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  1. @Preety_India Stop digging up drama. Fair warning.
  2. Love is letting go and when it does it returns to itself. Where else could it go?
  3. You say "I hear". That's your first mistake.
  4. Truth will eventually speak for itself.
  5. There is an invisible Sun that never sets. It is the mother of all things under the sun.
  6. Whatever their origin they seem to move within a non gravitational field.
  7. Could that be the ultimate reality and all experience is the dream?
  8. Reality is just a better dreamer then you are. A bigger dream. "Your" dreams happen within the larger dream. Reality is dreaming itself into existence complete with a "you" to validate it's existence by calling it 'not a dream'.
  9. I'm just a bull in a china shop Ever get that feeling after the God realization.
  10. @freejoy I think Leo said in one of his early videos "it's like shining a flashlight on awareness".
  11. By doing exactly as your doing. That's step one.
  12. Cleanse your aura and there will be nothing for them to attach too.