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  1. Even hot girls can get nervous when approached unexpectedly by a newbie... well not nervous like physically but I saw clearly today that when I approached this very attractive girl today she had some of those kinda "phrases" that you say when you are nervous /Not in social state, like saying 'thank you' at the end of the interaction even though it didn't make any sense. Of course it's normal if she's approach out of the blue by a stranger, but still, it gives me the impression she's just a human like any other LoL. Going to stop putting hot girls on a pedestal for real I liked this interaction, makes me think that nobody here is super human, we all got our flaws and today's reflection on this interaction got me thinking I really going to stop judging myself for not being 'perfect' when socializing/approaching because nobody is really πŸ‘Œ
  2. Its true, my father was around 46 I think, went to canary islands and this young hot Girl (she probably was around 20, not more) just wanted to go with him to his hotel. You have take into consideration Girls find usually attractive experience, older guys, etc
  3. @itachi uchiha Im definetely doing daily work and Im feeling much better. Like my mind is changing. I Guess now i have to have patience
  4. What kinda snacks does your brother have? Because most snacks have sugar or carbs and I cant be washing my teeth each 2-3 hours LoL
  5. I just Dont like the buzz of alcohol. But If I would, yeah sure, Nothing too bad for having a drink here and there. . Seems you are enjoying It.
  6. Most of my Life I have lived in a small town where the Air quality is at "Good" levels, But since 7-8 months ago i moved to a Big city, here most of the days the Air quality is "moderate" , with some days like Mondays/Fridays goes straightly to "not good" (there are still two more levels of "bad Air quality" though on the chart though). According to this web, the last 30 days on my location, the amount of 2.5PM particles have been superior to the "recommended" level of OMS each day. Not even one day was below the limit. Furthermore, the monthly amount levels of 2.5PM particles in my location is superior to the ANNUAL recommended amount of OMS!! This really makes me mad But the reality is that my Life purpose and self development would be greatly affected and slowled if i move again to my town (or other small city). Please Tell me its not so bad...
  7. @Thought Art And What route did you go if may i Ask ?
  8. Im.not sure they are Happy. They are ok. Like in a mild dose of anestesia. Living a Life with those habits that Leo has said, its imposible to have a Life of Joy and profoundness.
  9. Trust me, getting good at music or art wont heal this Monster i have inside me πŸ˜” But i know What u mean. Like some kind of motivation and shit. Its definetely important and i got it, its helping me to move my ass and each day i try to become more and more excited with it
  10. I agree But I Dont even need such Big love. I am Happy with at least a nice vibratory Ñurea of Love around me 😏 The Love u Talk about its quite difficult to achieve (even though its the real nature of Reality)
  11. what is duh? Please reply with some kind of education or don't reply please.
  12. How to Love yourself? Not conceptually like 'Yeahh now I really love myself. Like, I value myself, blabla". Fuck that BS πŸ˜‚! I mean actually FEELING yourself in this love/acceptance/goodness vibration wherever you are going, especially when you are in social situations. I am lately putting more work into socialize more+feeling and I just can't help to feel this hate, in form of thoughts/projection/gloomy belief when I look at myself of literally hate. Sometimes at night, when I open myself to feeling, much of the times I start crying because I feel this awful-feeling thoughts ( That I was not conscious through the day) Something tells me, If I don't start creating/Vibrating in Love just because (because to be honest, it's the same way I do the hate: " just because"...Since I don't really have a reason to hate myself so much you know) then nothing will really really change.
  13. extremely high value and good looking men are in Tinder ? πŸ˜•
  14. To not feel so alone. So there is an ocean, imaginary, or not πŸ˜‡