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  1. For me spirituality always felt that was going 'against me' but for against the false 'me', which anyway I don't need it because I am already complete and perfectly fine, just keep letting erase what is not real and see what its left. If you are looking for Truth then as long as you are going forward it shouldn't matter what its left in the road.
  2. Ive never agreed You shouldnt take them ir You are in a 'bad place' in your life but rather that If you are not willing to do serious work and you are willing to surrender to the experience / be humble. For example having depression can be a 'bad place' but there are people that might have depression but inside them there is something that has still hopes / wants to change then I don't see a problem doing a psychedelic. On the other hand someone who might not been in such a 'dad place' in life but might be very stubborn, reckless, cocky or stubborn might not very reccomended to him to have a trip at that time in its life. It might occur the psychedelic go too strong on him
  3. What would you eat before tripping dude? That always goes bad
  4. @Leo Gura The reason of why it is so difficult to imagine that might be possible what you are talking about is because of linear-time thinking? I haven't entered intense levels of consciousness as many of guys had but I've had some experiences of the no-self and yeah what you are talking about is the only thing that makes sense to 'explain ' what I've discovered so far. However it seems "impossible" with linear time thinking. In high levels of consciousness this type of time perception changes radically enough that you can see clearly what you said? Or is just an explanation/analogy what you are saying?
  5. No, its the body itself who owns the I "I" am sure I am the body since wherever this body moves, "I" is there!! Therefore, i am enslaved to this 'knowledge' the mind has! I completely believe my mind, it has such a perfect and believable story. @VeganAwake help me out, what am i missing
  6. @Serotoninluv I (at least me) do not do it. I've become pretty conscious of what happens in a dream and I've come to the conclusion that there is awareness present in the same intensity than in real life. Thanks to awareness the dream can be dreamt. But that doesn't answer the question. Because I didn't chose to dream. In the same way that I didn't chose to live 'real life' as a 'devil'. It just happens. I suddenly find myself dreaming and I realize that there is awareness. However I do not seem to be very powerful as you guys say it is (God). I just find myself in all places and times, whether dreaming or in real life, but in sort of a helpless way.
  7. Lol I actually like it backwards, can't stand the stimulation side from kratom. Of course its dirty since its an opiod feeling haha Anyways I don't know even the reason of this post. Kratom is definitely not useful for consciousness practices so... I don't OP why he posted this.
  8. I would never reccomend smoking weed before doing any psychedelic. Well you must be one of the few people that actually can handle that combination for what I am seeing lol
  9. I know it sounds new agey, but its true: You need to reconcile and accept porn in your life before you can let it go.
  10. Why? Explain your answer @supremeyingyang Honestly interested in your view, since I did started doing pick up (but very soon I stopped and become confortable once I got a few dates) some years ago when I had social anxiety. Nowdays I still would say I have some but a lot less, however funny enough I am struggling now more than ever to start again doing pick up.
  11. After physical body dies awareness implants itself Into another physical body, right? I´m probably just making stories to feel "safe", but this story feels like the most common probability after physical death. Not trying to create a phylophical debate btw, just to know if anyone who has more consciousness experience/development would agree with this so I know I can feel safe "I´ll never die" and I can let go of so much desires/fears of this body/mind has.
  12. What is the difference? Because thoughts come from the mind therefore can´t describe Truth accurately. But "spiritual insights" you guys said they describe some fundamental truth. However this insights people describe them as some sort of complex, again, thoughts. How to know you are not deluded when an spiritual insight comes in? For me there is no delusion when you can´t actually doubt, its impossible to doubt what you are experiencing. Spiritual insights seem to have some kind "trying to make sense/explain sometihg" implicit delusion coming with them.
  13. @Nahm I can let go of thoughts. But what If it (the act of letting go) doesn´t feel right? Why it feels correct to believe and attach to thoughts? It seems crazy to actually not put thoughs as a priority.
  14. +1 Or start doing pick up if you have social anxiety @AwakenedSoul444