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  1. Unstoppable force vs immovable object round 3. FIGHT!
  2. @ivankiss @James123 Awake heart and Awake mind battling once again I see.
  3. I claimed. Let's not cling to the past. The truth is we can't know if there is a design or not right?
  4. Touchė. 😆 Can you see a design? All I can see is what is. Design or no design are both constructs.
  5. Love, acceptance as in no resistance to any experience. No grasping/clinging to or pushing away. A quality of the absolute. The separate self can't love unconditionally because that is that energy which grasps and push away.
  6. Ego death as in awakening from the self and self death as the complete dissolvement of self. The later has yet to be experienced here.
  7. An infinite nothing perhaps with something on the top? 🤭
  8. The separate self like to take pride in actions it thinks is good and shame in actions which it thinks is bad. In fact it didn't do these actions at all and they are neither good or bad.
  9. Well you can burn away your Self with truth.
  10. @Red-White-Light You mean that the white bearded man in the clouds is all illusion? 😭 The bible holds some good pointers though. At least 10 pages worth out of what 600?
  11. That might be true. 🤣 But it's truth or bust for me no matter the consequences. 😱
  12. I'm not burning myself. Just seeing the falseness and truth. Wake up and see for yourself.
  13. Yes as I'm well aware you did. I think you're hung up on the wording separate self. You can use another term if you want to. Let's call it Sweetie pie instead.