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  1. I care more about Hawkins said that what you say for sure.
  2. Do you do Lingam massages? Are there any woman coming to massages? Have you seen anyone having an intense spiritual experience after receiving a tantra session?
  3. kudos to that I think you are confusing it with just basic survival knowledge on what one should or shouldn't do to not get in trouble. Hawkins rated Shame as literally the lowest vibration on the whole fucking universe. Something with a LOC so Low that is very close to literally 'death' can't be healthy ...
  4. Say the ones that don't know how to hold the state.
  5. Stop making such a big thing about it. You don't have to surrender all your attachments or purify yourself and be an Angel. Just learn to handle and direct your energies. I sit in gyan mudra (its a hand posture where you hold the fingers in a certain way) and sit in Siddhasana. After that, intense and light focus on the fingers (the mudra) that are touching themselves. Then, absolute surrender (although this happens by itself, it's not something you 'force'). Keep 'dying' into the fingers (the mudra). Keep 'forgetting' your body. Until the shift happens. Once the shift happens, then energetically its saved into your intelligence and you can instantly produce 'Dissolution of self' every time you want. I can produce annihilation of myself as a separate entity, and 5 min later go about my work and take a Zoom call like a normal dude. Then again if I sit and 'I want' again to remember what is real, then mudra+Siddhasana and again to 'enjoy existence'. Bottom thing is really master and find the technique that works for you and truly master it to death until its like a key you can activate each time you want. Good luck
  6. Share your tunes of high vibration frequencies that might not be purely under the 'spiritual' or 'made in an ashram' genre but nonetheless generate infinity states of consciousness within you: This song from Wizkid have truly connected me to intense blissful psychedelic states. Wonder if there are similar tunes like this out there...share what you got! Another example (bit less high frequency but still spectacular specially when Wizkid enters the beat).
  7. After trying countless diets and eating regimes, this is what best works for me, I basically 'fast' all day but with the difference that im not really fasting since I am drinking water with honey through the day. I´ll throw maybe about 80-100gr of Honey on a big bottle water, and that's the fuel I run on the whole day. I don't have any regime or hours to drink it, basically whenever I find myself getting tired, I´ll drink some, and voilà, again in that calm but subtly energised state through the whole day. Some days I will alternate and instead, first thing in the morning I´ll eat about 60-80g of almonds or peanuts (remember to soak these on water the previous night, also peanuts must be organic), those days I will cut the honey dose at least at half. I alternate because I believe I can make the body progressively be used to burning fat 'on the day' (instead of waiting 24-48hrs to ketosis to start), so ideally some day it won't be necessary to even drink the honey with water and just go through the day with those almonds-peanuts first in the morning. Then at night when the day its over obviously I eat 'properly'. It's sometimes difficult to eat a lot at night because the body usually doesn't respond well to a lot of food if the rest of the day you've been on a very light-empty stomach. But I don't count calories I just make sure to make myself full and satisfied and call it a day. Next day repeat. I'm not losing weight or muscle, yet I haven't felt better in my life. I enjoy a higher state of awareness through the day along with stress reduction and amazing body stamina (before doing this pseudo fasting diet, I would just dread walking 3-4km!. Now I just have to stop doing exercise or be active because I just realize...oh it's 22PM! I must go home LoL). Important to note too that most days I supplement first thing in the morning: - Panax Ginseng - Ashwaghanda - Moringa - Flaxseed Oil (pills form) - Turmeric & Neem (Sadhguru 'recipe', this one only the days I go only on honey+water) At night with the 'big meal' I take Vitamin C and Vitamin B12 too. Let me know if anyone tries it and share if it worked for you! For me this is a game changer.
  8. I talked to a very dear friend of mine who practices Reiki and has extensive Tantra practice for over the years. (so the guy knows about energies) The guy is very intuitive, it's a blessing to have it as a friend to let them know of my discoveries and insights in Consciousness. I talked to him that this last year I´ve been totally passionate with Afrobeats music. There are some songs of this genre that I absolutely feel they move my energies-prana and I believe the music that comes from this genre has a certain energetic frequency that is there to 'elevate' certain people that might be stucked on lower frequencies. I have experienced energy raising from the lower back of the spine all the way up, while listening to some of this songs. I talked to him all of this and he said they are certain 'ultrasounds' that depending on where you are in the spiritual path-development you can clearly resonate with them and you can use them to raise you up. Today I was listening again to one of my favourites songs of this last year of Afrobeats, I was holding Gyan Mudra and when the female singer stepped on the song, in one vocal I really felt some energetic very high frequency expression. It was comparable to some chants that Sadhguru does after some meditations. These are not just mere 'good-feeling' sounds or a very good technique in autotune. There is some very high frequency singing that is happening when the female singer steppes on on the middle of the song, see if you can catch it: (Very advisable to hold Gyan mudra and sit in Siddhasana): Note that this excerpt I talk about is particularly high energy. Most afrobeats sounds are below what you will hear of the female singer (this is basically the Peak of the peaks), but I thought in sharing the most intense example I could find. If anyone resonates with it I can send them some more songs that are particularly powerful.
  9. Yeah I meant where in the sense of in caravan or a tent or bungalow, or etc.
  10. I was meditating and it was clear that I had a big hole of lack of love. Then I listened to a supreme voice that said 'you are infinitely super mega intensely Loved, for ever in all sense in all directions'. That felt good, that felt more than good. Go get that from any of your petty materialistic schemes that you have designed to fill that empty void. See a human can never give that to you. Human can tell you hundred things or do certain things for you but it will always be in exchange of something. Conditional. Limited. A facade of Love. It can't be find anywhere else than within God, Omnisciencie, Consciousness, or whatever you want to call it. It can't be matched with any materialistic thing no matter how shiny it is, it can´t be faked, it can't be replicated. The sooner humanity accept and start to turn inward the better.
  11. Another Bravo here. Really laughed with the final results description.
  12. It might be but since its private place they decide who they allow to enter the mall
  13. The mall is such a place you have to do moderate pick-up, because obviously is not just out on the street it's a private place. So don't go as hard next time in the next mall.