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  1. @zurew if you're having problems doing the difficult things in your life because you're having negative feelings about it then you need to sit with those feelings to develop some equinamity to them.
  2. @Display_Name the dark night is no joke. I have gone through one that lasted several years aswell. What basically helped me go through it was to sit with the feelings of fear and anxiety that arose and what prolonged the dark night was to distract myself from the feelings in all the ways I did.
  3. I came into spirituality for the truth which I always have been interested in. If you're interested in that aswell then go for it but it can be a hard journey to take. I suggest you read about the dark night of the soul and ask yourself if you're willing to go through it before you decide that spirituality is for you. You assumed what Leo said was true without having realized it yourself. And that's what we all do to some extent in the beginning. My advice though is to not assume anything is true. If you decide spirituality is for you then look for yourself. Everything is there in your own experience. If you start investigating it things will start to unravel.
  4. @Tyler Durden why don't you ask them?
  5. Not much to say about it in the first place but we can always construct things to say.
  6. I think the best measurement of God's will is in relation to our personal will.
  7. If it makes your jaws clench then take a deep breath and relax the jaws. ? Noticing tension and releasing it leads to a more relaxed mind and body.
  8. @PenguinPablo Sure, there are no others so in that aspect solipsism is true but when you start believing that others are only NPC:s without there own consciousness that's when you are in fantasyland. From the perspective of no others there is also no self. All is consciousness without any separation. So have can we say that others are missing consciousness if all is consciousness? There is no self meaning that the self is a finite thought aswell as others. There is no no-self, how could non-existence exist? The fear is a good indicator that you're on the right path.
  9. Pleasure is is fine but it's usually in direct opposition to long term happiness. If we were to chase every pleasure we have then we'd soon be out of a job and be living on the streets. Again pleasure is fine unless we are actually avoiding doing something important which will provide long term happiness.
  10. Im sorry but this is what real awakness looks like.