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A Quantum Leap in my Game

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Hello and welcome to my life.

This is going to be a field report about my journey on broadening my social skills and enhancing my game with women.

My name is Lupo, and the last month I have been really working on polishing my game with approaches and yesterday I felt like everything clicked and I had social awareness of my highest level, yet. It was truly an amazing feeling, I was able to connect and escalate like a professional.

I’m young and I feel like this is a really important aspect of my life, It’s not my main focus and I don’t believe it should be, I’m young and now it’s my time to build so I don’t end up like a “wage slave” but I am consciously aware of my desire to explore this side of myself so when I came to the new city I’m currently living in I decided to commit to approaching people and meeting people. It wasn’t even about just girls, since I didn’t know anybody I thought it could also be beneficial to find friends and create a tribe. In my first month, I went out 3-4 times a week but most of the nights were just lowkey, I went out, opened dozens of sets each day/night and managed to get some numbers but nothing really mention worthy happened. I think it’s partially since I needed time to integrate the breakup I went trough.

I didn’t wanted to jump in to fucking anyone randomly but I did want to meet girls and develop an authentic expression of my sexual nature towards them. I still don’t want to fuck around and I kind of still talk with my ex..I know, I know but we communicate everything very clearly and it’s not a full-blow long-distance relationship but a more open one. I expressed this need of mine to her and she understood which is amazing because I am happy to be with her but I didn’t want to sacrifice this desire because then I might end up regretting it later. I feel like I couldn’t ravish her fully if I don’t bring out the player side of mine and have an abundance of choice before I make a commitment to any girl.

Anyways, now I’m currently at my 200 ish approaches I have read a large amount of books and consumed a wide variety of content about this topic. I also have being fit and articulate on my side, I have a sense of fashion, and I also learned some improv, comedy so I can speak shit better. My life setup is pretty decent but I still have a lot to work on that side as well.

I can relate to what Leo said when he mentioned this problem of not knowing how to talk shit. I feel like this is a very core element of social skills and I was also behind on this. I’m more interested in discussing spirituality, personal developement and deeper topics than the fluff that is required to get there. I understand tho, because to open up people need to trust each other and to get to the really juicy topics, you need to first demonstrate that you don’t give a single shit and you are a funny, witty, slightly cocky guy. Then if you end up discussing these topics it will be more meaningful and the girls will be more inclined to open up because they already trust you and they’ve already seen your rough side.

So anyways this is my field report from my last night out, this completely switched my concepts on how girls behave and how you should act towards them.

I was contemplating on going out because it was a Saturday night and the last 3 weeks I was really focused on my growth and habits so I decided to join some friends who were going to this Latin party.

One of my friends let’s call him Krisztov, was hosting a house party, I arrived and there was 3 guys 6 girls, I thought that is a good ratio and I also knew most of the people since we are in the same school. They were cooking and I also helped out, then I went to get some weed, I haven’t smoked in 3 weeks and I also had a 10-month sobriety period last year so I have a solid control over this as well, I also don’t drink and I thought that if I’m going to be fully sober then it will look weird to the others, this fact that I don’t drink was important because by the middle of the night the girls who were into me wanted to get me to break this and drink which put me in a position of power, silly little girls thinking they can make me break my promise towards myself…

This is a good mindset to have for you my fellow beginners, you should never go back on your standards to get the appeal of a chick, they will lose respect for you however unusual that may sound. Whenver they try to make you do something you don’t want just state it clearly and assertively, I used this frame plenty of times during the night and it always works like a charm. It’s also important not to judge anything people do, don’t be a judgemental prick that goes to the party and makes people feel bad for getting shit faced. The club is not the time to discuss personal developement, the club is for talking shit and having fun.

During the pre drinks, I occasionally used the assistance of my field guide which contains a wide variety of stories, patterns that I can use to get conversations going and create emotion in the people around me.

There was a girl let’s call her Iris, I asked her for a cigarette so I can roll a spliff and we went out to smoke together, I used Style’s “Eliciting values” on her and we talked about how she loves to dance and the music of reggaeton and other forms of latin music, then she put some very suggestive tunes, we also talked about samba and latin jazz music, I’m into that shit. She also talked about how she misses that in portugal clubs people are dancing more freely, and the guys approach more where as here they are more withdrawn. I said that “It’s also about the approaching because if you are doing it smoothly and the girl is into it then she always appreciates you making a move…(Establishing the frame that I approach girls and dance with them) …but if there is a creepy guy who is standing behind you and just staring at you you don’t want to dance with them but if you catch someones eye…(I lowered the tone of my voice as if to give an emphasis to what I’m about to say and also spark her imagination in a more rich way. Gazed into her soul at this point, she was very receptive, she held my eye contact and her eyes were burning, so were mine)… and there is a deep connection, then your bodies just move into each other as if two magnets attracted by their opposite polarity…(She was drooling at this point, but I didn’t “call her out”, I just let that feeling of attraction sink in as our other friends joined us)

I quickly turned all my attention towards the new arrivals, I was in cocky comedy mode but also friendly and chill. This was also important because I included everyone to the conversation, I complimented and was especially nice towards the girls who are in my friend zone, I complimented them on their dresses and stuff like that, this is from a book that I think really put everything together for me, it’s called “How to be the jerk woman love”. It’s about treating premium girls like discounts and discounts as premium. This is just a metaphor in the ultimate analysis we are equal but attraction wise there are certain girls who hold a higher appeal to you, the usual reaction is to shower these girls with attention and ignore the ones who you are not attracted to. This is foolish because if you give compliments to the other girls and you are genuinely interested in them which should not be faked, although there are some topics that I really don’t give a shit about or it does not take the interaction anywhere but you can just cut those and focus on more interesting ones. Being nice to these girls will help you a lot later because one thing you have to realize about people is that they talk, if you treat these girls with compassion and you act like a gentleman, but you still get other girls and you are in no way acting like a wussy then they will actually help you in your advances towards other girls, they become your greatest wing(wo)men.

Of course you should also be nice because why the fuck not, you can never go wrong with kindness, of course not with premiums, for them kindness comes after the cocky funny. Otherwise they perceive it as weakness. This is something that took me a long time to realize, communication depends on the reciever, if you intend to communicate something, but the other person interprets it in a completely different way and the result you get is entirely different from what you wanted then you FAILED as a communicator.

That is why being kind is a fine line when it comes to hot girls, they might interpret it as you being a nice guy. And this does not mean be an arrogant asshole towards them, that does not work and even if it does then what does that say about the girl, and most importantly about you.

We went to the club around 10:30 ish, went inside then danced for 20 ish minutes, I was really feeling alive and free, it was quite a liberating experience, I was there to have fun and to dance because I feel that these bodywork aspects are crucial for freeing the full potential in your body, I’m really into Daoist sexual practices -like the ones from Mantak Chia- that are designed for cultivating our sexual energy, these practices helped me tremendously and since starting them I experience even dancing differently.(More on this later)

I had 2 girls I really wanted to get, Iris and a sexy redhead, let’s call her Hailey.

The vibes started to get steamy, one of the girls was really into herself one of my friends (lets call him Cole) made out with her, I thought this was actually a great thing because it makes all the other girls more horny. I could seen it in Hailey’s eyes that she also wanted to join in on the fun which she did, kissing Iris on the dance floor. We danced for a little bit more then went out to get some air I had my hands over Hailey and Iris’s hips and also held hands while we got out, leading them trough the crowd, I squeezed their hands they squeezed back,(Lots of demonstrations of interest: “Mystery method book”) we were basically caressing each other while talking and standing outside

At this point, the girls were making out, and joking about how this turned into a kissfest, they were a bit farther away but came closer as I was talking with another girl from our friend group she was a cool, smart german girl who had a boyfriend, I just enjoyed her company. Iris came over and asked if she wants to join, she said that no because she is bi but she does not like to make out with everyone bla bla bla..

At this point all the books and the material I consumed and every approach that I made came crashing down as an avalanche, it’s like I found a key piece of the puzzle I felt like Bradley Cooper when he first takes the pill in “Limitless”.

“You have to ask to get”

I just told I ris that “I’d like to join” and I gently put my hands on her neck and drew her face closer to mine, since she leaned into it I went for the kiss, we made out for a while but I made sure to end the kiss first, just to leave her wanting more. At that moment, the exact moment I let go of her tounge with mine, Hailey came closer saying that “ohh it seems like we are just making out with everyone now”. I saw it in her body language that she wants to join as well so I just pulled her closer kissed her then told them to kiss and then we just took turns making out with each other.

Then we went inside and the dancing got even more steamy, Iris was grinding all over me, 3 of the girls making out with each other, we also made a sandwich wich was a fucking smooth move from me, what I did was as I was dancing with Iris I pulled on Hailey’s pants with one finger pulling her closer and not letting her go, this was a perfect position because I. is much shorther than H. so her face was completely in her tits which she seemed to enjoy a lot. I also made out with H. over I.’s head and our bodies pressed into each other, Iris’s face fully in her tits, while we were making out.

People around us looked as if I’m a magician, this was not a sight they see every day. This allowed everyone else to be freaky as fuck, the whole crowd was amped up, at least the people who were close to us.

We went out again, this time I also opened other sets, one blew my mind, I just saw this guy talk with a girl, I went in with high energy 2 girls on my arm, opening the guy first, letting one of my girls to talk with the other one in the set, then I moved in and asked them what are they discussing, and I don’t exactly remember what they said but they were very chatty and smiling so I said “look at you guys already having this great connection it’s like you’ve been together for a long time.” Then the new girl said yeah but there is something*: (insert teasingly negative situation)* I said “ohh no then it seems like it’s going to be a divorce, it’s sad because you guys look so good together. (at this point I put my arms on their lower back, which seemed to enliven them) I said that I belive that relationships can be strenghtened trough conflict if it’s handled right, then I told them that they should make up with a kiss because they are such great partners and they can pull trough(or whatever, something along these lines).

Then they did, this girl knew my girl for about 25-30 seconds, and they already had their tounges intertwined simply because I told them to do so in a smooth and in a fun way.

This however kinda surprised me so much that I didn’t know how to take the interaction further. In hindzsight I should have jokingly said that me and Iris know each other for a long time and we r sharing everything. Then depending on her body language I could have just moved in for the kiss, I mean we were close and I had my arm around her so it practically didn’t matter what I say yet I didn’t do anything which is fine, we had fun chatting, they made out a couple more times then I took I. inside and we danced, had fun, moved to an isolated area to make out and grope each other lol.

One of my friends, Krisztov, however got so drunk that we needed to take care of him, we went to get water from a shop and did some babysitting before we went in for another spin then we all went for an afterparty back to the same place we were before. On the scene we thought that the afterparty was going to be veery steamy H. also mentioned about how she is really into toys and she will have plenty over in the future and she can do a demo for us later when they arrive.

The whole night was sexual, when we arrived home I wanted to take things easy, so I rolled a joint, no rush whatsoever(In hindzsight next time I will be more assertive with getting the girls onto each other) We just chatted with H. and my other friend who was a bad wingman at this point.

He got water on his pants and the girls urged him to take it off but he (Cole) just became defensive like “I’m not going to, it’s cold (wtf bro?), if you really want me to take off my pants you should just say that!”. We teased him on this insecurity a little bit, I honestly didn’t understand why the fuck he didn’t say something like you should help me unbutton or something along the lines. Especially since H. was lying on the couch next to him. It was such a layup but he missed and the whole interaction went on a different route.

Our friend who was fucked and he needed to be taken care of and Iris decided to help him then she went to sleep as well, we did karaoke with the survirors in the living room, it was H, me and Cole, it was quite late so after a few songs I decided to head to sleep and leave them on the couch. I slept for 3 hours then my friend (the one who got way too drunk, also the subletter for the apartman) woke me up because the place where we were was a sublet and the owners came home that morning. It was 5:30 I was like for sure they will not come this early brother, but he insisted, I was like sure, but let’s wait for the first metro lines. He agreed.

Since I got up, got dressed and then I relaized that I won’t leave I chilled with the others in the living room for 15 minutes, then I was like yeah I wanna sleep so I went back to the rooms and I saw that Iris door is open, once again if you don’t ask you won’t get it. I just went in, whispered “hey, wanna cuddle?” she said “yeah” in a very enthusiastic tone. The bed was horrible tho I’m a big guy and we barely fit even though she is tiny, anyways we were carressing each other a little bit, she was breathing more and more heavily. she was also carressing my abs and my hips. I grabbed her hand and put it onto my quarter hard dick, she was playing with it but It somehow didn’t really feel right so I took her hands away and I went back to sleep mode.

A little later I had my hands on her ass and I started to caress her up and down the belly, we made out more but when I moved in to finger her she said “we are not going there today” I was thinking that it was a last minute resistance but I decided not to press on, I was not 100% “fuck yes!” either and she also drank so I definitely didn’t want to overstep her boundaries and make it weird and rapey. She later went out of the room I asked her to bring water but she decided to stay in the living room with the others and I also heard her talk about me saying that we cuddled but it “didn’t feel right”. Looking back I might have blown it a little with this action pattern but it’s nothing serious, the night was phenomenal and In the club there were a lot of my school mates so everyone witnessed and people talk. Also maybe I’m wrong but I feel that it’s always better to stop when they say so, you do need to escalate as a man and always move the interaction further, but when there is resistance, take 2 steps back and then slowly build it up again. Plus I really trust my dick and it was limp so I actually don’t even understand why I went in to try and finger her. This was an unconscious act on my part. Looking back my actions signaled more interest than I actually had, this hovewer is only a minor mistake and I learned a great deal today and grew a lot so overall this was a very successful night out.

Anyways guys I’m looking for wingmen in Amsterdam, I’m also interested in day game since I don’t really want to fuck my circadian rythim. Once a month I go out like this fully with no restrictions but usually my social night stops at 11:00 so I can get home by 12 and sleep well.

Feedback is most welcome


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Good work.

You're still sorta a noob at closing. They will give you all sorts of BS excuses. Takes a lot of experience to close.

Edited by Leo Gura

You are God. You are Truth. You are Love. You are Infinity.

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@DonLupo Nice one brother. 

I just moved to Amsterdam in the past few months too. 

I've done a lot of day game and a bit of night game since arriving. 

 If you're looking to head out hit me up!


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