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  1. And because of this and many other contradicting statements ("you are the only being that exists" but also some Universe is working towards maximizing love for "others" (others?)) I just won't even continue listening. And why is it bad to have a human ego? Wtf? Why then even have this human experience if you are judged for wanting certain things or told that "you won't get your way because you are selfish". Lol. Okay? Show me a human who isn't? If you weren't selfish you would literally die in this human form. You wouldn't care about surviving. It's just a matter of not being overly selfish. I just deeply believe some truths are purposely not being spoken out, or are tiptoing around it, because some people would be able to abuse it if they found out.
  2. I just notice this ongoing confusing, and at times, irritating, narrative and clever push-pull attitude towards "us striving to be conscious creators of our reality". It's like "you aren't, but also, you are" (even though it's been suggested multiple times throughout multiple episodes that everything is one giant SINGULAR MIND) And for a long time I sensed this distance and disassociation towards stuff of that nature altogether. Which irks me because I can deny the existance and truthfulness of, or diassociate with the fact that gravity exists, all I want, but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist or is not real lol. Oh, but "I don't understand it". Right. I just don't care. I will just come to conclusions on my own and based on my own life experiences and not let anybody tell me what is or isn't true.
  3. Truer words have not been spoken.
  4. @Enlightement Someone who is willing to also put in the effort into friendship and also is willing to control their ego and not let it get in the way of our relation. Someone who is willing to admit their fault. (Ego thing) Someone who is understanding and forgiving. Those are all characteristics of a good friend and a good sign for long term friendship. Someone who can't get over their ego and is overall a negative/pessimistic person is a bad friend.
  5. What happened was... We almost witnessed a destruction of the world as we know it before our very eyes. If the leader of Wagner were to succeed and take over Moscow, it would be 100000x worse than it already is in Russia. And since Russia is the biggest country in the world, it would have affected others awfully as well. When the crazy radical people take power, especially take such leading power as Russia, it's over not just for Russia but for everybody.
  6. He ghosted you
  7. Hahahahah how did you come to that conclusion? ? i give off male vibes? ?? I am a girl. Moreover, this is me on my profile picture ?
  8. That's right!? Though there is still a lot of lust left ?
  9. Sending love to all of you guys ? (I'm in a very good mood right now, felt strong urge to type this lol)
  10. This is so beautiful ? You're on the right path
  11. Funny that you mention ukulele ? Since my friend plays it. But yeah, I agree. Gotta see where to join. There was some nature camping I wanted to be part of but all places are taken ?
  12. When I asked him why he behaves weirdly, he didn't wanna tell me, ignored me. My friend suggested that he felt deeply humiliated and embarassed that he showed me he cared, so he wanted to let me know that he doesn't. Cause feelings and showing someone they care are pathetic (to him) or whatever. I don't plan on attacking him if I ever see him again. I plan on telling him if he asks. I don't know will he get it. I am preparing myself for both scenarios - him willing to work with me, and him not caring. Thanks for your input.
  13. I wasn't single up until 2 year ago, just a little side note ? But yeah, I don't know if I am up to it since I realized few days ago that I desire to fullfill some of my human needs lol. Like, these qualities I listed are ideal, but I am willing to take compromises and forget about some requirements. Just not crucial ones. As I said, I am willing to make compromises. Going to the gym is something one can do, I was referring to that. I wasn't referring to facial brauty you are born with. As I mentioned in earlier comment, I surprised myself when I found myself attracted to a guy who is totally not my type appearance-wise, but his authenticity just made me fall for him. So authenticity matters a bunch and can make someone more beautiful.