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  1. @Nahm yeah. Any advice in how to "respond" to that emotions?
  2. @The Lucid Dreamer oh thats such a great analogy! @Nahm 😂 nice But active noise cancellation doesnt work well for high pitch sounds/frecuencies
  3. @Gregory1 Psychedelics have been useful for breakthroughs But Im kind of tired of them. They feel like a distraction from real work
  4. Yes, thats exactly the energies i am vibrating recently... Also i am angry with the ego because of the loop of "anxiety then evasion then frustration" (because of havent done anything because of anxiety/overwhelmed). Both things are created by the ego. Ego is stupid AF. However i keep meditating and repeating myself to not fall into thought stories. I do not know Who Will win at the end of this Battle, But i am fighting It.
  5. Have you ever tried the active noise cancellation features on the airpods pro or similar high-end buds? When you are in the middle of high traffic downtown and you turn in on and suddenly everything goes ... Puuuf 🌬️ I am having from time to time the same sensation when the feeling of SELF dissappears. I am very sensitive to sounds and i usually feel very threatening on my nervous system the high volume energy of walking downtown, yet when this "states" have happened, everything seems SO SILENT. Yet i am hearing the "same". Everything stops moving and becomes One Flow. Its so funny. And scary.
  6. How do i get the Love i am chasing through chasing success, women, respect, music, experiences...?¿? Not only its unsatisfaying, there It seems to be some challenges in survival Life which i dont end Up mastering/seems very difficult and this frustrates me therefore i Dont the get the Love. (Even if its a temporary one). Drugs are not an option because they are also temporary love and comes with high price not worth It. Yesterday i was meditating and i reached such a peaceful state...that would be allright to "retain It" in daily Life. What i Dont like about meditation is that the comparison with the "sober" non meditating sober Life is terrible so It frustrates you that the ego has you by the balls and creating suffering each second (It has me constantly chasing love i Dont even know ill ever get!!!!---> because its fucked Up thoughts creates neurosis , blockages, loosp, and self defeating beliefs ---> so i Dont even get the temporary love that sex or money can provide.... I HATE THE EGO) And by the way: Does the ego does even ever "have" the love? Because if its not a thing, But rather a truth or state, love can not be attributed then to self esteem! I Dont know, everything seems so pessimistic for me.
  7. I remember some Psychedelics trips were Nothing "crazy" happened in terms of thoughts or realizations or insights, however the high was so intense It eliminated my ego and all was an ever encompassing of visuals, sounds, and movement. After todays meditation i have contempled and come to the conclusion that Unity feels Good, with no apparent reason. And duality (Awareness + Thought) feels not-blissful. Not-that-good. Why this is the case?
  8. I was watching 5 minute prank video of a couple of youtubers of a city near me. The prank was that this Guy was carrying some ROSES and the joke is that he begins saying "Take It, honey, they are for you" while there are some Girls in front of him, however then an actress ( a friend of the pranksters) is always behind the pranked girls. (So the punchline is finallt the Guy was just talking to the actress ) Anyway, What it surprised me from this video IS the insane amount of instant-hook-attraction GOOD REACTIONS that the pranker got with just that opening. When you look at the Guy (the pranker) he doesnt say Nothing Fancy (as i said, he only says that 3-4 words each time he approaches a set). HOWEVER, he says It with such an amount of ridiculous confidence, boldness, 100% IN, non attachment. Fuuuck yeah this is how i want to feel when i approach. How the fuck you get this good at social games/pick Up? A damn lot of work? Of there is some additional shit you gotta to get to this level? Girls are just instant hooked when they feel the confidence of this Guy. When i approach its like my body/energy/soul is contracted/Broken/divided between 2. Its NOT ONE. I want to be One confidence grounded mothefucker in my own awesomeness like this pranker 😗
  9. @InfinityBeats Yeah, I understand. My LP is very ambiguous yet and I Dont see It until some long time of previous self development and Discovery. My current doesnt stress me much because its an assistant role But It probably Will change and i would get moved and promoted to manager of a whole Office, which definetely would elevate stress. Since I've been so little in this job, Honestly is VERY hard for me Tell if the stress Comes from my own making (anxiety disorder), the job, or the fact that the challenge (job) overpowers so much my skill, or even the fact that you have to deal with a lot of people and adapt a leadership role and Im not used to It. What makes me more motivated to change IS the fact that the job Will be Boring as fuck once i get used to it and especially that the company seems a shitty one.
  10. I have had anxiety although not to the point of anxiety attack (or maybe yes and i Dont call It like that). What has helped me the most have been having the good or bad luck to push myself into situations that elevated that anxiety. For example in my last job i was like 2 months straight going to work feeling anxious. The last month was even crazier because i had even more responsability. When i started this job, the same day on the morning i went previously out to do some pick Up, which also makes me anxious, with a Guy i didnt even knew. It wasnt a Conscious choice, i just had learned to be demolished and accept again and again the anxiety, to the point where It gets to a point you Dont feel It anymore. It was all in your mind. I feel now nowdays. I just had Broken again and again and insensitized my nervous system. Now days i may experience "anxiety" Rising Up But since I no longer fight It, i Dont Care, It ends Up dissapearing. A dumb joke of the mind shouting "danger" which i can no longer even hear. I have surrendered.
  11. @cypres What happens in red/Orange society, which is basically 96% of the world countries, is that if you are soft and gentle you get treated as a bitch. After much Enlightment work, Psychedelics and so on, when i entered my job career on a stage low orange company, i had to force myself to forget everything about work rights, empathy, and so on, to be able to get the Job properly done, or face the consecuences when i didnt want to behave like a thirsty animal for food. And this happens in most companies, so i Dont know where you live But that ego strategy Will work like shit round here 😂
  12. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  13. This has been refuted Leo. Stop calling "scientific fact" which is urban myth and lack of true analysis of society, brains, and history. For example its also a myth that Testosterone increases violence. This has also been refuted. Testosterone mainly increases social connection (and of course sexual libido). But it doesn't increase violence. Just because men have been stronger physically and have been the ones going to war doesn't make men more violent. Unless you limit violence to physical violence. Then Yes, men are way more violent than women.
  14. @InfinityBeats Thanks , you really have motivated me.
  15. Yeah i get It. I just find quite suspicious that 99% people are under the illusion.