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  1. @Someone here welcome back! Please masturbate mentally for us. 🙂
  2. How did that unfold? Which trauma was there? So did you identity as them, like you lived as them, thought as them and acted as them? Was there still an awareness that you were actually somebody on a lsd trip or no more memory of your actual life?
  3. @LSD-Rumi @Luminescence What do you guys mean with "cleaner"? Is it like less confusing or less random? What would a "dirty" trip be like?
  4. Crazy shit! 😆 What did you learn from it when you were eaten by a raptor for example?
  5. @Someone here good luck and all the best to you! It was nice to have you had here!
  6. @Matthew85 awesome! Thanks for your post!
  7. As a teenager I wake up in the middle of the night. I try to get up because I wanted to use the bathroom, but quickly realise that I can't get up even one inch. I'm fully paralysed and can only tilt my head a bit left and right and slightly move my hands. I feel like to my very left there is some dark presence in the room, which I can't really see, I can only sort of sense it, so I'm kind of scared of all this. I'm anxious now and really want to get up, but can't. So I just close my eyes again and wait whether things improve. As soon as my eyes are closed I realise that now I can move again. So I move into about a 45° tilt of upper body, resting on my elbows. Now I open my eyes again and as soon as I do that I am instantly back in my lying position, in which I'm paralysed again. I mean instantly in the most literal sense, just like being beamed somewhere else. So I repeat the process again and again and the same thing keeps happening. With my eyes closed I can get up and sit on the edge of my bed. I can clearly feel the surface and structure of the bed's frame or the structure of the carpet below my feet. It is all 100% realistic, I'm completely sure that I'm awake, sitting upright and actually feeling these surfaces with my hands and feet. I can even stand up and start to walk through my room until I reach the door and feel the door handle in my hand and also a poster on the door that had a very specific surface structure. But even then, as soon as my eyes open I'm back in my bed lying on the back, completely unable to move. So I stand in the middle of my room but are beamed back into my bed the instant I open my eyes. There's no process of beaming, there's no time passing in-between. After a few more tries the entire thing stops and I can move normally again. Needless to say that I was scared out of my mind 😄 What do you think that was?
  8. @Adam M well put. I totally agree. I've read the books of Dr. Joe Dispenza and a few of Dr. Dawson Church (mind to matter, the genie in your genes). In these books they refer a lot to the groundbreaking work of Dr. Bruce Lipton. It only makes sense to me that your conscious experience of reality affects you on the genetic level, so much so that you will over time alter your form. I could imagine how the direct ancestors of giraffes would first recognise that there are certain fruits or leaves on a tree, recognise their own deficit that keeps them from benefiting from these foods because their neck isn't long enough to then unconsciously program their genes to create adaptive changes so that a few (or many) generations later they would become actual giraffes who could reach the fruits in the trees.
  9. Was that phase that you described like below... ...one of the three phases or like an extra 4th phase? Because what Grov describes are 4 perinatal phases (basic perinatal matrices). 1 phase right before birth, which can be nice and comfortable if pregnancy was all good, but can also be ugly if the mother was stressed or consumed toxins. Then the second phase is when the contractions of the womb begin, which creates lots of mechanical stress and is experienced as threatening. In the third phase the fetus is moving through the birth canal which is still more of a struggle, with potential strangulation, temporary lack of oxygen, contact with biological materials etc. The 4th phase is when the fetus is actually born and leaves the vagina. When people reexperience this e.g. in a high dosed lsd therapy session, each phase is accompanied by very vivid hallucinatory imagery full of symbols (sometimes archetypal entities appear like dragons, gods or half gods etc.), e.g. when the mother did smoke during pregnancy the fetus as which you identity experiences the toxins entering through the cord while seeing images of toxic waste dumps or similar things. So I don't if this could be related to your dreams as a child. But I could see how a psyche might be processing the traumatic experiences from birth in such types of dreams, like a sequence of phases that kind of resemble the sensations during the basic perinatal phases. These phases often influence people for a lifetime if they don't get processed at some point, like people will develop neurosis or very weird sexual perversions etc.
  10. That's quite freaky. Did your parents put Salvia Divinorum in your evening tea? 😄 That's an interesting transition. It remotely reminds me of the experiences of people who relive their own birth. Stanislav Grof writes about this in "the way of the psychonaut". First you have a lot of pressure because you get squeezed, then you get released and feel much better.
  11. @Osaid OK, cool. Good to know! Thanks!
  12. @BipolarGrowth Interesting! That sounds like the scariest type of thing you could experience as an 8 year old, it would scare the shit out of me as an adult 😆
  13. @Hojo That's really interesting stuff you experienced. I don't know if you misunderstood me though, because my dream was not within another dream (even though I've had that in some other rare instances), so I woke up into normal reality. The weird visual hallucinations I experienced in waking reality, that's why it was so scary. I also contemplated whether such a dream, in which I see someone with a knife trying to attack me, could also mean that there was indeed somebody out there with some bad intention and that we might have something like a 6th sense that can sometimes warn us from things that are about to happen (or could happen). I don't know whether this is a thing though.