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  1. Ime is a very effective way to release emotions. Day to day awareness I mean try to be conscious of the breath in the belly the most time you can. Especially in stressful, anxious, etc situations were your ego might be triggered and trauma might arise, those are the most important moments where you should do this 🙂
  2. It's even worse than that..sometimes I imagine being the girl. Jokes aside, I do think porn can hurt aspects of sexuality if you are not sexually balanced enough. So by no means I'm saying porn should be watched mindlessly as eating fruit. But also is not totally the devil and I believe it can be consumed in a conscious way, without turning it into an addiction or an neurotic behaviour.
  3. I recommend a day-to-day awareness of the belly and belly breathing in general. Don't know why you say that psychedelics alone doesn't count, though. You can just put the intention of healing trauma before tripping and just the trip will probably roll around showing/exploring with you that. Ultimately, all Psychological trauma healing boils down to discovering who you are really and from that place accepting/loving the parts that you hated or fear. So at the end of the day is just doing spiritual practices, combining them in the best way possible that works best for you.
  4. There is no need to verify anything. Ask yourself how would you verify it. Obviously being conscious of the room. So consciousness is necessary for 'reality' to exist. Your bedroom is your own mind.
  5. What about periods of deep sleep? It seems there is actually nothing there. There is not even consciousness. Although I'm probably imagining such a thing as deep sleep. And it's not real. Right.?
  6. I have to disagree in that one. Even though I can fantasize about being the girl during the whole video, always when it comes the time of ejaculating, I feel an intense unstoppable drive to switch to being the man ,while I ejaculate I need to feel I'm pounding . It's impossible to me otherwise in that moment.
  7. Of course it´s all relative. When I say "what is important" make no mistake I know that important here is totally relative. My intention of abiding as the Self is purely selfish from an EGO POV, I value bliss and peace over suffering and struggle. That is a preference and is relative and I accept that. As ego´s we are limited by that preference and I think it´s OK. And of course when I say "share the love and wisdom" with humanity, is more of the same. I know humanity care about good-feeling and peace over suffering or other explorations that might not be totally peaceful. This is not to say that explorations are bad, is just that most people don´t care about explorations. Having said that, there is people who prefer and show more interest in going deeper, in explorations kind of way as you said. I actually had a similar conversation some time ago regarding this, in this forum with a known user here. I was saying something like If Had been happy and at peace 24/7 I would have never started any spiritual search. He would say more or less what you are saying, that he entered into other realms just because of pure adventure and curiosity even though knowing it might be scary or terryfing. Which I value but I have never been able to empathise on a deep level since I have always valued peace and bliss before anything else.
  8. That is interesting. That could explain how come some people experience some physical sensations as "excitement" and others as "anxiety". What you seem to imply that there is no body actually. Since if what you are saying its true, being "tired" is just more raw sensation and then the mind labeling the sensation as "tired". Which makes kind of sense, since the mind needs a survival mechanism and withouth the label "tired" we would be always energized and never "tired". But again, there is no body, so in theory, we "could". But maybe the infinite intelligence limit itself. Maybe the survival mechanism is just a tool to keep the imaginary game keep being played in a congruent manner. Idk, let me know if I am divagating too much! @Nahm
  9. Omg that is actually an hilarious yet on point analogy
  10. I don't predict a successful future with that amount of ego stubbornness. It's deeply counter intuitive, but Let go and surrender is part of game. Some times those cards are the best ones to play to advance
  11. It's kind of pointless to approach with covid. Just wait until it passes and focus on other stuff. Is what I am doing
  12. That seems very interesting and exciting, and I wouldn't want to down-value your experiences, but honestly I think one or two trips of deep mind-fuckery is more than enough. More than that and I start to feel I "owe" reality something. I prefer to abide in Truth, rest as the Self, create the best possible life in this human form, share the best love and wisdom I can, and ultimately, simplify things a little bit. Although those deep travels to crazy worlds can be tremendously valuable in certain points of our paths/life's, they can ultimately become a distraction from what is important for us imo
  13. Very interesting , I had already heard of that therapy but I didn't know the details of it. Seems very promising, thanks for sharing!
  14. There is the label of "an individual". The is the label of "other". There is the label of "body". Yet when we think about existence, we definetely have a sense or intuition that for something to *really exist, It must hold more substance to It than just a mere label.