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  1. Exactly. Elon is gonna have his office in the big tower to the right. Folks like us will have to live in these smaller bungalows 😄
  2. Yes! Those are some creepy faces 😄 I made some more too.
  3. I don't imagine the universe to be finite like a room (but I also just have no fucking idea, really :), I just meant that maybe the space "occupied by matter" might be finite, but always expanding in all directions and that at some point after the last planet or stardust or whatever (the one that is the farthest away from "us") there might just be endless space or nothingness that continues infinitely in which the matter could then expand. But that's probably just plain wrong 🙂
  4. Then what is my mind imagining the universe to be expanding into? 😁 Btw, the thread didn't die the moment Leo explained it all, because you imagined the thread to continue, it's that simple 🙃
  5. If I offered you 10.000$ to try to just talk to a group in a bar, would you be willing to risk it? If so, what do you think would happen, with wich likelihood? (Worst case/best case) I don't know where you live, but where I live (Germany, which has this stereotype of people having a stick up their asses), I could definitely think of bars that kinda lean a little bit towards a club, but not as loud music, with fairly high energy and people being all fairly close to each other so that it's not like you have to walk 20 ft from one group/place to another group. And yeah, it's not like people look like they're bagging you to talk to them either, but possible. But who knows, maybe where you live it's different.
  6. @Someone here If you want to look at this from a physical pov probably both of us don't really have sufficient physical education to wrap our minds about this stuff... I mean, time, space and matter are so interconnected that we probably can't even imagine what could be outside of the "space" that contains the physical universe. Wikipedia says: "The expansion of the universe is the increase in distance between any two given gravitationally unbound parts of the observable universe with time.[1] It is an intrinsic expansion whereby the scale of space itself changes. The universe does not expand "into" anything and does not require space to exist "outside" it. This expansion involves neither space nor objects in space "moving" in a traditional sense, but rather it is the metric (which governs the size and geometry of spacetime itself) that changes in scale. As the spatial part of the universe's spacetime metric increases in scale, objects become more distant from one another at ever-increasing speeds. To any observer in the universe, it appears that all of space is expanding, and that all but the nearest galaxies (which are bound by gravity) recede at speeds that are proportional to their distance from the observer. While objects within space cannot travel faster than light, this limitation does not apply to the effects of changes in the metric itself.[notes 1] Objects that recede beyond the cosmic event horizon will eventually become unobservable, as no new light from them will be capable of overcoming the universe's expansion, limiting the size of our observable universe." So maybe there isn't even space where there is no matter?! I don't know 😂
  7. @Karmadhi I don't know...now it sounds like you don't feel clubs, but you also don't feel daygame. But you know...night game and daygame are simply the best options unless you have some hobbies where you're almost guaranteed to meet girls frequently, like living close to the beach being a surf dude or so. Why do you not go to bars instead of clubs? Bars are definitely more quiet than clubs and are basically built for people to talk to each other. Yes, you still have to talk loudly enough there, but it's ok. Getting good with girls is a lot about getting good with people in general. You can't just skip the socializing. You won't find places where a docen of hot girls is lined up for you to talk to them (in a chill laid back environment 😁). So this way or another you'll have to do things that are awkward to get girls. In night game you must engage the entire group and spend considerable time with all of them, and if you're good and the friends like you, then maybe isolation is possible. In daygame you have to deal with the awkwardness of approaching in more silent environments where other people might overhear you talking to her. If that wasn't the case, daygame would be easy and everybody would do it, but because it is hard, nobody does it, so if you get good at it, you win. You can only gradually desensitize yourself to the awkwardness, by doing social challenges, structured in a progressive way, so each challenge is a bit uncomfortable, but doable. Also forget about the "I'm a natural introvert" thing. Everybody who wants to start with game thinks that. It's just another limiting belief EVEN if true. Your brain is plastic. You can change. If you do the right things you could become someone who regularly speaks in front of a several thousands people audience, as the natural introvert. For the library: draw a tic tac toe game on a shit of paper already with your first X written somewhere and write "you won't have any chance :)" on it, then beat her at the game, then start convo
  8. @Someone here Ok, I don't know where you find your porn. And what do you mean by boring? Of course you'll see a penis sliding in and out of a woman and of course there's gonna be a close up of the penetration a lot of the time. Guys typically want to see the "fucking", not the love and intimacy. But then again what to you mean by intimacy? Is it when they're kissing and looking themselves in the eyes etc? There are definitely porn sites (and free stuff from these sites on Pornhub etc.) where the sex is more intimate/passionate/slow etc. I don't really watch porn anymore but I think I remember things like passion HD (or so), babes, Vixen (mixture of passionate/dirty but with style) etc. Just search until you know a few of these sites.
  9. I don't know... aren't you exaggerating a little bit? Actually porn simply shows more of a specific type of sex, which is the more aggressive, man being dominant, dirty/kinky and hard fucking style of sex. And whilst I agree that not all real life sex is like that, if you make enough experiences with girls you'll definitely also have that kind of sex, unless you seem very shy/inexperienced/unconfident because then women don't get the vibes from you to want that kind of sex. I'll tell you something: a lot of women want dirty sex and kinky sex; like spanking ass, pulling her hair, dirty talking etc., they'll yell at you to fuck them hard and all kinds of things, they also want to fulfill some dark fantasies and desires, but for this you must be open and willing to give her permission to do these things. Now of course women also want romantic and passionate or flowery and lovely love-making kind of sex with cute kisses and eye contact and saying nice things etc, but definitely not exclusively, at least not for most women. So just explore everything, don't judge one kind of sex, it's all hot and fun.
  10. How do you like the "Creepy Incel"? 😂
  11. Haha, I so wouldn't want to be in that cheese factory 😂 But it captured the vibe really well.
  12. Wow, I love this! Edit: don't know why the names disappeared... So 1.) Infinite Library 2.) Colombian Beach 3.) Terrible Dream
  13. There is no problem. This is cool. Just keep doing it. If you had fun doing it there's nothing to feel bad about. Unless you really have the desire to never look stupid. It doesn't matter if other people thought, you're an idiot (not that you could that anyway), if so they have the problem. They're trying to hard to look normal or cool, you don't have to care about their judgement. This is assuming that you're not obviously harassing people or anything like that.
  14. I think you should check out a game called "Minecraft". I heard it's good!
  15. Only if they manage to be a good team. They should've won the Euro too, but then Switzerland was too much for them. They have the best individual players, let's see if they can take advantage of it this time 🙂 Edit: I'm referring to France, not England.