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  1. The question is happening within the infinite universe and that finite happening can never know the infinite.
  2. If the ego is making you chase love then what is this "me" that is chasing love? Yes, love is unconditional so it's not a state and not an attribute of the ego. Now is all there is. If pessimism comes up then see what the underlying feelings are and let go of them. Those feelings are the only things that hides the love that is underneath them.
  3. @Godishere Let the integration happen.. when the false self falls away the true self is revealed. You can't DO integration since the doing is made by the false self.
  4. If you are genuinely curious about this then start investigating these questions within your own experience. No one but you can answer them.
  5. If you feel lost, let yourself feel lost. If you feel fear, let yourself feel fear.if you resist, let yourself resist.
  6. In the beginning of the no self realization it's easy to be pulled out of the no self back into the conditioned self but as the realization matures less and less outer "happenings" pulls you out of it. I wanted to leave everything to live out in the woods to get away from people and society but this desire no longer comes up. It all goes full circle back to "normal" life.
  7. @Terell Kirby Some teachers are more into mystical experiences than truth and then there's those who are into truth but have realized different facets of the same truth. Depending of which facets has been realized the words they speak can be very different but can be true from that perspective. What words/teachers resonates with you depends on what facets you have realized and touching upon.
  8. I can relate to your experience and I'm sorry I haven't communicated this to you adequately. It's not easy to meet this fear. It's probably the hardest thing one can do because it's going against the survival operating system but it's simple in that it doesn't require a multiple step plan to deal with. If this fear is to unbearable to deal with then you can look for the small ways that fear is running your life and meet it there first. You will be able to meet it when the time is right.
  9. I don't assume it's infinite. I only see the limitations of the human mind. 😄
  10. But does God need to understand how reality works?
  11. Yes, give it a go and see. The feeling "fear" is no problem without the thoughts about it.
  12. It's so fantastically arrogant of humans to believe that they can understand how reality works. All understanding is only a limited view of something infinite. How can we not see this?
  13. What happens if you let the fear be as it is and continue "being aware of thoughts" despite the fear?