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  1. Could that be the ultimate reality and all experience is the dream?
  2. Reality is just a better dreamer then you are. A bigger dream. "Your" dreams happen within the larger dream. Reality is dreaming itself into existence complete with a "you" to validate it's existence by calling it 'not a dream'.
  3. I'm just a bull in a china shop Ever get that feeling after the God realization.
  4. @freejoy I think Leo said in one of his early videos "it's like shining a flashlight on awareness".
  5. By doing exactly as your doing. That's step one.
  6. Cleanse your aura and there will be nothing for them to attach too.
  7. But I seem to remember Leo saying somewhere that all entities are you.
  8. @Philipp Truth with a capitol 'T' is infinitely present. There is nothing complex about it.
  9. @Roy Great advise. Best to have a designated trip sitter just to be safe and if not needed they were there for the piece of mind.
  10. @Forestluv That's a good way to put it.
  11. That's the Default Mode Network freaking out b-c your mind is at total rest. Wanting to reassure itself by doing a 'safety check'.
  12. Here's something somewhat funny (maybe it's just me) but I watched a Y-T a few hours ago titled- 'How I Bleed out working at Subway Sandwiches' Could this the makings of a true Samurai?