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  1. @7thero I'm telling you that way that I have transcended my "porn addiction" is mainly through questioning my beliefs about porn addiction, my relationship life, social life, and etc. By not isolating the concept 'porn addiction' into the thing that I have to eliminate completely to my life, but rather observing what really porn addiction can tell me about my life, I've started discovering things I didn't know about me, between others lack of self love and a disfunctional perspective of seeing other people and socializing. By fixing this, "porn addiction" have started to erode effortlessly. Contrary to the 2 years before which was just "abstaining from it". Now, of course in your case could be different, im just telling for the sake of your good being that you should consider taking a lot at this approach. This doesn't mean that you stop using porn blockers if you consider you need them now, but rather that you take into account other perspectives to this problem (like mine) which maybe could be beneficial to you. Good luck.
  2. I remember in one not very old video he says something like this: "...How could it be otherwise? Haven't you found weird that you are you and not other (person) .... ? " But I want to know the context in which this was being explained. Of course anybody could explain it to me too, but I am asking for the video because before saying that there were a context that probably would make understand that quote (paraphrased) more easy. I just can't wrap my head around why I am this person and not other person. Why I am living the experience through this person called @Javfly33 and not other? LOL.
  3. @7thLetter By the way, If i tell you all of this is for a simple reason. I´ve been trying to quit porn for 2 years now. I used to think like you. Let me tell you (and this is my experience, I don´t want to determine you into something because maybe you can really just quit porn by abstaining it from it) that the solution has not been what i thought it was.
  4. I TOTALLY get what you are saying bro, but let me tell you something. 'Spirituality' (although I wouldn't categorize what I told you as something spiritual but rather an interesting observation) is understood as something outside of reality. Mistake. Spirituality is just a path that lets you see things from other perspective. For example, if I might have a porn addiction, someone might recommend me something but because I see that 'real world problems' is one thing, and the 'spiritual' approach is another thing, I sense that the spritual approach CAN'T impact the material / real problem I have therefore I categorize that advice as "impractical". Do you see where I'm going? A lot of the spiritual advices (although, again, I wouldn't categorize the thing I told you as spritual) are indeed tremendously practical, precisely because spiritual perspective is not some other world or galaxy, is this right this one! But you keep drawing a line, therefore for you they can't be practical, because you think there is indeed a difference between reality material problems and spirituality, therefore whatever I tell you from this approach will not impact / solve anything in the practical sense because you really think spiritual advice is another galaxy outside the "material world"
  5. I recently i discovered the spiritual talker 'Sergi Torres', I don´t know how awakened he is but it surprised me how profounds his talks are. He still needs to get better at trying to talk more simple to audiences, sometimes it´s explanations end up in a "strange loop" as Leo used to say LOL But to be honest yeah I think he way more profound that Mooji´s talk for example (which I still love by the way but sometimes he can get some times too tiring on the "nothingness" and you can´t get from him other teaching that that one) Here´s a talk I was watching tonight: SERGI TORRES - TEATRE GOYA - "La libertad de pensamiento" Anyone has listened to him? Do you think this kind of videos are actuallly practical or are actually just losing your time? 99% i think its just wasting time but I have to say sometimes with this guy somethings resonate with me in a more profound level and actually will make me start self-inquiry seriously about some topic
  6. First rule of succesful communications: Never send significant comunications via text message!
  7. You are aware that the type of tool that you are looking for is the same that the tool you are looking to abstain from, right?
  8. With 'approach' you mean picking up girls? Well I can only say even if it's sounds cliché that you should work on yourself. Not just "approach X girls and you're good to go" It's important to be a person of "action" but both sides should be work for success.
  9. Lol i´ll take your job you can go work at the market selling panties and socks with the gypsies to enjoy your "social job" :facepalm:
  10. Thanks yeah that´s exactly what i meant and where i´m think im stuck i hope i trascend this stuness soon thanks for your message
  11. Something that would be obvious to question I only recently have become intrigued by. Even if this is not a subjective experience because really there's no subject who is having an experience right now but just there's only experience... How come there's a consistent physical object with consistent image? (Which in my belief system I've called "person") Who is this "person" that seems to take all of the space of experience? And why it's there?