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  1. @Nahm 😃👍
  2. Psychedelics can play a part in actually healing schizophrenia. There is research of this done during the 60s.
  3. LOL Don't kid yourself. Yes, all of this post is ego bullshit. Women don't owe you sex or basically anything on return. If you are attractive to girls they will want to fuck you. If you are not the won't . What did you expect? Women are not ONGs. What you are missing it's game/self growth to be attractive to girls. That is done through pick up, self growth ...etc. you clearly haven't done much growth. Doesn't matter what you think you have done. Start contemplating what is actually that you are doing to get better with girls. And maybe improve it or change it.
  4. No but how is this related to my problem? @Mosess thanks I will try it. I think it's difficult to do because it's though to sit with the pain at first. The pain of being inferior. Yeah. It's that.
  5. Sometimes I engage in a strange addiction...I won't specify the details (unless you are really curious you can DM me) but what makes this addiction so addicting it's because I usually see people that get me veeery jealous. This jealously feeling produces a uncomfortable sensation (anxiety), which then, I try to eliminate by doing something ( this is the addiction itself). What is this sensation? What is it doing here? How to eliminate it, accept it, or trascend it? I have contemplated the fact that maybe the people that I see jealous of they don't consider themselves that privileged, but this is just an idea, maybe they do considered themselves privileged.
  6. For sedative effect 4-AcO-DMT much better than acid. Careful with Ketamine if you have an addictive personality. It can deliver spiritual experiences but it demands more self control to use it. Also it can cause some health issues if used long term.
  7. @Forestluv Well I thought the opposite. By realising that God is suffering that would suggest that God is Actually anything that arises in my experience...therefore God is everything... therefore God is here and there is not a separate thing outside God ...
  8. @Forestluv Are u trying to say that a part of God IS suffering ? 🤔
  9. Nice, this is similar to the "lean" approach when building software companies isn't it.
  10. When you quit drugs the emptyness of your life that you escaped comes back.
  11. @Dazgwny lol that is still playing the game that there are others @Inliytened1 can't really accept it anyway it's just an idea I'll have to go much deeper
  12. +1000 I think it's because people have the idea that these people, even though while they are talking to them they don't exist, they exist in another infinity/universe and they are real. So they are not real in your universe/godhood, but they real in their own.
  13. A being can be Enlightened and his body be in a normal state. Enlightment is a recognition awareness has, not the body or the mind. For example in a non dual state I can be totally normal and talking to you yet in the insides being in bliss. But is not the body mind that is in bliss. Is just that awareness is woke up. Is not even bliss. Call it bliss is to make it conditional. It's nothing.
  14. @Kalo lol why are u so obsessed with not being God. The ego is the illusion. The ego is God thinking it's not God. Lol. Of course you are God.