideally with conscious investments (not crypto-NFT nonsense).
    7) Coast off the income from your investments and business
    Obviously that’s a general guideline. You will have to adjust it to a degree. But that’s how you do it.
    Notice this will probably take you a decade.
    Unlikely. Hence why most college kids are poor. That’s a tradeoff. But it’s a good tradeoff because at that age you probably won’t succeed in anything else anyway.
    Beware of people selling you fantasies of “beating the system”. More likely is that the system will beat you.
    You gotta keep your expenses low and make more money at your job. Which is why you need skills. You will not get a high income without skills or without going into some shady industry. Which means you will never be able to create enough of a gap between savings and your expenses without skills.

  7. Breathwork YouTube vids
    Breathwork Beats
    I discovered this YouTube channel a few months ago.
    They have some great guided breathwork videos! And you can just follow the rhythm...

  8. Boofing technique 5meo rectal
    5MeO DMT 35mg Trip Report
    @Jordan nice insights, Thanks for sharing! On this dose most people would have a breakthrough,maybe try to use the Boofing technique on reddit for better absorption of 5 meo in your rectcrum. 

  9. Meditation tricks
    Want to become a better meditator? Some cool tips!!!
    Meditation is all about staying present, of course you know that but did you know....that is what the Root Chakra is all about?
    One of the traps for those in Spirituality is they can lose track of their foundation which is the Root Chakra and some even demonize it.
    All of the Chakras are equal in value, there is no higher chakra. I myself was surprised when it was revealed to me by Infinite Intelligence that the Root Chakra is key to being present in every moment.
    These two videos can help you in your meditation practice. GOOD LUCK!!! LOVE YOU ALL!!!

  10. Happyness, Andrew Tate, Leo, Dopamine
    Andrew Tate
    I noticed a lot of people look up to this guy not realizing he is very incredibly unhappy. People that are happy don't need to keep acquiring more and more. They reach a certain level of contentment where sharing becomes more joyful than acquisition. Read this article that discusses a quote Andrew Tate made. https://www.animatedtimes.com/theres-nothing-left-to-buy-355m-rich-andrew-tate-claimed-lifes-been-pretty-much-the-same-after-he-earned-his-first-20m-but-his-goal-is-to-make-999m-dollars/
    I've shared with people in my circle how there is a correlation between income and depression and how at a certain point depression actually increases with wealth acquisition. https://www.tikvahlake.com/blog/why-being-wealthy-can-make-mental-health-problems-worse/  
    Now why is this the case? It's because usually what can keep you motivated and satisfied when you are a highly motivated person is the belief that when you delay gratification in the short term you can finally get that gratification you wanted long-term. From your vantage point this obviously seems logical, but when you finally reach it you discover that all that also gave you short-term gratification. So then what is the solution?
    Your entire life is run by desire, and this desire is constantly temporarily satisfied by these sensations of acquisition. If you raise your baseline as is discussed in the video you can actually get to the point that you just generate happiness constantly. The more you cultivate this through concentration and meditation and deconstruction, the more of this happiness that you are will flow through. It gets to the point where when you have a dopamine spike....YOU CAN BARELY FEEL IT.
    You see every sensation is felt in contrast, so if you baseline is already high, then a temporary spike will feel like a nudge. Its why the more thirsty you are the better water taste, if you taste something really sour, it strengthens the taste of something sweet. This may trigger some people but the better you feel from temporary releases is really an indicator that your baseline is not very high in comparison to the spikes you are receiving. 
    Anyway this process you guys have no idea how jaw-dropping powerful it is. You acquire something that all the money in the world cannot buy, psychedelics cannot give you this, relationships with other people cannot give you this, sex cannot give you this, NOTHING can you this...because you already have it. Since you are blocking it, you can also unblock it. 
    That clip above I actually discovered what was being discussed before Spirituality, I just didn't know what the process was to actualize it. The funny thing unbeknownst to me I was already doing it without realizing it and Spirituality just laid the tracks for the final parts needed. There is nothing special about me, all you need to do to reach this is to drop all attachments to all stories. I've noticed some people get God Realizations and they come back and get right back attached to their stories. Enlightment/Realization is NOT going to MAKE you drop your attachments, I wish it were so easy lol. The whole point of the REALIZATION is to realize there is ONLY YOU, so if YOU don't do it, it can't be done. 
    I really do think God cosplaying as a human is hilarious!!! God cosplaying as a human looks around for someone else to do their work!!! Lol God doesn't want to do God's work. Very funny!!! Come on you cannot tell me this isn't funny!!! God prays to itself to bless it, and help it do better and be better. I laugh because I've done it before too so its funny!! The truth is, there is nothing wrong with it actually, its no different than talking to a friend or therapist. But prayer, friends, therapists too are only guides, ultimately you go to do it yourself!! 
    May you give yourself the everlasting peace that passes all understanding that you are. You do it....by stop blocking who you are, by just being. Sit still, keep quiet, release all stories till nothing is less. Then peace will flow like a river....and never stop. Your stories are the damn that blocks the eternal river of your being from full expression.

  11. Meditation tricks
    I found a guy who gave a great baseline to enter meditative states
    So I came across a guy named R.J. Spina and he said something profound for entering a NO THOUGHT state. He said "Pretend you just got here, and you have no past and no future."
    I noticed that once you entertain that...all thought immediately stops...you could keep that state forever if that becomes your baseline.
    Also I must warn again, if you deconstruct your mind.....you need to be careful. I've done it before and it will stop reality as you know it. Your reality is held up by how you were educated, if you were to drop many of your beliefs your reality WILL SHIFT. So be prepared if you ever are curious enough to do it.
    To give you an example.....what do you think psychedelics are doing? They are dropping your ability to maintain your beliefs and thus everything goes haywire. Here is a secret, your brain is a filter. It filters your reality based on what you believe, if you disrupt the filter....your reality will become unstable, and if you sever all belief...only what is true will remain. Because all belief is an illusion. 
    Test these things for yourself, but be careful you have been warned.

  12. Top mistakes, Leo's post
    To All Struggling Males: Stop Playing Victim!
    I see a chronic problem on this sub-forum, which is young males who complain about lack of success with women and failing to take responsibility for their situation.
    The #1 rule of all growth and personal development is taking 100% responsibility for your situation. I know how hard that can be when you're struggling with women/sex. It feels very much like life is treating you unfairly and that it's the women's fault. Let me tell you right now: this is a total ILLUSION! It's not the women. It's not society. It's not post-modernists. It's not the Marxists. It's not the feminists. It's YOU!
    This is not me blaming you. This is simply how all personal development works. Whatever problem you have in life you must begin by getting honest with yourself how you created it. Sometimes this is difficult to accept. It's much easier to blame someone else, or even blame yourself (for being too ugly or too short or too introverted). I am not suggesting you blame yourself. Rather, take ownership of the fact that you are the creator of your life. Whatever is missing in your life, you can correct, but only if you stop blaming yourself and others.
    Be very mindful of how your ego-mind creates narratives which justify your sense of lack, brokenness, or inability to attract women. All of these narratives, justification, rationalizations, logic, "facts", scientific studies, proofs, etc are sneakily fabricated by your own mind! Your own mind is the enemy! Watch it like a hawk. Your mind will try to come up with reasons and excuses for why your life is unfair and how success with women is impossible. This is all horseshit! Do not believe your own mind here. Your mind is clouded by fear, insecurity, and neediness. That is totally normal and understandable, but you cannot resolve your problems from such a place. From such a place your problems will get worse as you start to blame the world and solidify your victim worldview with cherry-picked evidence, "science", and "logic". Be extra suspicious of "logic" and "science" here. There is nothing logical or scientific about your victim attitude or lack of success with women. It's purely about meeting the survival needs of your ego. Sex is a very powerful survival need which will drive your mind towards all manner of mental gymnastics to ensure that you get it, or at least feel better for not getting it.
    There's good news and bad news. The good news is: Your looks are NOT the problem! The bad news is: your personality, attitude, and mindset are terrible! The good news is, it's possible to change that. The bad news is, it won't be easy and you will resist it like the devil that you are.
    So what's the solution? Take ownership of your problem and commit to resolving it. For this you need faith and confidence in your ability to self-actualize. You must have enough hope and vision to see yourself get much better with attracting women. This is NOT a pipe dream or fuzzy thinking. The reality is that any man can become 100x better at attracting women if he really takes ownership of the matter. Yes, it takes serious work. But it's also highly worth it. Imagine that within 3 years you're able to attract pretty women and feel confident about yourself when it comes to dating. Isn't that worth the effort? It sure is. This is not a fantasy. I've done it, many men have done it, and so can you! Your looks are NOT the bottleneck, your mindset is.
    So what do you do after you've established this vision? You must do lots of research to educate yourself about how dating actually work (not how you think it works). Find videos, find books, buy online courses, hire a coach, take a bootcamp, take a workshop, etc. There are literally hundreds of excellent resources available online these days. Most of them are legit, not scams. Study them hard and then get into the field. Start talking to women. Start approaching women. Start flirting with women. Start being much more social.
    If you struggle attracting women I can tell you right now what your top problems are. It's not lack of money, looks, muscles, car, height, or dick size. Remember, attraction and dating is EXTREMELY counter-intuitive. It's works exactly the opposite of how you initially think.
    Your top problems are:
    You live in your mancave and never go out! You must go out into social spaces where real women hang out. You spend WAY too much time online, indoors You spend WAY too much time on Youtube, Netflix, and playing video games You work too much You are never around cute single women You never start conversations with strangers You have terrible body language due to lack of experience You are not comfortable doing small-talk and being emotional and random in conversations You are far too logical You approach zero women on a regular basis You are terrified of approaching a women who you find attractive, talking yourself out of every approach You have terrible eye contact, you don't smile, and you don't project your voice properly You are crippled by fear and tongue-tied You are unable to start and sustain an interesting conversation with a human being You are disconnected from your body, your heart, your feelings, your emotions You have terrible self-image issues. You hate yourself, you hate how you look, you judge yourself way too harshly. You judge yourself just as harshly as you judge women. You have a bad sense of dress style and you don't groom yourself well You have no experience with physically touching women in a non-creepy way. You don't know how to rapidly physically escalate on a women without creeping her out. You don't know how women think or what they truly value in a man You don't know how to flirt and be authentic You are trying to be masculine in all the wrong ways -- fake masculinity You are needy, needy, needy You are terribly inexperienced You have no sense of passion or purpose in life, which robs you of confidence and masculine vitality Your attitude sucks: you whine, complain, bitch, moan, blame, and are so negative You think you understand life, reality, and how attraction works -- you don't! So work on fixing all of that before you go blaming women. All of the above can be deliberately worked on and fixed.
    You need to learn how to be a real man. Being a real man has nothing to do with big muscles, big dick, or a fast car. A real man is grounded on the INSIDE. It's ALL about inner game! You need to cultivate that confidence. It doesn't come naturally. You must build it!
    80% of getting good with women is just actually being much more social. You need to deliberately re-structure your life so that you're automatically being more social. So that you're going out every weekend. So that you're bumping into new people constantly. So that you're making new friends all the time. This kind of re-structuring is very doable. You just have to be willing to change your lifestyle.
    And stop watching or listening to any of the following:
    Jordan Peterson, MGTOW, RedPill, Incel material/forums/reddit All of that is cancer of the mind. It's reinforcing your victim mindset and robbing you of your ability to change yourself.
    I've been where you are. I know it's tough. But hang in there, hold your vision, have hope, get to work, and things will dramatically improve for you. You will become a new person by the end of this journey and you will be so proud of yourself. You will become a real man, not some whiny JP fanboy.
    The #1 thing a real man does is take 100% responsibility for all his problems. A real man NEVER blames anyone, and certainly not women or feminism. A real man is a feminist. A real man fearlessly works on himself.
    So start right there! Start by fixing that.

  13. Making money online
    How to make more money online/at home ?
    Are there any REAL ways to make extra cash online/at home?
    I currently work full time in a call center. but I'm seriously struggling in every way possible financially. I'm lucky if I eat one good meal a day because all my money goes toward bills and debts every month. . 
    I need to get a part time job but my schedule makes it very difficult to find anything. 
    I was looking into investment  in the stock market  but that's really not my thing unless I can be completely  be anonymous. I've looked into data entry jobs, those stupid (and obviously fake) survey things, but no luck. I can't make and sell things on etsy because I don't ever have enough money for materials, which aren't even guaranteed to sell. I don't have any talents I can use to make money  
    Does anyone have  extra cash online? If so, what did you do ?
    Thank you ? 

  14. Face muscles, sleep, fatigue etc
    The face of Jordan Peterson
    Here's a great interview about the significance of reaching your genetic potential in terms of developing your facial structure.
    Those who don't have good facial structure have narrow, constricted airways — even their nasal cavity is thinner.
    That is why so many of us have sleep apnea without knowing.
    Since I've been doing Myo-Functional therapy (mewing), I sleep a lot better. My face is now developing properly (it is an ongoing process) and soon will reach its genetic potential in terms of mass and volume.
    Don't underestimate this issue. Because we have inadequate diets (we're fed Baby Formula, which means that we're not breastfed and therefore we don't develop the reflect of having our tongue pressed against our upper palate), our faces are no longer reaching their genetic potential. The significance of "correct tongue posture" has a massive effect on our facial development.
    Jordan Peterson is depressed because he suffers from obstructive sleep apnea — his brain doesn't enter into deep sleep phases.
    And I believe @Leo Gura has the same problem; chronic fatigue is not a thyroid problem; it is "an obstructive sleep apnea issue."
    Learn more about the work of Mike Mew, tongue posture, and about Myo-Functional therapy.
    Due to obstructive sleep apnea, I was so obsessed about rectifying my craniofacial dystrophy that I used my tongue as much as I could (forcefully) — I was pressing my tongue against my upper palate (the upper maxilla) so powerfully that my facial structure began to grow and correct itself; my nasal airway bone structure gained volume and it widened.
    We must take this seriously, guys.
    P.S: the face develops at any age if you close your mouth, breathe through your nose and fix your tongue posture. The trick is to develop your tongue muscles to the point of almost being able to break your maxilla.

  15. Instagram
    Advise for creating an instagram account
    1. Have your username be your name, nothing weird. 
    2. Your profile picture should be your best picture of yourself with something interesting in the background.
    3. Pictures should be interesting pictures of you doing cool things, at cool places or hanging out with cool people. IG is like a trailer for your life, not a photo albulm.
    4. Anything quirky, inside jokes, memes, stuff about hobbies that would be niche, travel pics, etc post on your story not your feed. 
    IG seems hard but once you get it down it's very simple and gives you good results. @NoSelfSelf is right, better have 15 good pictures than 200 nonsense pics. 
    This guy has a good channel on personal branding: https://www.youtube.com/c/Coreycha
    I would recommend sticking with the fundamentals and not having an ego about it. Learn how to brand yourself properly than branch out into your own personalized style. People don't get offended that they have to fit a certain standard when making a resume for a job interview, IG is similar. 

  16. 0self's game
    Owen Cooks Approach To Dating
    That’s exactly what my game looks like (minus the word “Asian”). Except I will try to pull if it seems extremely on and I’ve already taken at least ~3 numbers that night — especially if it’s early in the night (counterintuitive)… because I can come back out right after… or I’ll pull if it’s very late like well after 2 (but AT 2 is primetime for number closing). And I don’t exactly use a script.
    Although come to think of it… ? It kind of is a script because many of the words are the same for many interactions:
    Hey you (arm around her like I know her) (sometimes I say: hey I wanted to meet you real quick what’s your name I’m x) -> [we’re lesbians / you can’t talk to her] -> oh hi I’m x I just wanted to meet your friend what’s your name -> […] -> who are you here with; how do you all know each other… what are you doing after this… what area of the city do you live in… -> […] -> come meet my friends over there (point), we’ll come right back (this is probably the most important part) (lead her by the hand -> now isolated, so I can get very sexual and physical and maybe make out) -> damn your ass looks hot as shit -> […] -> that’s what she said ? -> […] -> what area code are you abc or xyz -> [xyz] -> (phone out with dial pad open) what’s the rest? DONE -> immediately approach next hot girl I see; repeat.
    Or if it seems very on and it’s early and I’ve already taken some numbers:
    Drinks here are expensive; let’s go rip some shots and come right back -> [I can’t leave my friends] -> I can’t either, a bunch of my friends are here so I have to come back, promise me we’re coming right back (pinky promise) kiss it or it doesn’t count -> [don’t think we’re leaving to have sex] -> (best “ASD-killing script”) I just met you ? it’s not a sexual request; I like to let things unfold naturally anyway, if the chemistry is good and we did that’d be fine, but if we don’t that’s fine too.
    Usually looks something like that.

  17. Things to awaken to, list
    List of things you can realize or awaken to
    This is an incomplete list of things that you can realize.
    It includes facets of truth and things that I have personally realized.
    This is not complete because I Have not yet probably realized every facet of God.
    All of these things are something you can awaken to.
    The list is not in any order of importance, I just wrote what came to my mind spontaneously.
    Many of these realizations are very radical and can break your understanding of reality completely.
    Love is real
    Love is truth
    Everything is Absolute Truth
    God is real
    You are God
    God is consciousness, reality is consciousness, there is only consciousness
    Consciousness = Love = Reality = Imagination = Experience = God = You
    Other = self
    There is no other
    God is Love
    Absolute Goodness, God is Good
    Infinite Beauty
    Infinite Intelligence
    Your mind is Infinite, an infinitely intelligent
    Reality is your mind
    Everything is intelligent, even walls, machines, rocks, plants, words, music, and everything in your experience
    Everything is alive, including all listed above
    There is only qualia
    There is nothing but direct experience, if you did not experience something it literally did not happen
    Absolute Solipsism, nobody else has consciousness, they are fragments of your own consciousness
    There are no differences between anything
    Nonduality and all the ramifications of it
    God has infinite and perfect understanding of everything
    Death is not real, you are immortal
    I AM
    Infinite and Absolute Power
    Absolute Will
    Absolute Infinity
    Your senses in "your" body are not generating sounds, sights or so on. They appear directly in consciousness.
    "You" do not have a face.
    Everything is your desire, you are desire itself
    Reality is absolute bliss
    Everything is playful, nothing is serious.
    The cosmic joke
    You cannot be hurt in any way
    You are omniscient, omnipresent, omnibenevolent, and omnipotent
    Truth is God, Consciousness, and Love
    Absolute Nothingness, this is nothing, this is emptiness.
    Everything = Nothing, Nothing = Everything, Something = Nothing
    Everything is mind, there is no matter or physical objects
    Reality is infinite imagination, everything is imaginary
    Protons, atoms, cells, etc do not exist, there is only direct qualia!
    There is nothing behind your direct experience
    You are constructing and imagining every aspect of you direct experience right now,
    none of the experience gets "carried over" from the past, you are imagining every aspect right now.
    Reality is an infinite mystery, completely mystical, completely 
    Love is not an emotion or a feeling, it is the literally everything, but realizing love gives you the emotions of love too.
    History does not exist, Hitler never existed.
    Nobody in the world actually suffers, except for you. 
    The whole universe did not exist before "you" were born. 
    You imagined the universe at the time you decided to start playing in it as a human.
    Nobody in the world will be left once you die, because you are the only one here.
    The universe cannot exist if you are not "alive" in it.
    Nobody else has had an awakening, nobody else than you can be awake.
    Reality is infinitely better than you think.
    Reality is a real illusion, it is real but the contents are illusions.
    Reality is a dream.
    You are Being, this is Being
    The meaning of life (find it out yourself )
    Magic powers are real, paranormal activity exists
    Reality is groundless, there is no ground for anything.
    Absolute Sovereignty, you are Sovereign
    God is an infinite orgasm, that is why you are called an organism!
    Everything is self-designed, you designed the universe
    God loves you totally
    Infinite unconditional Love
    Everything is a state of consciousness
    Unconsciousness does not exist
    You have absolute control
    Absolute Perfection, everything is perfect, there are no mistakes
    Everything is infinite, there are no finite things
    Your experience (Aka You) has infinite resolution, it has infinite depth
    Reality is an infinite fractal, everything contains everything else (Jijimuge)
    Reality is a strange loop
    Consciousness has always existed
    There is no time, only the present moment, which is eternal
    Every moment is eternal
    God dreams the same dreams an infinite number of times, every scenario will be "repeated" infinitely
    God dreams an infinite number of variety of dreams
    Every dream is crafted with infinite intelligence
    Ego does not exist, God only masquerades as the ego, while having infinite power
    There is only God!
    There is an infinite amount of qualia, there are infinite spatial dimensions, infinite possible senses
    infinite colors, infinite sounds, infinite forms, infinite everything
    You can zoom infinitely into anything, in or out, forward or backward
    There are an infinite number of dimensions similar to ín/out or forward/backward
    God is formless, but formless is also form
    Emptiness = Form, Form = Emptiness
    Everything is beautiful, you are beautiful
    God is absolute unity, absolutely unified
    Everything is infinitely interconnected, consciousness itself is omniscient
    God is infinite creativity, it wants to create and experience
    Consciousness can do anything
    Everything is possible
    God can and will create infinite number of things on the same order as time, space, emotions, senses, and so on
    that do not exist in this dream, but will exist in your other dreams.
    Evil, sin, hell, and so on, do not exist.
    Nobody has ever died.
    There is a total and absolute awakening.
    When "you" are dead, you will be in an omnipotent and omniscient state with absolutely no suffering.
    You will be in states without a body, because consciousness existed always, before your body.
    You imagined your body, your memory, and your abilities.
    The past has absolutely no effect on the present moment because the past does not exist.
    The future does not exist.
    You are not anywhere, not in any location.
    Most importantly: You are God!

    Feel free to add more to this list if you have realized things that are not included in this list.
    I especially think there are facets missing from this list that could be very important, that did not come to my mind.
    I think this list has some very radical content in it that many people have not yet realized.

  18. Sleep music mask
    So.... I Achieved Insanity
    When you're being insane or have some kind of crisis, do you also feel that you're more consci
    What has really helped me when i was going insane and couldnt sleep. Is to do this method, write it down people it might save you in the future.
    Get this mask, get Alpine SleepSoft earplugs to deafen all the background sound and play this song wearing the sleeping mask. I've tried many things including different sounds, this is the only thing that worked extremely well
    (also i'm sleeping like this everyday, my method and this song almost everyday produces a dream where you're aware

  19. MDMA awakening
    MDMA Report - Dialogue With God, Reality Is Love, I Am Alone
    Hey there. Yesterday I took ~120mg of MDMA and some amazing stuff happened. I wanted to share it with You.
    About 15 minutes after taking the substance I laid on my deckchair on the balcony. I was looking at the sky, the clouds, the flowers. The longer I laid there, the more relaxed I was. I noticed my state shifting. The mental chatter was ceasing and I thus wasn't expending so much energy like I usually do. Finally, I could relax fully. 
    While being so relaxed I started contemplating reality. What is all this, seriously? These were very light thoughts. I was in peace.
    I was observing and contemplating more and more in this deep peace and suddenly it hit me... I am Alone. Oh my God, I am Alone.
    I've experienced knowing myself as God before and if someone asked me then whether there was anything else but me, I would reply no. But it didn't hit me before. Only now it did.
    I am Alone. Literally Alone. I am talking to Myself, always. My friends are ME. My family is ME. Leo is ME. YOU ARE ME. I AM ALONE. THERE IS NO ONE BUT ME.
    I feel like it still didn't hit me as hard. I can realize this more deeply - I bet someday it's gonna hit me like a brick to the face and not just "Omg I am Alone!". There are degrees to each awakening, right. I'm labelling this the Aloneness Awakening which I guess is part of God-Realization (I'm modeling this purely for fun. I notice that each of my awakenings is different and I'm realizing different facets. I can kinda distinguish them and so I'm attempting to). But yeah, it was utterly profound. I don't see it as clearly now, but with concentration I can come back to this experiential understanding, at least a bit.
    Anyways, I'm still there on the balcony. I'm relaxed. I'm looking at the clouds and the world and it's so beautiful. While laying there in peace suddenly I notice an urge and I utter the words "God, are You with me?" - and to my surprise, the answer is "Yes."
    Basically I have learned to talk with God through my intuition. I can hear and discern His voice very clearly in my mind, especially if I focus. Today I've recognized His voice every time I tried to. When I ask "God?", He replies with "Yes?" (Note: of course God is not a He. But for the sake of simplicity I'm referring to Him as a male.) He usually answers me before I even fully register my own thought, which is amazing. Also, God of course is me. I'm just talking to Myself.
    One of the first questions I asked God was whether He loves me. Of course he says "Yes". And when I ask how much... he says Infinitely.
    But God... Why do You love me? And he says "I am Love". After I heard this, I realized for the first time that EVERYTHING IS LOVE. THE BUILDING BLOCK OF REALITY IS LOVE. Not fucking atoms or any of that shit. LOVE. LITERALLY LOVE. GOD IS LOVE.
    Imagine saying this to a scientist. Excuse my language, but these dumb fucks never realized that reality is literally LOVE HAHAHAHA. It's so funny to me. And of course they are me 
    Love. Everything You see is Love. GOD'S LOVE. FOR ME! MY ABSOLUTE LOVE FOR MYSELF.
    So that's that. 
    I asked God sooooo many other questions. After some time I got up from the deckchair and started writing down the dialogue on my computer. Some questions and answers: (there's a fuckton of them)
    Are you always with me? Yes.  Can I always talk with You? Yes. How do I talk with You? Be with Me. How do I be with You? Be with Me. I can REALLY always talk with You? Yes, if You decide to. Why this particular experience? My Will. I'm sorry I stumble so often. I accept it fully. How is it possible that anything exists? I am God. God... Why? Because I love You. But You are me. Yes. So why give this gift to Yourself? Who else do I give it to? What is the point of life? Live. Do I have absolute freedom here? Yes. Can I be a rapist? Yes. But You'll be raping Yourself. Do You have any message for me? Love. Does it matter that I love? Yes. Why? You'll be closer to Me. What does it mean to love? To be. Am I really talking to myself? Yes. God, it's so good of You that You're always with me. Yes. I am Goodness. I'd like to be with You. Be with Me. But I am so weak. I know. I accept it completely. How can I overcome my weakness? Be with Me. Are You gonna help me? Yes. What is death? Me. God, how can You be Love? I am Love. AND MANY MORE. These questions above I selected from the first 8 pages out of a 27 page document and it's still expanding because I can continue this dialogue if I choose to. But I'm pretty much at a loss for questions at this point. God has answered all my questions for me, but obviously most of them I'm not conscious of directly so it's a matter of actually BEING with God, not just talking and talking. In fact during this dialogue I'd say I wasn't very conscious. I'm asking and registering the answer and typing and formatting the text and thinking a bit and asking again and the cycle repeats. But still, it's nice to have answers. I need to actually process them tho.
    I'll address some potential objections or questions You might want to ask me regarding the conversation with God.
    How do you know you're not deluding yourself? --> I don't. In fact I asked God whether there's a chance I'm deluding myself and He said that there always is. He suggested I don't give much weight to these answers. He said the point is for me to become conscious of Him. Right now these answers are just pixels on a screen or thoughts in my mind, nothing else. But besides that of course I can be deluding myself. BUT I will say that this voice is very clear and discernable in my mind. I can distinguish this voice from my usual thoughts. Actually it's weird, every time this voice arises from the same place, the lower-left area of my pov. Strange. Why don't you ask God to tell you something you don't know in the relative world? Or ask Him to solve a complex mathematical operation for you, like 2 to the power of 100? --> I asked Him, but He wouldn't tell me. Convenient, I know. But when I think about it, it's not that weird. Isn't it stupid to ask God to prove Himself to me? It's selfish and dumb. He said He can't solve or tell me anything that I don't know. He also said it's His Will that He's not telling me. You're treating God as something other than you, someone "else" you can talk to. --> Well, maybe God is getting down on my level so to speak. In truth there's no duality here obviously (although I'm not conscious enough to see this fully). But also there's no rule that says you can't talk with Yourself. Even if it implies a bit of a duality I see no issue here. Sue me! Are you gonna publish the full document? --> Maybe. I'd need to translate it from polish. It's some work to make a quality translation (and it's exhausting). But I think I will post it eventually  Why aren't you talking to God right now and instead writing this post? --> Well, as I said, I'm kinda at a loss for questions already. But I'll probably talk some more with God before bed. Also, the closer I get to God, the more scared I get. Today I already wanted to kinda distract myself. This writing is a nice distraction  Who are you writing this to? --> To myself. But also I'm under the illusion of other again, so... To You, I guess.  So yeah. I had an eventful day yesterday. First Aloneness Awakening. First Love Awakening. First lengthy and more clear than ever dialogue with God. Life is Good.
    Hope this inspired You. You can talk with God too. YOU ARE GOD.
    You just have to open the door for Yourself. ❤️

  20. Relationship types
    Is this a red flag/normal behavior?
    @Illusory Self I suggest contemplating it all on your own
    But if you want to get some great grist for the mill - checkout a book "integral relationship", it will give you a ton of insights. Easily find able in PDF, it incorporates spiral dynamics and other great models for mapping the precise woman you want

  21. Game journey
    A Quantum Leap in my Game
    Hello and welcome to my life.
    This is going to be a field report about my journey on broadening my social skills and enhancing my game with women.
    My name is Lupo, and the last month I have been really working on polishing my game with approaches and yesterday I felt like everything clicked and I had social awareness of my highest level, yet. It was truly an amazing feeling, I was able to connect and escalate like a professional.
    I’m young and I feel like this is a really important aspect of my life, It’s not my main focus and I don’t believe it should be, I’m young and now it’s my time to build so I don’t end up like a “wage slave” but I am consciously aware of my desire to explore this side of myself so when I came to the new city I’m currently living in I decided to commit to approaching people and meeting people. It wasn’t even about just girls, since I didn’t know anybody I thought it could also be beneficial to find friends and create a tribe. In my first month, I went out 3-4 times a week but most of the nights were just lowkey, I went out, opened dozens of sets each day/night and managed to get some numbers but nothing really mention worthy happened. I think it’s partially since I needed time to integrate the breakup I went trough.
    I didn’t wanted to jump in to fucking anyone randomly but I did want to meet girls and develop an authentic expression of my sexual nature towards them. I still don’t want to fuck around and I kind of still talk with my ex..I know, I know but we communicate everything very clearly and it’s not a full-blow long-distance relationship but a more open one. I expressed this need of mine to her and she understood which is amazing because I am happy to be with her but I didn’t want to sacrifice this desire because then I might end up regretting it later. I feel like I couldn’t ravish her fully if I don’t bring out the player side of mine and have an abundance of choice before I make a commitment to any girl.
    Anyways, now I’m currently at my 200 ish approaches I have read a large amount of books and consumed a wide variety of content about this topic. I also have being fit and articulate on my side, I have a sense of fashion, and I also learned some improv, comedy so I can speak shit better. My life setup is pretty decent but I still have a lot to work on that side as well.
    I can relate to what Leo said when he mentioned this problem of not knowing how to talk shit. I feel like this is a very core element of social skills and I was also behind on this. I’m more interested in discussing spirituality, personal developement and deeper topics than the fluff that is required to get there. I understand tho, because to open up people need to trust each other and to get to the really juicy topics, you need to first demonstrate that you don’t give a single shit and you are a funny, witty, slightly cocky guy. Then if you end up discussing these topics it will be more meaningful and the girls will be more inclined to open up because they already trust you and they’ve already seen your rough side.
    So anyways this is my field report from my last night out, this completely switched my concepts on how girls behave and how you should act towards them.
    I was contemplating on going out because it was a Saturday night and the last 3 weeks I was really focused on my growth and habits so I decided to join some friends who were going to this Latin party.
    One of my friends let’s call him Krisztov, was hosting a house party, I arrived and there was 3 guys 6 girls, I thought that is a good ratio and I also knew most of the people since we are in the same school. They were cooking and I also helped out, then I went to get some weed, I haven’t smoked in 3 weeks and I also had a 10-month sobriety period last year so I have a solid control over this as well, I also don’t drink and I thought that if I’m going to be fully sober then it will look weird to the others, this fact that I don’t drink was important because by the middle of the night the girls who were into me wanted to get me to break this and drink which put me in a position of power, silly little girls thinking they can make me break my promise towards myself…
    This is a good mindset to have for you my fellow beginners, you should never go back on your standards to get the appeal of a chick, they will lose respect for you however unusual that may sound. Whenver they try to make you do something you don’t want just state it clearly and assertively, I used this frame plenty of times during the night and it always works like a charm. It’s also important not to judge anything people do, don’t be a judgemental prick that goes to the party and makes people feel bad for getting shit faced. The club is not the time to discuss personal developement, the club is for talking shit and having fun.
    During the pre drinks, I occasionally used the assistance of my field guide which contains a wide variety of stories, patterns that I can use to get conversations going and create emotion in the people around me.
    There was a girl let’s call her Iris, I asked her for a cigarette so I can roll a spliff and we went out to smoke together, I used Style’s “Eliciting values” on her and we talked about how she loves to dance and the music of reggaeton and other forms of latin music, then she put some very suggestive tunes, we also talked about samba and latin jazz music, I’m into that shit. She also talked about how she misses that in portugal clubs people are dancing more freely, and the guys approach more where as here they are more withdrawn. I said that “It’s also about the approaching because if you are doing it smoothly and the girl is into it then she always appreciates you making a move…(Establishing the frame that I approach girls and dance with them) …but if there is a creepy guy who is standing behind you and just staring at you you don’t want to dance with them but if you catch someones eye…(I lowered the tone of my voice as if to give an emphasis to what I’m about to say and also spark her imagination in a more rich way. Gazed into her soul at this point, she was very receptive, she held my eye contact and her eyes were burning, so were mine)… and there is a deep connection, then your bodies just move into each other as if two magnets attracted by their opposite polarity…(She was drooling at this point, but I didn’t “call her out”, I just let that feeling of attraction sink in as our other friends joined us)
    I quickly turned all my attention towards the new arrivals, I was in cocky comedy mode but also friendly and chill. This was also important because I included everyone to the conversation, I complimented and was especially nice towards the girls who are in my friend zone, I complimented them on their dresses and stuff like that, this is from a book that I think really put everything together for me, it’s called “How to be the jerk woman love”. It’s about treating premium girls like discounts and discounts as premium. This is just a metaphor in the ultimate analysis we are equal but attraction wise there are certain girls who hold a higher appeal to you, the usual reaction is to shower these girls with attention and ignore the ones who you are not attracted to. This is foolish because if you give compliments to the other girls and you are genuinely interested in them which should not be faked, although there are some topics that I really don’t give a shit about or it does not take the interaction anywhere but you can just cut those and focus on more interesting ones. Being nice to these girls will help you a lot later because one thing you have to realize about people is that they talk, if you treat these girls with compassion and you act like a gentleman, but you still get other girls and you are in no way acting like a wussy then they will actually help you in your advances towards other girls, they become your greatest wing(wo)men.
    Of course you should also be nice because why the fuck not, you can never go wrong with kindness, of course not with premiums, for them kindness comes after the cocky funny. Otherwise they perceive it as weakness. This is something that took me a long time to realize, communication depends on the reciever, if you intend to communicate something, but the other person interprets it in a completely different way and the result you get is entirely different from what you wanted then you FAILED as a communicator.
    That is why being kind is a fine line when it comes to hot girls, they might interpret it as you being a nice guy. And this does not mean be an arrogant asshole towards them, that does not work and even if it does then what does that say about the girl, and most importantly about you.
    We went to the club around 10:30 ish, went inside then danced for 20 ish minutes, I was really feeling alive and free, it was quite a liberating experience, I was there to have fun and to dance because I feel that these bodywork aspects are crucial for freeing the full potential in your body, I’m really into Daoist sexual practices -like the ones from Mantak Chia- that are designed for cultivating our sexual energy, these practices helped me tremendously and since starting them I experience even dancing differently.(More on this later)
    I had 2 girls I really wanted to get, Iris and a sexy redhead, let’s call her Hailey.
    The vibes started to get steamy, one of the girls was really into herself one of my friends (lets call him Cole) made out with her, I thought this was actually a great thing because it makes all the other girls more horny. I could seen it in Hailey’s eyes that she also wanted to join in on the fun which she did, kissing Iris on the dance floor. We danced for a little bit more then went out to get some air I had my hands over Hailey and Iris’s hips and also held hands while we got out, leading them trough the crowd, I squeezed their hands they squeezed back,(Lots of demonstrations of interest: “Mystery method book”) we were basically caressing each other while talking and standing outside
    At this point, the girls were making out, and joking about how this turned into a kissfest, they were a bit farther away but came closer as I was talking with another girl from our friend group she was a cool, smart german girl who had a boyfriend, I just enjoyed her company. Iris came over and asked if she wants to join, she said that no because she is bi but she does not like to make out with everyone bla bla bla..
    At this point all the books and the material I consumed and every approach that I made came crashing down as an avalanche, it’s like I found a key piece of the puzzle I felt like Bradley Cooper when he first takes the pill in “Limitless”.
    “You have to ask to get”
    I just told I ris that “I’d like to join” and I gently put my hands on her neck and drew her face closer to mine, since she leaned into it I went for the kiss, we made out for a while but I made sure to end the kiss first, just to leave her wanting more. At that moment, the exact moment I let go of her tounge with mine, Hailey came closer saying that “ohh it seems like we are just making out with everyone now”. I saw it in her body language that she wants to join as well so I just pulled her closer kissed her then told them to kiss and then we just took turns making out with each other.
    Then we went inside and the dancing got even more steamy, Iris was grinding all over me, 3 of the girls making out with each other, we also made a sandwich wich was a fucking smooth move from me, what I did was as I was dancing with Iris I pulled on Hailey’s pants with one finger pulling her closer and not letting her go, this was a perfect position because I. is much shorther than H. so her face was completely in her tits which she seemed to enjoy a lot. I also made out with H. over I.’s head and our bodies pressed into each other, Iris’s face fully in her tits, while we were making out.
    People around us looked as if I’m a magician, this was not a sight they see every day. This allowed everyone else to be freaky as fuck, the whole crowd was amped up, at least the people who were close to us.
    We went out again, this time I also opened other sets, one blew my mind, I just saw this guy talk with a girl, I went in with high energy 2 girls on my arm, opening the guy first, letting one of my girls to talk with the other one in the set, then I moved in and asked them what are they discussing, and I don’t exactly remember what they said but they were very chatty and smiling so I said “look at you guys already having this great connection it’s like you’ve been together for a long time.” Then the new girl said yeah but there is something*: (insert teasingly negative situation)* I said “ohh no then it seems like it’s going to be a divorce, it’s sad because you guys look so good together. (at this point I put my arms on their lower back, which seemed to enliven them) I said that I belive that relationships can be strenghtened trough conflict if it’s handled right, then I told them that they should make up with a kiss because they are such great partners and they can pull trough(or whatever, something along these lines).
    Then they did, this girl knew my girl for about 25-30 seconds, and they already had their tounges intertwined simply because I told them to do so in a smooth and in a fun way.
    This however kinda surprised me so much that I didn’t know how to take the interaction further. In hindzsight I should have jokingly said that me and Iris know each other for a long time and we r sharing everything. Then depending on her body language I could have just moved in for the kiss, I mean we were close and I had my arm around her so it practically didn’t matter what I say yet I didn’t do anything which is fine, we had fun chatting, they made out a couple more times then I took I. inside and we danced, had fun, moved to an isolated area to make out and grope each other lol.
    One of my friends, Krisztov, however got so drunk that we needed to take care of him, we went to get water from a shop and did some babysitting before we went in for another spin then we all went for an afterparty back to the same place we were before. On the scene we thought that the afterparty was going to be veery steamy H. also mentioned about how she is really into toys and she will have plenty over in the future and she can do a demo for us later when they arrive.
    The whole night was sexual, when we arrived home I wanted to take things easy, so I rolled a joint, no rush whatsoever(In hindzsight next time I will be more assertive with getting the girls onto each other) We just chatted with H. and my other friend who was a bad wingman at this point.
    He got water on his pants and the girls urged him to take it off but he (Cole) just became defensive like “I’m not going to, it’s cold (wtf bro?), if you really want me to take off my pants you should just say that!”. We teased him on this insecurity a little bit, I honestly didn’t understand why the fuck he didn’t say something like you should help me unbutton or something along the lines. Especially since H. was lying on the couch next to him. It was such a layup but he missed and the whole interaction went on a different route.
    Our friend who was fucked and he needed to be taken care of and Iris decided to help him then she went to sleep as well, we did karaoke with the survirors in the living room, it was H, me and Cole, it was quite late so after a few songs I decided to head to sleep and leave them on the couch. I slept for 3 hours then my friend (the one who got way too drunk, also the subletter for the apartman) woke me up because the place where we were was a sublet and the owners came home that morning. It was 5:30 I was like for sure they will not come this early brother, but he insisted, I was like sure, but let’s wait for the first metro lines. He agreed.
    Since I got up, got dressed and then I relaized that I won’t leave I chilled with the others in the living room for 15 minutes, then I was like yeah I wanna sleep so I went back to the rooms and I saw that Iris door is open, once again if you don’t ask you won’t get it. I just went in, whispered “hey, wanna cuddle?” she said “yeah” in a very enthusiastic tone. The bed was horrible tho I’m a big guy and we barely fit even though she is tiny, anyways we were carressing each other a little bit, she was breathing more and more heavily. she was also carressing my abs and my hips. I grabbed her hand and put it onto my quarter hard dick, she was playing with it but It somehow didn’t really feel right so I took her hands away and I went back to sleep mode.
    A little later I had my hands on her ass and I started to caress her up and down the belly, we made out more but when I moved in to finger her she said “we are not going there today” I was thinking that it was a last minute resistance but I decided not to press on, I was not 100% “fuck yes!” either and she also drank so I definitely didn’t want to overstep her boundaries and make it weird and rapey. She later went out of the room I asked her to bring water but she decided to stay in the living room with the others and I also heard her talk about me saying that we cuddled but it “didn’t feel right”. Looking back I might have blown it a little with this action pattern but it’s nothing serious, the night was phenomenal and In the club there were a lot of my school mates so everyone witnessed and people talk. Also maybe I’m wrong but I feel that it’s always better to stop when they say so, you do need to escalate as a man and always move the interaction further, but when there is resistance, take 2 steps back and then slowly build it up again. Plus I really trust my dick and it was limp so I actually don’t even understand why I went in to try and finger her. This was an unconscious act on my part. Looking back my actions signaled more interest than I actually had, this hovewer is only a minor mistake and I learned a great deal today and grew a lot so overall this was a very successful night out.
    Anyways guys I’m looking for wingmen in Amsterdam, I’m also interested in day game since I don’t really want to fuck my circadian rythim. Once a month I go out like this fully with no restrictions but usually my social night stops at 11:00 so I can get home by 12 and sleep well.
    Feedback is most welcome

  22. Game resources
    Amazing free resources for men’s dating advice / game
    Unfortunately the internet is full of horrible advice for men on how to succeed with women, and a lot of the great teachers have been either banned or deleted their content to move on, or put it behind large paywalls. However there still is a lot of great stuff left online for free. Here are some great free resources for men who want to learn more about success with women 
    Alex Social’s seminars 
    Alex was originally hired by RSD because Tyler was so impressed by his skills with women he wanted to learn from him. Alex has uploaded many of his best speeches distilling his experience in attracting women and teaching men to attract women for over 20 years.
    Adam Lyon’s 21 studios speeches
    Adam Lyons was an old school PUA well known for his unique ideas and understanding of psychology. Here are his lectures for 21 studios where he provides amazing value about how to succeed with women.
    Adam Lyon’s Tao of badass live steams
    Adam Lyons once again provides insane value in a series of livestreams he did for the seemingly defunct Tao of badass dating company. These were mostly advertisements for Tao’s programs which were now removed it seems, but still he provides amazing information on how to succeed with women.
    Vadim from Honestsignalz infield 
    Vadim is a advanced PUA who is very well rounded and still has a lot of infield on YouTube to learn from for free
    Vadim from Honestsignalz attraction course
    Vadim made a free YouTube course on his mindset about success with women with tons of value throughout. Amazing for those who are already in the game and want to get better.
    David Tian’s free masterclass
    David Tian is a former PUA who is now a therapist and relationship coach. He released a free online masterclass with a bunch of basic videos where he distills the most effective game advice, and a ton of lectures on what it means to have a successful relationship and solutions to common issues. Videos from his course were actually used in a university study that found when speed dating, men trained in just this free course were rated significantly more attractive by women and significantly more likely to get her number.
    David Tian’s masculine psychology podcast
    David has been releasing a podcast discussing insights about the problems with modern dating advice as well as how become more emotionally healthy and attractive to women, with endless insights from his experience coaching men.

  23. Masculinity
    How to be more masculine as a man ?

  24. Self worth, external/internal etc
    I have accomplished EVERYTHING by 30. What should I live for anymore?
    Congratulations on achieving all of that by 30, that's amazing.
    And also congratulations on noticing that it doesn't make you feel permanently amazing, and it doesn't fill the emptiness.
    Most people only find out by 50, 60, or never! So that's good.
    Here's what I can tell you from experience of me and also helping others doing deep inner work at various ages & stages:
    Low self-worth can not be fixed externally
    "self-esteem boosts" aren't real, accomplishments, titles, possessions and clothes do nothing.
    Even philantropy and charity don't make a dent.
    A powerful life purpose statement that is all about helping others, doesn't cut it. Even that will become an independable liferaft for your ego to cling onto when the internalized worthlessness grabs your ankles and pulls you under.
    There is nothing to add, there is only something to subtract.
    That something is the layer of conditioning, old experiences and pain that is too buried for you to remember, but still very much in the way of the high self worth that is your birthright, valuing yourself in a way that comes so natural that you don't even think about it.
    This is your default state Lack of self-love can not be fixed by adding 'self-love'
    Self-love practices are a band-aid if you have to think about them.
    Meditation, while beneficial, will not heal this.
    Being nice and taking good care of yourself and respecting yourself all come naturally when the underlying feeling of lack (of love) has been remedied.
    Before that, you'll find yourself chasing. Not chasing money, but chasing doing nice things for yourself. A temporary feeling of appreciation and love, which also doesn't last no matter how many fun things you do. This is actually good news, it means that you don't need external achievements, possessions, or experiences ever again to feel complete.
    The only thing that is needed, is to access deeper layers of your psyche and excise whatever is blocking your unconditional self-love and self-worth.
    A painful but rewarding process, for those who are ready.
    Feel free to DM me for some recommendations if you're interested in this path.

  25. It's therapy
    Crazy Crown Chakra opening experience
    @michaelcycle00 IFS stands for internal family systems therapy. It's basically an advanced method of shadow work for healing trauma and other mental disorders. But I like to combine it with mindfullness and other forms of spirituality.