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  1. Time to know yourself, to know that you really are more than just thoughts. If you got fear , inquiry into the one who has fear. BREATH and observe, thoughts are not that good indicators as you might think. It's Time to love yourself, buddy.
  2. That almost enlightens me. @zeroISinfinity So I am the container of objects?
  3. @VeganAwake It's effortless and completely unpersonal. It's THIS 💥
  4. @Leo Gura Right, the ego is maybe trying to make another story? But it seems so definitive. I have realized here there´s only being, not an identity. So in other persons POV must only be also being, not an identity. Should I be skeptic of this "inference" into what it´s inside in other persons POV?
  5. @LfcCharlie4 Is it difficult to awaken to love? Never tapped into that feature of consciousness, since I started the spiritual journey I only see things as absolutely neutral and empty always
  6. I have realized there´s only BEING at the other side of any other persons POV. However I am seeing the ego is trying to see this realization as "God-mode-do-what-you-want" idea. Here´s my reasoning: Even if I torture someone, there´s actually NOBODY there suffering. Thoughts and sensations of pain will be arising in his consciousness, but they won´t be able to touch this consciousness. Being is untouchable. Not only that but I don´t have to feel any remorse because I´d be just torturing myself! I imagine this devil reasoning is because I´m still in low stages of realization. Haven´t gone deep enough yet. Does a total awakening goes so deep that you start to care truly for other human beings POV because you are absolutely consciouss you are hurting (or loving yourself) when you do "stuff" to other people?
  7. @Leo Gura Yeah I totally agree with that, but I just I´m a little confused since they say sub-breakthrough dose can be more uncomfortable than actually breaking through. I think I will try the first trips vaping it to get acclimated to the experience and when I feel I know what it´s about I´ll plug it looking for a more total dose. You think that could be a good plan?
  8. @Leo Gura What stage would you categorize that one of Becoming aware that BEING is what you are and there isn´t an identity? That you are just basically talking to yourself whenever you talk to another human. Also that when for example you are using a remote controller you are literally interacting with yourself. But I haven´t had direct experience that consciousness is imagination thought (I am getting that with my pure intellectualization, since Being is all there is, I guess Being invented all of this, because there´s no other one here LOL) What I should I prepare myself if I do 5-MeO in the next month? Could be possible with just the first try that I can become consciouss of world is my imagination? (Not theorizing because it make sense, but actually become consciouss of it withouth any doubt whatsover)
  9. I think it's about discovering new things about yourself, as conscioussness. Sure, you can be conscious that you are conscious (aka, waking up to you being consciousness itself and not a person) BUT that doesn't say everything about THIS present moment. Where are you doing here? Who created all of this? Why?...etc
  10. @Serotoninluv I will definetely try to remember that attitude in my future psychedelic trips bro That was inspiring :holdinghands
  11. You are taking for granted physical reality and the mind. This is a belief, too. In esence, all you have is the present moment. Within this present moment, chemicals, neurotrasnmitters, brains, hallucinations, chairs, pencils, hands, cars...etc happen. You can expect that for example the graphite of a pencil is the responsible for the pencil being able to make a drawing, but that doesn´t mean that the graphite is physical, or better said it, that doesnt mean that the graphite occurs outside consciousness. Everything happens inside consciousness! Because consciousness is existence itself. Existence is not an outside phenomenon. You are thinking reality or existence exists outside you. This is false, you are literally existence. The physical world do not exist. Now this guys say this consciousness has been imagined by no other than YOU. That I can´t speak of because I haven´t became consciouss of this, thought.
  12. bruh That´s a Rupert´s quote I would advice against trusting everything of what of a Guru says or gives the impression (sometimes it´s not their fault) to communicate. I actually love Rupert Spira´s teaching but I have no direct experience of actually how it is his experience of life. Unless you are a in a buddha state all day long I don´t see how you are going to be in a hapiness state all day long. If really hapiness or bliss is your truly biggest motivation in life, the move is easy. Surrender all desires and go to an ashram to meditate all day long. You probably won´t realize total truth or awakening as leo says, but I´m sure you´ll be in an almost 24/7 peace state all day long. It just that you will have to surrender probably absolutely everything. And I doubt your ego wants to do that. I used to think like you, that hapiness and being in peace was my first priority in life, but then I realized if that would be true i would have surrendered everything by now and have gone to a meditation cave. In the inside there´s more drive in me that hapiness or bliss. Sometimes I think if we are alive is to experience live fully and be explorers, as you have said, cats are "happy" or "fullfilled", but they are not really experiencing the 1% of complexity of the human mind do. If you, as God, is experiencing life right now as human, why not open yourself to experience the whole range of the thing? The happiness, the sadness, the discovery, to explore, to create. But hey, I don´t judge you, ever lasting bliss sure looks delicious, is just doesn´t seem very realistic as a human form. But as I said you can always go to live on a cave.
  13. You should do no-fap but only if you do it conscioussly, because it is a result of . You can become so balanced that you can almost never jerk off, then no-fap becomes effortless. But this is very difficult to do, it requires serious mastery. No-Fap forced, like 99% of people do, can also be helpful but it also can easily soon becomes dysfunctional and a self-deception of growth.
  14. @Derek White Chemicals and neurotransmitters are consciousness too, they are just another "feature" of consciousness. It seems that a state of consciousness is a particular level or intensity of being aware, and it looks if we act on neurotransmitters this intensity changes.