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  1. Just enough to keep me here (for now). But this isn't about me. Again, avoidance.
  2. @James123 Instead of asking the question on a forum than dicking around for 3 days talking shit why not just go the direct root and die already. I'm not talking about physical death, but one can experience a complete cessation of self if you were willing to give it total and complete surrender. But instead, you do everything you can to avoid it.
  3. The short answer is I don't know yet. I was placed on an aggressive radiation and chemo treatment program back in Dec. and continues today. In the next week or two I'll be having a CT scan to find out if there is any shrinkage to the main tumor (was 5cm) and affected lymph nodes on my left lung.
  4. This was me about mid November. It was like shock and awe to the system (the ego self) when I ask the Dr. "how much time would I have if I did nothing"? And he tells me -about a month or so. And I'm thinking O.K. so I would have till about Christmas or New Year if I choose to do nothing. And I'm thinking how I liquidate the house and all its contents so it's not too much of a burden on my daughter and son. I totally wasn't prepared for this short notice. At the time I did make my final wishes known to a certain person here on the forum and asked them if they would be willing to step in for me in the event that I could no longer fulfill my Mod duties (they know who they are. And as a side note I asked them to keep it on the hush as a favor to me). Hopefully Leo gives them his final stamp of approval when the time comes. Or even before. @Leo Gura Sorry, didn't mean to put you on the spot. I know this is news to you. So, to answer your question: Life always hangs in the balance. It's a lesson in impermanence that each will learn to accept in their own way, in their own time.
  5. No idea. Why would you do that? Seems like a waste since God is EVERYTHING.
  6. @B222 You are radiating everything you are. The Sun the Moon, the dog taking a dump on the lawn. Thought = Form at play within consciousness.
  7. @Steel Grotto This video is totally on point with this subject from an enlightened perspective. Well worth taking a look see! @9:30 discuses the biblical understanding (conceptual knowledge) vs. consciousness.
  8. Welcome to the forum @Infinitehealer . If Leo says it's fine with him then that's fine with me. The only thing I'd say is I'm not sure if this topic would be more suited under the Philosophy, Science, Technology topic area rather than Spirituality, consciousness, awakening. Do you think black holes could be gateways to other universes/realities?
  9. The first sign that someone has narcissistic tendencies is when they have never asked themself if they have narcissistic tendencies.
  10. It has gone from Stupid to Moron to Retarted. Just as side note: I'm not personally offended by anything said here, myself being over 60. My only concern is the use of language being well beneath what one would expect from a mod. It sounds more like childish playground name calling.
  11. Cognition: is the "mental action or process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through thought, experience = (*Wisdom), and the senses". It encompasses all aspects of intellectual functions and processes such as: perception, attention, thought, imagination, intelligence, the formation of knowledge, memory and working memory, judgment and evaluation, reasoning and computation, problem-solving.
  12. @OBEler Okie dokie. Not everyone suffers from a limited use of vocabulary. Some of us even know the big words and how to use them properly. And learning new ones too! Oh, dear God!
  13. I gave you the answer to that right up front. It's called neuroplasticity. -Or the lack of it. So, exercises that enhance one's neuroplasticity would be the answer. That is if there aren't other underlying factors in question such as the development of plaque on the brain.