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  1. Just a share.........
  2. and "distinctions"
  3. @fridjonk Was thinking the same thing. Back in the day it was PCP (angel dust) and dudes would go totally bezerk when cops would try to arrest them.
  4. ok from this perspective I think they did an ok job with some tough love. I've just seen these situations handled differently and they went better. I don't see a reason for the cop just coming up all aggressively and yelling him to get on the ground and freaking him out. I've been in some cities in Oregon where the cops have been trained to handle people like this and they are much more gentle approaching people wigging out. I also don't know the back story behind the video. If he attacked people and was acting aggressive before some tough love may have been needed to ensure safety of the cops but if he was just called in for blabbering loudly and acting odd I don't think they needed to rush him like that so quic @Lyubov I didn't watch or realize it was the tazing video that @fridjonk was referring to until just now. In my reply I was referring to the OP's experience with the cops and how they handled his situation. I agree the tazing (in the video) was a bit extreme as was the aggressive way the cops handled the situation.
  5. @fridjonk At least he gets to live to tell the tale. Growing up a couple of guys from town weren't so lucky. One night this guy stepped out onto the highway walking back from the mall. My brother and another friend were with him. He was tripping out on the 2 lights coming down the dark road and next thing he stepped out between them.
  6. @fridjonk Totally agree. Glad they were there to look after him for his own sake. Just as easily could have ended very differently.
  7. Rape infers a sexual act done to another without their consent.
  8. I'll be your huckleberry. “I'm your huckleberry” is a way of saying that one is just the right person for a given job.
  9. @James123 Behind all human predicament satori is always there. They are one.
  10. @BipolarGrowth When there is satori there is nothing left to do. No 'action' need be taken.