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  1. Oh well... I guess receiving nudes is not really an indication that someone is into another person on a personality or relationship level. 😅. ...
  2. Oh no, no marriage... Lol, didn't really pass my mind. I see. Thanks.
  3. But you tell me to be honest with him cause it's attractive and I agree, but you also suggest that I would scare him away if I tell him I want something serious so quickly. So... What should I do then? Like... Hang out casually, get to know each other, and then bring up the conversation or...?
  4. Okay but like... Having serious conversation so soon is not turn-off?
  5. This is also great advice. I guess my approach to him will depend on the kind of situation we will find ourselves in next. If he suggests I come to his town, it might be fun and we might learn a thing or two about each other (if he's open about that). I doubt he is that crazy to think that I would travel so far just for one thing (sex). Especially because I have never been there.
  6. So I guess I need to have an honest conversation after all... I just honestly hope that he will also be honest with me and not beat around the bush. Or fuck me over by saying one thing but really meaning the other. I guess that will show me if he's really serious or I should just move on.
  7. Well these are the struggles of girls tbh. We have different struggles than you guys. I don't know can I handle that, the way I am as a person currently. Yep. You're right. If he ever asks me to meet each other, I might really need to bring up this topic and see if we're on a same page. Awesome advice. Yep, this adds to my point that I really need to talk honestly. Thanks so much.
  8. That question can be asked if it is assumed that he wants a relationship in the first place. I don't know that though, so I didn't ask him.
  9. I asked because he is hot and popular so... Not really weird. I thought I might have given him an ego boost because I was genuenly curious how someone like that still isn't involved with someone romantically. Though if he is skilled in communication, he could have replied with a fun comment, if it really was a touchy subject to him.
  10. @Leo Gura You know, I asked him at one point "How come you don't have a girlfriend so far?" and he said "Well I do". Then I let go of his hand and got a bit surprised, and he was like "You are my gf". I don't know was that serious, or he was being playful.
  11. It just happens over time, I don't know how exactly. I'm still trying to talk to myself as if I am talking to someone I love.
  12. I wanted to do that, I didn't think much about how he will view me. Yeah, I get that. About clouding my judgement of him. I did a little research of him when he first sent me a message some time ago, because he seemed interesting. And I do like that he's adventurious type of guy, is into "leaving your comfort zone", reads books, plays guitar. I mean... He has some potential.
  13. Yeah, or I could see if he makes effort to talk to me too.