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  1. @Gabith Thank you!
  2. @Gabith Thx for sharing your experience. 🙂💖🙏
  3. Logic implies cause and effect which is a duality. It works well to explain "things" within time and space but not the absolute. Your example is the description of what an enlightened being experiences each moment to be like. Each moment arises from and dissolves into the absolute and within that stillness they live. In the eye of the storm.
  4. @Leo Gura That's nice Leo. Maybe sharing the embodiment of your realizations is even better. 😊
  5. Yeah I just cleaned my kitchen. It was extraordinarly ordinary but magical at the same time. 🤣
  6. @BipolarGrowth Seeking might continue after awakening but loses momentum as the realization matures to eventually dissolve completely.
  7. @Soulife96 Just let the writing happen without any censorship.
  8. The mind likes to interpret realizations and by doing so distort them. Everything is the way it is and it's always been that way. Nothing has changed except that you have become aware that it is the way it is.
  9. Death will be experienced but nothing really dies. Existence(me) will still exist but without any clinginess to positive feelings and resistance to negative feelings. Every moment is doomed to be what it is. Do you want to fight the inevitable?
  10. @Swarnim Isn't suffering caused by believing the thoughts that things SHOULD be other than it is? There might be pain but believing the thoughts about the pain creates suffering. @AdamR95 Is the I that loves to suffer the I or the i?
  11. @eaaaeaeae The ego comes and goes and is no problem. Just let it happen.
  12. @WelcometoReality In a sense stuckness is all there is. Allow oneself to get totally stuck might open things up.
  13. 🤣🙃💖 Believing that you're stuck makes you stuck and any expectations for something to happen is also something to let go. Sit with those dense feelings and let go of any desire for them to go away. Every attempt to manipulate, resist, grasp the present moment is from the illusiory sense of self.
  14. @eaaaeaeae The terror comes from seeing the oneness. The question what there is to do in life comes up as an attempt to avoid the terror. You can try running from the terror for as long as you can or meet it.