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  1. @Gesundheit2 @Proserpina That's a name from the past. Let's leave it there.
  2. "It is a journey that goes from the absolute to the relative," - Isn't that backwards?
  3. Shiva dances on the back of the ego as it keeps the wheel of creation burning.
  4. Mu- For here there is nothing to talk about.
  5. You are both the generator and perceiver.
  6. Infinity manifesting as the finite.
  7. Knowing is like putting red paint on a red rose.
  8. When there is no-knowing you will vanish without a trace.
  9. @Proserpina I think what Leo is saying is after awakening reality remains exactly as reality is.
  10. Not that I have ever done DMT but it makes me wonder about encounters with the machine elves. Look at the Arizona recount for proof of their presents. Lol No real difference from the anti-vax movement keeping them gears a' turning. But all being said there is a definite air of "mechanism" about it.
  11. @TheLoneSage What I mean is everything is happening within Love. No exclusions.
  12. Ground yourself in Love as all else follows..