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  1. I'm not sure. I'm not seeing that much results. If they would be obvious and straight forward then there wouldn't exist 1000 pick up coaches and dating books. Honestly, I can stomach anything. But there isn't anything to stomach. Because it's all concepts. All of this seems like a business.
  2. With results you mean sex?
  3. Idk, been taking it for 2-3 years daily and life has been exactly the same, if it has done something it's giving me emotional endurance to push in some work challenges during a hard time in life. Also kratom is definetely not the same as the other opioids. It's way way milder. Waaay weaker. By a ton. But I get your point. Ideally life should be lived sober, but I don't know, sometimes people are really stuck at lower energies in life, and need to be chill/feel minimally loved for a couple of hours to have some motivation in life to look forward, when life it's very rough humans need a break to not lose their shit
  4. Meh, it's kinda like coffee in terms of addiction. It raises your state /mood and it has so little side effects that eventually people want to take it daily. The most dangerous thing about kratom is that it can lead to actual potent opioids, Because you might wonder "damn, if this feels so good, I wonder how it must feel the actual opiates". Imo not worth it, also because I don't think it works for socialization. personally for me it made me want to chill and be alone, not talk to people.
  5. I'm part of a pick up group pretty active in my city, and it's quite usual than in the WhatsApp group several users share pick-up stage orange stuff (I would say more stage red Lol) and red pill stuff. It's sad because you see that even though they might be getting some action with girls, which of course is WAY better than doing nothing, they still are holding their paradigm of victimhood and judging/beliefs of women. Which was precisely what got them in trouble in the first place. It's also concerning because if you hold that paradigm, even if you try to go out regularly your growth with women will seriously be slowed down. I guess it's part of the development, but I don't know, sometimes I would love to just say to them "stop sharing that c***!"
  6. Well I only did a microdose (15ug or so) so its not like I tripped or something like that but it was awful still. Basically the acid increased 200% my social fears, shame, guilt, etc energies. So I would approach girls but I would feel so weak and exposed inside me.
  7. Just put yourself in the perspective of the woman...how would you feel/react if you are having a coffee with a guy you just met and he starts talking about how he wants to fuck you and do all kind of things? What would you say or reply? See you must see its very violent and makes her feel very unsafe if that would happen.
  8. Thanks a lot!!! 🫂🫂👌
  9. Nice! Sort of like Leo goes out Lol? I need it to try it Phenibut is great until it's not. Also very , very toxic drug. Did pickup (nighttime) on it last year. Worst night of my life Lol. Fucking traumatic @kamwalker I might give a try to MDMA though. Honestly I've become a little tired of trying to "solve" my lack of confidence/trauma in social situations with psychedelics. They have helped tremendously overall in my wisdom for life but I feel they haven't really be able to hit that. Except lately shrooms which are giving me promising results. What set and setting do you recommend for MDMA? Dose for this purposes?
  10. Hahhahahaha. Don't be so dramatic bro. But yeah you right, its all quite a joke. Better to watch your back and have fun the most you can. Last trip I was consciously stopping my breath, and was going to stop my heart (option of mahasamadhi). Then I heard dogs barking and the horse below my house ratting. In that moment I realize that Life is worth living. Those guys were worried for me lol. So I decided to keep breathing and continue to the game... The game is there to play it buddy Good to see you too!
  11. Humans can't Love. They are 100% selfish. Their love is actually attachment and interest. God on the other side, can actually literally Love you. In the more profound, truth and honest way. Because you are God, this is 100% possible. The Love is 100% real. Is not fake bs human love. I am having a hard awakening on humanity...I was so dumb trying to look for Love in humans...Big mistake. Only in God I will find and have it always.
  12. I just want him to say where he copped those psychedelic silk cool shorts @Leo Gura
  13. Great work my man 👏👏👏👏