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  1. Sorry to hear that!
  2. Really? ๐Ÿ˜
  3. @OBEler ok ๐Ÿ‘ @Jodistrict That's interesting stuff, thanks! Sure. But doesn't the substance itself reduce your impulse control? So that you need very strong impulse control when sober to still maintain reasonable impulse control when tripping? Anyway I start with low doses and only increase the dose slowly from trip to trip I think I should be ok, shouldn't I? I don't have any problems with impulse control in normal life and I take precautions, do my research etc. @something_else makes sense. Yeah it seems idiotic that all these substances are forbidden so that people are either forced to do illegal things or have to use research chemicals that aren't illegal yet...
  4. Like you've all heard of some crazy story in which someone tripped on LSD and then believed he could fly and so he jumped from his balcony and died...or similar stuff. This is kind of what the mainstream media point to when they talk about how insanely dangerous a substance like LSD can be. Anyway I'd assume that if these stories are true at all, it probably is a case of abuse, like mixing LSD with another substance, taking crazy high doses without prior experience and being at a party etc., am I right? Also sometimes they say that someone "got stuck" on LSD, like he had a horror trip and now he's just basically insane or mad. I basically just want reasonable explanations for why things like these might happen, so I don't have to fear them, knowing that I'm not gonna commit the same silly mistakes as these people. This knowledge could maybe also help me to not freak out if a trip ever goes into a scary direction, like I'm gonna be less likely to be afraid of becoming mad or whatever. Thanks y'all!
  5. @Leo Gura @RendHeaven @OBEler Why is there sometimes advice given against the use of psychedelics if the individual has mental illness or trauma/emotional problems? They say that it can trigger psychosis. But does this only happen if the individual does something wrong, like is not careful enough with the dosage or is resisting the experience when it comes up and feels uncomfortable? It's a bit confusing that you often hear how much healing potential psychedelics have, but then also hear people advicing against them if you have emotional problems.
  6. @KH2 You mean people that are bullies? Well, whether or not some incident is nothing is so subjective to the individual. Maybe a bunch of words, when they hit the right button, can be more hurtful then having someone spit in your face. Or if you think about the threads in the dating section. Approaching a woman can be perceived to be so terrifying, but the same guy could not have any problems racing down some narrow trail in the woods with a bike, which is about 100x more dangerous than approaching a girl. It's all in our mind.
  7. @SQAAD Watch more things like what I share below. A homeless guy picking up girls to find a place to sleep at. Maybe that helps you to not take all the scientific findings so seriously anymore. And there are more videos like this btw.
  8. @Dear Fiona Hey thanks for your insightful post! It's inspiring to see how much change you were able to achieve in terms of your emotions and your relationship and that you reinvented yourself. Great job! @Eph75 Got it! Thanks for your guidance and recommendations! @Osaid Thanks for your detailed answer! You made a lot of good points. I especially like that insight about how the other guy has literally no idea who I am, what my background is, what I'm dealing with and so on. He is basically judging a mental image that he created, which he confuses with myself. I reflected again and realized that most of my strong emotional reaction on that night was not primarily due to the guy himself. Imagine it more like this: you've been working on something for a decade. The first years after getting I'll you just somehow manage to finish your academic studies. My entire masters degree I had to do while already being sick and not even knowing what I was sick with. Then after that I worked for some time as an engineer, basically just suffering from symptoms every day, but torturing myself because I had no idea what else to do. Then I stopped working. The condition had already gotten drastically worse at this point, so I regret my former choices of just continuing and not stopping sooner. Then several years of research about the illness, using that drastically reduced mental energy I still had (which was more suffering). Then several years of taking specific action based on the new understanding, failed approaches, more research, more approaches that didn't work etc. And now finally making some improvements (but rather slow and much more is still needed). If then somebody like that dude comes along and judges me solely based on the most surface level fact that I'm not working then this is like some final drop that makes the barrel burst. @QQQ Thank you man! Much love for you!!!
  9. Interesting. Any chance you can still remember a specific video in which he talked about that? Or has this gotten lost when all the older videos got deleted?
  10. @Ulax Oh yeah, I've heard of that book many times and still haven't taken the time to read/listen to it. Thanks for the recommendation.
  11. @Eph75 Ok, thanks. That makes lot of sense. Becoming better at observing the emotion and perceiving of it as an event, rather than my personal problem. I could have known about that approach from the teachings of Eckhart Tolle. I'll try to be more mindful, less attached to and less judgemental about my emotions.
  12. Sure. Which book is it?
  13. Haha, oh wow! That is boss level self assertiveness here. I like it ๐Ÿ˜ @Sincerity Thanks! I appreciate that. @Lila9 Thank you so much, that's a good reminder!
  14. Oh wow man, those are some very interesting thoughts and I hadn't thought about it in this way. Thanks for sharing that perspective. That sounds exactly like my experience. Because it is true that in my society people who exploit the social system are judged very negatively. There are even like specific phrases and denominations for people who do that. I live in Germany, Germany could be considered a "performance society", like you are what you achieve. And then there silly sayings like "Hartz 4 und der Tag gehรถrt dir" which translates to "Hartz 4 (the name of some kind of social benefit) and the day is yours" poking fun at people who just prefer to stay at home and watch TV and drink beer, financed by other people's tax money. So from there comes my insecurity, because I can be afraid to be put in one box with all these lazy, unambitious people who live from other people's money. And the fact that you would not at all be able to tell that I'm dealing with some debilitating condition adds to that anxiety, I might even look like I'm more vital/vibrant and positive than a lot of other people, which can sometimes inhibit me a bit too, because I don't want to look all too well and positive after having told someone about my situation to not look like some simulated. I know this is all silly, but these mental programs are rooted deep. I've had to do a lot of work to improve the insecurity about this stigma and there's still some more to be done. Thanks for all the kind words man. I appreciate that I can be helpful for some of you. All the best for you!
  15. So you mean in a spiritual sense, like expanding my sense of self into something much bigger than "a man"? Sure. The context is interesting here considering that the dude is someone who literally works every day, Monday to Sunday, 12-15 hours. He has some businesses in the field of construction (like roof constructions and steel constructions of all kinds) and is the definition of a hustler. Seems like someone with very conservative values. So I don't know if he's doing it out of passion or because he was raised to believe in work above everything else, but I don't think it's healthy to work that much (and hard af), but who knows, maybe it's good for him. Correct. That's like 90% of the emotional side of things in my case. Others' perceptions of me regarding a bunch of specific things like the health/job Situation. It is what it is. It's improving though. Actually today I'm already much more chill about the incident. That was just a very narrow, socially conditioned mindset combined with too much alcohol. I don't really judge people who are not enlightened or in the process of getting enlightened as failures, I mean I'm far from being enlightened myself ๐Ÿ™‚