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  1. @mostand We haven't heard much from your brother @Yahya on this subject. Since you both share the same account (and LP course) I was just wondering how he feels about this.
  2. @WonderSeeker Pay particular attention to what @Azrael had to say. Holosync worked quite well for him in conjunction with meditation and strong determination sittings. As far as I'm aware he is the go to guy on the subject and the proof is in the pudding.
  3. Yes it's genetics. It's in the genetics of the weed. Weed produces THC as it's natural defense against animal predators that may want to eat the plant in the wild. The THC content in the plant creates a feeling of heightened self conscious after ingestion which in turn causes the animal to feel vulnerable and exposed to it's predators, even though there may be no real immediate threat. It really is an ingenious defense system. So how can you use that paranoia created by the THC in the plant to your advantage? By transcending your animalistic response to it. By using it as a tool for exposing the ego then contemplating "what is this ego?" while it is naked and has nowhere to hide.
  4. Have you gone through the plethora of information in the forum's "search" feature yet?
  5. I must not be awake for everything seems as if in a dream. Or maybe I'm awake for the first time and all that was before was just a dream. -That's a part of one of his poems. Always loved that one
  6. When a Buddha closes their eyes the world ceases to exist.
  7. @TheAvatarState Not sure exactly what your saying. Probably just me. What is being said here is the absolute (no- knowing) is the empty screen on which consciousness- (knowing) appears.
  8. Consciousness 'appears' on the absolute as if on a screen. -Nisargadatta
  9. That old saying has been upgraded for 2021. Now it's "If a bear shits in the woods, does it make a smell?"
  10. @TheAvatarState Looked right past that for something more nuanced.
  11. It sure did and then some. But I'm missing the meme. Throw me a bone here.
  12. Is that scene or seen? Or both? Do they arise mutually within the dream.
  13. Neither. Ultimately nothing is happening at all.
  14. @Adodd Whoa, first of all "You" don't obtain samadhi. Samadhi obtains you. What you can do is to set the right conditions for samadhi to happen. But even then it's a hit or miss thing that everything comes into perfect alignment -then there is samadhi.